The All About Fittings! guide helps you to grasp the fundamentals of equipment fittings and accessories, as well as some basics about liquid chromatography as an analytical technique.

Most researchers likely been introduced to some of the topics covered in this manual. However, a lot of the fundamental information about fittings and making good connections isn’t generally known… often because the information isn’t covered in most college-level classes. To make matters worse, most fittings and accessories-manufacturing companies have a vocabulary and “lingo” all their own — often consisting of engineering terms, mathematical measurements, and a large array of material names… and they expect you to understand their terminology.

That’s what this book will help you do! We’ve built into this handbook information on fittings basics: how to describe a fitting, how to determine where in your system certain styles of fittings are used, the interchangeability of different types of fittings — among many other topics. We’ve even built in a discussion on the special terminology and skill set needed to work with hyphenated chromatography systems, such as LC-MS and even UHPLC systems. Through this booklet, you will gain the confidence you need to know exactly what fitting you need in almost any laboratory application!

The All About Fittings! can be downloaded below and originates form the IDEX website.