Our products in this category range from open cartridges with optional luer lock connector -the cartridge itself with or without flange- and different frits to columns with double luer lock. The cartridges and columns can easily be loaded with Silica material of your choice. A wide variety of connectors is available for smooth system integration. Contact us for your specific needs.


The concept of optional luer lock is illustrated below: 

dry loading dry loading luer lock


In addition, pressure filtration columns are available in several diameters and lengths which can be completed with a long and short variable adaptors for adjustment, up to 1L filling volume (ca. 500 gram) with 65 mm diameter. Several PE filter types are available: 5, 10 and 20 μm - other filter materials on request.

A series of filtration columns is also available in stainless steel or Teflon upon request.