Boronic acids and their derivatives are one of the most widespread ubiquitous intermediates and reagents in organic and medicinal synthesis.

On-the-market drugs have even been adding boron atoms to enhance compatibility, selectivity and potency to their target molecules. Up to very recently, boronic acids had always been reported as lacking apparent toxicity, mutagenic activity or in vivo instability issues.

New studies have raised objections about this safe toxicological profile, both based on experimental and clinical data.

This is major in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as more and more studies denounce the genotoxicity of boronic acids.

Today, in view of new data concerning boronic acids, there is pressure building up on the ICH steering committee to assess boron compounds as potential genotoxic impurities (PGIs) per ICH M7.

SiliCycle Inc. produces and commercializes silica-based heterogeneous scavengers for both metallic (SiliaMetS) and organic impurities (SiliaBond). SiliaBond DEAM and Diol have shown to be powerful and very effective scavengers for the removal of boronic acids.

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