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Product IDDescription
00000001600LTube 16.5ml 130X17mm Polypropylen
0001-6254Open Frm Mini Vac DG,4 Ch,48, 1p
0001-6271Open Frm Mini Vac DG, 2 Ch, 19, 1p
0001-6274Open Frm Mini DG, 2 Ch, 480uL, 1p
0001-6293L Bracket Vac Src,Prep Sc,w/3, 1p
0001-6352Systec 2-Channel Degaser Max 1ml/min , 1p
0001-6354Vac DG 2003,Gen,4 Ch,w/Validat, 1p
0001-6354-RHVac DG 2003,Gen,4 Ch,w/Validat, 1p
0001-6355Vac DG,Stand Alone,5Ch,480uL, 1p
0001-6482Vac DG2003,Prp Sc, 2 Ch, 8.4mL, 1p
0001-6484Vac,DG2003,Prep Sc,2Ch,13.8mL, 1p
0001-6500HPLC Vacuum Degasing System, 2 Channel, 1p
0001-6501HPLC Vacuum Degasing System, 4 Channel, 1p
0001-6510Vac DG 2003,2 Ch,480uL,GPC, 1p
0001-6622Vac DG,Genric,2CH,w/Valid,Sten, 1p
0001-6624Vac DG,Genric,4CH,w/Valid,Sten, 1p
0001-6682Degaser, OEM Mini Lite 1-Channel, 1p
0001-6683DG, OEM MINI LITE, 2-CHAN, 1p
0001-6684DG, OEM MINI LITE, 3-CHAN, 1p
0001-6685DG, OEM MINI LITE, 4-CHAN, 1p
0001-6686DG, OEM MINI LITE, 5-CHAN, 1p
0001-6687DG, OEM MINI LITE, 6-CHAN
10.120PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 120x12mm
10.127PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 127x12mm
10.165PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 165x12mm
1.106PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 6x3mm
1.108PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 8x3mm
001.108.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bars, Cylindrical 8x3mm
001.110.6PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 10x6mm
11.110PTFE stirrer Bar, Double Croshead 8x10mm
001.1110.1PTFE stirrer Bar, Single Croshead 8x10mm
11.114PTFE stirrer Bar, Double Croshead 10x14mm
001.1114.1PTFE stirrer Bar, Single Croshead 12x14mm
11.117PTFE stirrer Bar, Double Croshead 13x17mm
001.1117.1PTFE stirrer Bar, Single Croshead 13x17mm
1.112PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 12x4.5mm
001.112.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bars, Cylindrical 12x4.5mm
11.122PTFE stirrer Bar, Double Croshead 15x22mm
001.1125.1PTFE stirrer Bar, Single Croshead 15x25mm
001.113.10PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 13x10mm
001.113.6PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 13x6mm
001.113.8PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 13x8mm
11.130PTFE stirrer Bar, Double Croshead 12x30mm
11.135PTFE stirrer Bar, Double Croshead 12x35mm
11.140PTFE stirrer Bar, Double Croshead 14x40mm
001.1140.1PTFE stirrer Bar, Single Croshead 17x40mm
1.115PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 15x4.5mm
001.115.6PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 15x6mm
11.160PTFE stirrer Bar, Double Croshead 15x60mm
001.1160.1PTFE stirrer Bar, Single Croshead 17x60mm
1.120PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 20x6mm
001.120.7PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 20x7mm
001.120.8PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 20x8mm
001.120.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bars, Cylindrical 20x6mm
11.206Glas Covered stirrer Bar 6x5mm
11.212Glas Covered stirrer Bar 12x5mm
11.219Glas Covered stirrer Bar 19x6mm
11.225Glas Covered stirrer Bar 25x6mm
11.245Glas Covered stirrer Bar 45x8mm
1.125PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 25x6mm
001.125.5PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 25x5mm
001.125.8PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 25x8mm
001.125.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bars, Cylindrical 25x6mm
11.250Glas Covered stirrer Bar 50x8mm
11.260Glas Covered stirrer Bar 60x8mm
1.130PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 30x6mm
001.130.7PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 30x7mm
001.130.8PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 30x8mm
001.130.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bars, Cylindrical 30x6mm
11.335PTFE stirrer Bar, Double Ended 35x8mm
001.1335-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Double Ended, Blue 35x8mm
001.1335-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Double Ended, Red 35x8mm
001.1335-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Double Ended, Yellow 35x8mm
1.135PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 35x6mm
11.355PTFE stirrer Bar, Double Ended 55x8mm
001.1355-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Double Ended, Blue 55x8mm
001.1355-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Double Ended, Red 55x8mm
001.1355-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Double Ended, Yellow 55x8mm
1.140PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 40x8mm
001.140.7PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 40x7mm
001.140.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bars, Cylindrical 40x8mm
11.412PTFE stirrer Bar, Square 12x4mm
11.425PTFE stirrer Bar, Square 25x5.5mm
11.435PTFE stirrer Bar, Square 35x6mm
1.145PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 45x8mm
11.450PTFE stirrer Bar, Square 50x7.5mm
1.150PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 50x8mm
001.150.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bars, Cylindrical 50x8mm
11.512PTFE stirrer Bar, Spherical 12mm
1.160PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 60x10mm
001.160.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bars, Cylindrical 60x10mm
11.609PTFE stirrer Bar, Tube 6x9mm
1.170PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 70x10mm
117.102PTFE stirrer Bar, Removable Ring 102x16mm
11.712PTFE stirrer Bar, Removable Ring 12x8mm
117.127PTFE stirrer Bar, Removable Ring 127x16mm
117.150PTFE stirrer Bar, Removable Ring 150x19mm
11.725PTFE stirrer Bar, Removable Ring 25x8mm
11.732PTFE stirrer Bar, Removable Ring 32x8mm
11.738PTFE stirrer Bar, Removable Ring 38x10mm
001.1738.8PTFE stirrer Bar, Removable Ring 38x8mm
11.742PTFE stirrer Bar, Removable Ring 42x10mm
11.751PTFE stirrer Bar, Removable Ring 51x10mm
001.1751.8PTFE stirrer Bar, Removable Ring 51x8mm
11.775PTFE stirrer Bar, Removable Ring 75x12mm
1.180PTFE stirrer Bar, Cylindrical 80x10mm
11.812PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangle with Rib 12x6mm
11.825PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangle with Rib 25x8mm
11.835PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangle with Rib 35x9mm
11.850PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangle with Rib 50x12mm
11.880PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangle with Rib 80x18mm
11.910PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 10x4mm
11.915PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 15x5mm
11.920PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 20x7mm
11.925PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 25x8mm
11.930PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 30x8mm
11.935PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 35x8mm
11.940PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 40x8mm
11.945PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 45x8mm
11.950PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 50x8mm
11.955PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 55x8mm
11.960PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 60x8mm
11.970PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 70x10mm
11.980PTFE stirrer Bar, Tapered 80x10mm
001.210.6PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 10x6mm
12.108PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 108x27mm
1.212PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 12x4.5mm
001.213.8PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 13x8mm
1.215PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 15x4.5mm
001.215.6PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 15x6mm
12.159PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 159x27mm
1.220PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 20x6mm
001.220.7PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 20x7mm
12.201PTFE stirrer Bar, Wing 11x8mm
001.2201.1PTFE stirrer Bar, Wing 9x5.5mm
12.202PTFE stirrer Bar, Wing 16x10mm
12.203PTFE stirrer Bar, Wing 10x13mm
12.204PTFE stirrer Bar, Wing 20x13mm
1.225PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 25x6mm
001.225.10PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 25x10mm
001.225.8PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 25x8mm
1.230PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 30x6mm
001.230.7PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 30x7mm
12.301PTFE stirrer Bars, Hub 45x27mm
12.302PTFE stirrer Bars, Hub 62x37mm
12.303PTFE stirrer Bars, Hub 70x37mm
1.235PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 35x6mm
001.235.10PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 35x10mm
001.235.7PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 35x7mm
1.240PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 40x8mm
12.401PTFE stirrer Bars, Cros 10x5mm
12.402PTFE stirrer Bars, Cros 20x8mm
12.403PTFE stirrer Bars, Cros 25x9mm
12.404PTFE stirrer Bars, Cros 30x10mm
12.405PTFE stirrer Bars, Cros 38x11mm
12.406PTFE stirrer Bars, Cros 50x15mm
12.407PTFE stirrer Bars, Cros 60x20mm
1.250PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 50x8mm
001.250.10PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 50x10mm
001.250.7PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 50x7mm
1.257PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 57x27mm
1.260PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 60x10mm
001.260.7PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 60x7mm
001.260.8PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 60x8mm
001.2610.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Elliptical 10x6mm
001.2615.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Elliptical 15x10mm
001.2625.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Elliptical 25x14mm
001.265.13PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 65x13mm
001.2650.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Elliptical 50x24mm
001.2670.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Elliptical 70x28mm
1.270PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 70x10mm
1.275PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 75x13mm
1.280PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain 80x10mm
12.912PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain Economy 12x3mm
12.925PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain Economy 25x8mm
12.940PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain Economy 40x8mm
12.950PTFE stirrer Bar, Plain Economy 50x8mm
13.001PTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 12 Octahedral 2 1p of 13x8, 15x8, 25x10, 38x10, 51x10, 64x10mm
13.002PTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 12 Oval 2 1p of 10x5, 15x6, 25x10, 30x10, 35x13, 1 each of 50x17, 70x27mm
13.003PTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 18 Cylindrical 2 1p of 10x6, 15x6, 20x7, 25x8, 30x8, 40x8, 50x8, 60x10, 80x10mm
13.004PTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 18 Plain 2 1p of 10x6, 15x6, 20x7, 25x8, 30x7, 40x8, 50x8, 60x7, 80x10mm
13.006PTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 12 Colored Micro Red, Blue & Yellow 1 1p of Blue, Red and Yellow, 8x1.5, 5x2, 7x2, 10x3mm
13.015PTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 13 Oval 2 1p of 20x10, 25x12, 30x16, 35x16, 40x20, 50x20, 1 each of 70x20mm
13.017PTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 24 Colored Octahedral Red, Blue & Yellow 1 1p of Blue, Red and Yellow, 13x3, 13x8, 15x8, 22x8, 25x8, 38x8, 51x8, 75x13mm
13.019PTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 18 Cylindrical 2 1p of 10x6, 15x4.5, 20x6, 25x6, 30x6, 40x8, 50x8, 60x10, 70x10mm
13.020PTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 6 Cylindrical & 16 Removable Ring 2 1p of 13x10, 13x8, 20x8, 4 each of 25x8, 2 each of 32x8, 38x8, 42x10, 51x10, 51x8, 1 each of 38x10, 42x10mm
13.021PTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 10 Octahedral & 4 Micro 2 1p of 13x8, 15x8, 25x10, 38x10, 51x10, 2 each of 7x2, 10x3mm
13.032PTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 5 Cros 1 1p of 10x10, 20x20, 25x25, 30x30, 38x38mm
13.033PTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 20 Tapered & 1 Retriever 2 1p of 10x4, 15x5, 20x7, 25x8, 30x8, 35x8, 40x8, 50x8, 60x8, 1 each of 70x10, 80x10, 1 of 300x10mm
001.3035.REPTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 10 Turbo Elliptical 3 1p of 10x6, 15x10, 25x14, 1 each of 50x24mm
001.3036.REPTFE stirrer Bars, Boxed Asortments, 14 Turbo Cylindrical 2 1p of 8x3, 12x4.5, 20x6, 25x6, 30x6, 40x8, 1 each of 50x8, 60x10mm
1.308PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 8x3mm
13.108PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 108x24mm
1.312PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 12x4.5mm
001.312.6PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 12x6mm
001.313.8PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 13x8mm
1.315PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 15x4.5mm
001.315.8PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 15x8mm
13.159PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 159x24mm
1.320PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 20x6mm
001.32040.REPTFE stirrer Bar, Turbo Block 34x14mmx14mm
001.32055.REPTFE stirrer Bar, Turbo Block 44x18x14mm
001.32090.REPTFE stirrer Bar, Turbo Block 80x30x25mm
1.325PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 25x6mm
001.325.10PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 25x10mm
1.330PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 30x6mm
13.319PTFE stirrer Bar, Octoval 19x10mm
13.325PTFE stirrer Bar, Octoval 25x13mm
13.338PTFE stirrer Bar, Octoval 38x16mm
13.341PTFE stirrer Bar, Octoval 41x19mm
1.335PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 35x6mm
13.351PTFE stirrer Bar, Octoval 51x19mm
13.364PTFE stirrer Bar, Octoval 64x19mm
13.376PTFE stirrer Bar, Octoval 76x19mm
1.340PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 40x8mm
1.345PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 45x8mm
001.3450.REPTFE stirrer Bar, Turbo Flute 50x21mm
1.350PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 50x8mm
1.357PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 57x24mm
1.360PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 60x10mm
1.370PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 70x10mm
001.375.13PTFE stirrer Bar, Pivot Ring 75x13mm
14.110PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangular 110x36mm
1.412PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangular 12x6mm
14.136PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangular 136x36mm
1.420PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangular 20x8mm
1.425PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangular 25x8mm
001.425.14PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangular 25x14mm
1.435PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangular 35x9mm
1.440PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangular 40x14mm
1.450PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangular 50x12mm
1.455PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangular 55x14mm
1.480PTFE stirrer Bar, Triangular 80x14mm
1.513PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 13x8mm
001.513.10PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 13x10mm
001.513.3PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 13x3mm
001.513.3.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Octahedral, 13x3mm
001.513.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Octahedral 13x8mm
001.513-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Blue 13x8mm
001.513-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Red 13x8mm
001.513-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Yellow 13x8mm
1.515PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 15x8mm
001.515.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Octahedral 15x8mm
001.515-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Blue 15x8mm
001.515-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Red 15x8mm
001.515-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Yellow 15x8mm
1.522PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 22x8mm
001.522-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Blue 22x8mm
001.522-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Red 22x8mm
001.522-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Yellow 22x8mm
1.525PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 25x8mm
001.525.10PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 25x10mm
001.525.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Octahedral 25x8mm
001.525-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Blue 25x8mm
001.525-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Red 25x8mm
001.525-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Yellow 25x8mm
1.528PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 28x8mm
1.538PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 38x8mm
001.538.10PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 38x10mm
001.538.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Octahedral 38x8mm
001.538-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Blue 38x8mm
001.538-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Red 38x8mm
001.538-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Yellow 38x8mm
1.541PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 41x8mm
1.551PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 51x8mm
001.551.10PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 51x10mm
001.551.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Octahedral 51x8mm
001.551-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Blue 51x8mm
001.551-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Red 51x8mm
001.551-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Yellow 51x8mm
1.564PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 64x10mm
001.564.8PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 64x8mm
001.564.8.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Octahedral, 64x8mm
001.564.8REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Octahedral 64x8mm
1.575PTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral 75x13mm
001.575-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Blue 75x13mm
001.575-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Red 75x13mm
001.575-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Octahedral, Yellow 75x13mm
1.610PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 10x5mm
001.610.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Oval 10x5mm
16.100PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 100x30mm
1.615PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 15x6mm
001.615.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Oval 15x6mm
16.150PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 150x40mm
1.620PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 20x10mm
001.620.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Oval 20x10mm
1.625PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 25x12mm
001.625.10PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 25x10mm
001.625.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Oval 25x12mm
1.630PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 30x16mm
001.630.10PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 30x10mm
1.635PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 35x16mm
001.635.13PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 35x13mm
001.635.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Oval 35x16mm
1.640PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 40x20mm
001.640.13PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 40x13mm
001.640.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Oval 40x20mm
1.650PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 50x20mm
001.650.17PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 50x17mm
001.650.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Oval 50x20mm
1.664PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 64x20mm
001.664.REPTFE Turbo stirrer Bar, Oval 64x20mm
1.670PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 70x20mm
001.670.25PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 70x25mm
001.670.27PTFE stirrer Bar, Oval 70x27mm
1.709PTFE stirrer Bar, Disc 6x9mm
1.710PTFE stirrer Bar, Disc 6x10mm
1.720PTFE stirrer Bar, Disc 10x20mm
1.730PTFE stirrer Bar, Disc 12x30mm
1.802PTFE stirrer Bar, Micro 2x2mm
001.802-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Blue 2x2mm
001.802-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Red 2x2mm
001.802-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Yellow 2x2mm
1.803PTFE stirrer Bar, Micro 3x3mm
001.803-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Blue 3x3mm
001.803-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Red 3x3mm
001.803-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Yellow 3x3mm
1.805PTFE stirrer Bar, Micro 5x2mm
001.805-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Blue 5x2mm
001.805-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Red 5x2mm
001.805-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Yellow 5x2mm
1.806PTFE stirrer Bar, Micro 6x3mm
001.806-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Blue 6x3mm
001.806-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Red 6x3mm
001.806-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Yellow 6x3mm
1.807PTFE stirrer Bar, Micro 7x2mm
001.807-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Blue 7x2mm
001.807-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Red 7x2mm
001.807-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Yellow 7x2mm
1.808PTFE stirrer Bar, Micro 8x1.5mm
001.808.3PTFE stirrer Bar, Micro 8x3mm
001.808.3-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Blue 8x3mm
001.808.3-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Red 8x3mm
001.808.3-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Yellow 8x3mm
001.808-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Blue 8x1.5mm
001.808-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Red 8x1.5mm
001.808-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Yellow 8x1.5mm
1.810PTFE stirrer Bar, Micro 10x3mm
001.810-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Blue 10x3mm
001.810-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Red 10x3mm
001.810-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Yellow 10x3mm
1.813PTFE stirrer Bar, Micro 13x3mm
001.813-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Blue 13x3mm
001.813-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Red 13x3mm
001.813-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Yellow 13x3mm
1.815PTFE stirrer Bar, Micro 15x1.5mm
001.815-BPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Blue 15x1.5mm
001.815-RPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Red 15x1.5mm
001.815-YPTFE stirrer Bar, Micro, Yellow 15x1.5mm
1.820PTFE stirrer Bar, Micro 20x3mm
1.830PTFE stirrer Bar, Micro 30x3mm
002.052.1PTFE stirrer Blade, Square End 52x14mm
002.076.1PTFE stirrer Blade, Square End 76x19mm
002.090.1PTFE stirrer Blade, Square End 90x28mm
002.1065.1PTFE stirrer Blade, Plain End 65x25mm
002.1075.1PTFE stirrer Blade, Plain End 75x25mm
002.1105.1PTFE stirrer Blade, Plain End 105x25mm
002.1125.1PTFE stirrer Blade, Plain End 125x25mm
002.1150.1PTFE stirrer Blade, Plain End 150x25mm
0023-200Interface cable for 4100 ExoScan FTIR
3.100PTFE stirring Rod, SS steel Core 100x6mm
31.100PTFE stirring Rod, Solid PTFE 100x8mm
31.150PTFE stirring Rod, Solid PTFE 150x8mm
31.200PTFE stirring Rod, Solid PTFE 200x8mm
31.250PTFE stirring Rod, Solid PTFE 250x8mm
31.300PTFE stirring Rod, Solid PTFE 300x8mm
3.150PTFE stirring Rod, SS steel Core 150x6mm
3.200PTFE stirring Rod, SS steel Core 200x6mm
3.250PTFE stirring Rod, SS steel Core 250x6mm
3.300PTFE stirring Rod, SS steel Core 300x6mm
3.350PTFE stirring Rod, SS steel Core 350x6mm
3.400PTFE stirring Rod, SS steel Core 400x6mm
41.300PP Magnet Retriever 300x10mm
41.350PP Magnet Retriever 350x10mm
41.450PP Magnet Retriever 450x10mm
4.150PTFE Magnet Retriever 150x10mm
004.150.REPTFE Magnet Retriever, Rare Earth 150x10mm
004.2350.REPTFE Magnet Retriever, Rare Earth, for Giant stirrer Bars 350x18mm
004.2450.REPTFE Magnet Retriever, Rare Earth, for Giant stirrer Bars 450x18mm
4.250PTFE Magnet Retriever 250x10mm
004.250.REPTFE Magnet Retriever, Rare Earth 250x10mm
004.330.FPTFE Magnet Retriever, Flexible, 330x10mm
004.330FPTFE Magnet Retriever, Flexible 330x10mm
4.350PTFE Magnet Retriever 350x10mm
004.350.REPTFE Magnet Retriever, Rare Earth 350x10mm
4.450PTFE Magnet Retriever 450x10mm
004.450.REPTFE Magnet Retriever, Rare Earth 450x10mm
005.0.0619PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone Shaft 6, Cone 19/22, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.0.0624PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone Shaft 6, Cone 24/40, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.0.0819PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone Shaft 8, Cone 19/38, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.0.0819.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 8, Cone 19/38, Ht 70, Ring d=42
005.0.0824PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone Shaft 8, Cone 24/40, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.0.0824.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 8, Cone 24/40, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.0.1024PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone Shaft 10, Cone 24/40, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.0.1024.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 10, Cone 24/40, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.0.1029PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone Shaft 10, Cone 29/42, Ht 60, Ring d=50
005.0.1029.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 10, Cone 29/42, Ht 60, Ring d=50
005.0.1034PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone Shaft 10, Cone 34/45, Ht 60, Ring d=50
005.0.1034.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 10, Cone 34/45, Ht 60, Ring d=50
005.0.1045PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone Shaft 10, Cone 45/50, Ht 60, Ring d=58
005.0.1045.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 10, Cone 45/50, Ht 60, Ring d=58
005.0.1229PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone Shaft 12, Cone 29/42, Ht 70, Ring d=50
005.0.1229.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 12, Cone 29/42, Ht 70, Ring d=50
005.0.1634PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone Shaft 16, Cone 34/45, Ht 70, Ring d=50
005.0.1634.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 16, Cone 34/45, Ht 70, Ring d=50
005.0.1945PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone Shaft 19, Cone 45/50, Ht 70, Ring d=58
005.0.1945.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , A Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 19, Cone 45/50, Ht 70, Ring d=58
005.00.0619PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone Shaft 6, Cone 19/26, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.00.0624PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone Shaft 6, Cone 24/29, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.00.0819PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone Shaft 8, Cone 19/26,Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.00.0819.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 8, Cone 19/26, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.00.0824PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone Shaft 8, Cone 24/29, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.00.0824.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 8, Cone 24/29, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.00.1024PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone Shaft 10, Cone 24/29, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.00.1024.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 10, Cone 24/29, Ht 60, Ring d=42
005.00.1029PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone Shaft 10, Cone 29/32, Ht 60, Ring d=58
005.00.1029.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 10, Cone 29/32, Ht 60, Ring d=58
005.00.1045PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone Shaft 10, Cone 45/50, Ht 60, Ring d=50
005.00.1045.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 10, Cone 45/50, Ht 60, Ring d=50
005.00.1229PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone Shaft 12, Cone 29/32, Ht 70, Ring d=50
005.00.1229.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 10, Cone 29/32, Ht 60, Ring d=50
