The Crimptronic is an electric crimp station. The vial is put into the Crimptronic with the cap in place. The crimp head descends onto the bottle head and an electric cylinder closes the vial with a predefined pressure. Due to the large range of crimping heads the Crimptronic is universal. Its unique design covering for electric crimping also allows for application in cleanrooms.

Just like a hand crimper only really reproducible. The Crimptronic is so good, it even evens out the tolerances in the glass and the septum thickness because it crimps with predefined pressure instead of working against a mechanical stop. This assures that one vial is crimped exactly like the other. The Crimptronic is not faster than a hand crimper but produces much more reproducible and uniform results particularly when working with difficult closures like lyophilisation stoppers or magnetic metal caps. Crimp heads are exchangeable and available for the standard cap sizes. No tools are required.

De-Crimping heads are also available. For clean room applications, the Crimptronic is also available in steel and the crimping can be certified.

  • Light and movable
  • Reliable and strong
  • Ergonomically and easy to use
  • Secured crimp and de-crimp head
  • Secured and reproducible crimp by pressing cycle start button
  • Gradually adaptable force according to the cap type and the seals hardness
  • Perfectly adapted for crimp and de-crimp of aluminum and magnetic sheet steal caps
  • Adjusted for all the lock models on the market
  • Recommended for aluminum and sheet steel caps (CTC – Combi PAL)
  • Easy and fast replacement of electrical actuator
  • Changing of the heads without specific tools
  • Do not need compressed air or a charged electrical battery Integrated supply
  • 100 % French manufacturing
  • Tailored manufacturing possible on request