Deep Well Microplates for KingFisher Systems

Fully compatible 2.2 ml, 96 well microplate for automated protein and nucleic acid purification.

Designed for a perfect fit, the Porvair Sciences 2.2ml 96 deep well plate is specifically made to be fully compatible with the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ range of purification systems.

Our expertise in clean room plate manufacturing and use of virgin polypropylene ensures plates are produced with low binding affinities for biomolecules and low leachables. This maximises the yield and quality of isolated proteins […]

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Krystal™ High and Medium Bind Microplates

96 Well Microplate or 8 Strip Well Plate for Capture and Detection of Biomolecules

Capture and detect biomolecules with uniformity, stability and reproducibility. High-grade polystyrene microplates optimised for efficient capture of a wide range of biomolecules to surfaces required for affinity binding assays such as ELISA’s.

Medium Bind Surfaces
Hydrophobic passive adsorption of large molecules have large hydrophobic regions. The medium binding plates have a binding capacity of approximately 100 to 200 ng IgG/cm². Ideal for passive adsorption […]

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Flash Column Holder

As a saver and robust alternative to a manual setup when working with flash cartridges, we provide a generic hardware solution for all empty and pre-packed cartridges up to 1600g. The holder allows for easy and quick placement of the cartridge and firmly holds it during the run. The top and bottom have standard connectors for connecting your tubing.

Partnumber 32075. Interested in this setup? Simply Contact Us for more information. […]

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pre-Labeled Barcoded Vials

In need of barcoded (autosampler) vials? Our labeling service might just be what you are looking for.

Share with us your needs: number and type of vials, the specification of the barcode (1D, 2D) and the required identifier (sequence and number of characters). We will quote you for the delivery of your pre-labeled vials with optional caps.

The minimum order quantity is 2500 vials.

Simply Contact Us so we can prepare for a quotation. […]

Microlute Phospholipid Removal

The Microlute PLR method of phospholipid removal is specifically designed to enhance the flow of samples through the filter to maximise the recovery of analytes with unrivaled reproducibility. Efficiently remove a wide range of phospholipids from plasma and serum samples with Microlute™ PLR and increase the sensitivity and integrity of your UHPLC/HPLC methods.

Unlike traditional loose-filled methods, the Microlute PLR hybrid technology is composed of a solid interconnected network of evenly distributed pores that allow biological […]

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