Product Group Introduction


Included in our portfolio is smaller equipment enabling (semi)automation of several processes like syringe pumps, vacuum manifolds, microplate solvent evaporation, capping/de-capping of vials, and e.g. thermal sealers. Hereafter some specific products are highlighted and products families illustrated. 


Product Group information


Synthesis Platforms

Multi-reaction blocks are widely used by chemists in the pharmaceutical, academic, biopharma, chemical, petrochemical and polymer industries. The flexibility of the design allows chemists to rapidly configure the reactors to fit the needs of their chemistry, whether it requires inert conditions, refluxing or cooling, allowing complete freedom to choose a synthetic route. Depending on the needs software-controlled or simply manual operation is selected as preferred setup. 


The Crimptronic is an electric crimp station. The vial is put into the Crimptronic with the cap in place. The crimp head descends onto the bottle head and an electric cylinder closes the vial with a predefined pressure. Due to the large range of crimping heads the Crimptronic is universal. Its unique design covering for electric crimping also allows for application in cleanrooms.

Vacuum Manifolds

The MicroLute vacuum manifold from Porvair Sciences is precision machined from crystal clear acrylic (top plate) and acetal polymer (plenum chamber). The acrylic top plate allows visual access to the plenum chamber for checking progress of the separation process. Vacuum manifolds are used to draw liquid through a filter or SPE plate into either a waste tray or a collection plate. The application of vacuum increases the speed at which samples can be collected.

Microplate Evaporators

Porvair evaporators are designed to remove the traditional laboratory ‘bottleneck’ of solvent evaporation from microplates prior to analysis or reconstitution in storage buffer. These evaporators give significant throughput advantages to laboratories looking to optimize microplate sample preparation productivity. Faster than centrifugal evaporation, significant increases in sample throughput are achieved through advanced evaporator head technology and an innovative manifold design, which directly injects heated nitrogen into each individual well of the microplate simultaneously.


For laboratories having to seal medium numbers of micro- and deep-well plates a complete range of non-sticky silicone mats or aluminum heat seals are available – of course a range of thicknesses for several applications is provided and proper sealers to reduce fatique and RSI.


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