Ziath’s sample management solutions are suitable for a variety of different sample processes. They solve your sample tracking needs with intuitive software, 2D barcode scanners, and high level technical support to ensure that more time can be focused on research rather than chasing after and identifying samples.

The DataPaqTM Rack Readers work in conjunction with 2D barcoded (datamatrix) tubes that are now widely used in compound management. Rack Readers are capable of scanning and decoding multiple racks of sample tubes in seconds, which then builds up a robust database of sample information. Known for being user-friendly, Ziath’s Samples software allows intuitive management of the data generated by the 2D barcode readers.

A real strength of Ziath’s product range is their suitability for an array of research applications. From a single tube to multiple racks, all samples can be processed in a fraction of the time that traditional approaches would take, and with greater accuracy. And our customer-centric approach ensures that any support you need, or enquiries you have, will be our top priority.

Ziath’s 2D Rack scanners are intuitive to use, reliable, robust and popular across the world for biobanking, compound management and all other sample tracking applications

The range of scanners run from a simple single tube scanner through rapid and small rack readers up to large and flexible multirack readers. Ziath designs, makes  and support their own readers ensuring knowledgeable and quick support.

  • DataPaq Mirage
    • The most compact camera based 2D rack scanner available. Setting new standards for 2D barcode rack scanners. Easy to set up and easy to use.
  • DataPaq Cube
    • A rapid and robust camera scanner to scan SBS racks and Cryboxes, quickly and reliably. Ideal for flexibility and high throughput.
  • DataPaq Express
    • The smallest SBS rack reader on the market, ideal for high-throughput applications and integration.
  • DataPaq Single Tube
    • An easy to use, robust and cost-effective single tube reader.
  • DataPaq Multirack
    • A flexible scanner, capable of scanning multiple SBS racks and cryoboxes at the same time.
  • DataPaq High Speed
    • A quick, low-profile reader, ideal for integration.
  • DataPaq Handheld Tube Reader
    • A truly portable scanner which can be held and operated in one hand.
  • DataPaq High Speed
    • A quick, low-profile reader, ideal for integration.