Our high precision tubing is found in high performance pumps, injection valves, connective tubing, fittings, check valves, degassing systems, liquid-end assemblies, and i.e. flow cells used in configurations customized to the specifications of analytical, clinical diagnostics and biotechnology instrument manufacturers. Any type, dimension and lenght is available - share with us what you need so we can return the possibilities. 

Caps and Cap Mats

A wide range of caps for closing open-top empty cartridges/columns, to use as a single barrel reaction vessel. Caps are available for vials ranging from 1-150 ml. Caps come in different types (screw, crimp, snap), a range of colours, closed or open for piercing applications with different type of (optional PTFE) liners. Caps are often delivered together with the vials but can also be provided seperately. We will find out which caps fit your vials and needs best. 

For well plates, cap mats for long-term storage, (pre-) pierced fully compatible with your (semi- or automated) systems are available. Please also note our 3M seals and foils in the 'read more' section and the microplate seals for our cappers/sealers. 

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