005.00.1634PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone Shaft 16, Cone 34/35, Ht 70, Ring d=50
005.00.1634.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 12, Cone 34/35, Ht 70, Ring d=50
005.00.1645PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone Shaft 16, Cone 45/40, Ht 70, Ring d=58
005.00.1645.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 16, Cone 45/40, Ht 70, Ring d=58
005.00.1945PTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone Shaft 19, Cone 45/40, Ht 70, Ring d=58
005.00.1945.PKPTFE Shaft Guides, High Performance HP , B Length Cone, PEEK Taper Shaft 19, Cone 45/40, Ht 70, Ring d=58
005.02100.12.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller, Exposed End Shaft 12, L 1000mm, Rotor d=80
005.02100.16.1.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller, Exposed End Shaft 16, L 1000mm, Rotor d=120
005.02100.16.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller, Exposed End Shaft 16, L 1000mm, Rotor d=100
005.0265.10.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller, Exposed End Shaft 10, L 650mm, Rotor d=70
005.0265.12.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller, Exposed End Shaft 12, L 650mm, Rotor d=80
005.0265.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller, Exposed End Shaft 9.5, L 650mm, Rotor d=60
005.0275.10.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller, Exposed End Shaft 10, L 750mm, Rotor d=70
005.0275.12.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller, Exposed End Shaft 12, L 750mm, Rotor d=80
005.0275.16.1.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller, Exposed End Shaft 16, L 750mm, Rotor d=100
005.0275.16.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller, Exposed End Shaft 16, L 750mm, Rotor d=80
005.0275.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller, Exposed End Shaft 9.5, L 750mm, Rotor d=60
005.03100.12.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor, Exposed End Shaft 12, L 1000mm, Rotor d=140
005.03100.16.1.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor, Exposed End Shaft 16, L 1000mm, Rotor d=180
005.03100.16.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor, Exposed End Shaft 16, L 1000mm, Rotor d=140
005.0365.1.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor, Exposed End Shaft 9.5, L 650mm, Rotor d=140
005.0365.10.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor, Exposed End Shaft 10, L 650mm, Rotor d=140
005.0365.12.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor, Exposed End Shaft 12, L 650mm, Rotor d=140
005.0375.1.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor, Exposed End Shaft 9.5, L 750mm, Rotor d=140
005.0375.10.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor, Exposed End Shaft 10, L 750mm, Rotor d=140
005.0375.12.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor, Exposed End Shaft 12, L 750mm, Rotor d=140
005.0375.16.1.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor, Exposed End Shaft 16, L 750mm, Rotor d=180
005.0375.16.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor, Exposed End Shaft 16, L 750mm, Rotor d=140
005.04100.12.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal, Exposed End Shaft 12, L 1000mm, Rotor d=80
005.04100.16.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal, Exposed End Shaft 16, L 1000mm, Rotor d=80
005.0465.10.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal, Exposed End Shaft 10, L 650mm, Rotor d=70
005.0465.12.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal, Exposed End Shaft 12, L 650mm, Rotor d=80
005.0465.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal, Exposed End Shaft 9.5, L 650mm, Rotor d=70
005.0475.10.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal, Exposed End Shaft 10, L 750mm, Rotor d=70
005.0475.12.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal, Exposed End Shaft 12, L 750mm, Rotor d=80
005.0475.16.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal, Exposed End Shaft 16, L 750mm, Rotor d=80
005.0475.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal, Exposed End Shaft 9.5, L 750mm, Rotor d=70
005.05100.10.1PTFE Shaft for Blades, Exposed End Shaft 10, L 1000mm
005.05100.12.1PTFE Shaft for Blades, Exposed End Shaft 12, L 1000mm
005.05100.16.1PTFE Shaft for Blades, Exposed End Shaft 16, L 1000mm
005.0565.1PTFE Shaft for Blades, Exposed End Shaft 9.5, L 650mm
005.0565.10.1PTFE Shaft for Blades, Exposed End Shaft 10, L 650mm
005.0565.12.1PTFE Shaft for Blades, Exposed End Shaft 12, L 650mm
005.0575.1PTFE Shaft for Blades, Exposed End Shaft 9.5, L 750mm
005.0575.10.1PTFE Shaft for Blades, Exposed End Shaft 10, L 750mm
005.0575.12.1PTFE Shaft for Blades, Exposed End Shaft 12, L 750mm
005.0575.16.1PTFE Shaft for Blades, Exposed End Shaft 16, L 750mm
005.100830EXPTFE stirrer Shaft, Plain, Exposed End Shaft 8, End d=5, L 300mm
005.100850EXPTFE stirrer Shaft, Plain, Exposed End Shaft 8, End d=5, L 500mm stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , A Length Cone Shaft 6, Cone 19/22, Ht 96, Guide d=45
005.101030EXPTFE stirrer Shaft, Plain, Exposed End Shaft 10, End d=6.35, L 300mm
005.101050EXPTFE stirrer Shaft, Plain, Exposed End Shaft 10, End d=6.35, L 500mm
005.101065EXPTFE stirrer Shaft, Plain, Exposed End Shaft 10, End d=6.35, L 650mm
005.101250EXPTFE stirrer Shaft, Plain, Exposed End Shaft 12, End d=6.35, L 500mm
005.101265EXPTFE stirrer Shaft, Plain, Exposed End Shaft 12, End d=6.35, L 650mm
005.101275EXPTFE stirrer Shaft, Plain, Exposed End Shaft 12, End d=6.35, L 750mm
005.1016100EXPTFE stirrer Shaft, Plain, Exposed End Shaft 16, End d=10, L 1000mm
005.1016750EXPTFE stirrer Shaft, Plain, Exposed End Shaft 16, End d=10, L 750mm
005.1019100EXPTFE stirrer Shaft, Plain, Exposed End Shaft 19, End d=14, L 1000mm
005.1019750EXPTFE stirrer Shaft, Plain, Exposed End Shaft 19, End d=14, L 750mm
005.102.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , A Length Cone Shaft 6, Cone 24/40, Ht 96, Guide d=45
005.104.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , A Length Cone Shaft 8, Cone 24/40, Ht 96, Guide d=45
005.105.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , A Length Cone Shaft 10, Cone 24/40, Ht 96, Guide d=45
005.106.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , A Length Cone Shaft 10, Cone 29/42, Ht 96, Guide d=45
005.108.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , A Length Cone Shaft 12, Cone 29/42, Ht 110, Guide d=55
005.111.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , A Length Cone Shaft 16, Cone 34/45, Ht 110, Guide d=55
005.112.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , A Length Cone Shaft 16, Cone 45/50, Ht 110, Guide d=55
005.201.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , B Length Cone Shaft 6, Cone 19/26, Ht 96, Guide d=45
005.202.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , B Length Cone Shaft 6, Cone 24/29, Ht 96, Guide d=45
005.203.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , B Length Cone Shaft 8, Cone 19/26, Ht 96, Guide d=45
005.204.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , B Length Cone Shaft 8, Cone 24/29, Ht 96, Guide d=45
005.205.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , B Length Cone Shaft 10, Cone 24/29, Ht 96, Guide d=45
005.206.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , B Length Cone Shaft 10, Cone 29/32, Ht 96, Guide d=45
005.207.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , B Length Cone Shaft 10, Cone 34/35, Ht 96, Guide d=45
005.208.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , B Length Cone Shaft 12, Cone 29/32, Ht 110, Guide d=55
005.209.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , B Length Cone Shaft 12, Cone 34/35, Ht 110, Guide d=55
005.211.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , B Length Cone Shaft 16, Cone 34/35, Ht 110, Guide d=55
005.212.7PTFE stirrer Guides, Universal V7 , B Length Cone Shaft 16, Cone 45/40, Ht 110, Guide d=55
005.230.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller Shaft 6, L 300mm, Rotor d=40 Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller Shaft 8, L 300mm, Rotor d=40
005.240.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller Shaft 6, L 400mm, Rotor d=40 Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller Shaft 8, L 400mm, Rotor d=40
005.250.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller Shaft 6, L 500mm, Rotor d=50 Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller Shaft 8, L 500mm, Rotor d=50 Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller Shaft 10, L 550mm, Rotor d=70
005.255.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller Shaft 9.5, L 550mm, Rotor d=60
005.265.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Screw Propeller Shaft 9.5, L 650mm, Rotor d=60
005.330.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor Shaft 6, L 300mm, Rotor d=80
005.330.8.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor Shaft 8, L 300mm, Rotor d=80
005.340.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor Shaft 6, L 400mm, Rotor d=80
005.340.8.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor Shaft 8, L 400mm, Rotor d=80
005.350.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor Shaft 6, L 500mm, Rotor d=80
005.350.8.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor Shaft 8, L 500mm, Rotor d=80
005.355.1.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor Shaft 9.5, L 550mm, Rotor d=140
005.355.10.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor Shaft 10, L 550mm, Rotor d=100
005.355.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor Shaft 9.5, L 550mm, Rotor d=100
005.365.1.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor Shaft 9.5, L 650mm, Rotor d=140
005.365.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Anchor Shaft 9.5, L 650mm, Rotor d=100
005.430.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal Shaft 6, L 300mm, Rotor d=40
005.430.8.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal Shaft 8, L 300mm, Rotor d=40
005.440.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal Shaft 6, L 400mm, Rotor d=40
005.440.8.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal Shaft 8, L 400mm, Rotor d=40
005.450.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal Shaft 6, L 500mm, Rotor d=50
005.450.8.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal Shaft 8, L 500mm, Rotor d=50
005.455.10.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal Shaft 10, L 550mm, Rotor d=70
005.455.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal Shaft 9.5, L 550mm, Rotor d=70
005.465.2PTFE Shaft stirrer, Centrifugal Shaft 9.5, L 650mm, Rotor d=70
005.530.1PTFE Shaft for Blades Shaft 6, L 300mm
005.530.8.1PTFE Shaft for Blades Shaft 8, L 300mm
005.540.1PTFE Shaft for Blades Shaft 6, L 400mm
005.540.8.1PTFE Shaft for Blades Shaft 8, L 400mm
005.550.1PTFE Shaft for Blades Shaft 6, L 500mm
005.550.8.1PTFE Shaft for Blades Shaft 8, L 500mm
005.555.1PTFE Shaft for Blades Shaft 9.5, L 550mm
005.565.1PTFE Shaft for Blades Shaft 9.5, L 650mm Adjustable Rotor, 4 Blade Angled Type 45deg, Imperial Shaft ¼in, Rotor d=1½in
005.6.313.15PTFE Adjustable Rotor, 4 Blade Angled Type 45deg, Imperial Shaft 5⁄16in, Rotor d=1½in
005.6.375.25PTFE Adjustable Rotor, 4 Blade Angled Type 45deg, Imperial Shaft ⅜in, Rotor d=2½in
005.6.500.35PTFE Adjustable Rotor, 4 Blade Angled Type 45deg, Imperial Shaft ½, Rotor d=3½in
005.6.625.40PTFE Adjustable Rotor, 4 Blade Angled Type 45deg, Imperial Shaft ⅝in, Rotor d=4in
5.606.040PTFE Adjustable Rotor, 4 Blade Angled Type 45deg, Metric Shaft 6, Rotor d=40
5.608.040PTFE Adjustable Rotor, 4 Blade Angled Type 45deg, Metric Shaft 8, Rotor d=40
5.610.060PTFE Adjustable Rotor, 4 Blade Angled Type 45deg, Metric Shaft 10, Rotor d=60
5.610.090PTFE Adjustable Rotor, 4 Blade Angled Type 45deg, Metric Shaft 10, Rotor d=90
5.612.070PTFE Adjustable Rotor, 4 Blade Angled Type 45deg, Metric Shaft 12, Rotor d=70
5.612.090PTFE Adjustable Rotor, 4 Blade Angled Type 45deg, Metric Shaft 12, Rotor d=90
5.616.100PTFE Adjustable Rotor, 4 Blade Angled Type 45deg, Metric Shaft 16, Rotor d=100 Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Imperial Shaft ¼in, Rotor d=3in
005.7.313.3PTFE Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Imperial Shaft 5⁄16in, Rotor d=3in
005.7.375.3PTFE Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Imperial Shaft ⅜in, Rotor d=3in
005.7.500.4PTFE Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Imperial Shaft ½, Rotor d=4in
005.7.625.6PTFE Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Imperial Shaft ⅝in, Rotor d=6in
5.706.070PTFE Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Metric Shaft 6, Rotor d=70
5.708.070PTFE Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Metric Shaft 8, Rotor d=70
5.710.070PTFE Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Metric Shaft 10, Rotor d=70
5.710.100PTFE Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Metric Shaft 10, Rotor d=100
5.712.100PTFE Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Metric Shaft 12, Rotor d=100
5.712.150PTFE Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Metric Shaft 12, Rotor d=150
5.716.100PTFE Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Metric Shaft 16, Rotor d=100
5.716.150PTFE Adjustable Rotor, Flat Type, Metric Shaft 16, Rotor d=150
580.850.300PTFE stirrer Shaft, Retreat Curve Shaft 8, L 300mm, Rotor d=50, Blade Ht 10
580.850.400PTFE stirrer Shaft, Retreat Curve Shaft 8, L 400mm, Rotor d=50, Blade Ht 10
580.875.300PTFE stirrer Shaft, Retreat Curve Shaft 8, L 300mm, Rotor d=75, Blade Ht 15
580.875.400PTFE stirrer Shaft, Retreat Curve Shaft 8, L 400mm, Rotor d=75, Blade Ht 15
581.050.400PTFE stirrer Shaft, Retreat Curve Shaft 10, L 400mm, Rotor d=50, Blade Ht 10
581.050.500PTFE stirrer Shaft, Retreat Curve Shaft 10, L 500mm, Rotor d=50, Blade Ht 10
581.075.400PTFE stirrer Shaft, Retreat Curve Shaft 10, L 400mm, Rotor d=75, Blade Ht 15
581.075.500PTFE stirrer Shaft, Retreat Curve Shaft 10, L 500mm, Rotor d=75, Blade Ht 15
590.850PTFE stirrer Shaft, Adjustable Turbine Shaft 8, Rotor d=50
590.875PTFE stirrer Shaft, Adjustable Turbine Shaft 8, Rotor d=75
5.910.100PTFE stirrer Shaft, Adjustable Turbine Shaft 10, Rotor d=100
591.075PTFE stirrer Shaft, Adjustable Turbine Shaft 10, Rotor d=75
5.912.100PTFE stirrer Shaft, Adjustable Turbine Shaft 12, Rotor d=100
591.275PTFE stirrer Shaft, Adjustable Turbine Shaft 12, Rotor d=75
5.916.100PTFE stirrer Shaft, Adjustable Turbine Shaft 16, Rotor d=100
5.916.150PTFE stirrer Shaft, Adjustable Turbine Shaft 16, Rotor d=150
6.025PTFE Evaporating Dish, Tall Form with Spout 34x38mm, 25ml
6.050PTFE Evaporating Dish, Tall Form with Spout 50x40mm, 50ml
6.100PTFE Evaporating Dish, Tall Form with Spout 50x64mm, 100ml
61.025PTFE Evaporating Dish, Flat Form 25x42mm, 25ml
006.1025.1PTFE Evaporating Dish, Flat Form with Spout 12x65mm, 25ml
61.050PTFE Evaporating Dish, Flat Form 20x60mm, 50ml
006.1050.1PTFE Evaporating Dish, Flat Form with Spout 15x82mm, 50ml
61.100PTFE Evaporating Dish, Flat Form 28x80mm,100ml
006.1100.1PTFE Evaporating Dish, Flat Form with Spout 20x102mm, 100ml
61.180PTFE Evaporating Dish, Flat Form 46x80mm, 180ml
006.1180.1PTFE Evaporating Dish, Flat Form with Spout 22x130mm, 180ml
61.350PTFE Evaporating Dish, Flat Form 55x100mm, 350ml
006.1350.1PTFE Evaporating Dish, Flat Form with Spout 36x132mm, 350ml
006.1400.1PTFE Evaporating Dish, Flat Form with Spout 40x136mm, 400ml
6.150PTFE Evaporating Dish, Tall Form with Spout 43x78mm, 150ml
6.180PTFE Evaporating Dish, Tall Form with Spout 50x80mm, 180ml
6.250PTFE Evaporating Dish, Tall Form with Spout 50x97mm, 250ml
6.350PTFE Evaporating Dish, Tall Form with Spout 60x100mm, 250ml
7.001PTFE Beaker 18x13mm, 1ml
7.005PTFE Beaker 26x20mm, 5ml
7.010PTFE Beaker 33x24mm, 10ml
70.100PTFE Thermotech Beaker in Heatablein 74x56mm, 100ml
7.025PTFE Beaker 47x32mm, 25ml
70.250PTFE Thermotech Beaker in Heatablein 94x75mm, 250ml
70.400PTFE Thermotech Beaker in Heatablein 112x88mm, 400ml
7.050PTFE Beaker 55x43mm, 50ml
7.100PTFE Beaker 68x54mm, 100ml
71.000PTFE Beaker 155x100mm, 1000ml
7.150PTFE Beaker 75x59mm, 150ml
72.000PTFE Beaker 205x125mm, 2000ml
7.250PTFE Beaker 97x66mm, 250ml
7.400PTFE Beaker 106x80mm, 400ml
7.500PTFE Beaker 125x80mm, 500ml
75.000PTFE Beaker 280x170mm, 5000ml
7.600PTFE Beaker 125x90mm, 600ml
007-1175Cable Adapter, PWR/RS232/XFRMR for ADM
801.414PTFE Bellow Connector, B Length Joint Socket 14/23, Cone 14/23, Ht 90
801.429PTFE Bellow Connector, B Length Joint Socket 14/23, Cone 29/32, Ht 110
801.919PTFE Bellow Connector, B Length Joint Socket 19/26, Cone 19/26, Ht 100
801.924PTFE Bellow Connector, B Length Joint Socket 19/26, Cone 24/29, Ht 105
802.424PTFE Bellow Connector, B Length Joint Socket 24/29, Cone 24/29, Ht 110
802.929PTFE Bellow Connector, B Length Joint Socket 29/32, Cone 29/32, Ht 115
802.934PTFE Bellow Connector, B Length Joint Socket 29/32, Cone 34/35, Ht 120
803.434PTFE Bellow Connector, B Length Joint Socket 34/35, Cone 34/35, Ht 120
81.414PTFE Bellow Connector, A Length Joint Socket 14/35, Cone 14/35, Ht 115
81.919PTFE Bellow Connector, A Length Joint Socket 19/38, Cone 19/38, Ht 120
008.1919.1PTFE Bellow Connector, A Length Joint Socket 19/22, Cone 19/22, Ht 90
82.424PTFE Bellow Connector, A Length Joint Socket 24/40, Cone 24/40, Ht 130
82.929PTFE Bellow Connector, A Length Joint Socket 29/42, Cone 29/42, Ht 140
83.434PTFE Bellow Connector, A Length Joint Socket 34/45, Cone 34/45, Ht 145
84.545PTFE Bellow Connector, A Length Joint Socket 45/50, Cone 45/50, Ht 155
9.005PTFE Crucible 16x27mm, 5ml
9.025PTFE Crucible 26x44mm, 25ml
9.075PTFE Crucible 41x56mm, 75ml
9.100PTFE Crucible 45 x60mm, 100ml
10.110PTFE stopper, Flat Head, A Length Jt 10/30, Ht 40
101.119PTFE stopper, Self Releasing, A length Jt 19/38, Ht 62
101.124PTFE stopper, Self Releasing, A length Jt 24/40, Ht 65
101.134PTFE stopper, Self Releasing, A length Jt 34/45, Ht 70
10.114PTFE stopper, Flat Head, A Length Jt 14/35, Ht 46
101.145PTFE stopper, Self Releasing, A length Jt 45/50, Ht 75
10.119PTFE stopper, Flat Head, A Length Jt 19/38, Ht 50
101.219PTFE stopper, Self Releasing, B length Jt 19/26, Ht 50
101.224PTFE stopper, Self Releasing, B length Jt 24/29, Ht 55
101.229PTFE stopper, Self Releasing, B length Jt 29/32, Ht 60
101.234PTFE stopper, Self Releasing, B length Jt 34/35, Ht 62
10.124PTFE stopper, Flat Head, A Length Jt 24/40, Ht 55
101.245PTFE stopper, Self Releasing, B length Jt 45/40, Ht 65
10.129PTFE stopper, Flat Head, A Length Jt 29/42, Ht 57
10.134PTFE stopper, Flat Head, A Length Jt 34/45, Ht 60
10.210PTFE stopper, Flat Head, B Length Jt 10/19, Ht 31
10.214PTFE stopper, Flat Head, B Length Jt 14/23, Ht 34
10.219PTFE stopper, Flat Head, B Length Jt 19/26, Ht 38
10.224PTFE stopper, Flat Head, B Length Jt 24/29, Ht 44
10.229PTFE stopper, Flat Head, B Length Jt 29/32, Ht 47
10.234PTFE stopper, Flat Head, B Length Jt 34/35, Ht 51
010.3.09PTFE stopper, Penny Head Size US 9
010.3.13PTFE stopper, Penny Head Size US 13
010.3.16PTFE stopper, Penny Head Size US 16
010.3.19PTFE stopper, Penny Head Size US 19
010.3.22PTFE stopper, Penny Head Size US 22
010.3.27PTFE stopper, Penny Head Size US 27
010.3.32PTFE stopper, Penny Head Size US 32
010.4.08PTFE stopper, Flask stopper Size US 8, Grey Handle
010.4.09PTFE stopper, Flask stopper Size US 9, Black Handle
010.4.13PTFE stopper, Flask stopper Size US 13, Orange Handle
010.4.16PTFE stopper, Flask stopper Size US 16, White Handle
010.4.19PTFE stopper, Flask stopper Size US 19, Blue Handle
010.4.22PTFE stopper, Flask stopper Size US 22, Green Handle
010.4.27PTFE stopper, Flask stopper Size US 27, Yellow Handle
010.4.32PTFE stopper, Flask stopper Size US 32, Red Handle
010.4.38PTFE stopper, Flask stopper Size US 38, Black Handle
0100-0050Cap, 1/16inch stainless steel
0100-0053Stainless Nut 1/16 in
0100-00571/8inch Nut, SST
0100-0058Nut 1/8inch Tubing Brass
0100-0071Plug, 1/8inch, Stainless
0100-00731/8in SST Tube with 1/16in Reducer
0100-0088Tee, 1/4 inch, brass
0100-00891/4inch Union Tee, SST
0100-0090Tee, 1/8 inch Brass
0100-0091Union elbow, 1/8inch brass
0100-0092Elbow 1/8inch Stainless
0100-01101/8inch Male Connector, Brass
0100-01111/8inch Male Connector, 316 SST
0100-01181/8inch x 1/4inch brass tubing connector
0100-01191/4inch x 1/4inch brass tubing connector
0100-01211/8 x 1/4 stainless steel reducing union
0100-0124Union SS 1/16inch tubing
0100-0126Fitting-Union 1/8-in-metal tubing-DIA
0100-0128Union, tubing 1/4inch
0100-0132Union, bulkhead 1/8inch
0100-01331/8inch Bulkhead Union, 316 SST
0100-01611/8 Union Cross Brass
0100-02081/4 inch Male Connector,Brass
0100-0241Union, 1/8 - 1/16 Reducing Union
0100-0420Adapter, 1/8inch - 1/8inch Brass
0100-0542TEE, 1/8 SS
0100-0549NW 20/25 Clamping Ring
0100-0680Tee, 1/16 inch, brass
0100-0782Tee, 1/16 inch SS Tube OD
0100-0900Union, 1/16in. SS zero dead volume
0100-0929Nut, Male 1/16inch
0100-09691/16inch Tee, 316 SST, Low Dead Volume
0100-0985CROSS, BRASS
0100-0996Cross 1/8inch Stainless
0100-11071/8 id Front Ferrule Graph Vespel, K
0100-1189Connector, Male 1/8 x 1/4
0100-1224Flow cell UV 10mm 30uL round ap. 1p
0100-1225Flow cell UV 10mm 80uL round ap. 1p
0100-1259Plastic Fitting
0100-1315Plug, 1/16in, SS
0100-1316Union, 1/16inch Brass
0100-1324Ferrule, 1/4 GPH 10p
0100-1325Ferrule, 1/8 GPH 10p
0100-1326Ferrule, 1/16inch GPH 10p
0100-1327Ferrule, 1/4 vespel 10p
0100-1328Ferrule 1/8 Vespel 10p
0100-1329FTG-Ferrule 1/16 Vespel
0100-1331Ferl 1/4 inch VG-1 15pct graphite 10p
0100-1332Ferrule, 1/8 10p
0100-1333Ferrule, 1/16inch 10p
0100-1342Ferrule, 1/8 to 1/16 Vespel 10p
0100-1344Ferrule, 1/8 to 1/16 reducer 10p
0100-1365Ferrules, PTFE 1/8inch
0100-1372Ferrules, 1/8 No hole 10p
0100-1375Ferrules, 1/16 PTFE 10p
0100-1378Ferrules, PTFE 1/4inch 10p
0100-1379Ferrules, VG-2 1/16 10p
0100-1381Ferrules, 1/16 to 0.4mm VG-2 10p
0100-1383Ferrules, 1/16inch to 0.8mm 10p
0100-1389Ferrule,PTFE for COC syringe 9301-0658
0100-14901/16inch Ferrule set SST
0100-1511Nut-Counter Bore, 1/16 in.
0100-15121/16 inch Ferrule, Polyimide
0100-1513Column to valve polyimide liner, 0.53mm
0100-1514Column to valve polyimide liner, 0.32mm
0100-1515Bulkhead union, 1/16-1/16
0100-1516Fitting-Fingertight PEEK for 1/16in
0100-1527Bulkhead union .320
0100-1543PEEK Finger-tight Fitting And Ferrule
0100-1597NW20/25 Co-Seal
0100-16191/16in Union, SST,.010in Thru Hole ZDV
0100-1631Fitting-Tube in-Line Plastic
0100-1710Mounting tool for flangeless nut
0100-1847Fitting-Adapter female-to-male 1000PSI
0100-1849Rotor seal, Tefzel for G1313
0100-1850Stator for 0101-0921 valve
0100-1851Stator face assy for 0101-0921 valve
0100-1852Isolation seal for 0101-0920/1 valves
0100-1853Rotor seal Vespel, 400 bar, 2 grooves
0100-1854Rotor seal-Tefzel for 0101-0920 valve
0100-1855Rotor seal Vespel, 400 bar, 3 grooves
0100-1859Stator face assy for 5063-6502 Valve
0100-1860Stator for G1328A manual injector
0100-1921Sample loop, 100ul
0100-1922Sample Loop, 20ul
0100-1923Sample Loop, 10ul
0100-1924Sample Loop, 50ul
0100-2087Rotor seal, Vespel, 3-grooves for u-LC
0100-2088Rotor seal, Vespel, 2-grooves for u-LC
0100-2089Stator for u-LC valves, special hardened
0100-2138Ferrule One Piece Fused Silica Adapter
0100-21441/8inch Ball Valve
0100-2175Rheflex fittings, PEEK, color 10p
0100-2195Stator head for 0101-1267 valve
0100-2231Rotor seal, PEEK, 2-groove for 0101-0921
0100-2233Rotor seal, PEEK, 3-groove for 0101-0920
0100-2298Adapter, PEEK int. 1/4-28 to ext. 10-32
0100-2323Polymide Liner for 250 um columns
0100-2410Union, PEEK for 1/8 od tubing
0100-2415Seal-Rotor-Vespel 5-Groove 0.65in OD
0100-2441ZDV union, PEEK, with Fittings
0100-2583Gas connector for Dilution gas port 1p
0100-2594Fitting-internal Reducer 1/16 to 1/32-in
0100-2595Polymide ferrule,5p,0.50mm,0.80mm
0100-2637SS Nut and Ferrule 1/8in for sw.valve
0100-2703Gas connector, dilution gas port, 7900
0100-2846Barb connector straight thru 4.8 - 2.4mm
0100-2848Barb connector straight-through 2.4mm-ID
0101-0030Soap Film Flow Meter 10ml
0101-0113Flowmeter 100ml
0101-0282Sample loop 500ul
0101-0299Sample loop 1ml
0101-0300Sample loop 2ml
0101-0301Sample loop 5cc volume
0101-0302Sample loop 10cc volume
0101-0303Sample loop .250cc
0101-0304Sample loop, 25uL
0101-0355Valve-Metering 2000 PSI MAX straight
0101-0376LOOP, 10 UL
0101-0377LOOP, 20 UL
0101-0378LOOP, 50 UL
0101-0379LOOP, 100 UL
0101-05327um filter/holder assembly
0101-0584Valve 6-port low-Volume 300 PSIG Nitron
0101-0585Valve, GC
0101-0594Splitter, 1:1 ratio
0101-0595Splitter, 10:1 ratio
0101-0620Rotor seal Tefzel
0101-0623Rotor seal, Vespel for manual injector
0101-0624Stator face assembly for Rheodyne 7125
0101-0626Rotor seal, Vespel for autosampler
0101-06331/16inch Micrometering Valve
0101-0636Liquid sampling 0.2ul, 1000psi
0101-0637Valve-replacement 41.7mm-LG
0101-0638Liquid sampling 1.0ul, 1000 psi
0101-0639Liquid sampling valve
0101-0666Sample loop ,100ul
0101-0921Injection Valve 400bar
0101-09464-port repl valve WE,400 psi,225C
0101-09474-port valve WT series, 300 psi, 350C
0101-0954Nickel Sample Loop, 1.0mL
0101-0955Nickel Sample Loop, 2.0mL
0101-0956Nickel sample loop, 0.25mL
0101-0957Nickel sample loop, 0.50mL
0101-1001Reducing Filter
0101-1050Injection valve for 1100 u-LC System
0101-12191ml sample loop, SS
0101-1226Sample loop, PEEK, 20ml
0101-1227Sample loop, PEEK, 10ml
0101-1228Sample loop, PEEK, 5ml 3725
0101-1229Sample loop, PEEK, 2ml 3725
0101-1230Sample loop, PEEK, 5ml
0101-1231Manual prep injection valve, PEEK
0101-1232Manual prep injection valve, SS
0101-1233Rotor seal, PEEK, for 3725/3725-038
0101-1234Sample loop, PEEK, 2ml
0101-1235Sample loop, PEEK, 1ml
0101-1236Sample loop, PEEK, 500ul
0101-1237Sample loop, PEEK, 200ul
0101-1238Sample loop, PEEK, 50ul
0101-1239Sample loop, PEEK, 20ul
0101-1240Sample loop, PEEK, 10ul
0101-1241Sample loop, PEEK, 5ul
0101-1242Sample loop, PEEK, 100ul
0101-1243Sample loop, SS, 5ml 7725
0101-1244Sample loop, SS, 2ml 7725
0101-1245Sample loop, SS, 1ml
0101-1246Sample loop, SS, 500ul 7725
0101-1247Sample loop, SS, 200ul 7725
0101-1248Sample loop, SS, 5ul
0101-1249Sample loop, SS, 5ml 7125/7010
0101-1250Sample loop, SS, 2ml 7125/7010
0101-1251Sample loop, SS, 500ul 7125/7010
0101-1252Sample loop, SS, 200ul 7125/7010
0101-1253Manual injection valve PEEK, 9725i
0101-1254Rhebuild kit for 7725 Series
0101-1255Rotor Seal PEEK, for 7125,7125i
0101-1256Rotor seal, PEEK, for 7010/7000/7040
0101-1257Rebuild kit for 7750-020 valve
0101-1258Rebuild kit for 7750-030 valve
0101-1268PEEK rotor seal and stator face
0101-1288Rebuild kit, G1160A Stream select valve
0101-1290Rebuild kit, G1159A column select valve
0101-1358Maintenance Kit
0101-1359Rebuild kit G1157A column regen valve
0101-1360Rebuild Kit
0101-1361Rotor seal, Vespel for 0101-1343
0101-1362Stator 2 pos/10 port dual-sided MBB
0101-1390Stator, DuraLife, 10 port valve
0101-1398Gas regulator He, hi purity s/less steel
0101-1399Gas regulator H2, hi purity s/less steel
0101-1400Gas regulator Ar, hi purity s/less steel
0101-1409Rotor Seal 2ps/6pt QC, PEEK, P: A/B
0101-1411Rotor seal,single groove for 6 position
0101-1415Rotor Seal 2ps/ t QC, PEEK, P: A/B
0101-1416Rotor Seal 2ps/6pt RC IV, P: A/B
0101-1417Stator 2ps/6pt QC, P: A/B
0101-1421Stator 10 port micro valve max 600 bar
0101-1422Injection valve,max 600 bar 2pos/6port
0101-147214-port valve UWE,Hastelloy C,400psi,225
0101-147314-port valve UWE series, 400 psi, 225C
0101-1535Gas reg. H2 for ICP-MS, 2 stage, 15 psi
0101-1536Gas reg. He for ICP-MS, 2 stage, 15 psi
0101-1537Gas reg. O2 for ICP-MS, 2 stage, 15 psi
01018-21207Inlet cap
01018-22707PTFE Frits 5p
01018-23702Insert tool
01018-60025Solvent inlet filter, stainless steel
01018-60027Support Ring Wash Assembly
01018-67305Capillary 0.25x700mm 2 1/16 in male ftgs
01018-68722Seal wash kit
01046-60105Cable, Universal Data
01048-87302Inlet capillary, 80 cm, 0.17 mm id
01078-87302Capillary, 100uL loop
01078-87305Capillary 0.17mm id 80cm male fit
01078-87306Flex capillary, 0.25 x 700 mm
01080-68702Isocratic and gradient test sample
01080-68704Isocratic standard, 0.5ml ampoule
01080-83202Blanking Nut 1/16inch stainless steel
01090-27309Tube Blank 100mmx4.6mm, 1p
01090-27605Caps and Sieves PK
01090-27606Caps + Frits 2.1 6 each
01090-27609Frits, 4.8mm 2p
01090-27611Inserts, cartridge holder 6p
01090-276136 Caps + Frits/4mm Guard Column
01090-276146 Inserts 4mm Guard Column
01090-60008Solvent inlet filter
01090-60009PTFE tubing and glass frit
01090-67315Asy End Ftg Comp 2.1mm, 1p
01090-68702Low dispersion in-line filter,2um frits
01090-68703Universal Solvent Filter Kit
01090-87303Seat Capillary 0.17 mm id 110 mm
01090-87304Cap.flex.tubing, 280mm, 0.17mm id., 1/16
01090-87305Cap.tubing w/fittings, 1/16 to 1/16in M.
01090-87306Capillary Steel 380mm x 0.17mm S/S
01090-87308Connector 130mm x 0.25mm 1/16in male
01090-87606Solvent capillary
01090-87610Cap. column bypass, 280 mm, 0.12 mm id.
