Our partner ratiolab is the perfect source for any cuvettes.

Disposable cuvettes have long replaced cuvettes once normally made of glass. New plastics coupled with modern methods of production allow photometric measurement well into the UV range. Ultra-precision molds with several cavities – one per cuvet – are used for producing ratiolab® Q-VETTES and ratiolab® CUVETTES under controlled room conditions.

Thus, in any one injection molding run several cuvettes are produced simultaneously. In order to prevent deviations in extinction coefficient values from occurring in any one run due to increased stray light, the cuvettes are automatically sorted according to their numbered cavities of origin. Each package shows the corresponding local production number of the cuvettes position in the net. So all cuvettes inside one styrofoam box are technical wise identical. Any measurement done with those identical cuvettes insures a high accurancy.

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