Product Portfolio

Our product scope varies from silica gel (bulk and pre-packed specialties), HPLC columns, cartridges, plates, glassware and vials, cap and seals, filters to miscellaneous supportive materials to dedicated fine mechanicals and selective smaller laboratory equipment. Our international network gives us first hand access to approx. 50.000 different life-sciences products. Our producers offer customization services as well.

On this website a selection of the most representative products can be found and prices can be requested. Orders can be placed by sending a mail to For the majority of our products we conduct active stock keeping in order to facilitate next day dispatch of ordered products. The active stock is marked and searchable in the filters and shown on the product tables.

Illustrative product category images are displayed on this page. The product sub-category images are found on the main category pages. For a limited number of products images are shown on the product pages. More are to be added in time.

Seaching and Filtering

We have divided our portfolio in a series of main product categories, each covering for specific sub-categories. The main category page displays the sub-categories as well as more specific category and product filtering tools. The search box in the header searches in all website content – covering all categories and products.

As life science products are often associated with unique application requirements, products with your specifications might not always be that easy to find. Simply Contact Us – we are there to help you Simply Finding Solutions.

Product Main Categories

The main product categories are shown below. Click on the category of choice to enter the main category page covering for more information, general search and sub-category and product attribution filtering tools. Not sure about the main category to select? Use the main Search tool in the header on each page.