01090-87611Capillary ST 105 X 0.12mm S/S
11.102Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Glas Vesel 2ml, Bore 8, Ht 120mm
11.105Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Glas Vesel 5ml, Bore 12, Ht 135mm
11.110Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Glas Vesel 10ml, Bore15, Ht 150mm
11.115Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Glas Vesel 15ml, Bore 19 Ht 155mm
11.130Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Glas Vesel 30ml, Bore 25, Ht 175mm
11.150Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Glas Vesel 50ml, Bore 32, Ht 195mm
11.202Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Plunger Plain 2ml, Ht 230mm
11.205Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Plunger Plain 5ml, Ht 235mm
11.210Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Plunger Plain 10ml, Ht 270mm
11.215Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Plunger Plain 15ml, Ht 270mm
11.230Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Plunger Plain 30ml, Ht 270mm
11.250Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Plunger Plain 50ml, Ht 270mm
11.302Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Plunger Serrated 2ml, Ht 230mm
11.305Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Plunger Serrated 5ml, Ht 235mm
11.310Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Plunger Serrated 10ml, Ht 270mm
11.315Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Plunger Serrated 15ml, Ht 270mm
11.330Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Plunger Serrated 30ml, Ht 270mm
11.350Tisue Grinders / Homogenisers, Plunger Serrated 50ml, Ht 270mm
01100-680001100 Quat/ALS Stay-Fit Maintenance 1p
01100-680011100 Quat/ALS/VWD Stay-Fit Maint. 1p
01100-680021100 Bin/ALS Stay-Fit Maintenance 1p
01100-680031100 Bin/ALS/DAD Stay-Fit Maint. 1p
01100-680041100 Quat/WPS Stay-Fit Maintenance 1p
01100-680051100 Quat/WPS/VWD Stay-Fit Maint. 1p
01100-680061100 Bin/WPS Stay-Fit Maintenance 1p
01100-680071100 Bin/WPS/DAD Stay-Fit Maint. 1p
01100-68700Compact Flash Card- G1315C/65C,G3100AA
12.108PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Round Bottom & Lip 100x12mm, 8ml
121.108PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Round Bottom & Cap 100x12mm, 8ml
121.118PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Round Bottom & Cap 100x18mm, 17ml
12.113PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Round Bottom & Lip 100x16mm, 13ml
121.150PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Round Bottom & Cap 140x25mm, 50ml
12.118PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Round Bottom & Lip 100x18mm, 17ml
121.213PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Conical Bottom & Cap 110x16mm, 13ml
121.215PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Conical Bottom & Cap 120x18mm, 18ml
121.245PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Conical Bottom & Cap 150x25mm, 45ml
12.150PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Round Bottom & Lip 145x25mm, 50ml
12.180PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Round Bottom & Lip 100x40mm, 85ml
12.213PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Conical Bottom & Lip 110x16mm, 13ml
12.215PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Conical Bottom & Lip 120x18mm, 18ml
12.245PTFE Centrifuge Test Tube, Conical Bottom & Lip 150x25mm, 45ml
13.020PTFE Beaker Cover / Watch Glas, Fits Beaker 1ml 20mm d
13.030PTFE Beaker Cover / Watch Glas, Fits Beaker 5-10ml 30mm d
13.040PTFE Beaker Cover / Watch Glas, Fits Beaker 25ml 40mm d
13.050PTFE Beaker Cover / Watch Glas, Fits Beaker 50ml 50mm d
13.065PTFE Beaker Cover / Watch Glas, Fits Beaker 100ml 65mm d
13.075PTFE Beaker Cover / Watch Glas, Fits Beaker 150ml 75mm d
13.080PTFE Beaker Cover / Watch Glas, Fits Beaker 250ml 80mm d
13.100PTFE Beaker Cover / Watch Glas, Fits Beaker 500ml 100mm d
13.125PTFE Beaker Cover / Watch Glas, Fits Beaker 1000ml 125mm d
13.150PTFE Beaker Cover / Watch Glas, Fits Beaker 2000ml 150mm d
13.200PTFE Beaker Cover / Watch Glas, Fits Beaker 5000ml 200mm d
013-3039-1Sample holder with aperture, 1p
013-3243Assy Source element NIR FTS7000
013-3300FTS-4060 FTIR Source Element
14.025PTFE Dro PPing Bottle 80x33mm, 25ml
14.050PTFE Dro PPing Bottle 100x43mm, 50ml
14.125PTFE Vial 64x33mm, 25ml
14.150PTFE Vial 78x43mm, 50ml
015.001.2PTFE Bottle 27x16x10mm, 1ml
015.005.2PTFE Bottle 35x22x10mm, 5ml
015.010.2PTFE Bottle 50x26x12mm, 10ml
015.025.2PTFE Bottle 61x33x19mm, 25ml
015.050.2PTFE Bottle 76x43x25mm, 50ml
015.100.2PTFE Bottle 88x52x35mm, 100ml
015.1000.2PTFE Bottle 185x100x57mm, 1000ml
015.150.2PTFE Bottle 90x60x35mm, 150ml
015.2000.2PTFE Bottle 240x120x60mm, 2000ml
015.250.2PTFE Bottle 115x67x42mm, 250ml
015.500.2PTFE Bottle 150x80x52mm, 500ml
015.5000.2PTFE Bottle 335x170x80mm, 5000ml
16.002PTFE stopcock, Straight Through Bore 2, Arm d=8mm
16.003PTFE stopcock, Straight Through Bore 3, Arm d=8mm
16.004PTFE stopcock, Straight Through Bore 4, Arm d=10mm
16.006PTFE stopcock, Straight Through Bore 6, Arm d=14mm
16.008PTFE stopcock, Straight Through Bore 8, Arm d=14mm
16.010PTFE stopcock, Straight Through Bore 10, Arm d=14mm
016.1002.2PTFE Connector, Right Angle, Push Fit Arm d=6mm, Bore 2
016.1002.5.2PTFE Connector, Right Angle, Push Fit Arm d=4.5mm, Bore 2
016.1003.2PTFE Connector, Right Angle, Push Fit Arm d=8mm, Bore 3
016.1003.7.2PTFE Connector, Right Angle, Push Fit Arm d=6.8mm, Bore 3
016.1004.2PTFE Connector, Right Angle, Push Fit Arm d=10mm, Bore 4
016.1004.9.2PTFE Connector, Right Angle, Push Fit Arm d=9mm, Bore 4
016.1005.2PTFE Connector, Right Angle, Push Fit Arm d=11mm, Bore 5
16.102PTFE stopcock, T-Type Bore 2, Arm d=8mm
16.103PTFE stopcock, T-Type Bore 3, Arm d=8mm
16.104PTFE stopcock, T-Type Bore 4, Arm d=10mm
016.1102.2PTFE Connector, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=6mm, Bore 2
016.1102.5.2PTFE Connector, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=4.5mm, Bore 2
016.1103.2PTFE Connector, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=8mm, Bore 3
016.1103.7.2PTFE Connector, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=6.8mm, Bore 3
016.1104.2PTFE Connector, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=10mm, Bore 4
016.1104.9.2PTFE Connector, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=9mm, Bore 4
016.1105.2PTFE Connector, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=11mm, Bore 5
016.1112.2PTFE Connector, 4-Way, Push Fit Arm d=6mm, Bore 2
016.1112.5.2PTFE Connector, 4-Way, Push Fit Arm d=4.5mm, Bore 2
016.1113.2PTFE Connector, 4-Way, Push Fit Arm d=8mm, Bore 3
016.1113.7.2PTFE Connector, 4-Way, Push Fit Arm d=6.8mm, Bore 3
016.1114.2PTFE Connector, 4-Way, Push Fit Arm d=10mm, Bore 4
016.1114.9.2PTFE Connector, 4-Way, Push Fit Arm d=9mm, Bore 4
016.1115.2PTFE Connector, 4-Way, Push Fit Arm d=11mm, Bore 5
016.1202.6.2PTFE Valve, Straight Through, Screw Clamp Tube O.D. 6mm, Bore 2
016.1203.2PTFE Valve, Straight Through, Screw Clamp Tube O.D. 8mm, Bore 3
016.1204.2PTFE Valve, Straight Through, Screw Clamp Tube O.D. 8mm, Bore 4
016.1302.6.2PTFE Valve, T-Type, Screw Clamp Tube O.D. 6mm, Bore 2
016.1303.2PTFE Valve, T-Type, Screw Clamp Tube O.D. 8mm, Bore 3
016.1304.2PTFE Valve, T-Type, Screw Clamp Tube O.D. 8mm, Bore 4
161.706PTFE Tubing O.D. 6mm, Wall 1.0mm
161.708PTFE Tubing O.D. 8mm, Wall 1.0mm
161.712PTFE Tubing O.D. 12mm, Wall 1.0mm
161.714PTFE Tubing O.D. 14mm, Wall 1.0mm
016.702.2PTFE Valve, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=6mm, Bore 2
016.702.5.2PTFE Valve, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=4.5mm, Bore 2
016.703.2PTFE Valve, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=8mm, Bore 3
016.703.7.2PTFE Valve, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=6.8mm, Bore 3
016.704.2PTFE Valve, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=10mm, Bore 4
016.704.9.2PTFE Valve, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=9mm, Bore 4
016.705.2PTFE Valve, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=11mm, Bore 5
016.802.2PTFE Valves, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=6mm, Bore 2
016.802.5.2PTFE Valves, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=4.5mm, Bore 2
016.803.2PTFE Valves, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=8mm, Bore 3
016.803.7.2PTFE Valves, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=6.8mm, Bore 3
016.804.2PTFE Valves, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=10mm, Bore 4
016.804.9.2PTFE Valves, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=9mm, Bore 4
016.805.2PTFE Valves, T-Type, Push Fit Arm d=11mm, Bore 5
016.902.2PTFE Connector, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=6mm, Bore 2
016.902.5.2PTFE Connector, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=4.5mm, Bore 2
016.903.2PTFE Connector, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=8mm, Bore 3
016.903.7.2PTFE Connector, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=6.8mm, Bore 3
016.904.2PTFE Connector, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=10mm, Bore 4
016.904.9.2PTFE Connector, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=9mm, Bore 4
016.905.2PTFE Connector, Straight Through, Push Fit Arm d=11mm, Bore 5
016.9202.1PTFE stopcock, Buret Tip, PP
016.9202-BPTFE stopcock, Buret, PP Tip, Borosilicate Glas Sidearm
016.9203-BPTFE stopcock, Buret, Glas Tip, Borosilicate Glas Sidearm
016.9212.1PTFE stopcock, Buret Tip, Glas
19.007PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 7/25
19.010PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 10/30
19.012PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 12/30
19.014PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 14/35
019.014.1PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 14/20
19.019PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 19/38
019.019.1PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 19/22
19.024PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 24/40
19.029PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 29/42
19.034PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 34/45
19.040PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 40/50
19.045PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 45/50
19.050PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 50/50
19.055PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 55/50
19.060PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 60/50
19.070PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 71/60
19.107PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 7/16
19.110PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 10/19
19.112PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 12/21
19.114PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 14/23
19.119PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 19/26
19.124PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 24/29
19.129PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 29/32
19.134PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 34/35
19.140PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 40/38
19.145PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 45/40
19.150PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 50/42
19.155PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 55/44
19.160PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 60/46
19.170PTFE Thin Wall Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 71/51
20.010PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 10/19
20.014PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 14/23
20.019PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 19/26
20.024PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 24/29
20.029PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 29/32
20.034PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 34/35
20.040PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 40/38
20.045PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 45/40
20.055PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Medium Length B Type Joint 55/44
20.110PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 10/30
020.114.1PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 14/20
020.119.1PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 19/22
20.124PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 24/40
20.129PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 29/42
20.134PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 34/45
20.145PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 45/50
20.155PTFE Rigid Sleeve, Full Length A Type Joint 55/50
2.101.014PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 10/30, Cone 14/35
2.101.019PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 10/30, Cone 19/38
2.101.419PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 14/35, Cone 19/38
2.101.424PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 14/35, Cone 24/40
2.101.924PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 19/38, Cone 24/40
2.101.929PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 19/38, Cone 29/42
2.101.934PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 19/38, Cone 34/45
2.102.429PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 24/40, Cone 29/42
2.102.434PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 24/40, Cone 34/45
2.102.445PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 24/40, Cone 45/50
2.102.934PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 29/42, Cone 34/45
2.102.945PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 29/42, Cone 45/50
2.103.445PTFE Adapter, Full Length A Type Socket 34/45, Cone 45/50
211.014PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 10/19, Cone 14/23
211.019PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 10/19, Cone 19/26
211.419PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 14/23, Cone 19/26
211.424PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 14/23, Cone 24/29
211.924PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 19/26, Cone 24/29
211.929PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 19/26, Cone 29/32
211.934PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 19/26, Cone 34/35
212.429PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 24/29, Cone 29/32
212.434PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 24/29, Cone 34/35
212.445PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 24/29, Cone 45/40
212.934PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 29/32, Cone 34/35
212.945PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 29/32, Cone 45/40
213.445PTFE Adapter, Medium Length B Type Socket 34/35, Cone 45/40
02484-91COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ Guard Column 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 1p
02485-81COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
02486-71COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
270.100PTFE Tweezers / Forceps, Fine Square 100mm
270.101PTFE Tweezers / Forceps, Fine Sharp 100mm
270.150PTFE Tweezers / Forceps, Fine Square 150mm
270.151PTFE Tweezers / Forceps, Fine Sharp 150mm
270.200PTFE Tweezers / Forceps, Fine Square 200mm
270.201PTFE Tweezers / Forceps, Fine Sharp 200mm
27.100PTFE Tweezers / Forceps, Rigid Square 100mm
27.101PTFE Tweezers / Forceps, Rigid Sharp 100mm
27.150PTFE Tweezers / Forceps, Rigid Square 150mm
27.151PTFE Tweezers / Forceps, Rigid Sharp 150mm
27.200PTFE Tweezers / Forceps, Rigid Square 200mm
27.201PTFE Tweezers / Forceps, Rigid Sharp 200mm
28.030PTFE Bottle Pourer Fits Neck GL30
28.032PTFE Bottle Pourer Fits Neck GL32
28.038PTFE Bottle Pourer Fits Neck GL38
28.045PTFE Bottle Pourer Fits Neck GL45
02824-31COSMOSIL R 5C18-MS-II ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
02851-71COSMOSIL R 5PYE ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
02896-01COSMOSIL R 5C18-MS-II ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
29.008PTFE Test Tube Rack 8x45, Holes 27
29.013PTFE Test Tube Rack 13x60, Holes 21
29.019PTFE Test Tube Rack 19x70, Holes 10
29.030PTFE Test Tube Rack 30x80, Holes 4
02951-61COSMOSIL R 5C18-AR-II ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
02955-21COSMOSIL R 5C18-AR-II ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
030.010.1PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints Joint 10/30
030.010.1.SGColoured PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints, Green Joint 10/30
030.012.1PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints Joint 12/30
030.012.1.SPColoured PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints, Purple Joint 12/30
030.014.1PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints Joint 14/35
030.014.1.SYColoured PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints, Yellow Joint 14/35
030.019.1PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints Joint 19/38
030.019.1.SBColoured PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints, Blue Joint 19/38
030.024.1PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints Joint 24/40
030.024.1.SGColoured PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints, Green Joint 24/40
030.029.1PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints Joint 29/42
030.029.1.SRColoured PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints, Red Joint 29/42
030.034.1PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints Joint 34/45
030.034.1.SOColoured PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints, Orange Joint 34/45
030.040.1PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints Joint 40/50
030.040.1.SYColoured PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints, Yellow Joint 40/50
030.045.1PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints Joint 45/50
030.045.1.SBColoured PTFE Conical Joint Clamp for Glas Joints, Brown Joint 45/50
030IP05030007505Isobar System
03394-60560CA, 5890A REM STARTSTOP
03394-60600REMOTE CABLE,1046/1050
03396-61020Cable, Analog 33595A/96B
0341-541Mod Clmn Tube 2.1mmx5cm EP, 1p
0341-554Pl 7.5mmx40cm Clmn Tube, 1p
0341-555Pl 7.5mmx60cm Clmn Tube, 1p
0341-559End Ftg Gtp 1/16in 21.2mm, 1p
0341-560Asy Hiflo Cp Ext 21.2 2um, 1p
0350-1402ChromTrac identifiers, color, 20p
36.001PTFE dipper Shaft 600mm
36.100PTFE dipper Body d=54mm, 100ml
361.000PTFE dipper Body d=100mm, 1000ml
36.250PTFE dipper Body d=66mm, 250ml
36.500PTFE dipper Body d=80mm, 500ml
37.010PTFE Ladle 10ml
38.015PTFE Jar 34x34mm, 15ml
38.030PTFE Jar 62x34mm, 30ml
38.060PTFE Jar 46x60mm, 60ml
381.000PTFE Jar 160x110mm, 1000ml
38.120PTFE Jar 62x72mm, 120ml
382.200PTFE Jar 260x134mm, 2200ml, 120 Body d
38.240PTFE Jar 100x72mm, 240ml
38.360PTFE Jar 95x90mm, 360ml
38.480PTFE Jar 125x90mm, 480ml
39.030PTFE Funnel d=stem 8, d=30, Ht 50mm
39.050PTFE Funnel d=stem 10, d=50, Ht 85mm
39.070PTFE Funnel d=stem 12, d=70, Ht 110mm
39.100PTFE Funnel d=stem 14, d=100, Ht 170mm
39.150PTFE Funnel d=stem 16, d=150, Ht 220mm
040.0010.19PTFE Round Bottom Flask, Full Length A Type 10ml, Joint 19/38, d=32mm
040.0025.24PTFE Round Bottom Flask, Full Length A Type 25ml, Joint 24/40, d=42mm
040.0050.24PTFE Round Bottom Flask, Full Length A Type 50ml, Joint 24/40, d=52mm
040.0050.29PTFE Round Bottom Flask, Full Length A Type 50ml, Joint 29/42, d=52mm
040.010.14PTFE Round Bottom Flask, Medium Length B Type 10ml, Joint 14/23, d=32mm
040.010.19PTFE Round Bottom Flask, Medium Length B Type 10ml, Joint 19/26, d=32mm
040.0100.29PTFE Round Bottom Flask, Full Length A Type 100ml, Joint 29/42, d=64mm
040.025.19PTFE Round Bottom Flask, Medium Length B Type 25ml, Joint 19/26, d=42mm
040.025.24PTFE Round Bottom Flask, Medium Length B Type 25ml, Joint 24/29, d=42mm
040.050.24PTFE Round Bottom Flask, Medium Length B Type 50ml, Joint 24/29, d=52mm
040.050.29PTFE Round Bottom Flask, Medium Length B Type 50ml, Joint 29/32, d=52mm
040.100.29PTFE Round Bottom Flask, Medium Length B Type 100ml, Joint 29/32, d=64mm
0403-0087-36Tube 10cmx2.1mm I.D, 1p
0403-0098-36PrEP Tube 10mmx25cm, 1p
41.001PTFE Scoop 20 x30x80mm
04138-71COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-M ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
04139-61COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-M Guard Column 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 1p
04140-21COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-M Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
04141-11COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-M ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
04142-01COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-M ped Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
041IP04010003305Mod Clmn Sys
041IP040210033202.1x33mm Modular Asy-2um Frit
041IP04021007505Mod Clmn Sys
041IP04021007520Mod Clmn Sys
041IP04021012520Mod Clmn Sys
041IP05030003305Mod Clmn Sys
041IP05030007520Mod Clmn Sys
041IP05030012520Mod Clmn Sys
041IP05040007520Mod Clmn Sys
041IP05040012520Mod Clmn Sys
041IP05046003305Mod Clmn Sys
041IP05046003320Mod Clmn Sys
041IP05046007505Mod Clmn Sys
041IP05046007520Mod Clmn Sys
041IP05046012520Mod Clmn Sys
041IV04021003320Mod Clmn Sys
041IV05040012520Mod Clmn Sys
041IV05046003320Mod Clmn Sys
041IV05046007520Mod Clmn Sys
041IV05046012520Mod Clmn Sys
04263-21COSMOSIL R 5HIC ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
43.120PTFE Spatula 120x12mm
43.150PTFE Spatula 150x18mm
43.180PTFE Spatula 180x20mm
43.210PTFE Spatula 210x25mm
43.240PTFE Spatula 240x30mm
04355-21COSMOSIL R 5C18-MS-II ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
0441-015Knob Asy for 7000, 1p
0441-079SS stator for 7010-121/122, 1p
04598-51COSMOSIL R 5C22-AR-II ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
04599-41COSMOSIL R 5C22-AR-II ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
0460-0186Tape, glass, roll
0460-1266Pipe Thread Sealant Tape, 1/4inch Wide
04881-21COSMOSIL R 5C22-AR-II Guard Column 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 1p
0490-1849Position Sensor Switch for Manual Valves
04969-91COSMOSIL R 5C22-AR-II ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05.03.40ALaboratory Syringe Pump – Single Channel Model LSP01-1A, 1p
50141Solvet Filtr 10um 1/16x1/8, 1p
05091-41COSMOSIL R 5C18-MS-II ped Column 20mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05098-71COSMOSIL R 5C18-AR-II ped Column 2.0mmI.Dx30mm, 1p
050IP05021003320Modular Asy 2.1mmx3.3cm 2um
050IP08046003320BioSafe Clmn Sys 4.6X3.3cm 2um
050IP08046007520BioSafe Clmn Sys 4.6X7.5cm 2um
05183-41COSMOSIL R 5C22-AR-II ped Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05272-71COSMOSIL R 5C18-AR-II ped Column 2.0mmI.Dx250mm, 1p
0535-0046Nut, syringe, removable needle, H
0535-1082End cap Nut for Nebulizer connection
05369-21COSMOSIL R 5C18-AR-II ped Column 10mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05394-81COSMOSIL R Sugar-D Guard Column 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 1p
05395-71COSMOSIL R Sugar-D ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05397-51COSMOSIL R Sugar-D ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05458-51COSMOSIL R 5C18-MS-II ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
05469-11COSMOSIL R 5NPE ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05470-71COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
05478-91COSMOSIL R 3C18-AR-II ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05514-01COSMOSIL R 3C18-MS-II ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05554-81COSMOSIL R 5C22-AR-II Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
05564-51COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 10mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05597-31COSMOSIL R 5C18-MS-II ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
05688-41COSMOSIL R Sugar-D ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05689-31COSMOSIL R Sugar-D ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05690-91COSMOSIL R Sugar-D ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05691-81COSMOSIL R Sugar-D ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05692-71COSMOSIL R Sugar-D ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05693-61COSMOSIL R Sugar-D ped Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05694-51COSMOSIL R Sugar-D Guard Column 20mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05696-31COSMOSIL R Sugar-D Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
05760-71COSMOSIL R 5C18-MS-II ped Column 28mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05761-61COSMOSIL R 5C18-MS-II ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05789-21COSMOSIL R 5C18-MS-II ped Column 10mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05790-81COSMOSIL R 5C18-MS-II Guard Column 20mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
05791-71COSMOSIL R 5C18-AR-II ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
05792-61COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05793-51COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05794-41COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05795-31COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05796-21COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
05797-11COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05798-01COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05799-91COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
05800-41COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 6.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05801-31COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 10mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05803-11COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ Guard Column 20mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
05804-01COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ Guard Column 20mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05848-41COSMOSIL R 5C22-AR-II ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05849-31COSMOSIL R 5C22-AR-II ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
05850-91COSMOSIL R 5C22-AR-II ped Column 6.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05851-81COSMOSIL R 5C22-AR-II ped Column 6.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05861-51COSMOSIL R 5C8-AR-300 ped Column 20mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05862-41COSMOSIL R 5C4-AR-300 Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
05865-11COSMOSIL R 5Ph-AR-300 ped Column 10mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05866-01COSMOSIL R 5Ph-AR-300 ped Column 20mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05867-91COSMOSIL R 5PYE Guard Column 20mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
05868-81COSMOSIL R 5NPE Guard Column 20mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
05869-71COSMOSIL R 5NPE Guard Column 20mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05871-21COSMOSIL R Buckyprep Guard Column 28mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05872-11COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-M Guard Column 28mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05873-01COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-M ped Column 28mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05874-91COSMOSIL R 5SL-II Guard Column 20mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
05875-81COSMOSIL R 5SL-II Guard Column 20mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05876-71COSMOSIL R 5C18-MS-II ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
05877-61COSMOSIL R 5C18-AR-II ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
05878-51COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
05879-41COSMOSIL R 5C18-PAQ ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
05884-61COSMOSIL R 15C18-AR-II ped Column 50mmI.D.x500mm, 1p
05885-51COSMOSIL R 15C18-MS-II Guard Column 28mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05886-41COSMOSIL R 15C18-MS-II ped Column 50mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05887-31COSMOSIL R 15C18-PAQ Guard Column 28mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05888-21COSMOSIL R 15C18-PAQ ped Column 28mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05889-11COSMOSIL R 15C18-PAQ Guard Column 50mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05890-610904-Way Solenoid Valve, 115 VAC
05890-61260Chemical filter for 5890 GC
05890-61525Dual Parking post for autosampler
05890-71COSMOSIL R 15C18-PAQ ped Column 50mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05891-61COSMOSIL R 15C18-PAQ ped Column 50mmI.D.x500mm, 1p
05892-51COSMOSIL R 15SL-II Guard Column 28mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05893-41COSMOSIL R 15SL-II ped Column 28mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05894-31COSMOSIL R 15SL-II Guard Column 50mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05895-21COSMOSIL R 15SL-II ped Column 50mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05896-11COSMOSIL R 15SL-II ped Column 50mmI.D.x500mm, 1p
05897-01COSMOSIL R 5NPE ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05921-21170Column nut, inlet with long ferrules
05921-61090Discharge tube kit 5921 AED
05921-80350Spectrometer window replacement kit
05968-71COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05969-61COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05970-60045GC/MS Check out sample
05971-11COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05971-20134Draw out plate
05971-20143Lens, Ion focus
05971-40100Baseplate/manifold seal for 5971
05971-60140Filament assembly for 5971
05971-60170Repeller Assembly for the 5971/72/GCD
05971-60571GCMS Tuning Standard - PFTBA
05971-80101Electron multiplier
05971-80102Electron multiplier for 5972A/71A
05971-80103Electron multiplier replacement horn
05972-01COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05973-91COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05974-81COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05975-71COSMOSIL R Cholester Guard Column 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 1p
05976-61COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
05977-51COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05978-41COSMOSIL R Cholester Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
05979-31COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05980-20018PFTBA sample bulb
05980-60051Cloth, lint free 15p
05980-91COSMOSIL R Cholester Guard Column 20mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
05981-81COSMOSIL R Cholester Guard Column 20mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05982-71COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05983-61COSMOSIL R Cholester Guard Column 28mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
05985-41COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 28mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
05988-20066Column Nut for MS interface
05990-60084Filament Assembly, 5970 EI/CI , 2p
06051-31COSMOSIL R 2.5πNAP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
06052-21COSMOSIL R 2.5πNAP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
06054-01COSMOSIL R 2.5πNAP ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
06055-91COSMOSIL R 2.5πNAP ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
06057-71COSMOSIL R 2.5πNAP ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
06062-91COSMOSIL R 2.5πNAP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
06088-71COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 20mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
06093-91COSMOSIL R 5NH2-MSS guard Column 20mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
06244-11COSMOGEL R IExType M-N ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
06248-71COSMOGEL R IExType M ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
06250-21COSMOGEL R IExType S-N ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
06251-11COSMOGEL R IExType S-N ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
06252-01COSMOGEL R IExType S ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
06258-41COSMOGEL R IExType Q-N ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
06264-51COSMOGEL R IExType Q-N ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
062-65005ATShimadzu Spectrophotometer Tungsten Lamp, 1p
06266-31COSMOGEL R IExType Q ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
06352-91COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
06359-21COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
06514-71COSMOSIL R Protein-R ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
06518-31COSMOSIL R Protein-R Guard Column 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 1p
06525-31COSMOSIL R Protein-R ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
06526-21COSMOSIL R Protein-R ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
06527-11COSMOSIL R Protein-R ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
06528-01COSMOSIL R Protein-R Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
06529-91COSMOSIL R Protein-R ped Column 10mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
06530-51COSMOSIL R Protein-R ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
06531-41COSMOSIL R Protein-R ped Column 20mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
06532-31COSMOSIL R Protein-R ped Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
06540-34Cosmospin Filter H 0.45u , 100pG
06541-24COSMONICE R Filter S 0.45μm,4mm , 100pG
06542-14COSMONICE R Filter S 0.45μm,13mm , 100pG
06543-04COSMONICE R Filter W 0.45μm,4mm , 100pG
06544-94COSMONICE R Filter W 0.45μm,13mm , 100pG
06549-44Cosmospin Filter G 0.2u , 100pG
06591-61COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
06948-01COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
07052-91COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
07054-71COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
07055-61COSMOSIL R HILIC Guard Column 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 1p
07056-51COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
07057-41COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
07058-31COSMOSIL R HILIC Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
07059-21COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
07060-81COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
07489-91COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
07569-41COSMOSIL R HILIC Guard Column 2.0mmI.D.x10mm, 1p
07584-44COSMO + Capillary, 2PKG
07673-20570Screw for mounting syringe
07673-40180Diffusion caps for 4ml vials, 12p
07673-608407673A Supplies Kit
07673-61340Needle support kt,auto 320/250 no sepnut
07673-80070TOP INSERT
07675-80050Valve Tube, 1/16 in., 1/8 in., 520mm
07854-91COSMOSIL R HILIC Guard Column 20mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
07869-11COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
07870-71COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
07871-61COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
07872-51COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
07873-41COSMOSIL R HILIC Guard Column 20mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
07874-31COSMOSIL R HILIC Guard Column 28mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
07875-21COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 28mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
07970-03COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 3Lot Set 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 3pG
08011-91COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 10mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
08076-61COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
08077-51COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 1.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
08078-41COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
08079-31COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
08080-91COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
08081-81COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
08082-71COSMOSIL R πNAP Guard Column 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 1p
08083-61COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
08084-51COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
08085-41COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
08086-31COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
08087-21COSMOSIL R πNAP Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
08088-11COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 10mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
08089-01COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
08090-61COSMOSIL R πNAP Guard Column 20mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
08091-51COSMOSIL R πNAP Guard Column 20mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
08092-41COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 20mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
08093-31COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
08094-21COSMOSIL R πNAP Guard Column 28mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
08095-11COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 28mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
08299-51COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
08451-60104Standard cell holder assembly for 8453
08565-51COSMOSIL R Cholester ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
08566-41COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
08567-31COSMOSIL R πNAP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
08568-21COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
08569-11COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
08692-81COSMOSIL R Protein-R Guard Column 20mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
08758-31COSMOSIL R 3C18-MS-II ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
0890-17611/16in od 0.02in id 0.5mm PEEK tubing
0890-17621/16in x.010in x 5 ft Tubing, PEEK, Blue
0890-17631/16 od 0.007 id 0.18mm 1.5m PEEK tbng
0890-19151/16in x..005in x 5 ft Tubing, PEEK, Red
0890-1921Tube Peek .03in id
0890-1962Tubing-flexible 0.97-in-Cuff-ID 1.02-in-
0890-2603PFA neb gas supply tubing, 3mm id, per m
08994-31COSMOSIL R 2.5C18-MS-II ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
08995-21COSMOSIL R 2.5C18-MS-II ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
08996-11COSMOSIL R 2.5C18-MS-II ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
08997-01COSMOSIL R 2.5C18-MS-II ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
08998-91COSMOSIL R 2.5C18-MS-II ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
08999-81COSMOSIL R 2.5C18-MS-II ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
09000-01COSMOSIL R 2.5Cholester ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
09047-11COSMOSIL R 2.5Cholester ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
09048-01COSMOSIL R 2.5Cholester ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
09049-91COSMOSIL R 2.5Cholester ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
0905-0103O-ring, 2-108, Fluorocarbon, Black
0905-0466Seal, 4.743 OD
09050-51COSMOSIL R 2.5Cholester ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
0905-0938RING, SEALING
0905-1145O-Ring 12p, Fluorocarbon
0905-1159O-Ring, Size 2-123, Silicone, Rust Color
0905-1175Seal, wash
0905-1194Piston seal use w/buffered solvents 1pk
0905-1284Seal Round Inconel .006-in-THK .62-in-OD
0905-1294Metering seal, 900ul 1100/1200
09051-41COSMOSIL R 2.5Cholester ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
0905-1420PE-Pump Seal 2p
0905-1516O-ring, Viton, 30mm
0905-1599Piston seal for G2258A Dual loop ALS
0905-1608O-Ring, 2-011, Perfluoroelastomer, White
0905-1609O-Ring,2-002, Perfluoroelastomer, White
0905-1610O-Ring, 2-010, Perfluoroelastomer, White
0905-1700Piston seal, 2mm, high performance ALS
0905-1717Metering device Seal PE 1290 LC Sampler
0905-1718Wash seal PE 1290 Infinity LC, 1p
0905-1719Pump seal PE 1290 Infinity LC, 1p
0905-1731Bio-inert wash seal
0905-2580Seal Round Inconel .006-in-THK .937-in-O
09194-81COSMOSIL R CNT-300 Guard Column 7.5mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
09195-71COSMOSIL R CNT-300 ped Column 7.5mmI.D.x300mm, 1p
09196-61COSMOSIL R CNT-1000 Guard Column 7.5mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
09197-51COSMOSIL R CNT-1000 ped Column 7.5mmI.D.x300mm, 1p
09198-41COSMOSIL R CNT-2000 Guard Column 7.5mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
09199-31COSMOSIL R CNT-2000 ped Column 7.5mmI.D.x300mm, 1p
09385-23COSMOSIL R HILIC ped Column 3Lot Set 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 3pG
09396-83COSMOSIL R 5C18-AR-II ped Column 3Lot Set 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 3pG
09397-73COSMOSIL R 5C18-MS-II ped Column 3Lot Set 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 3pG
0960-0376Gauge tube for measuring vacuum
09611-01COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-D Guard Column 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 1p
09613-81COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-D Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
09614-71COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-D Guard Column 20mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
09646-61COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-D ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
09647-51COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-D ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
09648-41COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-D ped Column 10mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
09650-91COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-D ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
09651-81COSMOSIL R Buckyprep-D ped Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
09794-21COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
09795-11COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
09796-01COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
09797-91COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
09798-81COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
09799-71COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
09800-21COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
09811-81COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
09814-51COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
09827-91COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
09839-41COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB Guard Column 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 1p
09840-01COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
09841-91COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
09842-81COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
09843-71COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
09844-61COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
1,00001E+11ERC-300W, 1p
1,00001E+11DGC-300W, 1p
1,00001E+11DGC-250W, 1p
1,00001E+11DGC-600W, 1p
1,00001E+11DGC-080W, 1p
1000-0488Window, quartz
1000-0544Rectangular cell UV 10mm 3.5mL open 2p
1000-0953High Pressure Window
1000-1437Sulfur Filter Clear 7890, newer 6890
1000-1438Convex Glass Lens, 31.2mm f.l.
