Grace Discovery Science recently announced they are leaving the chromatography area. So if you’re looking for reliable, efficient substitution chromatography products, take a look at the SiliCycle equivalents SiliaPrep SPE cartridges, SiliaChrom HPLC columns and SiliaSep Flash cartridges.

  • SiliaChrom HPLC columns Made of highly pure spherical particles, all columns are packed using a consistent slurry packing process to achieve uniform and stable bed for maximum column efficiency, long lifetime and column-to-column reproducibility.
  • SiliaSep Flash cartridges Superior performances over competitive cartridges. They are available in two silica gel grades (40-63 & 15-40 microns) and with various functionalities (reversed & normal phases, ion exchangers and metal scavengers) to meet any purification demand.
  • SiliaPrep SPE cartridges By using SiliaPrep cartridges, you will prepare higher purity samples and reduce the number of false positives in your screening, resulting in higher quality data. All the SiliaPrep are packed with sorbents based on the fines-free SiliaFlash silica gel.

Read more on the SiliCycle website: SiliCycle product equivalents for Grace chromatogrpahy lines

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