96 Well Microplate or 8 Strip Well Plate for Capture and Detection of Biomolecules

Capture and detect biomolecules with uniformity, stability and reproducibility. High-grade polystyrene microplates optimised for efficient capture of a wide range of biomolecules to surfaces required for affinity binding assays such as ELISA’s.

Medium Bind Surfaces
Hydrophobic passive adsorption of large molecules have large hydrophobic regions. The medium binding plates have a binding capacity of approximately 100 to 200 ng IgG/cm². Ideal for passive adsorption of lipid-rich biomolecules and antigens including viral antigens (non-protein).

High Bind Surfaces
Hydrophilic surface suitable for passive adsorption of proteins with different grades of hydrophilicity. This surface is ideal for immunoassays with a binding capacity of 400 ng to 500 ng IgG/cm². Ideal for binding glycoproteins and serum samples.


  • Manufactured from high-quality crystal polystyrene
  • Flexible formats: Solid 96-well microplate or breakable 8-well steps
  • ANSI/SLAS Standard
  • Flat-bottom for superb crisp detection every time
  • Working volumes up to 320 µl
  • Ideal for high-throughput applications

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