Reaction Blocks

Making your Chemical Reactions More Easy

Reaction Blocks2019-01-23T12:31:40+01:00

Our Aluminum blocks can be used for a wide range of applications varying from simple synthesis to process optimization. We manufacture a basic, simple Aluminum block with SBS footprint, custom number of row and columns, diameter and depth – with a placeholder for a temperature sensor. You can use any brand or model magnetic stirrer to create your own personal parallel synthesis block. Reactor options range from very small 96 well (1ml HPLC vials) to round or flat bottom flasks up to 1000 ml and custom reaction vessels. Agitation and temperature controlling is done by your magnetic stirrer. Besides these blocks we e.g. prepare custom (tube) holders of PE for any application. We make all kind of (customized) models, just let us know what you are looking for.