The recent  decision of Grace to effective May 2, 2016 discontinue

  • Flash Chromatography Instruments and Cartridges
  • ELSD Instrumentation
  • HPLC and Preparative Columns, Accessories and Equipment
  • SPE Columns
  • Drug Standards
  • GC Columns, Accessories, and Equipment

has been followed up by transfer of certain Alltech® HPLC and MODcol® Preparative Chromatography Product Lines to Dr. A.Maisch High Performance LC GmbH (“ Dr. A. Maisch GmbH”).

As such, the following brands will now be offered globally by Dr. Maisch:

  • Exsil™ and Exmere™ media brands
  • Associated HPLC column brands, including Adsorbosphere™, Allsphere™, Brava™, Econosphere™, Platinum™, and VisionHT® columns
  • MODcol® preparative chromatography brands, including Spring® columns, Multipacker® packing equipment, all associated hardware, replacement parts, and packing services
  • Packed preparative columns containing Vydac® chromatography media. Vydac® media will continue to be supplied by Grace

HPLC columns currently branded GraceSmartTM columns also will be sold to Dr. A. Maisch GmbH under the agreement. However, Dr. A. Maisch GmbH will offer the GraceSmartTM columns under its own brand following a brief transition period.

Besides being distributor of Dr. Maisch in the Benelux, Screening Devices BV has a long history in high-quality alternatives for a series of product lines (i.e. silica based products, glassware) of Grace. Please contact us for more information.