(Empty) Cartridges And Columns For Maximum Flexibility


Empty cartridges, with or without a luer-lock connector and their supportive parts are the basis for fully customizable solutions. We deliver a wide range of empty cartridges and columns, without or with a frit of choice as well as phase separators. For larger scale purifications glass and metal columns are suitable and can easily be combined with sample loading adapters. Depending on your application and the requirements regarding chemical (solvent) resistance open cartridges and closed columns are available. Cartridges often are used for SPE sample purification applications, the columns are applied as a sample loader or a separation column incorporated in semi-automation purification processes. The cartridges and columns can easily be filled with any bulk material enabling maximum flexibility matching your needs.

Our products in this category range from open cartridges with optional luer lock connector -the cartridge itself with or without flange- and different frits to columns with double luer lock. The cartridges and columns can easily be loaded with Silica material of your choice. A wide variety of connectors is available for smooth system integration. Contact us for your specific needs.

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Phase Separator Columns are efficient to separate aqueous phase from chlorinated solvents under gravity. These ready-to-use cartridges are fitted with a proprietary hydrophobic frit and are a great alternative to liquid-liquid extraction, the most popular technique to do this separation. However, this last method is time consuming, requires the use of a glass funnel which needs to be washed between each separate extraction and is not suitable for multiple extractions. Phase Separator Columns solve these drawbacks and offer many advantages such as: Ease of use and Efficient and cost saving, Comply with “Green Chemistry” philosophy, and are Compatible with automated systems.

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