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A wide range of analytical and preparative HPLC columns is available. Over 800 cost-effective high-performance columns can directly be selected, even more up on request. Screening Devices BV works with e.g. Dr Maisch, ES Industries and Nacalai Tesque. These cover for high quality and durable competitive columns. Besides ready to use pre-packed HPLC columns stationary phases can also be delivered as bulk material upon request.

Due to the variety of HPLC columns, classification and selection criteria are not that straightforward. From a sample point of view it is important to consider the molecular weight (lower/higher 2000), the sample solubility in water for a molecular weight < 2000 in combination with the polarity and the expected side-products. These together determine if selection of an ionic or non-ionic stationary reversed phases is preferred. A wide variety of both with respect to the characteristics of the stationary phase is available. Not sure what you need? We can assist in supportive material to make  initial choices.

The application of our HPLC columns ranges from analysis to purification of small (optionally chiral) molecules up to bio-separations.

ES Industries offers the HPLC chromatographer an important source for high performance bonded phases and packing materials. The Chromegabond materials produced at the New Jersey facility represent the state-of-the-art in bonding chemistry technology. These Chromegabond phases were developed to provide unique performance characteristics to enable the most demanding separations. The product range offers virtually all silica chemistry techniques and selectivities available today.

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Already in 1996 Dr Maisch introduced ReproSil-Pur: this ultra pure Silica-family contains HPLC phases for reversed- and normal-phase chromatography with particles from 3 until 60 µm, with a purity higher than 99,999%. Also Turbo phases were introduced. These pure columns are packed with 1,5 µm particles and allow separations in less than 60 seconds. In addition the patented capillary guard system FixGuards, fitting to every conventional column which need no extra holder and have the advantage that they are completely free of dead volume originate from Dr Maisch.

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Core-shell particles consist of a nonporous core inside a porous shell. By using these core-shell particles, one can achieve sharper peaks compared to fully porous silica gel particles of the same diameter with half the back pressure. For example, the CosmoCore 2.6C18 delivers performance equivalent to sub-2 µm particles at faster flow rate and analysis time while maintaining a lower back pressure. For the analysis of carbohydrate mixtures the COSMOSIL Sugar-D series is available.

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