1000-1541Magnifier-Pocket scope 40X Al-Alloy
10-001HBody Holdr s. Metaguard Pkr, 1p
10-021-1Metaguard 2.1mmx1cm, 1p
10-021I-1insert 2.1mmx1cm, 1p
100-22231mm T/R 8mm septa, 100p
100-22241mm FEP/R 8mm septa, 100p
100-22402,5mm Septum, 0.25mm PTFE/2.3mm Clear Silicone septa-cut to 18mm, 100p
1003Torque Station, 1p
10-030-1Metaguard Asy 3mmx1cm, 1p
10030100Neutral Density filter kit, un-certified
10030200Holmium oxide/Didymium glass filter kit
1003-1Base Torque station, 1p
1003-2Cap Torque station, 1p
1003-3Torq Station Model 38A 25-Lbs, 1p
1003-4Socket 3/8x3/8 Drive, 1p
1003-5Screw 1/2X2-1/2 Lg Flt Philips, 1p
1003-InstrInstr Torque station, 1p
1004Nut Scallop 10mm, 1p
10-046-1Metaguard 4.6x1cm, 1p
10-046B-1Body PEEK Metaguard System, 1p
10-046I-1insert 4.6mmx1cm, 1p
1006-999Rhebuild Kit for EV/RV100-106, 1p
100-SEAL-PLTSealPlate Sealing Films for ELISA and General Incubation, Polyester, 50um Thick, Non-Pierceable, Non-sterile, 100p
100-THER-PLTThermalSeal Sealing Films for Clasic PCR, PP, 50um Thick, Non-Pierceable, Non-sterile, 100p
100-THIN-PLTThinSeal Sealing Films for ELISA and General Incubation, Polyester, 25um Thick, Marginally Pierceable, Non-sterile, 100p
101-04010-003LC Blank 1/4X1mmx3cm, 1p
101-04010-0033LC Blank 1/4X1mmx3.3cm, 1p
101-04010-005LC Blank 1/4X1mmx5cm, 1p
101-04010-010LC Blank 1/4X1mmx10cm, 1p
101-04010-015LC Blank 1/4X1mmx15cm, 1p
101-04010-020LC Blank 1/4X1mmx20cm, 1p
101-04010-025LC Blank 1/4X1mmx25cm, 1p
101-04010-030LC Blank 1/4X1mmx30cm, 1p
101-04010-100LC Tube Blank 1/4X1X100, 1p
101-04021-0033EPIsobore Comp Tub 2.1x33mmx1/4, 1p
101-04021-003EPEP Blank 1/4inx2.1mmx3cm, 1p
101-04021-005EPEP Blank 1/4inx2.1mmx5cm, 1p
101-04021-0075EPEP Blank 1/4inx2.1mmx7.5cm, 1p
101-04021-010EPEP Blank 1/4inx2.1mmx10cm, 1p
101-04021-0125EPEP Blank 1/4X2.1X12.5cm, 1p
101-04021-015EPEP Blank 1/4inx2.1mmx15cm, 1p
101-04021-020EPEP Blank 1/4inx2.1mmx20cm, 1p
101-04021-025EPIsobore Comp Tub 2.1x250mmx1/4, 1p
101-04021-030EPEP Blank 1/4inx2.1mmx30cm, 1p
101-04021-060EPEP Tube Blank 1/4X2.1X60cm, 1p
101-04021-100EPEP Tube Blank 1/4X2.1X1 M, 1p
101-04030-0033EPEP Blank 1/4inx3mmx3.3cm, 1p
101-04030-003EPEP Blank 1/4inx3mmx3cm, 1p
101-04030-005EPEP Blank 1/4inx3mmx5cm, 1p
101-04030-0075EPEP Blank 1/4inx3mmx7.5cm, 1p
101-04030-008EPEP Blank 1/4inx3mmx8cm, 1p
101-04030-010EPEP Blank 1/4inx3mmx10cm, 1p
101-04030-015EPEP Blank 1/4inx3mmx15cm, 1p
101-04030-020EPEP Blank 1/4inx3mmx20cm, 1p
101-04030-025EPEP Blank 1/4inx3mmx25cm, 1p
101-04030-030EPEP Blank 1/4inx3mmx30cm, 1p
101-04032-005EPEP Blank 1/4inx3.2mmx5cm, 1p
101-04032-008EPEP Blank 1/4inx3.2mmx8cm, 1p
101-04032-010EPEP Blank 1/4inx3.2mmx10cm, 1p
101-04032-0125EPEP Blank 1/4X3.2mmx12.5cm, 1p
101-04032-015EPEP Blank 1/4inx3.2mmx15cm, 1p
101-04032-025EPEP Blank 1/4inx3.2mmx25cm, 1p
101-04039-015EPEP Blank 1/4inx3.9mmx15cm, 1p
101-04039-030EPEP Blank 1/4inx3.9mmx30cm, 1p
101-04040-005EPEP Blank 1/4inx4mmx5cm, 1p
101-04040-010LC Blank 1/4X4X10cm, 1p
101-04040-010EPEP Blank 1/4inx4mmx10cm, 1p
101-04040-0125LC Blank 1/4X4X12.5cm, 1p
101-04040-0125EPEP Blank 1/4inx4mmx12.5cm, 1p
101-04040-015LC Blank 1/4X4X15cm, 1p
101-04040-015EPEP Blank 1/4inx4mmx15cm, 1p
101-04040-025LC Blank 1/4X4X25cm, 1p
101-04040-025EPEP Blank 1/4inx4mmx25cm, 1p
101-04040-030LC Blank 1/4X4X30cm, 1p
101-04040-030EPEP Blank 1/4inx4mmx30cm, 1p
101-04046-0033LC Blank 1/4X4.6X3.3cm, 1p
101-04046-0033EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx3.3cm, 1p
101-04046-0034EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx3.4cm, 1p
101-04046-003EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx3cm, 1p
101-04046-004EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx4cm, 1p
101-04046-005LC Blank 1/4X4.6X5cm, 1p
101-04046-005EPIsobore Comp Tub 4.6x50mmx1/4, 1p
101-04046-006EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx6cm, 1p
101-04046-0075EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx7.5cm, 1p
101-04046-008EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx8cm, 1p
101-04046-010LC Blank 1/4X4.6X10cm, 1p
101-04046-010EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx10cm, 1p
101-04046-011EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx11cm, 1p
101-04046-0125LC Blank 1/4X4.6X12.5cm, 1p
101-04046-0125EPEP Blank 1/4X4.6X12.5cm, 1p
101-04046-012EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx12cm, 1p
101-04046-015LC Blank 1/4X4.6X15cm, 1p
101-04046-015EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx15cm, 1p
101-04046-020LC Blank 1/4X4.6X20cm, 1p
101-04046-020EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx20cm, 1p
101-04046-025LC Blank 1/4X4.6X25cm, 1p
101-04046-025EPIsobore Comp Tub 4.6x250mmx1/4, 1p
101-04046-030LC Blank 1/4X4.6X30cm, 1p
101-04046-030EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx30cm, 1p
101-04046-040EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx40cm, 1p
101-04046-050LC Blank 1/4X4.6X50cm, 1p
101-04046-050EPEP Blank 1/4inx4.6mmx50cm, 1p
101-04046-075LC Blank 1/4X4.6X75cm, 1p
101-05046-100EPIB Tbg .317 X4.6X1 M, 1p
101-06065-010LC Blank 3/8X6.5mmx10cm, 1p
101-06065-015LC Blank 3/8X6.5mmx15cm, 1p
101-06065-025LC Blank 3/8X6.5mmx25cm, 1p
101-06065-030LC Blank 3/8X6.5mmx.30cm, 1p
101-06078-0035EPEP Blank 3/8inx7.8mmx3.5cm, 1p
101-06078-005EPEP Blank 3/8inx7.8mmx5cm, 1p
101-06078-010EPEP Blank 3/8inx7.8mmx10cm, 1p
101-06078-015EPEP Blank 3/8inx7.8mmx15cm, 1p
101-06078-020EPEP Blank 3/8inx7.8mmx20cm, 1p
101-06078-025EPEP Blank 3/8inx7.8mmx25cm, 1p
101-06078-030EPEP Blank 3/8inx7.8mmx30cm, 1p
101-06078-050EPEP Blank 3/8inx7.8mmx50cm, 1p
101-06078-060EPEP Blank 3/8inx7.8mmx60cm, 1p
101-08094-010LC Blank 1/2X9.4X10cm
101-08100-005LC Blank 1/2X10mmx5cm, 1p
101-08100-010LC Blank 1/2X10mmx10cm, 1p
101-08100-015LC Blank 1/2X10mmx15cm, 1p
101-08100-020LC Blank 1/2X10mmx20cm, 1p
101-08100-025LC Blank 1/2X10mmx25cm, 1p
101-08100-030LC Blank 1/2X10mmx30cm, 1p
101-08100-060LC Tube Blank 1/2X10X60, 1p
101-16212-015ITGLC Tube Blank 1in Grv, 1p
101-16212-050ITGLC Tube Blank 1 inch It Groove, 1p
1012Asy Frt Cp Pk212X271X4.6 2um, 1p
1013Asy Frt Cp Pk169X213X2.1 2um, 1p
1015End Ftg Vydac 1/4 in, 1p
1018End Ftg Hex10mm Waters, 1p
102001Bond Elut-Si, 200Mg 3ml, 50p
102002Bond Elut-Si, 500Mg 6ml,30p
102004Bond Elut-CBA, 500Mg 6ml,30p
1020-05Iso-Prep 21.2mm Filter Holder, 0.5um, 1p
102014Bond Elut-SCX, 500Mg 6ml,30p
102017Bond Elut-Si Acid Wash, 500Mg 3ml, 50p
102018Bond Elut-SCX, 300Mg 3ml, 50p
102019Bond Elut-DEA, 200Mg 3ml, 50p
1020-20Iso-Prep 21.2mm Filter 2um, 1p
1020230Ear Tips, grey, 2.5mm, 1000p
1020231Ear Tips, grey, 4,0mm, 1000p
1020240Ear Funnels, black, 2.5mm, 1000p
1020241Ear Funnels, black, 4.0mm, 1000p
1020242Ear Funnels, black, 4.0mm, 1000p
1020243Ear Funnels, black, 2.5mm, 1000p
1020250Ear Tips, grey, 2.5mm, 1000p
1020251Ear Tips, grey, 4.0mm, 1000p
1020260Ear Tips, grey, 2.5mm, 1000p
1020261Ear Tips, grey, 4.0mm, 1000p
1020330Ear Tips, black, 2.5mm, 1000p
1020331Ear Tips, black, 4.0mm, 1000p
1020340Ear Tips, black, 2.5mm, 1000p
1020341Ear Tips, black, 4.0mm, 1000p
1020350Ear Tips, black, 2.5mm, 1000p
1020351Ear Tips, black, 4.0mm, 1000p
102054Bond Elut-C8, 500Mg 6ml,30p
1020540Ear Funnels, black, 2.5mm, 1000p
1020541Ear Funnels, black, 4.0mm, 1000p
102082Bond Elut-Certify, 300Mg 6ml,30p
102114Bond Elut-SCX, 500Mg/SiOH 500 6ml,30p
102118Bond Elut-SCX, 200Mg 3ml, 50p
102818CBOND ELUT-CERTIFY II, 100MG 1CC, 100p
1030-01Pk Pump Hi Pres Plumb Sub-Asy, 1p
1030-02Pk Pump Air Sply Plumb Sub-Asy, 1p
1030021SYR 250ul PTFE TLL
1030-03Pk Pump Liq Sply Plumb Sub-Asy, 1p
1030-200Pkg Analytical Haskell Pump, 1p
103-04021-XXXs316 Tbg .250inx2.1mm LC, 1p
10304021XXXEPGs Tbg 250X2.1 EP G 103-04021-XXXEP-G , 1p
1030-999Pkg Sys Analytical No Pump, 1p
103-19212-XXXs Tbg 1.1875X21.2 LC, 1p
103-24300-XXXs316 Tbg 1.500inx30mm LC, 1p
104211-NC18-ABNucleosil C18 AB 5u 50A 15cmx4.0mm
104221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.0mm
104221-NC18-ABNucleosil C18 AB 5u 100A 15cmx4.0mm
104221-NC18-HDNucleosil C18 HD 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.0mm
104221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.0mm
104221-NC8-HDNucleosil C8 HD 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.0mm
104221-NPT-INucleosil Protect I 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
104231-NC4Nucleosil C4 5u 300A 12.5cmx4.0mm
104291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 12.5cmx4.0mm
104291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 12.5cmx4.0mm
104321-NCNNucleosil Cyano 10u 100A 12.5cmx4.0mm
104421-NC18Nucleosil C18 7u 100A 12.5cmx4.0mm
10496101AMP M-GREEN YM 2ML 50p
10496102AMP T-GE TOTAL COUNT 2ML 50p
10496103AMP M-ENDO 2ML 50p
10496104AMP ORANGE SERUM 2ML 50p
10496106AMP PRY 2ML 50p
10496108AMP WALLERstEIN WL 2ML 50p
10496109WL-Differential Broth 2ml, 50p
10496112AMP MRS 2ML 50p
10496114AMP M-FC W/ROSOLACID 2ML 50p
10496116M-Green Select Broth 2ml, 50p
10496124AMP M-FC 2ML 50p
10496125AMP stREPTOCOCCUS 2ML 50p
10496146AMP CETRIMIDE 2ML 50p
10496151AMP HPC W/TTC 2ML 50p
10496164AMP HPC 2ML 50p
10496192AMP MI 2ML 50p
10496705M-Green Yeast & Mold Bottled Agar 100ml, 1p
10496707Trypticase Soy Broth TSB 100ml, 1p
10496708Trypticase Soy Broth TSB Double strength 100ml, 1p
10496709EC with MUG Bottled Broth 9ml, 20p
10496710Brilliant Green Bile Bottled Broth 9ml, 20p
10496714EC with Durham Bottled Broth 9ml, 20p
10496722Lauryl Sulfate/ Lauryl Tryplose
10496744ColiCheck with MUG, PIA Test Kit with Sample Bottles, 30p
10496847Mi Agar 50ml, 1p
10496851Mi Broth 50ml, 1p
10497500White/Black Grid sterile 0.45um 47mm Monitor, 50p
10497501White/Black Grid sterile 0.45um 47mm Monitor, 50p, bagged
10497502Black/White Grid sterile 0.45um 47mm Monitor, 50p
10497503Black/White Grid sterile 0.8um 47mm Monitor, 50p
10497504White/Black Grid sterile 0.45um 47mm Analytical Funnel, 50p
10497506White/Black Grid sterile 0.45um 47mm Analytical Funnel, 50p bagged
10497507White/Black Grid sterile 0.2um 47mm Analytical Funnel, 50p
10497508Black/White Grid sterile 0.45um 47mm Analytical Funnel, 50p
10497509Black/White Grid sterile 0.45um 47mm Analytical Funnel, 50p, bagged
10497510White/Black Grid sterile 0.2um 47mm Analytical Funnel, 50p, bagged
10497511White/Black Grid sterile 0.2um 47mm Monitor, 50p
10497600White/Black Grid sterile 0.45um 56mm Monitor, 50p
10497601Black/White Grid sterile 0.45um 56mm Monitor, 50p
10497602Black/White Grid sterile 0.8um 56mm Monitor, 50p
10497603White/Black Grid sterile 0.2um 56mm Monitor, 50p
10498303SWAB NEUTRAL BUF 4ML 125p
10498304SWAB NEUTRAL BUF 4ML 500p
10498305SWAB BUFFER 4ML 125p
10498306SWAB BUFFER 4ML 500p
10498316SWABKIT YEAst+MOLD 30p
10498404SWABCHECK 4ML 125p
10498408SWABCHECK LIstERIA 25p
10498521POLYWIPE SPONGE, single 1ped, 50p
105121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105121-NC18-HDNucleosil C18 HD 3u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105221-NC18-ABNucleosil C18 AB 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
105221-NC18-HDNucleosil C18 HD 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105221-NC8-HDNucleosil C8 HD 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105221-NCNNucleosil Cyano 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105221-NPT-INucleosil Protect I 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.0mm
105221-NSANucleosil SA 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105221-NSBNucleosil SB 5u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105321-NC18Nucleosil C18 10u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105321-NC-NH2Nucleosil Amino 10u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105421-NC18Nucleosil C18 7u 100A 12.5cmx4.6mm
105491-NC-NH2Nucleosil Amino 7u 120A 12.5cmx4.6mm
10833B-2310HP-IB Cable 2m 10833B
10833G-2310HP-IB Cable, 8 meter 10833G
109221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 12.5cmx7.5mm
110-01005-001Cap Tube Red 1/16X005 X1, 1p
110-01005-005Cap Tube Red 1/16X005x5cm, 1p
110-01005-005-3Cap Tube Red 1/16x005x5 3p, 1p
110-01005-006Cap Tube Red 1/16x005x6cm, 1p
110-01005-010Cap Tube Red 1/16x005x10cm, 1p
110-01005-01016Cap Tube Red 1/16x005x10.16cm, 1p
110-01005-010-3Cap Tube Red 1/16x005x10 3p, 1p
110-01005-0109Cap Tube Red 1/16x005x10.9cm, 1p
110-01005-015Cap Tube Red 1/16x005x15cm, 1p
110-01005-020Cap Tube Red 1/16x005x20cm, 1p
110-01005-020-3Cap Tube Red 1/16x005x20 3p, 1p
110-01005-030Cap Tube Red 1/16x005x30cm, 1p
110-01005-040Cap Tube Red 1/16x005x40cm, 1p
110-01005-050Cap Tube Red 1/16x005x50cm, 1p
110-01005-100Cap Tube Red 1/16x005 x100, 1p
110-01007-005Cap Tube Black 1/16x007x5cm, 1p
110-01007-006Cap Tube Black 1/16x007x6cm, 1p
110-01007-010Cap Tube Black 1/16x007x10cm, 1p
110-01007-0109Cap Tube Black 1/16x007x10.9cm, 1p
110-01007-015Cap Tube Black 1/16x007x15cm, 1p
110-01007-020Cap Tube Black 1/16x007x20cm, 1p
110-01007-030Cap Tube Black 1/16x007x30cm, 1p
110-01007-050Cap Tube Black 1/16x007x50cm, 1p
110-01007-050-5Cap Tube Black 1/16x007x50 5p, 1p
110-01007-060Cap Tube Black 1/16x007x60cm, 1p
110-01007-075Cap Tube Black 1/16x007x75cm, 1p
110-01007-080Tub s 1/16x.007x80cm, 1p
110-01007-100Cap Tube Black 1/16x007x100cm, 1p
110-01010-003Cap Tube Blue 1/16x010x3cm, 1p
110-01010-005Cap Tube Blue 1/16x010x5cm, 1p
110-01010-010Cap Tube Blue 1/16x010x10cm, 1p
110-01010-01016Cap Tube Blue 1/16x010x10.16cm, 1p
110-01010-0109Cap Tube Blue 1/16x010x10.9cm, 1p
110-01010-015Cap Tube Blue 1/16x010x15cm, 1p
110-01010-020Cap Tube Blue 1/16x010x20cm, 1p
110-01010-030Cap Tube Blue 1/16x010x30cm, 1p
110-01010-035Cap Tube Blue 1/16x010x35cm, 1p
110-01010-038Cap Tube Blue 1/16x010x38cm, 1p
110-01010-040Cap Tube Blue 1/16Ix010x40cm, 1p
110-01010-050Cap Tube Blue 1/16x010x50cm, 1p
110-01010-100Cap Tube Blue 1/16x010x100cm, 1p
110-01020-005Cap Tube Yellow 1/16x020x5cm, 1p
110-01020-006Cap Tube Yellow 1/16x020x6cm, 1p
110-01020-010Cap Tube Yellow 1/16x020x10cm, 1p
110-01020-0109Cap Tube Yello 1/16x020x10.9cm, 1p
110-01020-015Cap Tube Yellow 1/16x020x15cm, 1p
110-01020-020Cap Tube Yellow 1/16x020x20cm, 1p
110-01020-030Cap Tube Yellow 1/16x020x30cm, 1p
110-01020-060Cap Tube Yellow 1/16x020x60cm, 1p
110-01020-092Cap Tube Yellow 1/16x020x92cm, 1p
110-01020-100Cap Tube Yello 1/16x020x100cm, 1p
110-01020-153Cap Tube Yellow 1/16x020x5Ft, 1p
110-01030-005Cap Tube White 1/16x030x5cm, 1p
110-01030-006Cap Tube White 1/16x030x6cm, 1p
110-01030-0084Cap Tube White 1/16x030x8.4cm, 1p
110-01030-010Cap Tube White 1/16x030x10cm, 1p
110-01030-015Cap Tube White 1/16x030x15cm, 1p
110-01030-020Cap Tube White 1/16x030x20cm, 1p
110-01030-030Cap Tube White 1/16x030x30cm, 1p
110-01030-050Cap Tube White 1/16x030x50cm, 1p
110-01030-060Cap Tube White 1/16x030x60cm, 1p
110-01030-096Cap Tube White 1/16x030x96cm, 1p
110-01030-100Cap Tube White 1/16x030x100cm, 1p
110-01040-005Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x5cm, 1p
110-01040-006Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x6cm, 1p
110-01040-008Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x8cm, 1p
110-01040-010Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x10cm, 1p
110-01040-015Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x15cm, 1p
110-01040-020Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x20cm, 1p
110-01040-025Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x25cm, 1p
110-01040-030Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x30cm, 1p
110-01040-035Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x35cm, 1p
110-01040-040Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x40cm, 1p
110-01040-050Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x50cm, 1p
110-01040-080Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x80cm, 1p
110-01040-100Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x100cm, 1p
110-01040-153Cap Tube Green 1/16x040x153cm, 1p
110-01046-010EP Cplry Tube 1/16x046x10cm, 1p
110-01046-020EP Cplry Tube 1/16x046x20cm, 1p
110-01046-030EP Cplry Tube 1/16x046x30cm, 1p
110-01046-035EP Cplry Tube 1/16x046x35cm, 1p
110-01046-090EP Cplry Tube 1/16x046x90cm, 1p
110-01046-100EP Cplry Tube 1/16x046x100cm, 1p
110026900Cylindrical cell holder, ambient, 1p.
110059900Long pathlength rect cell holder, 1p
110-119415-425 black OT PP screw cap, 100p
110-11959mm black OT ribbed screw cap, 100p
110-11969mm black closed top ribbed screw cap, 100p
110-120013-425 Black unlined Closed Top screw cap, 100p
110260190Rectangular cell holder Cary UV, 1p
110289290Capillary assembly for PSD-95, 1p
110291290Tee piece syringe PSD 95, 1p
110291390Assembly, capillary rinse GTA, 1p
110374300Assembly cable extension accessory,1p
110380500Long extn lead, Temperature Probe, 1p
110381100Short extn lead, Temperature Probe, 1p
110421700Neutral Density filter 0.3 A uncertified
110423800Drain bung polyprop, Sturman-Masters s/c
110533590Constant pressure head bottle, SIPS 1p
110585790Tee piece assembly, 3 way, SIPS 20, 1p
110593000Drain bung Ertalyte, Sturman-Masters s/c
110593190ICP spray chamber, Sturman-Masters. 1p
110611700Mounting brkt, cyclone s/c on radial ICP
110612200Assy, large specimen, Cary 4/5 dra,1p
110628090Flame shield with viewing window, 1p
110634490AA spray chamber, Mark 7 complete, 1p
110637000Mixing paddle, fluorinated, Mark 7, 1p
110645090Cell holder for Cary 50/60. 1p
110648190Cell base for Cary 50/60. 1p
110648800POWER SUPPLY Y ADAPTOR For Cary 50
110651090Tee piece assembly, 2 way, SIPS 10, 1p
110654300Filter Disc Assembly, UG11GG420 Red
110654990VGA-77 cell support Mark 7 Burner, 1p
110665200Mounting brkt, cyclone s/c on axial ICP
110677500Neutral density attenuator 1.5 Abs. 1p
110713990Deuterium UV lamp Cary 4/5/6000i, 1p
110715400D2 Lamp,pre-aligned,325/335,1p
110743300Assy Back Pressure Regulator 40 PSI
110744200Loom LC,analog cable 325/335 assy,1p
110756390Assy tee piece syringe PSD 120, 1p
110766690Constant press head bottle 1L, SIPS 1p
110800900Lamp, assembly, 1p
110805200FT-IR source lamp assy, mid-IR, 1p
110805990Assy MID-IR Source Element Spare
110826500Assy, Power Cable SATA to MOLEX Cary50
110834990KBr Window Assy Single
110835000Assy KRS5 window for 640 FT-IR
110866890AA s/chamber Organic, MK7 complete 1 /pk
110868000Mounting brackt,MSIS on axial+radial ICP
111-010025-153Biosafe Pk 1/16x.0025 5 Ft, 1p
111-01005-153Biosafe Pk Red 1/16x005x5 Ft, 1p
111-01005-1530Biosafe Pk Red 1/16x005x50Ft, 1p
111-01005-306Biosafe Pk Red 1/16x005x10 Ft, 1p
111-01005-7650Biosafe Pk Red 1/16x005x250 Ft, 1p
111-01007-153Biosafe Pk Yelo 1/16x007x5Ft, 1p
111-01007-1530Biosafe Pk Yelo 1/16x007x50Ft, 1p
111-01007-306Biosafe Pk Yelo 1/16x007x10Ft, 1p
111-01010-153Biosafe Pk Blu 1/16x010x5Ft, 1p
111-01010-1530Biosafe Pk Blu 1/16x010x50Ft, 1p
111-01010-306Biosafe Pk Blu 1/16x010x10Ft, 1p
111-01020-1530Biosafe Org 1/16x020x50Ft, 1p
111-01020-306Biosafe Org 1/16x020x10Ft, 1p
111-01030-153Biosafe Grn 1/16x030x5 Ft, 1p
111-01030-1530Biosafe Grn 1/16x030x50Ft, 1p
111-01030-306Biosafe Grn 1/16x030x10Ft, 1p
111-01040-153Biosafe Tan 1/16x040x5 Ft, 1p
111-01040-1530Biosafe Tan 1/16x040x50Ft, 1p
111-01040-306Biosafe Tan 1/16x040x10Ft, 1p
111-300Square Cut Tube Cutter, 1p
111-300-01Top Square Cut Tube Cutter, 1p
111-300-02Bottom Square Cut Tube Cutter, 1p
111-300-03Label Square Cut Tube Cutter, 1p
111-300-BRpl Blade Sqr Cut Tube Cutter, 1p
111-300-InstrInstr Square-Cut Tube Cutter, 1p
112121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 5cmx2.1mm
112121-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 100A 5cmx2.1mm
112151-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 3u 1000A 5cmx2.1mm
112151-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 3u 1000A 5cmx2.1mm
112151-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 3u 1000A 5cmx2.1mm
112151-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 3u 1000A 5cmx2.1mm
112191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 5cmx2.1mm
112191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 5cmx2.1mm
112221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 5cmx2.1mm
112221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 5cmx2.1mm
112221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 5cmx2.1mm
112291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 5cmx2.1mm
112291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 5cmx2.1mm
113001Bond Elut 1cc LRC-C18, 115Mg, 50p
113004Bond Elut LRC-C18 OH, 200Mg, 50p
113009Bond Elut LRC-Si Acid Wash, 500Mg, 50p
113-01005-010Asy Pk Cplry Tube, 1p
113-01005-010-5Pk Surfit Rpl Cplry 005x10-5, 1p
113-01005-040Asy Pk Cplry Tube, 1p
113-01005-040-5Pk Surfit Rpl Cplry 005x40-5, 1p
113-01005-050Asy Pk Cplry Tube, 1p
113-01005-050-5PK Sure-Fit Tub .005x50cm/5p, 1p
113-01007-050Asy Pk Cplry Tube, 1p
113-01007-050-5PK Sure-Fit Tub .007x50cm/5p, 1p
113-01007-100Asy Pk Cplry Tube, 1p
113-01007-100-5Pk Sure-Fit Rpl Cplry 007x100-, 1p
113-01010-010Asy Pk Cplry Tube, 1p
113-01010-010-5Pk Surfit Rpl Cplry 010x10-5, 1p
113-01010-050Asy Pk Cplry Tube, 1p
113-01010-050-5PK Sure-Fit Tub .010x50cm/5p, 1p
113040Bond Elut LRC-NH2, 500Mg, 50p
113121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 5cmx3.0mm
113121-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 100A 5cmx3.0mm
113151-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 3u 1000A 5cmx3.0mm
113151-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 3u 1000A 5cmx3.0mm
113151-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 3u 1000A 5cmx3.0mm
113151-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 3u 1000A 5cmx3.0mm
113191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 5cmx3.0mm
113191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 5cmx3.0mm
113221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 5cmx3.0mm
113221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 5cmx3.0mm
113221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 5cmx3.0mm
113291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 5cmx3.0mm
113291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 5cmx3.0mm
114121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 5cmx4.0mm
114121-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 100A 5cmx4.0mm
114191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 5cmx4.0mm
114191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 5cmx4.0mm
114221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 5cmx4.0mm
114221-NC18PAHNucleosil C18 PAH 5u 100A 5cmx4.0mm
114221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 5cmx4.0mm
114221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 5cmx4.0mm
114291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 5cmx4.0mm
114291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 5cmx4.0mm
115101-LSChromegabond LS 3u, 180A, 50x4.6mm
115111-AChromegabond Amine 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-C18-AIChromegabond C18 AI 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-C18-BDChromegabond C18 BD 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-C4Chromegabond C4 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-C6Chromegabond C6 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-C8-BDChromegabond C8 BD 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-CNChromegabond Cyano 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-CN/HSChromegabond Cyano HS 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-CN/HS/RPChromegabond Cyano HS RP 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-CN-BDChromegabond Cyano BD 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-DChromegabond Diol 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-FSPFluoroSep-RP Phenyl 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-FSP/HSFluoroSep-RP Phenyl / HS 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-MC18Chromegabond MC18 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-MC8Chromegabond MC8 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-MC-CC6Chromegabond MCC6 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-NPIChromegabond NPI 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-P-BDChromegabond Phenyl BD 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115111-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 3u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115121-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-AQSAquaSep 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-AVI-AQAviator AQ 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-AVI-C18Aviator C18 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-AVI-C18-HLAviator C18 HL 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-AVI-C4Aviator C4 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-AVI-C8Aviator C8 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-C18Sil C18 3u,100A,50x4.6mm
115121-C22Chromegabond C22 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-C8Sil C8 3u,100A,50x4.6mm
115121-CNChromegabond Cyano 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-DChromegabond Diol 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-DS-ODS3DeactiSil ODS3 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-EXC18Exsil C18 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-EXC8Exsil C8 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-EXODS-ABExsil ODS AB 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-EXODS-BExsil ODS B 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-EXSAXExsil SAx3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-EXSCXExsil SCx3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-HC-C18Chromegabond HC ODS 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-HRM-C18Harmony C18 3,5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-HRM-C8Harmony C8 3,5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-HRS-RP18HarmonySecure RP18 3,5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-HRS-RP8HarmonySecure RP8 3,5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-KC18Kromasil C18 3,5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-LS/HSChromegabond LS HS 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-MC18Chromegabond MC18 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-MC8Chromegabond MC8 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 5cmx4.6mm
115121-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 100A 5cmx4.6mm
115121-NPN-dC18Neptune dC18 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-NPN-SINeptune HILIC Silica 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-NPN-T3Neptune T3 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-ODS-ABSil ODS AB 3u,100A,50x4.6mm
115121-ODS-BSil ODS B 3u,100A,50x4.6mm
115121-PAHChromegabond PAH 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-PC18ProTec-RP C18 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-PC8ProTec-RP C8 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-PPhProTec-RP Phenyl 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-PSCChromegabond PSC 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-SAXSil SAx3u,100A,50x4.6mm
115121-SCXSil SCx3u,100A,50x4.6mm
115121-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-SI100/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-SMA-CNSonoma Cyano 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-SMA-NH2Sonoma NH2 Amino 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-SMA-PFP(2)Sonoma PFP(2) 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 3u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-SNR-C18starRise C18 3,5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115121-SNR-C8starRise C8 3,5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115131-AVI-C18Aviator C18 3u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-AVI-C4Aviator C4 3u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-AVI-C8Aviator C8 3u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 3u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 3u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-HRM-C18Harmony 300 C18 3,5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-HRM-C4Harmony 300 C4 3,5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-MDC-C18MacroDaC18 3u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-MSP-AQSMacroSep AQS 3u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-MSP-C18MacroSep C18 3u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-MSP-C4MacroSep C4 3u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-MSP-C8MacroSep C8 3u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-MSP-CNMacroSep Cyano 3u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115131-MSP-HPRMacroSep High Protein Recovery 3u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115151-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 3u 1000A 5cmx4.6mm
115151-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 3u 1000A 5cmx4.6mm
115151-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 3u 1000A 5cmx4.6mm
115151-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 3u 1000A 5cmx4.6mm
115171-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-HPC-ODS2HyperSelect ODS2 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-MC18Chromegabond MC18 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-MC8Chromegabond MC8 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-SI80Chromegasphere SI 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-SSP-C1Spherisep C1 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-SSP-C6Spherisep C6 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-SSP-C8Spherisep C8 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-SSP-CNSpherisep Cyano 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-SSP-CN/RPSpherisep Cyano Reverse Phase 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-SSP-NH2Spherisep NH2 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-SSP-ODS1Spherisep ODS1 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-SSP-ODS2Spherisep ODS2 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-SSP-PSpherisep Phenyl 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-SSP-SISpherisep Silica 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-ULC18Chromegabond Ultra C18 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-ULC8Chromegabond Ultra C8 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-ULCNChromegabond Ultra Cyano 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-ULSIChromegabond Ultra Silica 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-ZC18Chromega Z C18 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-ZC8Chromega Z C8 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115171-ZPChromega Z Phenyl 3u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115191-BAS-C18Chromegabond BAS C18 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-BAS-C8Chromegabond BAS C8 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-BAS-CNChromegabond BAS Cyano 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-BAS-PChromegabond BAS Phenyl 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EC18EpiC18 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EC18-MSEpiC18 MS 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EC18-SDEpiC18 SD 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EC4-SDEpiC4 SD 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EC8EpiC8 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EDEAPEpic DEAP 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EFDDEpic FDD 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EFO-LBEpic FO LB 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EHICEpic HILIC-HC 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EHRPEpic HILIC-RP 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EPHEpic Phenyl 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-EPOEpic Polar 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-ESIEpic Silica 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-BDSC18HyperSelect BDS C18 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-BDSC8HyperSelect BDS C8 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-BDSCNHyperSelect BDS Cyano 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-BDSPHHyperSelect BDS Phenyl 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-CPS1HyperSelect CPS1 Cyano-NonEndcapped 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-GL-AQHyperSelect Gold AQ 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-GL-C18HyperSelect Gold C18 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-GL-C8HyperSelect Gold C8 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-GL-CNHyperSelect Gold Cyano 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-GL-PFPHyperSelect Gold PFP 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-GL-PHHyperSelect Gold Phenyl 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-ODSHyperSelect ODS 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-PH1HyperSelect Phenyl 1 NonEndcapped 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-SASHyperSelect SAS C1 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-HPC-SIHyperSelect Silica 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 5cmx4.6mm
115191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 5cmx4.6mm
115191-ODS-PIChromegabond ODS PI 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-SI120Chromegasphere SI120 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-WR-C18Chromegabond WR C18 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-WR-C4Chromegabond WR C4 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115191-WR-C8Chromegabond WR C8 3u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
1151A1-HPC-HIC18HyperSelect HiPurity C18 3u, 200A, 50x4.6mm
1151A1-SMA-HICSonoma HILIC 3u, 200A, 50x4.6mm
115201-LSChromegabond LS 5u, 180A, 50x4.6mm
