Multi-reaction blocks are widely used by chemists in the pharmaceutical, academic, biopharma, chemical, petrochemical and polymer industries. The flexibility of the design allows chemists to rapidly configure the reactors to fit the needs of their chemistry, whether it requires inert conditions, refluxing or cooling, allowing complete freedom to choose a synthetic route. Depending on the needs software-controlled or simply manual operation is selected as preferred setup.

Designed to maximise your laboratory’s productivity, parallel synthesis technologies with PolyBLOCK is an easy to use, flexible and compact multi-reactor system. With either 4 or 8 independently controlled and monitored zones, PB4 offers working volumes of up to 500ml and PB8 up to 120ml. Reactor options range from 1ml HPLC vials to round or flat bottom flasks up to 250ml and custom reaction vessels up to 500ml. Agitation in each zone is independently controlled and temperature monitoring and control is offered with either reactor and/or zone temperature. A simple software interface ensures that no user training is required and all data is recorded and graphically displayed. It is possible to expand functionality by adding a range of modules, such as liquid dosing, pH Control, etc.

Modular, compact, flexible multi-zone reaction system:

  • 4 or 8 Independent reaction zones
  • Independent temperature control (100 ° C difference between zones, temperature range of -60 ° C to +225 ° C)
  • Independent agitation control (250 to 1500rpm, suspended mechanical or overhead stirring available)
  • Small footprint – no larger than a typical laboratory notebook
  • Use any combination of reaction vessels on one platform
  • Intuitive control software with choice of interfaces
  • Quick exchange between applications
  • Simply choose the adapter for your tubes, flasks or vessels and exchange vessels in seconds.

HEL’s multi-reactor platforms accept a wide range of reactors including: HPLC vials, test tubes, reaction tubes, flasks, custom reactor vessels, and even high pressure vessels. Working volumes can range from as little as 1ml all the way up to 500ml fully stirred reaction vessels.

HEL PolyBlock