ES Industries offers the HPLC chromatographer an important source for high performance bonded phases and packing materials. The Chromegabond materials produced at the New Jersey facility represent the state-of-the-art in bonding chemistry technology. These Chromegabond phases were developed to provide unique performance characteristics to enable the most demanding separations. The product range offers virtually all silica chemistry techniques and selectivities available today.


Chromega HPLC columns are expertly produced to ensure the highest levels of performance, durability, and quality. These stable columns offer excellent reproducibility, maximum efficiencies, high capacity, and high permeability. Column hardware components are selected from only the highest quality available. Columns are offered in sizes from microbore to preparative production scale dimensions. ES Industries also produces high quality packed columns for a wide variety of commercial tradename packings in a number of column formats. 


Epic C18 and Epic C8

Epic C18 is a highly base deactivated phase that produces the most inert silica C18 material available today. Because of the high density bonding levels (4umol/m2) this column demonstrates superior peak shapes for the most demanding tests, as seen in Figure 1 for the NIST column performance test. Epic C18 provides exceptional peak shape and selectivity over a wide pH range (pH 1-12). Epic C8 is the equivalent C8 product with high density bonding.


Epic C18 SD and Epic C4 SD

Epic C18 SD is a highly base deactivated high carbon super dense (SD) phase that is produced via a multiple step process. The first step involves the HD bonding of monomeric C18 reagent. The second step utilizes a proprietary multiple endcapping bonding process that produces highly base deactivated columns. Our Quality Focus base deactivation test is shown in Figure 3 and demonstrates the superior base deactivation for the column. The Epic C18 SD product, as a result of our special bonding treatment, is highly hydrophobic and exceptionally inert for the analysis of both acids and bases. With our super dense bonding this product also has a wide pH range (1-12). Epic C4 SD is a C4 with high bonding density.


Non Conventional Epic Phases

ES Industries has developed a number of new phases based upon our Epic bonding technology. The Epic bonding technology produces columns of superior performance and durability. These performance characteristics result from the high bonding density found in the Epic bonding process. Stationary phases based on Epic bonding technology are as follows: Epic Amine HD, Epic C4, Epic C12, Epic C18 AI (acid interaction column), Epic Cyano, Epic FSP, Epic FDD (perfluorododecyl), Epic Phenyl, Epic TMS, Epic Polar.

  • Epic Polar is a high density packing specifically engineered for the retention of polar analytes. This phase provides for superior hydrophobic performance even with 100% aqueous mobile phases.
  • Premier base deactivated column: specially deactivated to produce superior peak shapes for amines and acids. The ultimate in C4, C8, and C18 HPLC column technology, maximum performance and reproducibility delivered by superior QC testing. 
  • Chromegabond® WR: Chromegabond WR (Wide Range) is specially deactivated to produce superior peak shapes for amines and acids. Chromegabond WR superior performance is the result of a multistep process beginning with ultra pure synthetically produced spherical silica. This synthetic silica is manufactured using ultra pure metal free reagents. The resultant particles are carefully analyzed to ensure that their metal-free properties are completely maintained. The ultra-pure silica particles are then fully hydroxylated before they undergo an extensive bonding of either monomeric C4, C8 or C18 alkyl chains, using our proprietary bonding procedures. The bonded particles are then exhaustively endcapped to react any remaining silanol groups. Our proprietary endcapping reagents and procedures yield columns that are much more resistant to degradation by acidic and basic mobile phase compositions, while improving peak shapes for amines and acids.
  • Epic Polar XP: has been specifically designed to deliver high aqueous performance with superior peak shape for the most difficult to chromatograph amine compounds. Epic Polar XP is the clear choice for the discriminating HPLC chromatographer faced with a difficult separation challenge such as polar compounds including amines, compounds requiring a highly aqueous Antihistamines - Basic Drugs mobile phase or difficult to retain compounds. The Epic Polar XP ODS phase has been specifically developed using patented technology for use with highly aqueous mobile phases, including 100% aqueous, along with a specially developed propriety endcapping technology. Our unique patented approach provides a complete solution to ensure that Epic Polar XP is totally resistant to “phase collapse” under all mobile phase conditions and is able to deliver superior peak performance for amine containing compounds. In addition, Epic Polar XP can be used with any routinely used mobile phase modifier such as acetonitrile, methanol etc.

ES Industries has conducted extensive research to gain a fundamental insight into the “phase collapse” phenomenon. Our research has uncovered the key fundamental mechanism to explain and ultimately prevent “phase collapse”. The key facet to the mechanism is the relationship between mobile phase operating pressure and surface wettability of the bonded phase/silica particle.
Other column designs have been tried, with limited success, to prevent “phase collapse” from occurring. One of these approaches requires the use of a hydrophilic endcapping after the initial alkyl chain bonding. This approach falls short in two major areas. First, it requires a two-step bonding sequence, which subjects the final product to increased variability that can seriously jeopardize the reliability of HPLC methods. Secondly, the hydrophilic endcapping can be easily damaged by the mobile phase which can considerably shorten column life and lead to unacceptable poor performance for routine chromatographic methods. Given these two major limitations we did not pursue the development of any hydrophilic endcapping approach in the development of a “phase collapse” resistant product.


The patented silane allows the bonded alkyl chains to remain fully extended in the mobile phase even under highly aqueous conditions. To obtain high aqueous stability and maximum hydrophobic interaction Epic Polar XP relies on our specially developed silane which is bonded to ultra high purity synthetically produced spherical silica. This silane contains an ether linkage placed near the point of attachment to the silica base particle. This ether group is polar enough to allow water to penetrate and hydrate the silica surface preventing the self association of the hydrophobic alkyl chains. This layer of hydration permits the maximum interaction of the alkyl chains with the analytes of interest and prevents any phase collapse. The superior performance of Epic Polar XP not only includes our bonded ODS ether linked groups but a newly developed proprietary endcapping technique that delivers superior peak shape performance for amine containing compounds. This combination of our ether linked technology and proprietary endcapping technology enables the chromatographer to obtain high performance separation with any mobile phase condition.