115211-AChromegabond Amine 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-A/CNChromegabond Amino / Cyano 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-AG/SIChromegabond Silver / Silica 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-C18-AIChromegabond C18 AI 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-C18-BDChromegabond C18 BD 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-C2Chromegabond C2 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-C3Chromegabond C3 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-C6Chromegabond C6 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-C8-BDChromegabond C8 BD 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-CNChromegabond Cyano 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-CN/HSChromegabond Cyano HS 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-CN/HS/RPChromegabond Cyano HS RP 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-CN-BDChromegabond Cyano BD 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-DChromegabond Diol 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-DAChromegabond Diamine 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-DA/RPChromegabond Diamine RP 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-DNAPChromegabond DNAP 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-FOFluoroSep-RP Octyl 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-FSPFluoroSep-RP Phenyl 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-FSP/HSFluoroSep-RP Phenyl / HS 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-MC18/HSChromegabond MC18/HS 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-MC-CC6Chromegabond MCC6 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-NPIChromegabond NPI 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-P-BDChromegabond Phenyl BD 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-RP-SAXChromegabond RP-Chromegabond SAx5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-RP-SCXChromegabond RP-Chromegabond SCx5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-RSRingSep 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-SAXChromegabond SAx5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-SCXChromegabond SCx5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-SI60/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-SI60/IChromegasorb SI60 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-TAChromegabond Triamine 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-TA/RPChromegabond Triamine RP 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115211-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 5u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115221-AChromegabond Amine 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-A/HXAminohexadecylsilyl 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-AQSAquaSep 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-AVI-AQAviator AQ 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-AVI-C18Aviator C18 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-AVI-C18-HLAviator C18 HL 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-AVI-C4Aviator C4 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-AVI-C8Aviator C8 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-C18Chromegabond C18 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-C22Chromegabond C22 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-C8Chromegabond C8 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-CNChromegabond Cyano 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-DChromegabond Diol 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-DNAP-IIChromegabond DNAP II 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-DS-ODSDeactiSil ODS 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-DS-ODS3DeactiSil ODS3 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-EXC18Exsil C18 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-EXC8Exsil C8 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-EXODS-ABExsil ODS AB 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-EXODS-BExsil ODS B 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-EXSAXExsil SAx5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-EXSCXExsil SCx5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-HC-C18Chromegabond HC ODS 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-HRM-C18Harmony C18 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-HRM-C8Harmony C8 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-HRS-RP18HarmonySecure RP18 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-HRS-RP8HarmonySecure RP8 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-KC18Kromasil C18 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-KC8Kromasil C8 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-LS/HSChromegabond LS HS 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-MVL-PH3Marvel Phenyl 3 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-MVL-SIMarvel Silica 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 5cmx4.6mm
115221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 5cmx4.6mm
115221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 5cmx4.6mm
115221-NO2Chromegabond Nitro 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-NPN-dC18Neptune dC18 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-NPN-SINeptune HILIC Silica 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-NPN-T3Neptune T3 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-ODS-ABSil ODS AB 5u,100A,50x4.6mm
115221-ODS-BSil ODS B 5u,100A,50x4.6mm
115221-PAHChromegabond PAH 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-PC18ProTec-RP C18 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-PC8ProTec-RP C8 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-PPhProTec-RP Phenyl 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-PSCChromegabond PSC 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-RP18LiChrosorb RP18 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-RP18SLiChrospher RP18 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-RP18SELiChrospher RP18 Endcapped 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-RP8LiChrosorb RP8 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-RP8SLiChrospher RP8 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SAXSil SAx5u,100A,50x4.6mm
115221-SCXSil SCx5u,100A,50x4.6mm
115221-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SI100/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SI100/IChromegasorb SI100 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SMA-C5Sonoma C5 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SMA-C8Sonoma C8 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SMA-CNSonoma Cyano 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SMA-NH2Sonoma NH2 Amino 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SMA-PFP(2)Sonoma PFP(2) 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SMA-SCXSonoma SCx5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SNR-C18starRise C18 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SNR-C8starRise C8 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115221-SNR-SIstarRise Silica 5u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115231-AChromegabond Amine 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-AVI-C18Aviator C18 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-AVI-C4Aviator C4 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-AVI-C8Aviator C8 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-CNChromegabond Cyano 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-DChromegabond Diol 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-FPFluoroSep-RP Propyl 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-HRM-C18Harmony 300 C18 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-HRM-C4Harmony 300 C4 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-MDC-C18MacroDaC18 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-MSP-AQSMacroSep AQS 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-MSP-C18MacroSep C18 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-MSP-C4MacroSep C4 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-MSP-C8MacroSep C8 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-MSP-CNMacroSep Cyano 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-MSP-HPRMacroSep High Protein Recovery 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-SI300Chromegasphere SI300 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115231-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 5u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115241-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 500A, 50x4.6mm
115241-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 500A, 50x4.6mm
115241-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 500A, 50x4.6mm
115241-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 500A, 50x4.6mm
115241-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 500A, 50x4.6mm
115241-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 500A, 50x4.6mm
115241-SI500Chromegasphere SI500 5u, 500A, 50x4.6mm
115241-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 5u, 500A, 50x4.6mm
115251-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 1000A, 50x4.6mm
115251-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 1000A, 50x4.6mm
115251-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 1000A, 50x4.6mm
115251-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 1000A, 50x4.6mm
115251-SI1000Chromegasphere SI1000 5u, 1000A, 50x4.6mm
115261-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 4000A, 50x4.6mm
115261-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 4000A, 50x4.6mm
115261-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 4000A, 50x4.6mm
115261-SI4000Chromegasphere SI4000 5u, 4000A, 50x4.6mm
115271-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-ARP1GammaBond Alumina RP1 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-DS-ODSDeactiSil ODS 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-HPC-ODS2HyperSelect ODS2 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 120A 5cmx4.6mm
115271-PSP-C8Partisep C8 5u, 85A,50x4.6mm
115271-PSP-ODSPartisep ODS 5u, 85A,50x4.6mm
115271-PSP-ODS2Partisep ODS2 5u, 85A,50x4.6mm
115271-PSP-ODS3Partisep ODS3 5u, 85A,50x4.6mm
115271-PSP-PACPartisep PAC 5u, 85A,50x4.6mm
115271-PSP-SAXPartisep SAx5u, 85A,50x4.6mm
115271-PSP-SCXPartisep SCx5u, 85A,50x4.6mm
115271-PSP-SIPartisep Silica 5u, 85A,50x4.6mm
115271-SI80Chromegasphere SI80 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-C1Spherisep C1 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-C6Spherisep C6 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-C8Spherisep C8 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-CNSpherisep Cyano 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-CN/RPSpherisep Cyano Reverse Phase 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-NH2Spherisep NH2 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-ODS1Spherisep ODS1 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-ODS2Spherisep ODS2 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-ODSBSpherisep ODSB 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-PSpherisep Phenyl 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-SAXSpherisep SAx5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-SCXSpherisep SCx5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-SSP-SISpherisep Silica 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-ULC18Chromegabond Ultra C18 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-ULC18IPChromegabond Ultra C18IP 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-ULC8Chromegabond Ultra C8 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-ULCNChromegabond Ultra Cyano 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-ULSIChromegabond Ultra Silica 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-ZC18Chromega Z C18 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-ZC8Chromega Z C8 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115271-ZPChromega Z Phenyl 5u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115281-ALChromegasphere Alumina 5u, 130A, 50x4.6mm
115281-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 5u, 130A, 50x4.6mm
115291-BAS-C18Chromegabond BAS C18 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-BAS-C8Chromegabond BAS C8 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-BAS-CNChromegabond BAS Cyano 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-BAS-PChromegabond BAS Phenyl 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EC18EpiC18 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EC18-MSEpiC18 MS 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EC18-SDEpiC18 SD 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EC4-SDEpiC4 SD 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EC8EpiC8 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EDEAPEpic DEAP 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EFDDEpic FDD 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EFO-LBEpic FO LB 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EHICEpic HILIC-HC 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EHRPEpic HILIC-RP 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EPHEpic Phenyl 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-EPOEpic Polar 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-ESIEpic Silica 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-APS2HyperSelect APS2 Amino Propyl 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-BDSC18HyperSelect BDS C18 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-BDSC8HyperSelect BDS C8 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-BDSCNHyperSelect BDS Cyano 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-BDSPHHyperSelect BDS Phenyl 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-CPS1HyperSelect CPS1 Cyano-NonEndcapped 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-CPS2HyperSelect CPS2 Cyano-Endcapped 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-GL-AQHyperSelect Gold AQ 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-GL-C18HyperSelect Gold C18 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-GL-C8HyperSelect Gold C8 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-GL-CNHyperSelect Gold Cyano 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-GL-PFPHyperSelect Gold PFP 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-GL-PHHyperSelect Gold Phenyl 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-MOS1HyperSelect MOS1 C8-NonEndcapped 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-MOS2HyperSelect MOS2 C8-Endcapped 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-ODSHyperSelect ODS 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-PH1HyperSelect Phenyl 1 NonEndcapped 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-PH2HyperSelect Phenyl 2 Endcapped 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-SASHyperSelect SAS C1 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-SAXHyperSelect SAx5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-HPC-SIHyperSelect Silica 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 5cmx4.6mm
115291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 5cmx4.6mm
115291-ODS-PIChromegabond ODS PI 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-SI120Chromegasphere SI120 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-WR-C18Chromegabond WR C18 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-WR-C4Chromegabond WR C4 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115291-WR-C8Chromegabond WR C8 5u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
1152A1-HPC-HIC18HyperSelect HiPurity C18 5u, 200A, 50x4.6mm
1152A1-HPC-HIC4HyperSelect HiPurity C4 5u, 200A, 50x4.6mm
1152A1-HPC-HIC8HyperSelect HiPurity C8 5u, 200A, 50x4.6mm
1152A1-HPC-HICNHyperSelect HiPurity Cyano 5u, 200A, 50x4.6mm
1152A1-SMA-HICSonoma HILIC 5u, 200A, 50x4.6mm
1152D1-DS-C8DeactiSil C8 5u, 150A, 50x4.6mm
1152D1-DS-ODS2DeactiSil ODS2 5u, 150A, 50x4.6mm
1152D1-DS-PHDeactiSil Phenyl 5u, 150A, 50x4.6mm
1152D1-MVL-C8Marvel C8 5u, 150A, 50x4.6mm
1152D1-MVL-ODS2Marvel ODS2 5u, 150A, 50x4.6mm
1152D1-MVL-SIMarvel Silica 5u, 150A, 50x4.6mm
115311-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-A/CNChromegabond Amino / Cyano 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-C18-BDChromegabond C18 BD 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-C2Chromegabond C2 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-C4Chromegabond C4 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-C6Chromegabond C6 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-C8-BDChromegabond C8 BD 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-CN/HSChromegabond Cyano HS 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-CN-BDChromegabond Cyano BD 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-DAChromegabond Diamine 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-DA/RPChromegabond Diamine RP 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-FSPFluoroSep-RP Phenyl 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-MC-CC6Chromegabond MCC6 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-NPIChromegabond NPI 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-P-BDChromegabond Phenyl BD 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-SI60/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-SI60/IChromegasorb SI60 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-TAChromegabond Triamine 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-TA/RPChromegabond Triamine RP 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115311-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 10u, 60A, 50x4.6mm
115321-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-C18Chromegabond C18 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-C22Chromegabond C22 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-C8Chromegabond C8 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-EXC18Exsil C18 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-EXC8Exsil C8 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-EXODS-ABExsil ODS AB 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-EXODS-BExsil ODS B 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-EXSAXExsil SAx10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-EXSCXExsil SCx10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-MVL-SI3Marvel Silica 3 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-NO2Chromegabond Nitro 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-ODS-ABSil ODS AB 10u,100A,50x4.6mm
115321-ODS-BSil ODS B 10u,100A,50x4.6mm
115321-PAHChromegabond PAH 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-RP18LiChrosorb RP18 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-RP8LiChrosorb RP8 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SAXSil SAx10u,100A,50x4.6mm
115321-SCXSil SCx10u,100A,50x4.6mm
115321-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SI100/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SI100/IChromegasorb SI100 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SMA-C18Sonoma C18 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SMA-C5Sonoma C5 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SMA-C8Sonoma C8 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SMA-CNSonoma Cyano 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SMA-NH2Sonoma NH2 Amino 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SMA-SCXSonoma SCx10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SNR-C18starRise C18 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SNR-C8starRise C8 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115321-SNR-SIstarRise Silica 10u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115331-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115331-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115331-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 10u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115331-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115331-MDC-C18MacroDaC18 10u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115331-SI300Chromegasphere SI300 10u, 300A, 50x4.6mm
115341-SI500Chromegasphere SI500 10u, 500A, 50x4.6mm
115351-SI1000Chromegasphere SI1000 10u, 1000A, 50x4.6mm
115361-SI4000Chromegasphere SI4000 10u, 4000A, 50x4.6mm
115371-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SI80Chromegasphere SI80 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SSP-C1Spherisep C1 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SSP-C6Spherisep C6 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SSP-C8Spherisep C8 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SSP-CNSpherisep Cyano 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SSP-CN/RPSpherisep Cyano Reverse Phase 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SSP-NH2Spherisep NH2 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SSP-ODS1Spherisep ODS1 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SSP-ODS2Spherisep ODS2 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SSP-PSpherisep Phenyl 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SSP-SAXSpherisep SAx10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SSP-SCXSpherisep SCx10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115371-SSP-SISpherisep Silica 10u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115381-ALChromegasphere Alumina 10u, 130A, 50x4.6mm
115391-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-EPHEpic Phenyl 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115391-SI120Chromegasphere SI120 10u, 120A, 50x4.6mm
115491-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 7u 120A 5cmx4.6mm
115871-SC-HRPSync Hydro RP 4u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115871-SC-MRPSync MaxRP 4u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115871-SC-PRPSync Polar RP 4u, 80A, 50x4.6mm
115B21-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 15u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115B21-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 15u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
115B21-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 15u, 100A, 50x4.6mm
11766-21COSMOSIL R 2.5HILIC ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
11768-01COSMOSIL R 2.5HILIC ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
11769-91COSMOSIL R 2.5HILIC ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
11770-51COSMOSIL R 2.5HILIC ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
11771-41COSMOSIL R 2.5HILIC ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
11772-31COSMOSIL R 2.5HILIC ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
11773-21COSMOSIL R 2.5HILIC ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
11774-11COSMOSIL R 2.5HILIC ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
118020790Holmium oxide filter, 1p
11884-71COSMOSIL R Guard Cartridge Holder 2.0mmI.D, 1p
11890-94COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB Guard Cartridge 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 2PKG
11892-74COSMOSIL R 3C18-EB Guard Cartridge 2.0mmI.D.x10mm, 2PKG
12061-11COSMOSIL R 75C18-PREP, 1KG
12061-24COSMOSIL R 75C18-PREP, 100G
12063-91COSMOSIL R 140C18-PREP, 1KG
12065-71COSMOSIL R 50C18-PREP, 1KG
12065-84COSMOSIL R 50C18-PREP, 100G
12102000Bond Elut-Certify, 50Mg 1ml, 100p
12102001Bond Elut C18, 100mg 1ml, 100p
12102002Bond Elut-C8, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12102003Bond Elut-C2, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12102004Bond Elut-C1, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12102005Bond Elut-PH, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12102006Bond Elut-CH, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12102007Bond Elut-CN-E, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12102007TBond Elut-CN-E, 100Mg 1ml-Tabless 100p
12102008Bond Elut-CN-U, 100Mg 1ml, 100p
12102009Bond Elut-2OH, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12102010Bond Elut SI, 100mg 1ml, 100p
12102010EWPBond Elut-Si, Ewp- 100Mg 1ml, 100p
12102011Bond Elut CBA, 100mg 1ml, 100p
12102012Bond Elut-PRS, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12102013Bond Elut SCX, 100mg 1ml, 100p
12102014Bond Elut NH2, 100mg 1ml, 100p
12102015Bond Elut-PSA, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12102016Bond Elut-DEA, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12102017Bond Elut SAX, 100mg 1ml, 100p
12102017TBOND ELUT SAX, 100MG 1ML TABLESS, 100p
12102017TBBOND ELUT SAX, 100MG 1ML TABLESS, 500p
12102018Bond Elut-PBA, 100mg 1mL, 20p
12102019Bond Elut PBA, 100mg 1ml, 100p
12102020Bond Elut-C18 OH, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12102022Bond Elut-Al-B, 100Mg 1ml, 100p
12102023Bond Elut-AL-N, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12102024BOND ELUT-FL, 100MG 1ML, 100p
12102025Bond Elut-C18, 200mg 3ml, 50p
12102025TBond Elut-C18, 200Mg 3ml, Tabless 50p
12102026Bond Elut-C8, 200mg 3mL, 50p
12102027Bond Elut-C2, 200mg 3mL, 50p
12102028Bond Elut C18, 500mg 3ml, 50p
12102029Bond Elut-C8, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102030Bond Elut-C2, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102031Bond Elut-C1, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102032Bond Elut-PH, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102033Bond Elut-CH, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102034Bond Elut-CN-E, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102036Bond Elut-2OH, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102037Bond Elut SI, 500mg 3ml, 50p
12102038Bond Elut CBA, 500mg 3ml, 50p
12102039Bond Elut PRS, 500mg 3ml, 50p
12102040Bond Elut-SCX, 500mg 3ml, 50p
12102041Bond Elut NH2, 500mg 3ml, 50p
12102042Bond Elut-PSA, 500mg 3ml, 50p
12102042C250BE Carbon 250mg/PSA 250mg, 3ml, 50p
12102042C500BE Carbon 500mg/PSA 500mg, 6ml,30p
12102043Bond Elut-DEA, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102044Bond Elut SAX, 500mg 3ml, 50p
12102044TBond Elut-SAX, 500Mg 3ml-Tabless, 50p
12102046Bond Elut-C18 OH, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102047Bond Elut-AL-A, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102048Bond Elut-AL-B, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102049Bond Elut-AL-N, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102050Bond Elut Fl, 500mg 3ml, 50p
12102051Bond Elut Certify, 130mg 3ml, 50p
12102052Bond Elut C18, 500mg 6ml,30p
12102052TBond Elut-C18, 500Mg 6ml Tabless,30p
12102053Bond Elut-C8, 500mg 6mL,30p
12102054Non-Polar APP Kit, 100Mg, 60/Pk
12102055Non-Polar APP Kit, 500Mg,30p
12102056Polar Ion APP Kit, 100Mg, 60/Pk
12102057Polar Ion APP Kit, 500Mg,30p
12102058Bond Elut C18, 50mg 1ml, 100p
12102058BBond Elut-C18, 50Mg 1ml, 500p
12102059Bond Elut-C8, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102060Bond Elut-C2, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102062Bond Elut-PH, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102064Bond Elut-CN-E, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102065Bond Elut-C18 OH, 50Mg 1ml, 100p
12102066Bond Elut-CN-U, 50Mg 1ml, 100p
12102067Bond Elut-2OH, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102068Bond Elut-SI, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102069Bond Elut-AL-A, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102070Bond Elut-Al-B, 50Mg 1ml, 100p
12102071Bond Elut-Al-N, 50Mg 1ml, 100p
12102072Bond Elut-Fl, 50Mg 1ml, 100p
12102073Bond Elut-CBA, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102074Bond Elut-PRS, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102075Bond Elut-SCX, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102076Bond Elut NH2, 50mg 1ml, 100p
12102077Bond Elut-PSA, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102078Bond Elut-DEA, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102079Bond Elut-SAX, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102080Bond Elut Certify II, 200mg 3ml, 50p
12102081Bond Elut Certify, 300mg 3ml, 50p
12102082Bond Elut Certify, 300mg 6ml,30p
12102083Bond Elut-Certify, 130Mg 1ml, 100p
12102084Bond Elut-Certify II, 500mg 6mL,30p
12102085Bond Elut Certify, 1gm 6ml,30p
12102086Bond Elut-PRS, 500Mg 6ml,30p
12102087Bond Elut-SAX, 1gm 3mL, 50p
12102088Bond Elut-Certify II, 1gm 6mL,30p
12102089Bond Elut-NH2, 200mg 3mL, 50p
12102090Bond Elut-C1, 100mg 3mL, 50p
12102093Bond Elut-Certify, 500mg 6mL,30p
12102094Bond Elut-PRS, 200mg 3mL, 50p
12102095Bond Elut-CELLuLOSE, 300mg 3mL, 500p
12102096Bond Elut-C18, 200mg 1mL, 100p
12102097Bond Elut-CBA, 100mg 3mL, 50p
12102098Bond Elut-SCX, 100mg 3mL, 50p
12102099Bond Elut C18, 100mg 3ml, 50p
12102100Bond Elut-C8, 100mg 3mL, 50p
12102103Bond Elut-SAX, 1.5gm 3ml, 50p
12102105Bond Elut-PBA, 500mg 6mL,30p
12102106Bond Elut-NH2, 200mg 6mL,30p
12102107Bond Elut-NH2, 1gm 3mL, 50p
12102108Bond Elut-NH2, 300mg 3mL, 50p
12102109Bond Elut-FL, 1gm 3mL, 50p
12102114Bond Elut - 2OH, 500Mg 6ml,30p
12102115Bond Elut-C2, 500mg 6mL,30p
12102116Bond Elut-SAX-250Mg/PSA-250Mg 3ml, 50p
12102117Bond Elut-C2, 100mg 3mL, 50p
12102118Bond Elut-C18, 1gm 3mL, 50p
12102119Bond Elut-SI, 1.5gm 3mL, 50p
12102121Bond Elut-C18 Int, 100Mg 1ml, 100p
12102122Bond Elut-C18 Int, 200Mg 3ml, 50p
12102123Bond Elut-C18 Int, 500Mg 3ml, 50p
12102124Bond Elut-CBA, 200mg 3mL, 50p
12102125Bond Elut-SAX, 100mg 3mL, 50p
12102126Bond Elut-SAX, 200Mg 3ml, 50p
12102127Bond Elut-Pba, 100Mg 3ml, 50p
12102128Bond Elut-Si, 100Mg 3ml, 50p
12102129Bond Elut-Fl, 200Mg 3ml, 50p
12102131Bond Elut NH2/Si 200Mg/750Mg, 3ml
12102132Bond Elut-Phenol, 500Mg 3ml, 50p
12102133Bond Elut-Al-A, 200Mg 1ml, 100p
12102136Bond Elut-C18 EWP, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12102138Bond Elut-C18 Ewp, 200Mg 3ml, 50p
12102139Bond Elut-C18 EWP, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12102142Bond Elut DEA, 100mg 3ml, 50p
12102144Bond Elut-SAX, 500mg 6mL,30p
12102145Bond Elut Certify, 200mg 3ml, 50p
12102146Bond Elut-TCA, 100Mg 3ml, 50p
12102147Bond Elut-Si, 200Mg 20ml, 20p
12102148Bond Elut-PPL, 1gm 3mL, 50p
12102152Bond Elut-Certify II, 200Mg 6ml,30p
12102153Bond Elut-LMS, 300Mg 6ml,30p
12102155Bond Elut-PSA, 300Mg 1ml, 100p
12102156Bond Elut-Certify, 500Mg 3ml, 50p
12102157NEXUS WCX, 60mg 3mL, 100p
12102158BE NH2-100Mg/EnvirElut 500Mg, 3ml, 50p
12102159Bond Elut Fl, 500Mg, 6ml,30p
12102160Bond Elut NH2, 500Mg, 12ml 20p
12102161Bond Elut-C18, 100Mg 6ml,30p
12102163Bond Elut Tph, 50p
12102165Bond Elut-SAX, 100Mg 6ml,30p
12102166Bond Elut Tph, W 500 Mg Na2So4, 50p
12102167Bond Elut Mycotoxin, 500mg 3ml, 50p
12102201Bond Elut Carbon, 250mg, 6ml,30p
12102300TOP 300Mg/6ml,30p
12102301TOP 500Mg/6ml,30p
12103100ABS Elut-NEXUS, 30mg 1mL, 100p
12103101ABS Elut-NEXUS, 60mg 3mL, 100p
12103101TNEXUS 60MG 3ML TABLESS, 100p
12103102ABS Elut-NEXUS, 200mg 6mL,30p
12105001Bond Elut-PPL, 25Mg 1ml, 100p
12105002Bond Elut-PPL, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12105003Bond Elut-PPL, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12105004Bond Elut-PPL, 100mg 3mL, 50p
12105005Bond Elut-PPL, 200mg 3mL, 50p
12105006Bond Elut-PPL, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12105011Bond Elut-Env, 25Mg 1ml, 100p
12105011TBond Elut-Env, 25Mg 1ml, Tabless,100p
12105012Bond Elut-ENV, 50mg 1mL, 100p
12105013Bond Elut-ENV, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12105014Bond Elut-ENV, 100mg 3mL, 50p
12105015Bond Elut-ENV, 200mg 3mL, 50p
12105016Bond Elut-ENV, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12105017Bond Elut-Env, 60Mg 3ml, 50p
12105021Bond Elut-LMS, 25mg 1mL, 100p
12105022Bond Elut-LMS, 50Mg 1ml, 100p
12105023Bond Elut-LMS, 100mg 1mL, 100p
12105024Bond Elut-LMS, 100mg 3mL, 50p
12105025Bond Elut-LMS, 200mg 3mL, 50p
12105026Bond Elut-LMS, 500mg 3mL, 50p
12105027Bond Elut-C18, 50mg 3mL, 50p
12105028Bond Elut-C8, 50mg 3mL, 50p
12105029Bond Elut-C2, 50mg 3mL, 50p
12105030Bond Elut Certify, 50mg 3ml, 50p
12105031Bond Elut-Certify II, 50mg 3mL, 50p
12105032Bond Elut-PCB, 1gm 3mL, 50p
12105033Bond Elut PBA200mg/PCX60mg 3mL 50p
12105042Bond Elut-PSA, 500Mg 6ml, 50p
12105044Bond Elut-PSA, 3gm 6ml,30p
12105100Bond Elut-C18, 100Mg, 3ml Tabless, 48/P
12105102Bond Elut-C18, 100Mg 1ml Tabless, 100p
12105102BBond Elut C18, 100mg 1ml Tabless, 500p
12105103BOND ELUT-C18, 500MG 3ML, TABLESS , 50P
12107206Bond Elut Plexa PAX 200mg, 6mL30p
12107301Bond Elut Plexa PAX 30mg, 1mL 100p
12107303Bond Elut Plexa PAX 30mg, 3mL 50p
12107601Bond Elut Plexa PAX 60mg, 1mL 100p
12107603Bond Elut Plexa PAX 60mg, 3mL 50p
12108206Bond Elut Plexa PCX, 200mg, 6ml,30p
12108301Bond Elut Plexa PCX, 30mg, 1ml, 100p
12108301BBond Elut Plexa PCX, 30Mg, 1ml, 1000p
12108303Bond Elut Plexa PCX, 30mg, 3ml 50p
12108303BBond Elut Plexa PCX 30mg 3mL 500p
12108403Bond Elut Plexa PCX, 500Mg, 3ml30p
12108601Bond Elut PlexaPCX, 60mg, 1mL, 100p
12108603Bond Elut Plexa PCX, 60mg, 3ml 50p
12108603BBond Elut Plexa PCX, 60mg, 3ml 500p
12108603TBond Elut Plexa PCX,60Mg3ml Tabless 50P
12108610Bond Elut Plexa PCX, 200Mg, 3ml 50p
12109206Bond Elut Plexa, 200mg, 6ml,30p
12109301Bond Elut Plexa, 30mg, 1ml, 100p
12109301BBond Elut Plexa, 30Mg, 1ml, 1000p
12109301TBE Plexa, 30Mg, 1ml Tabless, 100p
12109303Bond Elut Plexa, 30mg, 3ml 50p
12109601Bond Elut Plexa, 60mg, 1ml, 100p
12109603Bond Elut Plexa, 60mg, 3ml 50p
12109603ASPASPEC Bond Elut Plexa, 60Mg, 3ml 50p
12109610Bond Elut Plexa, 200mg, 3ml 50p
12109703Bond Elut Plexa, 500mg, 3mL30p
1210C18OHTBE C18-OH, 500Mg 6ml Tabless,30p
1210C18OHTCBE C18-OH, 500Mg 6ml Tabless, 96p
1210C18OHTCBBE C18-OH, 500Mg 6ml Tabless, 480/PK
12113000Abs Elut LRC-Tox, 50Mg, 50p
12113001Bond Elut 1cc LRC-C18, 100mg, 50p
12113002Bond Elut 1cc LRC-C8, 100mg, 50p
12113003Bond Elut 1cc LRC-C2, 100mg, 50p
12113005Bond Elut 1cc LRC-PH, 100mg, 50p
12113009Bond Elut 1cc LRC-2OH, 100mg, 50p
12113010Bond Elut 1cc LRC-SI, 100mg, 50p
12113011Bond Elut 1cc LRC-CBA, 100mg, 50p
12113012Bond Elut 1cc LRC-PRS, 100mg, 50p
12113013Bond Elut 1cc LRC-SCX, 100mg, 50p
12113013BBond Elut LRC-SCX, 100Mg, 500p
12113014Bond Elut 1cc LRC-NH2, 100mg, 50p
12113016Bond Elut 1cc LRC-DEA, 100mg, 50p
12113017Bond Elut 1cc LRC-SAX, 100mg, 50p
12113018Bond Elut LRC-PBA, 100mg, 50p
12113024Bond Elut LRC-C18, 200mg, 50p
12113025Bond Elut LRC-C8, 200mg, 50p
12113027Bond Elut LRC-C18, 500mg, 50p
12113028Bond Elut LRC-C8, 500mg, 50p
12113029Bond Elut LRC-C2, 500mg, 50p
12113031Bond Elut LRC-PH, 500mg, 50p
12113032Bond Elut LRC-CH, 500mg, 50p
12113033Bond Elut LRC-CN-E, 500mg, 50p
12113034Bond Elut LRC-CN-U, 500Mg, 50p
12113035Bond Elut LRC-2OH, 500mg, 50p
12113036Bond Elut LRC-SI, 500mg, 50p
12113037Bond Elut LRC-CBA, 500mg, 50p
12113038Bond Elut LRC-PRS, 500mg, 50p
12113039Bond Elut LRC-SCX, 500mg, 50p
12113040Bond Elut LRC-NH2, 500mg, 50p
12113041Bond Elut LRC-PSA, 500mg, 50p
12113042Bond Elut LRC-DEA, 500mg, 50p
12113043Bond Elut LRC-SAX, 500mg, 50p
12113045Bond Elut LRC-C18 OH, 500Mg, 50p
12113046Bond Elut LRC-Al-A, 500Mg, 50p
12113048Bond Elut LRC-AL-N, 500mg, 50p
12113049Bond Elut LRC-Fl, 500mg, 50p
12113050Bond Elut LRC-Certify, 130mg, 50p
12113051Bond Elut LRC-Certify II, 200mg, 50p
12113052Bond Elut LRC-Certify, 300mg, 50p
12113054Bond Elut LRC-Certify, 200mg, 50p
12113055Bond Elut LRC-Certify, 130mg, 500p
12113056Bond Elut-SAX, LRC, 200 mg,30p
12113059Bond Elut LRC-Certify XC, 130Mg, 50p
12113062Bond Elut 1cc LRC-TCA, 100Mg, 50p
12113063Bond Elut 1cc LRC-CERT II, 100mg, 50p
