Our partner AltemisLab is specialist in 2D barcoded tubes, barcode readers, de-capping, capping and handling equipment, labelling technology, and miscellaneous lab tools. These allow you to streamline sample storage, identification and handling. The AltemisLab product range covers for

  • Screw cap 2D barcoded tubes
  • Septum cap 2D barcoded tubes
  • 2D barcoded SBS racks
  • Internal thread 2D barcoded tubes
  • External thread 2D barcoded tubes
  • 2D barcoded large racks

Typical volume vary from 0.5 – 1.4ml for the 2d screw and septum barcoded tubes. The internal and external thread tubes cover for volumes up to 5ml. Working temperature depends on the type of tube, generally varies from -196°C up to 121°C.

Please find their catalog and product range below. Simply let us know what your needs are, request for a quote or Contact Us for more information and samples.