Convenient Snap Sample Vials

||Convenient Snap Sample Vials

New in our product catalog are the following cost-efficient snap vials. In volumes of 5, 10, 15 of 25 ml these are an excellent choices for sample storage in the laboratory. The 18mm cap easily snaps on the 5 and 10 ml vials, the 22mm on the 15 and 25 ml vials.

The vials are clear and made of soda lime glass, having the following dimensions:

120-03920515 ml40 x 20 mm12.5 mmND18100
120-039306810 ml50 x 22 mm12.5 mmND18100
120-039208215 ml48 x 26 mm16.5 mmND22100
120-039209925 ml65 x 26 mm16.5 mmND22100

Please contact us for (bulk) pricing.

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