12113064Bond Elut 1cc LRC-Cert II, 75Mg, 50p
12113067Bond Elut LRC-NH2, 200mg, 50p
12113068Bond Elut 1cc LRC-C18 EWP, 50mg, 50p
12113070Bond Elut LRC-C18 Ewp, 200Mg, 50p
12113071Bond Elut LRC-C18 EWP, 500mg, 50p
12113073Bond Elut LRC-Si, 100Mg, 50p
12113074Bond Elut LRC-C18, 100Mg, 50p
12113075Bond Elut LRC-C8, 100Mg, 50p
12113079Bond Elut LRC-CBA, 200Mg, 50p
12113100ABS Elut 1cc LRC-NEXUS, 30mg, 50p
12113101ABS Elut LRC-NEXUS, 60mg, 50p
12113121Bond Elut 1cc LRC-C18 Int, 100Mg, 50p
12113123Bond Elut LRC-C18 Int, 500Mg, 50p
12115023Bond Elut 1cc LRC-LMS, 100Mg, 50p
1212374Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22um, 13mm, 100p
1212375Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45um, 90mm, 25p
1212379Filter, Disk, PP, 0.45um, 25mm, 100p
1212380Filter, Disk, PP, 0.45um, 47mm, 100p
1212381Filter, Disk, PP, 0.45um, 90mm, 25p
1212383Filter, Disk, PP, 0.45um, 142mm, 25p
1212390Filter, Disk, PP, 1.2um, 25mm, 100p
1212391Filter, Disk, PP, 1.2um, 47mm, 100p
1212392Filter, Disk, PP, 1.2um, 90mm, 25p
1212394Filter, Disk, PP, 1.2um,142mm, 25p
12124025Bond Elut SS-C18, 500Mg 3ml, 50p
12124038Bond Elut SS-NH2, 500Mg 3ml, 50p
12124047Bond Elut SS-Fl, 500Mg 3ml, 50p
1212517Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45um, 142mm, 25p
1212620Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45um, 293mm, 25p
1212631Filter, Disk, NC, 8.0um, 293mm, 25p
1212648Filter, Disk, CA, 5.0um, 90mm, 25p
1212661Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 10um, 47mm, 100p
1212790Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.4um, BL,25mm, 100p
1212846Filter, Disk, CA, 0.65um, 25mm, 100p
1212899Capsule Filter, NY, 0.1um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p,5
1212905Capsule Filter, NY, 0.22um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p,5
1212908Capsule Filter, NY, 0.45um, 3/8in Barb, 1p,5
1212910Capsule Filter, NY, 0.45um, 1/4inNptm, 1p,
1212911Capsule Filter, NY, 0.45um, 1/2in Nptm, 1p,5
1212929Capsule Filter, PP, 0.22um, 1/2in Nptm, 1p
1212930Capsule Filter, PP, 0.45um, 1/2in Nptm, 1p
1212932Capsule Filter, PP, 1.2um, 1/2in Nptm, 1p
1212933Capsule Filter, PP,3.0,1/2in Nptm, 1p
1212935Capsule Filter, PP, 10um, 1/2in Nptm, 1p
1212936Capsule Filter, PTFE, 0.1um, 1/2in Nptm, 1p
1212937Capsule Filter, PTFE, 0.22um, 1/2in Nptm, 1p
1212939Capsule Filter, NY, 0.1um, 1/4in Barb, 1p
1212942Filter, Disk, CA, 0.65,47mm, 100p
1212949Capsule Filter, PP, 0.22um, 1/4in Barb, 1p
1212950Capsule Filter, PP, 0.45um, 1/4in Barb, 1p
1212951Capsule Filter, PP, 1.2um, 1/4in Barb, 1p
1212953Capsule Filter, PP, 5.0um, 1/4in Barb, 1p
1212954Capsule Filter, PP, 10um, 1/4in Barb, 1p
1212971Capsule Filter, PP, 0.22um, 1.5in Flange, 1p
1212972Capsule Filter, PP, 0.45um, 1.5in Flange, 1p
1212975Capsule Filter, PP, 5.0um, 1.5in Flange, 1p
1212978Capsule Filter, PTFE, 0.22um, 1.5in Flange, 1p
1212982Capsule Filter, PTFE, 0.1um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p,5
1212987Capsule Filter, PTFE, 0.22um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p,5
1212992Capsule Filter, PTFE, 0.45um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213037Filter, Disk, CA, 0.65um, 90mm, 25p
1213057Capsule Filter, PP, 0.22um, 1/2in Nptm, 1p,2.5
1213058Capsule Filter, PP, 0.22um, 1.5in Flange, 1p,2.5
1213070Capsule Filter, PP,3.0,3/8in Barb, 1p,2.5
1213078Capsule Filter, PP, 5.0um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p,
1213080Capsule Filter, PP, 5.0um, 1.5in Flange, 1p,2.5
1213081Capsule Filter, PP, 10um, 3/8in Barb, 1p,2.5
1213089Capsule Filter, PP, 0.22um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p,5
1213090Capsule Filter, PP, 0.22um, 1/2in Nptm, 1p,5
1213091Capsule Filter, PP, 0.22um, 1.5in Flange, 1p,5
1213095Capsule Filter, PP, 0.45um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p,5
1213098Capsule Filter, PP, 1.2um, 3/8in Barb, 1p
1213100Capsule Filter, PP, 1.2um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
12131001Adapters-1, 3 and 6ml, 15p
12131003Adapters-20ml and LRC, 10p
12131004Adapters-60mL, 10p
12131005Luer Stopcocks, 15p
12131006Depth Filter-Celite, 6ml, 100p
12131007Reservoir-1ml Capacity, 100p
12131008Reservoir-3ml Capacity, 100p
12131009Reservoir-6ml Capacity, 100p
1213101Capsule Filter, PP, 1.2um, 1/2in Nptm, 1p,5
12131010Reservoir-12ml Capacity, 100p
12131011Reservoir-20ml Capacity, 100p
12131012Reservoir-60ml Capacity, 100p
12131013Reservoir-2 Frits, 1ml Capacity, 100p
12131014Reservoir-2 Frits, 3ml Capacity, 100p
12131014SSuperClean Reservoir-2fritsPP, 3ml 100p
12131015Reservoir-1 Thk Frit,6ml Capacity,100p
12131016Reservoir-2 Frits, 12ml Capacity, 100p
12131017Reservoir-2 Frits, 20ml Capacity, 100p
12131018Reservoir-2 Frits, 60ml Capacity, 100p
12131019Frits-1ml, 1/4in, 20um, 100p
12131020Frits-3ml, 3/8in, 20um, 100p
12131021Frits-6ml, 1/2in, 20um, 100p
12131022Frits-12ml, 5/8in, 20um, 100p
12131023Frits-20ml, 13/16in, 20um, 100p
12131024Frits-60ml, 1-1/16in, 20um, 100p
12131031Adapters-60ml, 200/Pk
12131033Anhydrous Sodium sulf LRC, 1gm, 100p
12131034ASPEC CAPS, 1mL-YELLOW, 1000p
12131035ASPEC CAPS, 3mL-BLuE, 1000p
12131036ASPEC Caps, 6ml-Red, 1000p
12131042Reservoir-140ml Capacity, 25p
12131043Frits-140ml, 1.514 Thick , 20um, 50p
1213111Capsule Filter, PP, 5.0um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p,5
12131115Reservoir-1 Frit +1 , 8ml, 100p
1213113Capsule Filter, PP, 5.0um, 1.5in Flange, 1p,5
1213117Capsule Filter, PP, 10um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p,5
1213124Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22um, 25mm,100p
1213125Filter, Disk, CA, 0.65um, 142mm, 25p
1213145Filter, Disk, NC, 0.4um, BL,GRD,47mm, 1.000p
1213154Capsule Filter, PTFE, 0.1um, 3/8in Barb, 1p
1213155Capsule Filter, PTFE, 0.22um, 3/8in Barb, 1p
1213157Capsule Filter, PP,3.0,1/4inNptm, 1p
1213158Capsule Filter, PTFE, 0.22um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213160Capsule Filter, PTFE, 0.1um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213161Capsule Filter, PTFE, 0.45um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213180Filter, Disk, PP, 0.22um, 47mm, 100p
12132004Anhydrous Sodium sulf, 15gm, 16p
1213305Filter, Disk, CA, 0.8um, 13mm, 100p
1213331Filter, Disk, NC, 0.7um, GRD,BL,st,47mm,S1, 200p
1213343Filter, Disk, CA, 0.8um, 25mm, 100p
1213358Filter, Disk, CA, 0.8um, 47mm, 100p
1213516Filter, Disk, CA, 0.8um, 142mm, 25p
1213529Capsule Filter, NY, 0.1um, 3/8in Barb, 1p
1213540Capsule Filter, NY, 0.1um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213550Capsule Filter, NY, 0.22um, 3/8in Barb, 1p
1213561Capsule Filter, NY, 0.22um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213577Capsule Filter, NY, 0.45um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213578Capsule Filter, PP, 0.22um, 3/8in Barb, 1p
1213584Capsule Filter, PP, 0.22um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213591Capsule Filter, PP, 0.45um, 3/8in Barb, 1p
1213596Capsule Filter, PP, 0.45um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213605Capsule Filter, PP, 1.2um, 3/8in Barb, 1p
1213608Capsule Filter, PES, 0.22um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213610Capsule Filter, PES, 0.45um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213611Capsule Filter, PP, 1.2um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213616Capsule Filter, PP,25,3/8in Barb, 1p
1213617Capsule Filter, PP,25,1/4in Nptm, 1p,2.5
1213619Capsule Filter, PP, 5.0um, 3/8in Barb, 1p
1213620Capsule Filter, PP, 5.0um, 1/4in Nptm
1213621Capsule Filter, PP, 10um, 3/8in Barb, 1p
1213622Capsule Filter, PP, 10um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213643Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, GRD,BL,st,47mm,S4 1000p
1213684Capsule Filter, NY, 0.22um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213685Capsule Filter, NY, 0.22um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p,5
1213697Capsule Filter, NY, 0.45um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213730Filter, Disk, CA, 1.2um, 25mm, 100p
1213757Capsule Filter, NY, 0.22um, 3/8in Barb,st, 1p
1213760Filter, Disk, N66, 0.1um, 13mm, 100p
1213761Filter, Disk, N66, 0.1um, 25mm, 100p
1213762Filter, Disk, N66, 0.1um, 47mm, 100p
1213763Filter, Disk, N66, 0.1um, 90mm, 25p
1213764Filter, Disk, N66, 0.1um, 142mm, 25p
1213765Filter, Disk, N66, 0.1um, 293mm, 25p
1213766Filter, Disk, N66, 0.22um, 13mm, 100p
1213768Filter, Disk, N66, 0.22um, 25mm, 100p
1213769Filter, Disk, N66, 0.22um, 47mm, 100p
1213770Filter, Disk, N66, 0.22um, 90mm, 25p
1213771Filter, Disk, N66, 0.22um, 142mm, 25p
1213772Filter, Disk, N66, 0.22um, 293mm, 25p
1213774Filter, Disk, N66, 0.45um, 13mm, 100p
1213775Filter, Disk, N66, 0.45um, 25mm, 100p
1213776Filter, Disk, N66, 0.45um, 47mm, 100p
1213778Filter, Disk, N66, 0.45um, 90mm, 25p
1213779Filter, Disk, N66, 0.45um, 142mm, 25p
1213780Filter, Disk, N66, 0.45um, 293mm, 25p
1213782Filter, Disk, N66, 0.65um, 25mm, 100p
1213783Filter, Disk, N66, 0.65um, 47mm, 100p
1213784Filter, Disk, N66, 0.65um, 90mm, 25p
1213786Filter, Disk, N66, 0.65um, 142mm, 25p
1213788Filter, Disk, N66, 0.8um, 13mm, 100p
1213789Filter, Disk, N66, 0.8um, 25mm, 100p
1213790Filter, Disk, N66, 0.8um, 47mm, 100p
1213791Filter, Disk, N66, 0.8um, 90mm, 25p
1213792Filter, Disk, N66, 0.8um, 142mm, 25p
1213793Filter, Disk, N66, 0.8um, 293mm, 25p
1213794Filter, Disk, N66, 1.2um, 13mm, 100p
1213796Filter, Disk, N66, 1.2um, 25mm, 100p
1213797Filter, Disk, N66, 1.2um, 47mm, 100p
1213798Filter, Disk, N66, 1.2um, 90mm, 25p
1213799Filter, Disk, N66, 1.2um, 142mm, 25p
1213800Filter, Disk, N66, 1.2um, 293mm, 25p
1213801Filter, Disk, N66, 20um, 13mm,100p
1213802Filter, Disk, N66, 20um, 25mm, 100p
1213803Filter, Disk, N66, 20um, 47mm, 100p
1213804Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22um, 47mm, 100p
1213805Filter, Disk, CA, 1.2um, 47mm, 100p
1213807Filter, Disk, N66, 20um, 90mm, 25p
1213808Filter, Disk, N66, 20um, 142mm, 25p
1213809Filter, Disk, N66, 20um, 293mm, 25p
1213810Filter, Disk, N66, 5.0um, 13mm, 100p
1213811Filter, Disk, N66, 5.0um, 25mm, 100p
1213812Filter, Disk, N66, 5.0um, 47mm, 100p
1213813Filter, Disk, N66, 5.0um, 90mm, 25p
1213815Filter, Disk, N66, 5.0um, 142mm, 25p
1213816Filter, Disk, N66, 5.0um, 293mm, 25p
1213817Filter, Disk, N66, 10um, 13mm, 100p
1213818Filter, Disk, N66, 10um, 25mm, 100p
1213819Filter, Disk, N66, 10um, 47mm, 100p
1213820Filter, Disk, N66, 10um, 90mm, 25p
1213823Filter, Disk, N66, 10um, 293mm, 25p
1213825Filter, Disk, N66, 0.45um, GRD,47mm, 100p
1213845Filter, Disk, N66, 0.45um, GRD,st,47mm,S1, 200p
1213889Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.2um, BL,47mm, 100p
1213893Capsule Filter, PPM, 0.22um, 1/2in NPTM, 1p
1213941Capsule Filter, PPM, 0.22um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1213956Capsule Filter, PES, 0.22um, 1.5Flange, 1p,st
1213958Filter, Disk, CA, 1.2um, 142mm, 25p
1214001Capsule Filter, PES, 0.22um, 1/4in Nptm,st, 1p
1214038Filter, Disk, CA, 1.2um, 293mm, 25p
1214083Capsule Filter, PES, 0.22um, 1.5in FL,st, 1p,5
1214169Filter, Disk, PES, 0.22um, 142mm, 25p
1214170Filter, Disk, PES, 0.45um, 142mm, 25p
1214193Filter, Disk, PES, 0.22um, 25mm, 100p
1214225Capsule Filter, PES, 0.22um, 1/4in Barb,st, 1p
1214227Capsule Filter, PES, 0.45um, 1/4in Barb, 1p
1214237Filter, Disk, PPM, 0.1um, 47mm, 100p
1214238Filter, Disk, PPM, 0.22um, 25mm, 100p
1214239Filter, Disk, PPM, 0.22um, 47mm, 100p
1214240Filter, Disk, PPM, 0.22um, 90mm, 25p
1214241Filter, Disk, PPM, 0.22um, 142mm, 25p
12143101Deep 96-Well Coll. Plate, 24/Box
1214357Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22um, 90mm, 25p
1214370Filter, Disk, CA, 5.0um, 25mm, 100p
1214396Filter, Disk, NC, 0.22um, GRD,st,47mm,S4, 1000p
1214411Filter, Disk, CA, 5.0um, 47mm, 100p
1214436Capsule Filter, PES, 0.22um, 1/4in Barb, 1p
1214443Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 1.0um, 20x20cm, 5p
1214448Capsule Filter, NY, 0.22um, 3/8in Barb,st, 1p
1214456Filter, Disk, NC, 8.0um, 13mm, 100p
1214457Capsule Filter, NY, 0.45um, 3/8in Barb, 1p,PS
1214465Filter, Disk, PES, 0.22um, 47mm, 100p
1214475Filter, Disk, PES, 0.45um, 47mm, 100p
1214527Filter, Disk, NC, 0.1um, 25mm, 100p
1214532Filter, Disk, PES, 0.45um, 25mm, 100p
1214533Filter, Disk, NC, 0.1um, 47mm, 100p
1214554Filter, Disk, NC, 0.1um, 142mm, 25p
1214565Filter, Disk, NC, 0.1um, 293mm, 25p
1214567Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.4um, BL,47mm, 100p
1214568Filter, Disk, PES, 0.8um, 47mm, 100p
12146036Filter-Plate Polypropylene
1214604Filter, Disk, PES, 0.8um, 25mm, 100p
1214669Filter, Disk, PES, 0.8um, 90mm, 25p
1214756Filter, Disk, PES, 0.1um, 47mm, 100p
1214759Filter, Disk, PES, 0.22um, 293mm, 25p
1214760Filter, Disk, PES, 0.45um, 293mm, 25p
1214839Filter, Disk, NC, 0.22um, GRD,47mm, 100p
1214851Filter, Disk, CA, 5.0um, 142mm, 25p
1214861Filter, Disk, NC, 0.22um, GRD,st,47mm,S1, 200p
1214866Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, GRD,BL,st,47mm,S2 100p
1214872Filter, Disk, NC, 0.22um, GRD,st,47mm,S2, 100p
1214880Filter, Disk, N66, 1.2um, GRD,47mm, 100p
1214881Filter, Disk, N66, 0.8um, SP, 37mm, 100p
1214882Filter, Disk, NC, 0.22um, 13mm, 100p
1214898Filter, Disk, NC, 0.22um, 25mm, 100p
1214909Filter, Disk, NC, 0.22um, 47mm, 100p
1214920Filter, Disk, PES, 0.22um, 90mm, 25p
1214923Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, GRD,st,47mm,S4, 1000p
1214930Filter, Disk, NC, 0.22um, 50mm, 100p
1214941Filter, Disk, NC, 0.22um, 90mm, 25p
1214950Filter, Disk, NC, 0.22um, 142mm, 25p
1214956Filter, Roll, N66, 1.2um, SP,30cmx3m
1214959Filter, Disk, NC, 0.22um, 293mm, 25p
1214969Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, BL,GRD,25mm, 100p
1214977Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, BL,GRD,47mm, 100p
1214991Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, GRD,BL,st,47mm,S1 200p
1215019Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, BL, 25mm, 100p
1215027Filter, Disk, NC, 8.0um, 90mm, 25p
1215030Capsule Filter, PES, 0.22um, 1.5in FL, SST, 1p, 5
1215036Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 3.0um, 47mm, 100p
1215041Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, 25x80mm, 50p
1215042Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, PVPF,25x80mm, 50p
1215043Filter, Disk, PCTE, 10um, PVPF,25x80mm, 50p
1215044Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,12.0,PVPF,25x80mm, 50p
1215046Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.01um, 13mm, 100p
1215047Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.03um, 13mm, 100p
1215048Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.05um, 13mm, 100p
1215049Filter, Disk, PCTE, 3.0um, 13mm, 100p
1215050Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 3.0um, PVPF,13mm, 100p
1215051Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, PVPF,13mm, 100p
1215052Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, PVPF,13mm,100p
1215053Filter, Disk, PCTE, 10um, PVPF,13mm, 100p
1215054Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,12.0,13mm,100p
1215055Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,12.0,PVPF,13mm, 100p
1215056Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.1um, 19mm, 100p
1215057Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.03um, 25mm, 100p
1215058Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.08um, 25mm, 100p
1215059Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.1um, PVPF, 0.1um, 25mm, 100p
1215062Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,2.0,25mm, 100p
1215063Filter, Disk, PCTE, 3.0um, 25mm, 100p
1215068Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.01um, 47mm, 100p
1215069Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.03um, 47mm, 100p
1215070Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.05um, 47mm, 100p
1215071Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,AOX, 0.4um, 47mm, 100p
1215073Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.4um, PVPF,47mm, 100p
1215074Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22um, 142mm, 25p
1215077Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 14.0um, 47mm, 100p
1215078Filter, Disk, PCTE, 20um, 47mm, 100p
1215116Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.01um, 8x10in, 30p
1215117Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.1um, 8x10in, 30p
1215118Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.2um, 8x10in, 30p
1215138Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.8um, BL,25mm, 100p
1215142Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.4um, BL,13mm, 100p
1215145Filter, Disk, PCTE, 1.0um, 293mm, 20p
1215147Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.4um, 19mm, 100p
1215148Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, PVPF,47mm, 100p
1215150Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.1um, 90mm, 30p
1215151Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.2um, 90mm, 30p
1215152Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.4um, 142mm, 20p
1215153Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 1.0um, 90mm, 30p
1215154Capsule Filter, PES, 0.22um, 1/2in Nptm,1p
1215161Filter, Disk, PCTE, 1.0um, BL,25mm, 100p
1215173Filter, Disk, PETE, 10um, 47mm, 100p
1215179Capsule Filter, PP,25,1/2in Nptm, 1p,5
1215183Filter, Disk, PETE, 5.0um, 47mm, 100p
1215185Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.2um, BL,13mm, 100p
1215188Filter, Disk, PCTE, 5.0um, BL,25mm, 100p
1215194Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.8um, 90mm,30p
1215198Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.6um, BL,47mm, 100p
1215201Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, 142mm, 20p
1215207Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, GRD,47mm, 100p
1215215Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.2um, 142mm, 20p
1215219Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.1um, 293mm, 20p
1215230Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, GRD,st,47mm,S1, 200p
1215236Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.8um, BL,13mm, 100p
1215237Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, GRD,st,47mm,S2, 100p
1215249Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, GRD,st,47mm,S5, 1000p
1215257Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, 13mm, 100p
1215263Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, 25mm, 100p
1215271Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.05um, 8x10in, 30p
1215274Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.4um, 8x10in, 30p
1215275Filter, Disk, PCTE, 3.0um, 8inX10in, 30p
1215281Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, 47mm, 100p
1215288Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.2um, 47mm, 100p
1215290Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.65um, BL,25mm, 100p
1215297Filter, Disk, PCTE,BL,2.0,25mm,100p
1215303Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.4um, 90mm, 30p
1215304Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.1um, 142mm, 20p
1215305Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, 90mm, 25p
1215308Filter, Disk, PETE, 1.0um, 25mm, 100p
1215309Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.8um, 142mm, 20p
1215311Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.1um, BL,13mm, 100p
1215315Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.1um, BL,25mm, 100p
1215316Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, 142mm, 25p
1215317Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.4um, 293mm, 20p
1215321Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.01um, 25mm, 100p
1215323Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, 293mm, 25p
1215324Filter, Disk, PETE, 5.0um, 13mm, 100p
1215367Filter, Disk, PETE, 3.0um, 47mm, 100p
1215368Filter, Disk, PES, 0.45um, 90mm, 25p
1215373Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.4um, 47mm, 100p
1215374Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.8um, 47mm, 100p
1215376Filter, Disk, NC, 0.65um, 25mm, 100p
1215379Filter, Disk, PETE, 1.0um, 13mm, 100p
1215380Filter, Disk, NC, 0.65um, 47mm, 100p
1215385Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.2um, 293mm, 20p
1215388Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, 142mm, 20p
1215396Filter, Disk, PES, 5.0um, 47mm, 100p
1215403Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, 90mm, 30p
1215406Filter, Disk, NC, 0.7um, GRD,st,47mm,S1, 200p
1215407Filter, Disk, NC, 0.7um, GRD,st,47mm,S2, 100p
1215408Filter, Disk, NC, 0.7um, GRD,st, 47mm, 1.000p
1215409Filter, Disk, NC, 0.7um, GRD,st,47mm,S5, 1000p
1215411Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, BL,GRD,25mm, 100p
1215412Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, BL,GRD,47mm, 100p
1215415Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, BL,25mm, 100p
1215416Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, BL,47mm, 100p
1215419Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, GRD,25mm, 100p
1215421Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, GRD,47mm, 100p
1215424Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, 13mm, 100p
1215425Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, 25mm, 100p
1215427Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22um, 293mm, 25p
1215428Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, 47mm, 100p
1215431Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, 90mm, 25p
1215432Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, 142mm, 25p
1215433Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, 293mm, 25p
1215435Filter, Disk, NC, 1.2um, GRD,25mm, 100p
1215437Filter, Disk, NC, 1.2um, GRD,47mm, 100p
1215438Filter, Disk, NC, 1.2um, 13mm, 100p
1215440Filter, Disk, NC, 1.2um, 25mm, 100p
1215441Filter, Disk, NC, 1.2um, 47mm, 100p
1215442Filter, Disk, NC, 1.2um, 90mm, 25p
1215443Filter, Disk, NC, 1.2um, 142mm, 25p
1215448Filter, Disk, NC, 5.0um, 13mm, 100p
1215450Filter, Disk, NC, 5.0um, 25mm, 100p
1215451Filter, Disk, NC, 5.0um, 47mm, 100p
1215452Filter, Disk, NC, 5.0um, 90mm, 25p
1215453Filter, Disk, NC, 5.0um, 142mm, 25p
1215455Filter, Disk, NC, 8.0um, 25mm, 100p
1215456Filter, Disk, NC, 8.0um, 47mm, 100p
1215485Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.22um, 13mm, 100p
1215486Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.22um, 25mm, 100p
1215487Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.22um, 47mm, 100p
1215488Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.22um, 90mm, 25p
1215489Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.22um, 142mm, 25p
1215490Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.22um, 293mm, 25p
1215491Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.45um, 13mm, 100p
1215492Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.45um, 25mm, 100p
1215493Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.45um, 47mm, 100p
1215494Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.45um, 90mm, 25p
1215495Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.45um, 142mm, 25p
1215496Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.45um, 293mm, 25p
1215502Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 1.0um, 13mm, 100p
1215503Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 1.0um, 25mm, 100p
1215504Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 1.0um, 47mm, 100p
1215505Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 1.0um, 90mm, 25p
1215506Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 1.0um, 142mm, 25p
1215507Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 1.0um, 293mm, 25p
1215533Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45um, 13mm, 100p
1215590Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, BL,GRD,st, 47mm, 1.000p
1215605Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.1um, 13mm, 100p
1215606Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.1um, 25mm, 100p
1215608Filter, Disk, GEV2, PCTE, 0.1um, 47mm, 100p
1215609Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.2um, BL,25mm, 100p
1215610Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.2um, 13mm, 100p
1215611Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.2um, 25mm, 100p
1215612Filter, Disk, GE, PCTE, 0.2um, 47mm, 100p
1215613Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.4um, 13mm, 100p
1215614Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.4um, 25mm, 100p
1215615Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.4um, 37mm, 100p
1215617Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.4um, 47mm, 100p
1215618Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.6um, 13mm, 100p
1215619Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.65um, 25mm, 100p
1215620Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.6um, 47mm, 100p
1215621Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.8um, 13mm, 100p
1215622Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.8um, 25mm, 100p
1215623Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.8um, 37mm, 100p
1215624Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.8um, 47mm, 100p
1215625Filter, Disk, PCTE, 1.0um, 13mm, 100p
1215627Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 1.0um, 25mm, 100p
1215628Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 1.0um, 47mm, 100p
1215629Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,2.0,47mm, 100p
1215630Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, 13mm, 100p
1215631Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, 25mm, 100p
1215632Filter, Disk, PCTE, 5.0um, 47mm, 100p
1215633Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, 13mm, 100p
1215634Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, PVP,25mm, 100p
1215635Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45um, 25mm, 100p
1215637Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, 47mm, 100p
1215638Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 10um, 25mm,100p
1215676Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45um, 47mm, 100p
1215984Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,12.0,25mm, 100p
1215985Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,2.0,13mm,100p
12161001BBond Elut Jr-Nexus, 200Mg, 50p
12162028BBond Elut Jr-C18, 500mg, 100p
12162029BBond Elut JR-C8, 500mg, 100p
12162037BBond Elut JR-SI, 500mg, 100p
12162040BBond Elut Jr-SCX, 500mg, 100p
12162041BBond Elut Jr-NH2, 500mg, 100p
12162041SBond Elut Jr-NH2, 500Mg, 100p
12162042BBond Elut Jr-PSA, 500mg, 100p
12162044BBond Elut Jr-SAX, 500mg, 100p
12162048BBond Elut JR-AL-B, 500mg, 100p
12162049BBond Elut JR-AL-N, 500mg, 100p
12162050BBond Elut JR-FL, 500mg, 100p
12162051BBond Elut JR-Sodium sulf, 3gm, 100p
12162052BBond Elut JR-Sodium sulf, 1.4gm, 100p
12162054BBond Elut JR, Sodium sulf, 2.2gm 100p
12165001BBond Elut Mycotoxin, 100p
12166001BBond Elut Jr-C18, 1000mg, 100p
12166002BBond Elut Jr-C8, 1000Mg, 100p
12166008BBond Elut Jr-SI, 1000mg, 100p
12166011BBond Elut JR-SCX, 1000mg, 100p
12166012BBond Elut JR-NH2, 1000mg, 100p
12166013BBond Elut JR-SAX, 1000mg, 100p
12166014BBond Elut JR-FL, 1000mg, 100p
12166043BBond Elut Jr-Al-A, 1000Mg, 100p
12166044BBond Elut Jr-Al-B, 1000Mg, 100p
12166045BBond Elut JR-AL-N, 1000mg, 100p
12166046BBond Elut Jr-DEA, 1000Mg, 100p
12166050BBond Elut JR-PSA, 1000mg, 100p
12166052BBond Elut JR-SAX-500mg/PSA-500mg, 100p
12166053BBond Elut Jr-CN-U, 1000Mg, 100p
1216611Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 1.0um, 142mm,20p
12167001BHF Bond Elut Jr-SCX, 500Mg, 100p
1216718Filter, Disk, NC, 0.7um, BL,GRD,st,47mm, 100p
1216719Filter, Disk, NC,0.4um, BL,GRD,st,47mm, 100p
1216720Filter, Disk, NC, 0.2um, GRD,st, 47mm, 100p
1216721Filter, Disk, NC, 0.4um, GRD,st, 47mm, 100p
1216722Filter, Disk, NC, 0.7um, GRD,st, 47mm, 100p
1216723Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, BL,GRD,st,47mm, 100p
1216724Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, GRD,st, 47mm, 100p
12169610BBond Elut JR-PLEXA, 200mg, 50p
12198001Chem Elut-0.3ml, Unbuffered, 100p
12198002Chem Elut-1ml, Unbuffered, 100p
12198003Chem Elut-3ml, Unbuffered, 100p
12198004CHEM Elut-3mL, PH 4.5, 100p
12198005Chem Elut-3ml, pH 9.0, 100p
12198006Chem Elut-5ml, Unbuffered, 100p
12198007Chem Elut-10ml, Unbuffered, 100p
12198008Chem Elut-20ml, Unbuffered, 100p
12198009Chem Elut-50ml, Unbuffered, 50p
12198010Chem Elut-100ml, Unbuffered, 25p
12198011CHEM Elut-300mL, unbuffered, 15p
12198012Tox Elut-10ml, Unbuffered, 100p
12198014Tox Elut-10ml, Ph 9.0, 100p
12198015Tox Elut-20ml, Unbuffered, 100p
12198017Tox Elut-20ml, Ph 9.0, 100p
1220668Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.08um, 19mm,100p
1220671Filter, Disk, N66,st, 0.45um, 47MM,S4, 1000p
1220684Capsule Filter, PP,25/5,1/4inNPTM,2.5SF, 1p
1220686Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, 25x80mm,50p
1220694Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.2um, 19mm,100p
1220702Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.45um, 90mm,30p
1220823Filter, Disk, GE, PCTE, 10um, 8x10in,30p
1220824Filter, Disk, PPM, 0.1um, 90mm,25p
1220827Filter, Disk, PETE, 10um, 25mm,100p
1220835Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.4um, PVPF,25mm,100p
1220860Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 1.0um, 76mm,100p
1220861Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.6um, 293mm, 20p
1220867Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, 19x42mm, 100p
1220868Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.05um, 25mm, 100p
1220871Filter, Disk, PETE, 1.0um, 47mm, 100p
1220886Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.2um, 8x10in, 30p
1220891Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.2um, 76mm, 100p
1220941Filter, Disk, PCTE, 10um, PVPF,47mm, 100p
1220969Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.22um, 13mm, 100p
1220970Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.1um, 76mm, 100p
1220987Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.03um, 90mm, 30p
1220988Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.01um, 90mm, 30p
1221004Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, 90mm, 30p
1221005Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,2.0,293mm, 20p
1221008Filter, Disk, PES, 1.2um, 47mm, 100p
1221009Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 10um, 13mm, 100p
1221181Filter, Disk, PCTE, 1.0um, BL,13mm, 100p
122121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 10cmx2.1mm
122121-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 100A 10cmx2.1mm
1221227Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.05um, 90mm, 30p
1221229Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.05um, 19mm, 100p
1221230Filter, Disk, PCTE,BL, 5.0um, 47mm, 100p
1221231Filter, Disk, PCTE, 20um, 8x10in, 30p
1221232Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,2.0,8x10in, 30p
1221286Filter, Disk, PCTE,BL, 5.0um, 13mm, 100p
1221290Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.05um, 142mm, 20p
1221291Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.05um, 76mm, 100p
1221292Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 10um, 142mm, 20p
1221293Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, PVPF,25mm,100p
1221295Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, 19X42MM, 100p
1221296Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 3.0um, PVPF,25X80, 50p
1221297Filter, Disk, PCTE, 14.0um, PVPF,13mm, 100p
1221300Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,12.0,PVPF,25mm, 100p
12213001BONDESIL-SI, 40UM, 500GM
12213006BONDESIL-C2, 40UM, 100GM
12213009BONDESIL-C8, 40UM, 100GM
12213011BONDESIL-C18, 40UM, 10GM
12213012Bondesil-C18, 40um, 100gm
12213013BONDESIL-C18, 40UM, 1KG
12213015BONDESIL-PH, 40UM, 100GM
1221302Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 1.0um, 37mm, 100p
12213020BONDESIL-NH2, 40UM, 10GM
12213021Bondesil-NH2, 40um, 100gm
12213022Bondesil-NH2, 40um, 1kg
12213023Bondesil-PSA, 40um, 10gm
12213024Bondesil-PSA, 40um, 100gm
12213025Bondesil-PSA, 40um, 1kg
12213027BONDESIL-CN-U, 40UM, 100GM
12213033BONDESIL-CBA, 40UM, 100GM
12213037BONDESIL-PRS, 40UM, 1KG
12213038BONDESIL-SCX, 40UM, 10GM
12213039BONDESIL-SCX, 40UM, 100GM
12213042BONDESIL-SAX, 40UM, 100GM
12213044BONDESIL-PBA, 40UM, 10GM
12213047BONDESIL-DEA, 40UM, 100GM
12213049BONDESIL-C18 OH, 40UM, 100GM
12213063BONDESIL-C18 EWP, 40UM, 500GM
12213076BONDESIL-AL-N, 100GM
1221329Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, 293mm,20p
1221331Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, PVPF,25x80mm, 50p
1221334Filter, Disk, PETE, 1.0um, 8x10in, 30p
1221383Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.2um, 25mm,100p
1221385Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.2um, 142mm,20p
1221387Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.4um, 13mm,100p
1221388Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.4um, 25mm,100p
1221389Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.4um, 142mm,20p
1221397Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.8um, 13mm, 100p
1221398Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.8um, 25mm, 100p
1221399Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.8um, 90mm, 30p
12214001Bondesil-C18, 8um, 1kg
1221401Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.8um, 293mm, 20p
12214013BONDESIL-FL, 200UM, 100GM
12214015BONDESIL-FL, 200UM, 1KG
1221402Filter, Disk, PETE, 1.0um, 90mm, 30p
1221403Filter, Disk, PETE,2.0,13mm, 100p
1221404Filter, Disk, PETE,2.0,25mm, 100p
1221405Filter, Disk, PETE,2.0,47mm, 100p
1221406Filter, Disk, PETE,2.0,90mm, 30p
1221409Filter, Disk, PETE, 3.0um, 13mm, 100p
1221410Filter, Disk, PETE, 3.0um, 25mm, 100p
1221411Filter, Disk, PETE, 3.0um, 142mm, 20p
1221412Filter, Disk, PETE, 3.0um, 293mm, 20p
1221413Filter, Disk, PETE, 5.0um, 25mm, 100p
1221414Filter, Disk, PETE, 5.0um, 90mm, 30p
1221415Filter, Disk, PETE, 5.0um, 142mm, 20p
1221416Filter, Disk, PETE, 5.0um, 293mm, 20p
1221417Filter, Disk, PETE, 8.0um, 13mm, 100p
1221418Filter, Disk, PETE, 8.0um, 25mm, 100p
1221419Filter, Disk, PETE, 8.0um, 47mm, 100p
1221420Filter, Disk, PETE, 8.0um, 90mm, 30p
1221423Filter, Disk, PETE, 10um, 13mm, 100p
1221424Filter, Disk, PETE, 10um, 90mm, 30p
1221426Filter, Disk, PETE, 10um, 293mm, 20p
1221429Filter, Disk, PCTE, 1.0um, 8x10in, 30p
1221441Filter, Roll, N66, 5.0um, SP,30cmx3m
1221485Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.6um, 142mm, 20p
1221503Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.1um, BL,47mm, 100p
1221504Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.1um, PVPF, 0.1um, 13mm, 100p
