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Syringe filters are available with the following membranes: Nylon, MCE, Polyethersulfone, Polypropylene, PTFE, PVDF and Regenerated Cellulose. Porosities range from 0.1 µm – 10 µm, available filter diameters range from 4 mm (up to 2 ml sample volume) up to 30 mm (up to approx. 200 ml sample volume). Adapted with luer-lock in order to prevent filter blow-off. The membrane & porosity is imprinted on filter housing for certain identification.

Depending on your sample volume, the table below shows the recommendations.

Sample VolumeSample LossFilter Diameter
up to 2 ml< 7.5 uL4 mm
up to 10 ml< 25 uL13 mm
up to 100 ml< 50 uL25 mm
up to 200 ml< 137 uL33 mm
The guideline below supports the initial choices to be made regarding pore size and membrane type.

Syringe Filters 1

CA, CA GFPF, CA PPPFCellulose AcetateProteins in aqueous samples, aqueous samples, olygomeres, polymeres, biological macromolecules
GFGlass FiberHeavily contaminated samples
MCE, MCE GFPF, MCE PPPFMixed Cellulose Ester (CA/CN)Hydrophilic for aqeous and polar solutions
Nylon, Nylon GFPF, Nylon PPPFNylonLow extractables, mechanically strong up to 50°C
PES, PES GFPF, PES PPPFPolyethersulphoneHydrophilic, very low protein binding. Ion chromatography, high heat resistance
PPPolypropyleneHydrophilic, high chemical resistance, low protein binder for use in strong acids and bases
Hydrophobe (regular) PTFE, PTFE GFPF, PTFE PPPFPolytetrafluoroethyleneHydrophobic, very low extractables, very high chemical resistance, very high thermal stability, Gasfiltration
Hydrophile (special) PTFE Hydrophil, PTFE Hydrophil GFPF, PTFE Hydrophil PPPFSurface treated PTFE for hydrophile samplesHydrophilic, very low extractables, very high chemical resistance, very high thermal stability
(regular) PVDF, PVDF GFPF, PVDF PPPFPolyvinylidene difluorideLow hydrophilic, low protein binder, broad chemical compability
Hydrophile (special) PVDF Hydrophil , PVDF Hydrophil GFPF, PVDF Hydrophil PPPFSurface treated PVDF for hydrophile samplesHydrophilic, low protein binder, broad chemical compability
RC, RC GFPF, RC PPPFRegenerated CelluloseHydrophilic solvent resistant, very low protein binder
The table below illustrated the compability of the filter membranes with different solvents.
(Y = compatible, L = limited compatible, X = not compatible)

Solvent typeSolventCellulose AcetateGlass Fibermix. Cellulose EsterNylonPESPPPTFEHydrophile PTFEPVDFHydrophile PVDFRegen. Celluose
AcidAcetic, 25%LYXLYYYYYYL
AcidAcetic, Glacial (100%)XYXLYYYYYYX
AcidEthanolic acid (Oxalic acid), 10%LYLXLYYYYYL
AcidFormic, 100%XYLXYYYYYYL
AcidFormic, 25%LYLXYYYYYYL
AcidHydrochloric, 25%XYXXYYYYYYX
AcidHydrochloric, ConcentratedXYXXYYYYYYX
AcidNitric, 25%XYXXYYYYYYX
AcidNitric, ConcentratedXYXXXLLLLLX
AcidPhosphoric, 25%LYLXLYYYYYL
AcidPhosphoric, 80%LYXXLYYYLLL
AcidSulphuric, 25%XYXXYYYYYYL
AcidSulphuric, ConcentratedXYXXXYYYXXX
AcidTrichloroacetic, 25%YYLXLYYYLLY
AlcoholAmyl AlcoholYYLYYYYYYYY
AlcoholBenzyl AlcoholLLLYYYYYYYY
AlcoholEthanol, 70%YYYLYYYYYYY
AlcoholEthanol, 98%YYLYYYYYYYY
AlcoholEthylene GlycolYYLYYYYYYYY
AlcoholMethanol, 98%YYXYYYYYYYY
AlcoholPropylene GlycolLYLYYYYYYYY
AldehydesFormaldehyde Solution 10%YYYYYYYYYYL
AmidesDimethyl Formamide (DMF)XYXYXYYYXXL
BaseAmmonium Hydroxide, 25%LYXLYYYYLLL
BasePotasium Hydroxide, 1 mol/lXLXYYYYYLLL
BaseSodium Hydroxide, 1 mol/lXLXYYYYYYYL
BaseSodium Hydroxide, 25%XLXYYYYYYYL
Esters2-Ethoxyethyl AcetateLYXYXYYYXXY
EstersAmyl & Butyl AcetateLYXYXLYYXXY
EstersBenzyl BenzoateYYXYXYYYLLY
EstersEthyl & Methyl AcetateXYXYXLYYYYY
EstersIsopropyl MyristateYYXYXYYYLLY
EstersMethyl Cellosolve AcetateXYXYXYYYLLY
EstersPropyl AcetateLYXYXLYYXXY
EstersPropylene Glycol AcetateXYXYXYYYLLY
EstersTricresyl PhosphateYYXYXYYYLLY
Ethers, OxidesDimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)XYXYXXYYXXY
Ethers, OxidesDioxaneXYXYXYYYLLY
Ethers, OxidesEthyl EtherYYLYYLYYYYY
Ethers, OxidesIsopropyl EtherYYXYYYYYYYY
Ethers, OxidesTretrahydrofuran (THF)XYXLXLYYLLY
Ethers, OxidesTriethanolamineYYLYLYYYLLY
Ethers, OxidesWaterYYYYYYXYLYY
Halogenated HydrocarbonCarbon TetrachlorideLYYYXLYYYYY
Halogenated HydrocarbonChloroformXYYLXLYYYYY
Halogenated HydrocarbonDichloromethaneXYYLXLYYYYY
Halogenated HydrocarbonFreonYYYYLYYYYYY
Halogenated HydrocarbonMethylene ChlorideXYXLXLYYYYY
Halogenated HydrocarbonMonochlorobenzeneYYXYLYYYYYY
Halogenated HydrocarbonTrichloroethyleneYYYYXLYYYYY
HydrocarbonHexane, XyleneYYYYXLYYYYY
HydrocarbonKerosene, GasolineYYYYLLYYYYY
HydrocarbonPetroleum etherYYYYYLYYYYY
HydrocarbonTetralin, DecalinYYXyyLYYYYY
KetoneMethyl Ethyl KetoneLYXYXLYYLLY
KetoneMethyl Isobutyl KetoneLYXYXLYYLLY
MiscHydrogen Peroxide, 30%YYYYLYYYLLY
MiscPhenol, Aqueous, 10%XYYLXYYYLLX
MiscSilicone Oil, Mineral OilYYYLYYYYYYY