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Description and Information
100uL to 300uL PP Limited Volume Vial, 12x32mm, 11mm Crimp/Snap Ring, 1000p
Glassware and Vials

Perfect vial for PFAS testing. When you are unable to use PTFE as a liner, 9mm screw caps with 1 mm polyimide/silicone can be applied icw polypropylene vials (100ul -  500ul - 750ul - 1.5ml). Part numbers; Cap: SV 09 0433, Polypropylene vial with 0.3ul has PN 30111P-1232.

3 mm Dried Blood Spot Pneumatic Card Punch, complete, 1p
Equipment and Tools

The Dried Blood Spot card puncher is a pneumatic foot-pedal controlled punch for loading dried spot sample into 96 well collection plates or tubes. No electricity is needed, just 6-7 bar air. 4 sizes of cutters (3-4-5-6mm) are available and optional the new anti-contamination barrier when performing highly sensitive work, such as infectious disease research. Partnumber for the 3mm DBS 327300.

1.5mL Glas Flat Bottom Vials, 9x44mm in Vial Loader, 96p
Vial Loaders

An improvement on existing 96-well systems, the Multi-Tier Plate is a modular, reusable system featuring a base plate capable of securing 0.5ml, 1.0ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml and 2.5 ml conical or flat bottom glass and polypropylene vials. Partnumber for the 1.5ml vial loader 4150FB-944VL

96-Well Parallel Synthesis/Optimization Block Assembly, 1p
Equipment and Tools

Parallel Synthesis/Optimization 96- well aluminium reaction block (Partnumber 96960). For carrying out SuzukiMiyaura couplings on DNA tagged substrates when using DNA encoded chemical libraries (DELs) for finding chemical ligands for proteins.  Included are 96 well rack, bottom and top covers, PFA sheet, rubber mats. For 8 x 30mm and 5 x 31 mm vials when using aluminium spacers (not included). Also we offer 96 well based LED screening systems, Flow Elctrolysis and Electrochemistry,

KG 09 1122
9mm, 11,6x32mm, clear screw vial with high recovery <1ul restvolume,specific for Waters trays,1000p
Glassware and Vials

A low volume, high recovery glass autosampler vial for microsamples upto a few microliters. With a typical total volume of 0.9ml these vials have a rest volume of 1ul. Sizes 11.6 x 32mm, available with crimpcap ND11 and 9mm screw thread. Partnumbers i.e. KG 09 1122, RR 11 1200, KG 09 1201, SR 11 1123

HPLC Column
ReproSil Gold 120 C18, 10 um 250 x 10 mm

Reprosil-Pur columns exist of porous spherical silica gel with a range of 1.9 - 50um in particle size and 60 - 1000A in pore size. With a purity of 99,999% ideal for pharmaceutical and biochemical LC-MS separations of all kind of samples. The Reprosil Gold series are bio-ultra pure RP phases that are extremely stable due to bidentate endcapping. They are used for the separation of peptides, proteins and pharmaceutical components. Partnumber R10.9G.S2510 for the ReproSil…

120g, Double Luer Lock Top and Bottom Empty Solid Load Cartridge with Screw Cap, frits, disbursing unit, O-ring and end tips, 10p
Closed Top
Empty Cartridges

Empty Solid Load Cartridges are perfect for loading samples onto a pre-packed column, particularly in the case of low-solubility samples. Dissolve your sample in a suitable solvent, add silica or e.q. diatomaceous earth and after evaporation load the the absorbed sample in the solid load cartridge. The cartridge can be directly placed on top of a pre-packed column via a luer lock conection. Partnumber for 120g cartridge SD-0000-120.