122151-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 3u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122151-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 3u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122151-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 3u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122151-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 3u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122151-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 3u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122151-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 3u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122151-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 3u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122151-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 3u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122151-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 3u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122151-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 3u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
1221546Filter, Disk, CA, 0.45um, 102 mm, 25p
12216061BONDESIL-ENV, 125UM, 100GM
12216062BONDESIL-PPL, 125UM, 100GM
1221730Filter, Disk, CA, 0.22um, 50mm, 100p
1221746Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, PVPF,25mm,100p
1221768Capsule Filter, NY, 0.1um, 1.5inFlng, 1p,2.5
1221871Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 3.0um, PVPF,25mm,100p
12219001BONDESIL-PLEXA, 100G
122191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 10cmx2.1mm
122191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 10cmx2.1mm
1221948Filter, Disk, NC, 0.7um, BL,GRD,st, 47mm, 1.000p
1221955Filter, Disk, NC, 8.0um, 142mm, 25p
1222017Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.2um, PVPF,25mm, 100p
1222018Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.2um, PVPF,47mm, 100p
1222025Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.65um, BL,13mm, 100p
1222026Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.6um, 90mm, 30p
1222027Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.6um, 8x10in, 30p
1222028Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.8um, BL,47mm, 100p
1222030Filter, Disk, GE, PCTE, 0.8um, 8x10in, 30p
1222032Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.8um, PVPF,25mm, 100p
1222035Filter, Disk, PCTE, 1.0um, BL,47mm, 100p
1222037Filter, Disk, PCTE, 1.0um, PVPF,25mm, 100p
1222038Filter, Disk, PCTE, 1.0um, PVPF,47mm, 100p
1222063Filter, Disk, PCTE, 14.0um, 13mm, 100p
1222064Filter, Disk, PCTE, 14.0um, 25mm, 100p
1222070Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,2.0,90mm, 30p
1222071Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,2.0,142mm,20p
1222072Filter, Disk, PCTE, 20um, 13mm,100p
1222073Filter, Disk, PCTE, 20um, 25mm, 100p
1222074Filter, Disk, PCTE, 3.0um, 90mm, 30p
1222075Filter, Disk, PCTE, 3.0um, 293mm, 20p
1222077Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 3.0um, PVPF,47mm, 100p
1222080Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, 8inX10in, 30p
1222081Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, PVPF,47mm,100p
1222082Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, PVPF,90mm,30p
1222084Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, 293mm,20p
1222085Filter, Disk, GE, PCTE, 8.0um, 8inX10in, 30p
1222086Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, PVPF,90mm, 30p
1222088Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 10um, 293mm,20p
1222089Filter, Disk, PCTE, 10um, PVPF,25mm, 100p
1222091Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.05um, 293mm,20p
1222092Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.08um, 13mm, 100p
1222093Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.08um, 47mm, 100p
1222094Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.08um, 90mm, 30p
1222095Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.08um, 142mm,20p
1222096Filter, Disk, GEV2,PCTE, 0.08um, 293mm,20p
1222102Filter, Disk, PPM, 0.1um, 25mm, 100p
1222103Filter, Disk, PPM, 0.1um, 142mm, 25p
122221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 10cmx2.1mm
122221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 10cmx2.1mm
122221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 10cmx2.1mm
1222230Filter, Disk, PES, 0.1um, 90mm, 25p
1222240Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.2um, 90mm, 30p
1222242Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.4um, 8x10in, 30p
1222246Filter, Disk, PETE, 0.8um, 8x10in, 30p
1222248Filter, Disk, PETE, 1.0um, 142mm,20p
1222249Filter, Disk, PETE, 1.0um, 293mm, 20p
1222251Filter, Disk, PETE,2.0,8x10in, 30p
1222253Filter, Disk, PETE, 3.0um, 90mm, 30p
1222254Filter, Disk, PETE, 3.0um, 8x10in, 30p
1222256Filter, Disk, PETE, 5.0um, 8x10in, 30p
1222258Filter, Disk, PETE, 8.0um, 8x10in, 30p
1222260Filter, Disk, PETE, 10um, 8x10in, 30p
1222267Filter, Disk, PES, 1.2um, 25mm, 100p
1222323Capsule Filter, PES, 0.1um, 1/4in Nptm, 1p
1222327Capsule Filter, PES, 0.22um, 1.5inFlange, 1p
1222432Capsule Filter, PES, 0.45um, 1/4in Barb, 1p
1222452Filter, Disk, PCTE,BL, 3.0um, 25mm, 100p
1222479Filter, Disk, PCTE, 14.0um, 90mm, 30p
1222482Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 10um, 90mm, 30p
122251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122251-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 5u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
1222851Filter, Disk, N66, 5.0um, SP,20x20cm, 5p
1222852Filter, Disk, N66, 10um, SP,20x20cm, 5p
1222853Filter, Disk, N66, 20um, SP,20x20cm, 5p
1222854Filter, Disk, N66, 1.2um, SP,20x20cm, 5p
1222855Filter, Disk, N66, 0.8um, SP,20x20cm, 5p
1222856Filter, Disk, N66, 0.65um, SP,20x20cm, 5p
1222857Filter, Disk, N66, 0.45um, SP,20x20cm, 5p
1222858Filter, Disk, N66, 0.22um, SP,20x20cm, 5p
1222859Filter, Disk, N66, 0.1um, SP,20x20cm, 5p
122291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 10cmx2.1mm
122291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 10cmx2.1mm
1222980Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, GRD,st,50mm,S4, 1000p
1223036Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.2um, PVPF,8x10in, 30p
1223129Capsule Filter, PES, 0.22um, 1/4in-3/8inhb, 1p
1223340Filter, Disk, PES, 1.2um, 20x20cm, 5p
12234003VAC ELUT SPS 24, 10 X 75MM RACK
12234004VAC ELUT SPS 24, 16 X 100MM RACK
12234013Vacuum Release Ring, 3p
12234021VAC ELUT SPS 24 LID SCREW KIT, 9 Pcs
12234022VAC ELUT SPS 24, 13 X 100MM RACK
12234026Sps 24 Coll. Rack/Funnel Set, 10 X 75mm
12234027SPS 24 coll rack/funnel SET, 12 OR 15mL
12234028SPS 24 coll rack/funnel SET, 16 X 100mm
12234029Sps 24 Waste Funnel, For 16X100mm, 5p
12234030SPS 24 coll rack/funnel SET, 12 X 75mm
12234031SPS 24 coll rack/funnel SET, 13 X 100mm
12234032SPS 24 waste funnel,12X75 OR 13X100,5p
12234034SPS 24 elastic lid fastener, 6p
12234035Sps 24 Waste Funnel, 10 X 75mm, 5p
12234038SPS 24 SS delivery needles, 25p
12234041VAC ELUT SPS 24, 12 X 75MM RACK
12234042SS Needle Tip In Polypro Enclos, 25p
12234050Sps 24 Lower Lid Seals, 2p
12234051Sps 24 Upper Lid Seals, 2p
122340CLVac Elut Sps 24 Cowling Locator, 3p
12234100VAC ELUT-20, 13 X 75MM
12234101VAC ELUT-20, 13 X 100MM
12234102VAC ELUT-20, 16 X 75MM
12234103VAC ELUT-20, 16 X 100MM
12234104Vac Elut-20 W/TALL glass, 16 X 150mm
12234105VAC ELUT-20, 10 X 75MM
12234106VAC ELUT-20 COLL. RACK, 16 X 150MM
12234212PP MANIF. COLL. RACK, 13 X 100MM
12234504Vac Elut-20 Vacuum gauge assy
12234506Vac Elut-20 replacement EXIT VALVE
12234507Vac Elut-20 collection rack, 13 X 75mm
12234508Vac Elut-20 coll rack, 13 X 100mm
12234509VAC ELUT-20 COLL. RACK, 16 X 75MM
12234510Vac Elut-20 coll rack, 16 X 100mm
12234511PP Delivery needles, 25p SPS24/Vac20
12234512Vac Elut-20 Tall Glass Basin/Exit Valve
12234517Vac Elut-20 collection rack, 10 X 75mm
12234518Luer Plugs, 25p For Sps24/Vac20
12234520Vac Elut-20 Stopcock Valve, 20/Pack
122351-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 10u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122351-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 10u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122351-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 10u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122351-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 10u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122351-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 10u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122351-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 10u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122351-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 10u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122351-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 10u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
122351-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 10u 1000A 10cmx2.1mm
12236104VersaPlate complete shim set
12236108Versaplate Sealing Strips, 240/Pk
1223845Capsule Filter, PES, 0.22um, 1/2 NPTM, 1p
1223871Filter, Disk, PES, 0.22um, 20x20cm, 5p
1224003Filter, Disk, PES, 5.0um, 25mm, 100p
1224067Filter, Disk, PCTE, 1.0um, PVPF,8x10in, 30p
1224211Filter, Roll, CA, 0.22um, 30cmx3m
1224487Filter, Disk, PES, 0.65um, 47mm, 100p
1224490Filter, Disk, PES, 0.65um, 293mm, 25p
1224492Filter, Disk, PES, 1.2um, 90mm, 25p
1224495Filter, Disk, PES, 5.0um, 13mm, 100p
1224496Filter, Disk, PES, 5.0um, 90mm, 25p
1224680Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.6um, 76mm, 30p
1224690Filter, Roll, N66, 0.22um, SP,30cmx3m
1224966Filter, Roll, PPM, 0.22um, 25.4cm X 3m
1225120Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,PVPF, 5.0um, 8inX10in, 30p
1225184Filter, Roll, PCTE, 0.01um, 30cmx3m
12252201Bond Elut Carbon, 500mg, 6ml,30p
12252202Mega BE Carbon/NH2, 500mg ea, 6ml,30p
12253101ABS Elut-NEXUS, 200mg 12mL, 20p
12253102ABS Elut-NEXUS, 500mg 12mL, 20p
1225346Capsule Filter, PES, 0.22um, 1/2inNPTM, 1p
1225460Filter, Disk, NC, 0.8um, GRD,47mm, 100p
12255001Bond Elut-PPL, 500mg 6mL,30p
12255002Bond Elut-PPL, 1gm 6mL,30p
12255011Bond Elut-ENV, 500mg 6mL,30p
12255012Bond Elut-ENV, 1000mg 6mL,30p
12255014Bond Elut-ENV, 200mg 6mL,30p
12255021Bond Elut-LMS, 500mg 6mL,30p
12256001Mega BE-C18, 1gm 6ml,30p
12256001BBond Elut C18, 1gm 6ml, 250pk
12256002Bond Elut-C8, 1gm 6mL,30p
12256003Bond Elut-C2, 1gm 6mL,30p
12256004Bond Elut-PH, 1gm 6mL,30p
12256005Bond Elut-CH, 1gm 6mL,30p
12256007Bond Elut-2OH, 1gm 6mL,30p
12256008Mega BE-SI, 1gm 6ml,30p
12256008BBond Elut SI, 1gm 6ml, 250pk
12256009Bond Elut-CBA, 1gm 6mL,30p
12256010Mega BE-PRS, 1gm 6ml,30p
12256011Mega BE-SCX, 1gm 6ml,30p
12256012Mega BE-NH2, 1gm 6ml,30p
12256012JMEGA BE-NH2 1g 6ml 250pk
12256013Mega BE-SAX, 1gm 6ml,30p
12256014Mega BE-Fl, 1gm 6ml,30p
12256015Mega BE-C18, 2gm 12ml, 20p
12256016Mega BE-C8, 2gm 12ml, 20p
12256018Mega BE-SI, 2gm 12ml, 20p
12256019Mega BE-SCX, 2gm 12ml, 20p
12256020Mega Bond Elut-NH2, 2gm 12mL, 20p
12256021Mega BE-SAX, 2gm 12ml, 20p
12256022Mega BE-Fl, 2gm 12ml, 20p
12256023Mega BE-C18, 5gm 20ml, 20p
12256024Mega Bond Elut-C8, 5gm 20mL, 20p
12256026Mega BE-SI, 5gm 20ml, 20p
12256027Mega BE-SCX, 5gm 20ml, 20p
12256028Mega Bond Elut-NH2, 5gm 20mL, 20p
12256029Mega Bond Elut-SAX, 5gm 20mL, 20p
12256030Mega BE-Fl, 5gm 20ml, 20p
12256031Mega BE-C18, 10gm 60ml, 16p
12256032Mega Bond Elut-C8, 10gm 60mL, 16p
12256034Mega Bond Elut-SI, 10gm 60mL, 16p
12256035Mega BE-SCX, 10gm 60ml, 16p
12256036Mega Bond Elut-NH2, 10gm 60mL, 16p
12256037Mega Bond Elut-SAX, 10gm 60mL, 16p
12256038Mega Bond Elut-FL, 10gm 60mL, 16p
12256039Mega Bond Elut-CH, 2gm 12mL, 20p
12256040Mega Bond Elut-C18 OH, 1gm 6mL,30p
12256041Mega BE-PSA, 10gm 60ml, 16p
12256042Mega Bond Elut-SI, 20gm 60mL, 16p
12256043Bond Elut-AL-A, 1gm 6mL,30p
12256044Bond Elut-AL-B, 1gm 6mL,30p
12256045Mega Bond Elut-NH2, 500mg 6mL,30p
12256046Mega Bond Elut-FL, 2gm 20mL, 20p
12256047Bond Elut-FL, 1gm 20 mL, 20p
12256050Mega BE-Al-N, 10gm 60ml, 16p
12256051Bond Elut-SAX, 2gm 6mL,30p
12256053Bond Elut-SCX, 2gm 6mL,30p
12256054Bond Elut-SCX, 3gm 6mL,30p
12256055Mega Bond Elut-PSA, 2gm 12mL, 20p
12256056Mega BE-C2, 2gm 12ml, 20p
12256058Mega Bond Elut-CBA, 2gm 12mL, 20p
12256059Mega Bond Elut-AL-N, 20gm 60mL, 16p
12256060Mega Bond Elut-C18, 1gm 60mL, 16p
12256061Mega BE-SAX-500Mg/PSA-500Mg 6ml,30p
12256064Mega BE-SCX, 30gm 60ml, 16p
12256065Mega BE-SCX, 20gm 60ml, 16p
12256066Bond Elut-SI-500mg/CN-E-500mg 6mL,30p
12256067Mega Bond Elut-SI, 50gm 150mL, 8p
12256068Mega Bond Elut-SI, 15gm 60mL, 16p
12256069Mega Bond Elut-SI, 25gm 150mL, 8p
12256070Mega Bond Elut-SCX, 25gm 150mL, 8p
12256071Mega Bond Elut-SI, 70gm 150mL, 8p
12256072Mega Bond Elut-SCX, 50gm 150mL, 8p
12256073Mega BE-SCX, 70gm 150ml, 8p, Flash
12256074Mega Bond Elut-NH2, 20gm 60mL, 16p
12256075Mega Bond Elut-NH2, 25gm 150mL, 8p
12256076Mega Bond Elut-NH2, 50gm 150mL, 8p
12256077Mega Bond Elut-NH2, 70gm 150mL, 8p
12256078Mega Bond Elut-C18, 20gm 60mL, 16p
12256079Mega Bond Elut-C18, 25gm 150mL, 8p
12256080Mega Bond Elut-C18, 50gm 150mL, 8p
12256081Mega Bond Elut-C18, 70gm 150mL, 8p
12256086Mega Bond Elut Al-N, 1gm 6ml,30p
12256087Mega Bond Elut PPL, 5gm 60ml, 16p
12256088Mega BE-SCX, 1gm 6ml-Tabless,30p
12256092Mega BE-Si For Meph, 5gm 20ml, 20p
12256120Mega BE-C18 Int, 1gm 6ml,30p
12256130Mega BE-C18 Ewp, 1gm 6ml,30p
12256140Mega Bond Elut-PSA, 1gm 6mL,30p
12256145Mega Bond Elut-Certify, 200mg 6mL,30p
12256146Mega Bond Elut-Certify, 130mg 6mL,30p
12256146TJBE Certify, 130Mg, 6ml Tabless, 500p
12257034Chem Elut-Hydromatrix, 10gm 60ml, 16p
12257506Bond Elut Plexa PAX 500mg, 6mL30p
1225781Filter, Disk, NC, 0.45um, 20x20cm, 5p
1225783Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, PVPF,8inX10in, 30p
1225792Filter, Disk, PP, 10um, 47mm,100p
12258506Bond Elut Plexa PCX, 500mg, 6ml30p
1225881Filter, Disk, PES, 0.1um, 20x20cm, 5p
1225882Filter, Disk, PES, 0.45um, 20x20cm, 5p
1225883Filter, Disk, PES, 0.6um, 20x20cm, 5p
1225884Filter, Disk, PES, 0.8um, 20x20cm, 5p
1225894Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 0.8um, 76mm, 30p
1225932Filter, Disk, PPM, 0.1um, 20x20cm, 5p
12259506Mega Bond Elut Plexa, 500mg, 6ml30p
1225982Filter, Roll, N66, 0.45um, SP,30cmx3m
1225985Filter, Roll, PES, 0.65um, WP,30cmx3m
1225SAX6015GMega BE-SAX, 15gm 60ml, 16p
1226664Filter, Roll, PES, 0.22um, WP,30cmx3m
1226665Filter, Roll, PES, 0.45um, WP,30cmx3m
12272001EnvirElut-Oil+Grease, 5gm 20ml, 20p
12272004EnvirElut-Pesticide, 500mg 6mL,30p
12272005EnvirElut-PAH, 1gm 6mL,30p
12272011EnvirElut W/20ml Aquasep Celite, 20p
12272020EnvirElut 1664, 20p
1227203Filter, Disk, PCTE, 1.0um, 19mm, 100p
1227213Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,BL, 0.4um, 8x10in, 30p
1227264Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.03um, 8x10in, 30p
1227352Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.01um, 19mm, 100p
12281201PLRP-S PRSpkt Ctg. 800-Series, 96p
12281301Focus PRSpkt Ctg, 800-Series 96p
12281305BE Plexa Prospekt Ctg, 800-SERIES, 96/P
12281306BE Plexa PCX PRSPKT CTG, 800SERIES 96/P
1228132Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 3.0um, PVPF,8inX10in, 30p
12282001Bond Elut LRC-AccuCAT, 600mg, 60/PK
12282002Bond Elut-AccuCAT, 600mg 3mL, 60/PK
12282003Bond Elut-Accucat, 200mg 3ml, 60/pk
12282004Bond Elut-AccuCAT, 200mg 6mL,30p
12282005Bond Elut LRC-AccuCAT, 200mg, 60/PK
12282006Bond Elut-AccuCAT, 400mg 6mL,30p
1228342Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.4um, 76mm, 100p
1228824Filter, Disk, N66, 0.45um, SP, 37mm, 100p
1229540Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,BL, 8.0um, 25mm, 100p
1230356Filter, Disk, N66, 1.2um, 37mm, 100p
123121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 10cmx3.0mm
123121-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 100A 10cmx3.0mm
123151-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 3u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123151-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 3u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123151-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 3u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123151-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 3u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123151-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 3u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123151-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 3u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123151-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 3u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123151-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 3u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123151-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 3u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 10cmx3.0mm
123191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 10cmx3.0mm
123221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 10cmx3.0mm
123221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 10cmx3.0mm
123221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 10cmx3.0mm
123251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123251-CCCChromegaChrial CCC 5u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
1232919Filter, Disk, PCTE, 0.1um, PVPF,8x10in, 30p
123291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 10cmx3.0mm
123291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 10cmx3.0mm
1232921Filter, Disk, PES, 3.0um, 20x20cm, 5p
1233373Filter, Disk, PCTE,PVPF, 0.4um, 8x10in, 30p
123351-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 10u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123351-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 10u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123351-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 10u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123351-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 10u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123351-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 10u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123351-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 10u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123351-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 10u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123351-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 10u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
123351-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 10u 1000A 10cmx3.0mm
1233863Filter, Disk, PES, 5.0um, 20x20cm, 30p
1234298Filter, Disk, PCTE, 10um, PVPF,8inX10in, 30p
1235299Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 1.0um, 12inX12in, 50p
1235494Filter, Roll, GE,PCTE,12.0,30cmx3m
1235748Filter, Disk, PES, 0.03um, 20x20cm, 5p
1236292Filter, Disk, PES, 5.0um, 20x20cm, 5p
1236363Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 8.0um, BL,8inX10in, 30p
1236904Filter, Roll, N66, 5.0um, 37mm, 100p
1237423Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.45um, 20x20cm, 5p
1238NanoTight Kit, 0.007in 180um , 1p
12381-21COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
12383-01COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
12384-91COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
12385-81COSMOSIL R 5PFP Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
12386-71COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
12387-61COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
1239NanoTight Kit .0085in 215um , 1p
1239192Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,12.0,PVP,90mm, 30p
12392-81COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
12394-61COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
1239465Filter, Disk, PES, 0.03um, 15x15cm, 5p
12395-51COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
1239556Filter, Roll, GEV2,PCTE, 0.1um, 30cmx3m
1239557Filter, Roll, GE,PCTE, 0.2um, 30cmx3m
1239558Filter, Roll, PCTE, 0.03um, 30cmx3m
12396-41COSMOSIL R PBr Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
12397-31COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
12398-21COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
1240NanoTight Kit, 0.011in 280um , 1p
1240382Filter, Roll, CA, 0.45um, 30cmx3m
1241NanoTight Kit, 0.013in 330um , 1p
124121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 10cmx4.0mm
124121-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 100A 10cmx4.0mm
1241477Filter, Roll, N66, 0.1um, SP,30cmx3m
124191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 10cmx4.0mm
124191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 10cmx4.0mm
1242NanoTight Kit, 0.0155in 395um , 1p
124221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 10cmx4.0mm
124221-NC18PAHNucleosil C18 PAH 5u 100A 10cmx4.0mm
124221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 10cmx4.0mm
124221-NC-NO2Nucleosil Nitro NO2 5u 100A 10cmx4.0mm
124221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 10cmx4.0mm
1242278Filter, Roll, PES, 1.2um, WP,30cmx3m
124291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 10cmx4.0mm
124291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 10cmx4.0mm
1243NanoTight Kit, 0.018in 455um , 1p
124311-NC18Nucleosil C18 10u 60A 10cmx4.0mm
124321-NC18Nucleosil C18 10u 100A 10cmx4.0mm
124321-NC8Nucleosil C8 10u 100A 10cmx4.0mm
1244NanoTight Kit, 0.021in 535um , 1p
12443-24COSMOSIL R 5PFP Guard Cartridge 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 2PKG
12444-14COSMOSIL R PBr Guard Cartridge 4.6mmI.D.x10mm, 2PKG
1246NanoTight Kit, 0.027in 685um , 1p
1247NanoTight Kit .033in, 1p
1247232Bond Elut Silica 500 mg, 6 mL Tabless
1250NanoTight Connector Kit, 1p
125101-LSChromegabond LS 3u, 180A, 100x4.6mm
125111-AChromegabond Amine 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-C18-AIChromegabond C18 AI 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-C18-BDChromegabond C18 BD 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-C4Chromegabond C4 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-C6Chromegabond C6 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-C8-BDChromegabond C8 BD 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-CNChromegabond Cyano 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-CN/HSChromegabond Cyano HS 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-CN/HS/RPChromegabond Cyano HS RP 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-CN-BDChromegabond Cyano BD 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-DChromegabond Diol 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-FSPFluoroSep-RP Phenyl 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-FSP/HSFluoroSep-RP Phenyl / HS 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-MC18Chromegabond MC18 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-MC8Chromegabond MC8 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-MC-CC6Chromegabond MCC6 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-NPIChromegabond NPI 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-P-BDChromegabond Phenyl BD 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125111-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 3u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125121-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-AQSAquaSep 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-AVI-AQAviator AQ 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-AVI-C18Aviator C18 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-AVI-C18-HLAviator C18 HL 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-AVI-C4Aviator C4 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-AVI-C8Aviator C8 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-C18Sil C18 3u,100A,100x4.6mm
125121-C22Chromegabond C22 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-C8Sil C8 3u,100A,100x4.6mm
125121-CNChromegabond Cyano 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-DChromegabond Diol 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-DS-ODS3DeactiSil ODS3 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-EXC18Exsil C18 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-EXC8Exsil C8 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-EXODS-ABExsil ODS AB 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-EXODS-BExsil ODS B 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-EXSAXExsil SAx3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-EXSCXExsil SCx3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-HC-C18Chromegabond HC ODS 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-HRM-C18Harmony C18 3,5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-HRM-C8Harmony C8 3,5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-HRS-RP18HarmonySecure RP18 3,5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-HRS-RP8HarmonySecure RP8 3,5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-KC18Kromasil C18 3,5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-LS/HSChromegabond LS HS 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-MC18Chromegabond MC18 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-MC8Chromegabond MC8 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 10cmx4.6mm
125121-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 100A 10cmx4.6mm
125121-NPN-dC18Neptune dC18 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-NPN-SINeptune HILIC Silica 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-NPN-T3Neptune T3 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-ODS-ABSil ODS AB 3u,100A,100x4.6mm
125121-ODS-BSil ODS B 3u,100A,100x4.6mm
125121-PAHChromegabond PAH 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-PC18ProTec-RP C18 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-PC8ProTec-RP C8 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-PPhProTec-RP Phenyl 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-PSCChromegabond PSC 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-SAXSil SAx3u,100A,100x4.6mm
125121-SCXSil SCx3u,100A,100x4.6mm
125121-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-SI100/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-SMA-CNSonoma Cyano 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-SMA-NH2Sonoma NH2 Amino 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-SMA-PFP(2)Sonoma PFP(2) 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 3u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-SNR-C18starRise C18 3,5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125121-SNR-C8starRise C8 3,5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125131-AVI-C18Aviator C18 3u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-AVI-C4Aviator C4 3u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-AVI-C8Aviator C8 3u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 3u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 3u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-HRM-C18Harmony 300 C18 3,5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-HRM-C4Harmony 300 C4 3,5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-MDC-C18MacroDaC18 3u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-MSP-AQSMacroSep AQS 3u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-MSP-C18MacroSep C18 3u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-MSP-C4MacroSep C4 3u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-MSP-C8MacroSep C8 3u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-MSP-CNMacroSep Cyano 3u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125131-MSP-HPRMacroSep High Protein Recovery 3u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125151-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 3u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125151-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 3u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125151-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 3u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125151-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 3u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125151-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 3u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125151-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 3u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125151-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 3u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125151-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 3u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125151-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 3u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125151-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 3u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125171-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-HPC-ODS2HyperSelect ODS2 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-MC18Chromegabond MC18 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-MC8Chromegabond MC8 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-SI80Chromegasphere SI 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-SSP-C1Spherisep C1 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-SSP-C6Spherisep C6 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-SSP-C8Spherisep C8 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-SSP-CNSpherisep Cyano 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-SSP-CN/RPSpherisep Cyano Reverse Phase 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-SSP-NH2Spherisep NH2 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-SSP-ODS1Spherisep ODS1 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-SSP-ODS2Spherisep ODS2 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-SSP-PSpherisep Phenyl 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-SSP-SISpherisep Silica 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-ULC18Chromegabond Ultra C18 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-ULC8Chromegabond Ultra C8 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-ULCNChromegabond Ultra Cyano 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-ULSIChromegabond Ultra Silica 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-ZC18Chromega Z C18 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-ZC8Chromega Z C8 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125171-ZPChromega Z Phenyl 3u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125191-BAS-C18Chromegabond BAS C18 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-BAS-C8Chromegabond BAS C8 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-BAS-CNChromegabond BAS Cyano 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-BAS-PChromegabond BAS Phenyl 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EC18EpiC18 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EC18-MSEpiC18 MS 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EC18-SDEpiC18 SD 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EC4-SDEpiC4 SD 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EC8EpiC8 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EDEAPEpic DEAP 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EFDDEpic FDD 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EFO-LBEpic FO LB 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EHICEpic HILIC-HC 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EHRPEpic HILIC-RP 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EPHEpic Phenyl 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-EPOEpic Polar 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-ESIEpic Silica 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-BDSC18HyperSelect BDS C18 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-BDSC8HyperSelect BDS C8 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-BDSCNHyperSelect BDS Cyano 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-BDSPHHyperSelect BDS Phenyl 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-CPS1HyperSelect CPS1 Cyano-NonEndcapped 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-GL-AQHyperSelect Gold AQ 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-GL-C18HyperSelect Gold C18 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-GL-C8HyperSelect Gold C8 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-GL-CNHyperSelect Gold Cyano 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-GL-PFPHyperSelect Gold PFP 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-GL-PHHyperSelect Gold Phenyl 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-ODSHyperSelect ODS 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-PH1HyperSelect Phenyl 1 NonEndcapped 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-SASHyperSelect SAS C1 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-HPC-SIHyperSelect Silica 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 10cmx4.6mm
125191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 10cmx4.6mm
125191-ODS-PIChromegabond ODS PI 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-SI120Chromegasphere SI120 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-WR-C18Chromegabond WR C18 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-WR-C4Chromegabond WR C4 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125191-WR-C8Chromegabond WR C8 3u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
1251A1-HPC-HIC18HyperSelect HiPurity C18 3u, 200A, 100x4.6mm
1251A1-SMA-HICSonoma HILIC 3u, 200A, 100x4.6mm
1252NanoTight Kit .042in 1mm , 1p
125201-LSChromegabond LS 5u, 180A, 100x4.6mm
