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2ml 12 x 32mm Vials Compatible With Every Autosampler. Screw-, Snap- or Crimp Neck in 8-9-10 mm

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Standard 2 ml (12 x 32mm) vials compatible with every autosampler. The vials can be delivered with screw-,  snap- or crimp-cap neck in 8-9-10 mm. Also available are autosampler vials for optimized microsampling, with up to 5ul low recovery. We recognize 3 categories of autosampler vials: vials for  microsampling, 2mL crimp vials and PTFE/PE/PP vials.

Most chromatography autosamplers use vials with the dimension 12 x 32 mm. These vials take 2 ml of sample. If only a small amount of sample is available or full recovery of the sample is required, an optimised solution is asked for. At the same time the vial should not require a support and the standard dimension of the vial should be kept to fit standard autosamplers. We have 3 different microsampling vials that meet these requirements. There is one important question you have to ask yourself in order to find the right vial for your requirement. How much sample do you have and how much sample do you need for your analysis. The difference between those two, the sample volume that remains in the vial, we call residual volume. And this residual volume tells you which vial you need. Many competitors talk about the so called dead volume, the amount of sample that cannot be retrieved from the vial but this volume cannot be easily defined. How far the needle descends into the vial, the geometry of the needle, how much sample is required to cover the needle hole so that no air is retrieved with the sample, all these aspects define the actual dead volume of an application. We find that giving the dead volume without exact specifications of these parameters does not make any sense.

The residual volume of our vials is defined by the following parameters: the remaining fluid level is at 4 mm from the bottom of the vial given that normally the needle descends to about 1 – 2 mm above the bottom of the vial and the needle should be covered with at least 2 mm of sample in order to guarantee a reliable sample taking. The actual dead volume of our vials is generally much lower than the assumed fl uid level at the bottom of the vial but if you are using a needle with side hole 4 mm may be too little. A standard 12 x 32 mm Vial for example has a residual volume of 400 μl.

Three types micro vials are available:

1.5 ml Vμ-Vial our „Vase Vial“.

Our Vase Vial – the Vμ-Vial – has the largest volume. It takes 1.4 ml if filled to the shoulder and it’s residual volume is 15 μl. As the Vase Vial is the most economic solution, we recommend it for all applications with a residual volume of ≥ 15 μl. The Vase Vial is also the most universal of our three microsampling vials as it is available with all common closure types including the 8-425 screw thread which we call «NM» or «Narrow Mouth» as it has a small opening. The Vase Vial is our own invention and the form as well as the production process is protected by an European patent.

250 μl Insert Vial iV2μ

Also ideal for volatile samples and micro-reactions.  A recent development is the iV2μ-Vial where the vial head is on the insert. Thus the insert itself is closed with the cap so that no sample can volatilise into the outer shell of the vial. The body of the vial is a simple shell which is fused with the insert at the bottom. We produce these vials on a one-station machine of our own design which allows us to draw the insert longer and more narrow than with common techniques. The total volume is 250 μl and the residual volume is 8 μl. The iV2μ-Vial is especially suited for volatile micro samples and gas chromatography applications and completes our program at the bottom end volume vise.

μ-Vial with fused 350 μl insert

The i3μ type with a fused insert which forms a common base with the outer vial. In its functionality it is like using vial and insert only that the insert of the μ-Vial is firmly fused with the supporting vial which has the advantage that the insert fits into the vial opening and stands upright without extra support. The total volume is 350 μl with a residual volume of 10 μl.

A wide series of standard 12x32mm crimp vials is available.

Snap/crimp vials from polypropylene, polyethylene and PTFE are also available.

The pp-Pure Vial ( G002-SC-PP17μ) may be used for sample volumes from 100 μl – 700 μl, 700 μl Snap/Crimp Vial from a very pure polypropylene, may be used with either aluminium crimp caps or snap caps. Dimensions: 12 x 32 mm.