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Our Equipment and Tools category covers for a selection of bench-top equipment supporting your workflow besides a series of manual tools. A small illustrative selection is found on this website. Simply Contact Us in case of any needs in this area.

The equipment section covers for BESTA robust valveless piston pump (PN 55061), universal vacuum manifold (PN 228020), 24- 48-and 96-well EquaVap evaporators from Analytical Sales and the full series of Porvair Sciences blowdown evaporators like the MiniVap (PN 229206), Levante (PN 500226) and the Mistral (PN 500149). Several Dry Blood Spot (DBS) Punch systems (PN 327300 for the 3mm) are also popular systems and widely applied.

The tools section covers i.e. for all manual cap crimper (PN starting with CR, i.e. CR 20 0263)) and decrimper systems (PN starting with DC and OS, i.e. DC 20 0008 and OS 11 0151), besides simple Solid Load Support Tools enabling consistent self-packing of Solid Load Cartridges and special holders for the Pre-Packed  columns (PN 32075 and PN 32075/800).

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2 Way Stopcock valve, Teflon, 10p
Equipment and Tools
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