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The PolyBLOCK Plate is designed for use with all standard SBS footprint plates and features two independently controlled heated (up to 190 C) positions with magnetic stirring.

HEL has extensively checked the magnetic stirring on this system and it provides effective magnetic agitation in all positions on a standard plate.

Magnetic agitation is superior to mixing achieved by vortexing and avoids the problems associated with the strong magnetic fields used for tumble stirring.

The PolyBLOCK Plate makes an […]

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Rapid Slit Seal

An ideal 96-well plate sealing solution for biochemical applications (non-organic solvents): easy penetration and recovery, preventing solvent evaporation.

  • Self-closing plate seal
  • Short cut for dispending and sampling process because of no need of reopening
  • Prevention of contamination
  • Adhesive free on wells
  • Prevention of solvent volatilization due to triple layer structure
  • Applicable for conventional dispenser and autosampler

PN RSS-S96-80122. Contact Us for more info.

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Separation of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are widely used in humans and animals to treat or prevent bacterial growth. However, widespread use can lead to bacterial resistance. Nacalai Tesque has have developed applications for analysis of many antibiotic compounds, including some on the World Health Organization’s list of critically important antimicrobials.

In the overview below more is found, including links to full details of the applications.

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Major Expansion of Gamma-Irradiated Products Line Microplates

As an extension of services, Agilent is making an additional 16 of their most frequently requested microplates individually packaged and irradiated for immediate shipment, available.

The enhanced availability of these popular microplate products translates to:

  • Lower pricing
  • Faster delivery
  • Greatly reduced storage requirements in your laboratory

Check out the full list of new products that are ready for shipment:

  1. Storage Plates
  2. Reservoirs
  3. Lids

If […]

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Total Microliter Vials

Due to their inner geometry -without any separate insert-  the glass Total Microliter Vials come with a number of advantages.

  • high recovery due to the low dead volume  < 1 uL
  • working volume range 25 uL – 1.6mL
  • universal autosampler compatibility
  • solid glass for efficient heat transfer during sample concentration
  • available as a screw (ND9) or snap/crimp (ND11) vial

Product information:

KG 09 1122 0.9 mL Total Microliter screw ND9 vial, 32×11.9mm, clear glass, hydrolytic class 1, rest volume < 1 […]

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