The KX Microwave Reaction Vials fit common microwave reactors in the market, are manufactured from Type I borosilicate glass and meet
the requirements of the powdered glass test according to the current editions of the US (USP), European (EP) and Japanese Pharmacopoeias (JP), along with other pharmacopoeias which are in accordance with USP, EP or JP definitions for Type I or hydrolytic glass.

Comprehensive sampling has been performed on all KX Microwave Reaction Vials glassware. This includes examination for critical specifications according to both manufacturing print and customer requirements, which includes but is not limited to, visual and mechanical inspection for dimensional defects and aesthetics. KX Microwave Reaction Vials are produced under strict manufacturing conditions for proper form, fit and function. They have been designed and engineered from Type I borosilicate heavy wall glass and have been tested up to 300psi (20bar).

  • 0.5-2, 2-5 and 10-20ml volume options
  • rated to a working pressure of 30bar
  • temperature operating range of 40-300C
  • manufactured from contamination free 1st class hydrolytic borosilicate glass
  • re-sealable septa for multiple reagent addition and reaction monitoring
  • alternative reaction vial in an oil bath of on a hot plate

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