125211-AChromegabond Amine 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-A/CNChromegabond Amino / Cyano 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-AG/SIChromegabond Silver / Silica 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-C18-AIChromegabond C18 AI 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-C18-BDChromegabond C18 BD 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-C2Chromegabond C2 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-C3Chromegabond C3 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-C6Chromegabond C6 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-C8-BDChromegabond C8 BD 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-CNChromegabond Cyano 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-CN/HSChromegabond Cyano HS 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-CN/HS/RPChromegabond Cyano HS RP 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-CN-BDChromegabond Cyano BD 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-DChromegabond Diol 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-DAChromegabond Diamine 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-DA/RPChromegabond Diamine RP 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-DNAPChromegabond DNAP 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-FOFluoroSep-RP Octyl 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-FSPFluoroSep-RP Phenyl 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-FSP/HSFluoroSep-RP Phenyl / HS 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-MC18/HSChromegabond MC18/HS 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-MC-CC6Chromegabond MCC6 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-NPIChromegabond NPI 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-P-BDChromegabond Phenyl BD 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-RP-SAXChromegabond RP-Chromegabond SAx5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-RP-SCXChromegabond RP-Chromegabond SCx5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-RSRingSep 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-SAXChromegabond SAx5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-SCXChromegabond SCx5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-SI60/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-SI60/IChromegasorb SI60 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-TAChromegabond Triamine 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-TA/RPChromegabond Triamine RP 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125211-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 5u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125221-AChromegabond Amine 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-A/HXAminohexadecylsilyl 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-AQSAquaSep 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-AVI-AQAviator AQ 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-AVI-C18Aviator C18 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-AVI-C18-HLAviator C18 HL 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-AVI-C4Aviator C4 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-AVI-C8Aviator C8 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-C18Chromegabond C18 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-C22Chromegabond C22 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-C8Chromegabond C8 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-CNChromegabond Cyano 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-DChromegabond Diol 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-DNAP-IIChromegabond DNAP II 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-DS-ODSDeactiSil ODS 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-DS-ODS3DeactiSil ODS3 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-EXC18Exsil C18 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-EXC8Exsil C8 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-EXODS-ABExsil ODS AB 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-EXODS-BExsil ODS B 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-EXSAXExsil SAx5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-EXSCXExsil SCx5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-HC-C18Chromegabond HC ODS 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-HRM-C18Harmony C18 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-HRM-C8Harmony C8 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-HRS-RP18HarmonySecure RP18 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-HRS-RP8HarmonySecure RP8 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-KC18Kromasil C18 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-KC8Kromasil C8 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-LS/HSChromegabond LS HS 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-MVL-PH3Marvel Phenyl 3 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-MVL-SIMarvel Silica 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 10cmx4.6mm
125221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 10cmx4.6mm
125221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 10cmx4.6mm
125221-NO2Chromegabond Nitro 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-NPN-dC18Neptune dC18 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-NPN-SINeptune HILIC Silica 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-NPN-T3Neptune T3 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-ODS-ABSil ODS AB 5u,100A,100x4.6mm
125221-ODS-BSil ODS B 5u,100A,100x4.6mm
125221-PAHChromegabond PAH 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-PC18ProTec-RP C18 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-PC8ProTec-RP C8 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-PPhProTec-RP Phenyl 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-PSCChromegabond PSC 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-RP18LiChrosorb RP18 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-RP18SLiChrospher RP18 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-RP18SELiChrospher RP18 Endcapped 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-RP8LiChrosorb RP8 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-RP8SLiChrospher RP8 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SAXSil SAx5u,100A,100x4.6mm
125221-SCXSil SCx5u,100A,100x4.6mm
125221-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SI100/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SI100/IChromegasorb SI100 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SMA-C5Sonoma C5 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SMA-C8Sonoma C8 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SMA-CNSonoma Cyano 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SMA-NH2Sonoma NH2 Amino 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SMA-PFP(2)Sonoma PFP(2) 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SMA-SCXSonoma SCx5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SNR-C18starRise C18 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SNR-C8starRise C8 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125221-SNR-SIstarRise Silica 5u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125231-AChromegabond Amine 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-AVI-C18Aviator C18 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
125231-AVI-C4Aviator C4 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
125231-AVI-C8Aviator C8 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
125231-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
125231-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
125231-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-CNChromegabond Cyano 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-DChromegabond Diol 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-FPFluoroSep-RP Propyl 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-HRM-C18Harmony 300 C18 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-HRM-C4Harmony 300 C4 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-MDC-C18MacroDaC18 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-MSP-AQSMacroSep AQS 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-MSP-C18MacroSep C18 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-MSP-C4MacroSep C4 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-MSP-C8MacroSep C8 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-MSP-CNMacroSep Cyano 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-MSP-HPRMacroSep High Protein Recovery 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-SI300Chromegasphere SI300 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125231-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 5u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125241-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 500A, 100x4.6mm
125241-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 500A, 100x4.6mm
125241-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 500A, 100x4.6mm
125241-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 500A, 100x4.6mm
125241-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 500A, 100x4.6mm
125241-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 500A, 100x4.6mm
125241-SI500Chromegasphere SI500 5u, 500A, 100x4.6mm
125241-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 5u, 500A, 100x4.6mm
125251-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 1000A, 100x4.6mm
125251-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 1000A, 100x4.6mm
125251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125251-CCCChromegaChrial CCC 5u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125251-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 1000A, 100x4.6mm
125251-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 1000A, 100x4.6mm
125251-SI1000Chromegasphere SI1000 5u, 1000A, 100x4.6mm
125261-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 4000A, 100x4.6mm
125261-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 4000A, 100x4.6mm
125261-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 4000A, 100x4.6mm
125261-SI4000Chromegasphere SI4000 5u, 4000A, 100x4.6mm
125271-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-ARP1GammaBond Alumina RP1 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-DS-ODSDeactiSil ODS 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-HPC-ODS2HyperSelect ODS2 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-PSP-C8Partisep C8 5u, 85A,100x4.6mm
125271-PSP-ODSPartisep ODS 5u, 85A,100x4.6mm
125271-PSP-ODS2Partisep ODS2 5u, 85A,100x4.6mm
125271-PSP-ODS3Partisep ODS3 5u, 85A,100x4.6mm
125271-PSP-PACPartisep PAC 5u, 85A,100x4.6mm
125271-PSP-SAXPartisep SAx5u, 85A,100x4.6mm
125271-PSP-SCXPartisep SCx5u, 85A,100x4.6mm
125271-PSP-SIPartisep Silica 5u, 85A,100x4.6mm
125271-SI80Chromegasphere SI80 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-C1Spherisep C1 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-C6Spherisep C6 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-C8Spherisep C8 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-CNSpherisep Cyano 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-CN/RPSpherisep Cyano Reverse Phase 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-NH2Spherisep NH2 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-ODS1Spherisep ODS1 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-ODS2Spherisep ODS2 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-ODSBSpherisep ODSB 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-PSpherisep Phenyl 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-SAXSpherisep SAx5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-SCXSpherisep SCx5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-SSP-SISpherisep Silica 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-ULC18Chromegabond Ultra C18 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-ULC18IPChromegabond Ultra C18IP 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-ULC8Chromegabond Ultra C8 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-ULCNChromegabond Ultra Cyano 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-ULSIChromegabond Ultra Silica 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-ZC18Chromega Z C18 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-ZC8Chromega Z C8 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125271-ZPChromega Z Phenyl 5u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125281-ALChromegasphere Alumina 5u, 130A, 100x4.6mm
125281-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 5u, 130A, 100x4.6mm
125291-BAS-C18Chromegabond BAS C18 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-BAS-C8Chromegabond BAS C8 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-BAS-CNChromegabond BAS Cyano 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-BAS-PChromegabond BAS Phenyl 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EC18EpiC18 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EC18-MSEpiC18 MS 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EC18-SDEpiC18 SD 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EC4-SDEpiC4 SD 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EC8EpiC8 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EDEAPEpic DEAP 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EFDDEpic FDD 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EFO-LBEpic FO LB 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EHICEpic HILIC-HC 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EHRPEpic HILIC-RP 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EPHEpic Phenyl 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-EPOEpic Polar 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-ESIEpic Silica 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-APS2HyperSelect APS2 Amino Propyl 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-BDSC18HyperSelect BDS C18 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-BDSC8HyperSelect BDS C8 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-BDSCNHyperSelect BDS Cyano 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-BDSPHHyperSelect BDS Phenyl 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-CPS1HyperSelect CPS1 Cyano-NonEndcapped 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-CPS2HyperSelect CPS2 Cyano-Endcapped 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-GL-AQHyperSelect Gold AQ 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-GL-C18HyperSelect Gold C18 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-GL-C8HyperSelect Gold C8 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-GL-CNHyperSelect Gold Cyano 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-GL-PFPHyperSelect Gold PFP 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-GL-PHHyperSelect Gold Phenyl 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-MOS1HyperSelect MOS1 C8-NonEndcapped 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-MOS2HyperSelect MOS2 C8-Endcapped 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-ODSHyperSelect ODS 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-PH1HyperSelect Phenyl 1 NonEndcapped 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-PH2HyperSelect Phenyl 2 Endcapped 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-SASHyperSelect SAS C1 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-SAXHyperSelect SAx5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-HPC-SIHyperSelect Silica 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-MPK-AMicropak Amino 5u, 125A,100x4.6mm
125291-MPK-C18Micropak C18 5u, 125A,100x4.6mm
125291-MPK-CNMicropak Cyano 5u, 125A,100x4.6mm
125291-MPK-PHMicropak Phenyl 5u, 125A,100x4.6mm
125291-MPK-SIMicropak Silica 5u, 125A,100x4.6mm
125291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 10cmx4.6mm
125291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 10cmx4.6mm
125291-NP-IChromega NP-I 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-ODS-PIChromegabond ODS PI 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-SI120Chromegasphere SI120 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-WR-C18Chromegabond WR C18 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-WR-C4Chromegabond WR C4 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125291-WR-C8Chromegabond WR C8 5u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
1252A1-HPC-HIC18HyperSelect HiPurity C18 5u, 200A, 100x4.6mm
1252A1-HPC-HIC4HyperSelect HiPurity C4 5u, 200A, 100x4.6mm
1252A1-HPC-HIC8HyperSelect HiPurity C8 5u, 200A, 100x4.6mm
1252A1-HPC-HICNHyperSelect HiPurity Cyano 5u, 200A, 100x4.6mm
1252A1-SMA-HICSonoma HILIC 5u, 200A, 100x4.6mm
1252D1-DS-C8DeactiSil C8 5u, 150A, 100x4.6mm
1252D1-DS-ODS2DeactiSil ODS2 5u, 150A, 100x4.6mm
1252D1-DS-PHDeactiSil Phenyl 5u, 150A, 100x4.6mm
1252D1-MVL-C8Marvel C8 5u, 150A, 100x4.6mm
1252D1-MVL-ODS2Marvel ODS2 5u, 150A, 100x4.6mm
1252D1-MVL-SIMarvel Silica 5u, 150A, 100x4.6mm
125311-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-A/CNChromegabond Amino / Cyano 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 10u, 60A, 60x4.6mm
125311-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-C18-BDChromegabond C18 BD 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-C2Chromegabond C2 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-C4Chromegabond C4 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-C6Chromegabond C6 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-C8-BDChromegabond C8 BD 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-CN/HSChromegabond Cyano HS 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-CN-BDChromegabond Cyano BD 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-DAChromegabond Diamine 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-DA/RPChromegabond Diamine RP 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-FSPFluoroSep-RP Phenyl 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-MC-CC6Chromegabond MCC6 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-NPIChromegabond NPI 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-P-BDChromegabond Phenyl BD 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-SI60/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-SI60/IChromegasorb SI60 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-TAChromegabond Triamine 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-TA/RPChromegabond Triamine RP 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125311-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 10u, 60A, 100x4.6mm
125321-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-C18Chromegabond C18 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-C22Chromegabond C22 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-C8Chromegabond C8 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-EXC18Exsil C18 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-EXC8Exsil C8 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-EXODS-ABExsil ODS AB 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-EXODS-BExsil ODS B 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-EXSAXExsil SAx10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-EXSCXExsil SCx10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-MVL-SI3Marvel Silica 3 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-NO2Chromegabond Nitro 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-ODS-ABSil ODS AB 10u,100A,100x4.6mm
125321-ODS-BSil ODS B 10u,100A,100x4.6mm
125321-PAHChromegabond PAH 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-RP18LiChrosorb RP18 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-RP8LiChrosorb RP8 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SAXSil SAx10u,100A,100x4.6mm
125321-SCXSil SCx10u,100A,100x4.6mm
125321-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SI100/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SI100/IChromegasorb SI100 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SMA-C18Sonoma C18 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SMA-C5Sonoma C5 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SMA-C8Sonoma C8 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SMA-CNSonoma Cyano 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SMA-NH2Sonoma NH2 Amino 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SMA-SCXSonoma SCx10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SNR-C18starRise C18 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SNR-C8starRise C8 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125321-SNR-SIstarRise Silica 10u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125331-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125331-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125331-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 10u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125331-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125331-MDC-C18MacroDaC18 10u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125331-SI300Chromegasphere SI300 10u, 300A, 100x4.6mm
125341-SI500Chromegasphere SI500 10u, 500A, 100x4.6mm
125351-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 10u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125351-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 10u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125351-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 10u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125351-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 10u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125351-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 10u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125351-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 10u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125351-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 10u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125351-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 10u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125351-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 10u 1000A 10cmx4.6mm
125351-SI1000Chromegasphere SI1000 10u, 1000A, 100x4.6mm
125361-SI4000Chromegasphere SI4000 10u, 4000A, 100x4.6mm
125371-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 80A, 80x4.6mm
125371-SI80Chromegasphere SI80 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-SSP-C1Spherisep C1 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-SSP-C6Spherisep C6 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-SSP-C8Spherisep C8 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-SSP-CNSpherisep Cyano 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-SSP-CN/RPSpherisep Cyano Reverse Phase 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-SSP-NH2Spherisep NH2 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-SSP-ODS1Spherisep ODS1 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-SSP-ODS2Spherisep ODS2 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-SSP-PSpherisep Phenyl 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-SSP-SAXSpherisep SAx10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-SSP-SCXSpherisep SCx10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125371-SSP-SISpherisep Silica 10u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125381-ALChromegasphere Alumina 10u, 130A, 100x4.6mm
125391-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-EPHEpic Phenyl 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
125391-SI120Chromegasphere SI120 10u, 120A, 100x4.6mm
12570-41COSMOSIL R Column Connecting Tube 0.1mmI.D. , 1p
125871-SC-HRPSync Hydro RP 4u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125871-SC-MRPSync MaxRP 4u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
125871-SC-PRPSync Polar RP 4u, 80A, 100x4.6mm
12592-61COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
12594-41COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
12596-21COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
12597-11COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
12598-01COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
12599-91COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
125B21-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 15u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125B21-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 15u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125B21-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 15u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
125B21-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 15u, 100A, 100x4.6mm
12600-41COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
12601-31COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
12602-21COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
12607-71COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
12608-61COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
12609-51COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
12611-01COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
12612-91COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
12614-71COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
12630-51COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
12631-41COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
12632-31COSMOCORE R 2.6C18 ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
126414Bond Elut Carbon, 50mg, 1ml, 100p
126418Bond Elut Carbon, 100mg, 1ml, 100p
1264834Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE,12.0,76mm,100p
1264835Filter, Roll, GE,PCTE, 5.0um, 30cmx3m
12653-61COSMOSIL R PBr Guard Column 28mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
1267014Filter, Disk, GE,PCTE, 10um, 76mm,100p
1267667Filter, Roll, PCTE, 1.0um, 30cmx3m
1267681Filter, Disk, PTFE,LAM, 0.2um, 12inX12in, 50p
1268126Filter, Disk, PCTE, 1.0um, 25x80mm, 50p
1269206Filter, Roll, PPM, 0.1um, 25.4cm X 3m
12858-91COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
12859-81COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
12860-41COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
12861-31COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
12862-21COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
12863-11COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
12864-01COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
12866-81COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
12867-71COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
12868-61COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
12869-51COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
12870-11COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
12871-01COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
12872-91COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
12873-81COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
12875-61COSMOCORE R 2.6Cholester ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
1288012Bond Elut Plexa PCX 30 mg, 1 mL LRC
12943-61COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
12d191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 10cmx3.2mm
1-2MAsy End Plug 2um, 1p
1300502506Tube, probe to 6-port valve,deactivated
1300530001Tube, vent deactivated
1300530010Tube, Tee to Pressure PCA
130-25643mm tan PTFE/white silicone rubber septa in 20mm silver aluminum seals.
130-25991mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in 9mm ribbed Royal blue cap, 100p
130-26371mm FEP/Red Silicone Rubber septa in 11mm clear snap cap, 100p
130-26541mm Natural PTFE/Natural Silicone Rubber septa in 11mm clear snap cap, 100p
130-26601.5mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in black 8-425 screw cap, 100p
130-26601.5mm red PTFE/white silicone rubber septa in black 8-425 PP hole cap, 100p
130-26971mm R/W in 9mm cap black 100p, 100p
130-27891.0mm FEP/Clear silicone septa in 11mm silver aluminum crimp caps, 100p
130-30083mm tan PTFE/white silicone rubber septa in 20mm magnetiCrimp seals, 100p
130-30091mm tan PTFE/white silicone rubber septa in 10-425 black ribbed screw cap.  , 100p
130-30101mm tan PTFE/white silicone rubber septa in silver aluminum crimp caps.
130-30111mm Tan PTFE/Red Silicone Rubber in 9mm ribbed Royal blue cap, 100p
130-30131mm Natural PTFE/Clear ultra-clean Silicone Rubber septa in 11mm ACS, 500p
130-30221mm Nat/Nat hi-pur in 9mm Dark blue PP cap 100p, 100p
130-32001.5mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in black 13-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32001.5mm red PTFE/white silicone rubber septa in a open black 13-425 pp screw cap, 100p
130-32011.3mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in black closed top 13-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32021mm FEP/Red silicone rubber septa in 11mm silver ACS, 1000 p, 100p
130-32041.5mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in black 8-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32041.5mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in a 8-425 Black Screw Cap
130-32051mm FEP/Red Silicone Rubber in 9mm ribbed Royal blue cap, 100p
130-32061mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in 9mm ribbed Royal blue cap, 100p
130-32071mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in 9mm ribbed Royal blue cap, 100p
130-32081mm Blue PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in 9mm ribbed Royal blue cap, 100p
130-32091mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber/Red PTFE in 9mm ribbed Royal blue cap, 100p
130-32101mm Blue PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in black 8-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32111mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in black 8-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32121mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in black 8-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32131.3mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in black 8-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32141mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber/Red PTFE septa in black 8-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32151mm FEP/Red Silicone Rubber septa in black 8-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32161.5mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in black 10-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32171.5mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in black 10-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32181mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in black 10-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32191mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in black 10-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32201.5mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in black 10-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32211.5mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in black 10-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32221mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber/Red PTFE septa in black 10-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32231.5mm Blue PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in black 10-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32241.5mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa pre-slit in black 13-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32251.5mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in black 13-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32261.5mm Red PTFE/white silicone rubber septa pre-slit in black 13-425 OT screw cap, 100p
130-32271.5mm FEP/Red Silicone Rubber septa in black 13-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32281.5mm FEP/Red Silicone Rubber septa in black closed top 13-425 screw cap, 100p
130-32293mm Blue/White septa in a 20mm aluminium silver crimp for MW, 100p
130-32311mm Blue PTFE/White Silicone Rubber cros-slit septa in 11mm clear snap cap, 100p
130-32321mm Blue PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in 11mm clear snap cap, 100p
130-32331mm Tan PTFE/Red Silicone Rubber septa in 11mm clear snap cap, 100p
130-32341mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in 11mm clear snap cap, 100p
130-32351mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in 11mm clear snap cap, 100p
130-32361.3mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber cros-slit septa in 11mm clear snap cap, 100p
130-32371.3mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in 11mm clear snap cap, 100p
130-32381.3mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in 11mm clear snap cap, 100p
130-32391mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber/Red PTFE septa in 11mm clear snap cap, 100p
130-32401mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in 11mm ACS, 100p
130-32411mm Tan PTFE/Red Silicone Rubber septa in 11mm ACS, 100p
130-32421mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber cros-slit septa in 11mm ACS, 100p
130-32431mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in 11mm ACS, 100p
130-32441mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in 11mm ACS, 100p
130-32451.3mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in 11mm ACS, 100p
130-32461mm Red PTFE/White Silicone Rubber/Red PTFE septa in 11mm ACS, 100p
130-32471mm FEP/Red Silicone Rubber septa in 11mm ACS, 100p
130-32481.5mm Blue PTFE/White Silicone Rubber cros-slit septa in 11mm ACS, 100p
130-32490.76mm Viton septa in 11mm grooved ACS, 100p
130-32501.5mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber pre-slit septa in 20mm ACS, 100p
130-32511.5mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in 20mm ACS, 100p
130-32523mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in 20mm ACS, 100p
130-32533mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in 20mm BiMetal Magnetic Silver crimp cap, 100p
130-32543mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in 20mm Aluminum crimp safety seal, 100p
130-32553mm Natural PTFE/Blue Silicone Rubber septa in 20mm ACS, 100p
130-32563mm FEP/Red Silicone Rubber septa in 20mm Aluminum crimp safety seal, 100p
130-32570.76mm Viton septa in 20mm ACS, 100p
130-32581mm Tan PTFE/ Red Silicone Rubber liner in a black, closed top, 9mm screw cap, 100p
130-32652.3mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber septa in 24-400 OT screw cap, 100p
130-32663mm T/W pre-slit septa in 20mm ACS, 100p
130-32871mm Red PTFE/white silicone rubber septa in smooth red 9mm screw cap, 100p
130-32881mm Red PTFE/white silicone rubber septa in smooth green 9mm screw cap, 100p
130-33051mm blue PTFE/White Silicone rubber septa in 9mm royal blue ribbed cap, 100p
130-33131.3mm R/W septa in White 13-425 pp closed top screw cap, 100p
130-33210.25mm PTFE septa in Black 13-425 pp closed top screw cap, 100p
130-33220.25mm PTFE septa in Blue 13-425 pp closed top screw cap, 100p
130-33230.25mm PTFE septa in Green 13-425 pp closed top screw cap, 100p
130-33240.25mm PTFE septa in Red 13-425 pp closed top screw cap, 100p
130-33250.25mm PTFE septa in White 13-425 pp closed top screw cap, 100p
130-33260.25mm PTFE septa in Yellow 13-425 pp closed top screw cap, 100p
130-33500.25mm PTFE septa in black 15-425 PP closed top screw cap 1000 p
130-33581.3mm PTFE/F217 septa in 13-425 yellow clsd top screw cap, 100p
130-33591.3mm PTFE/F217 septa in 13-425 black clsd top screw cap, 100p
130-33601.3mm PTFE/F217 septa in 13-425 blue clsd top screw cap, 100p
130-33611.3mm PTFE/F217 septa in 13-425 green clsd top screw cap, 100p
130-33621.3mm PTFE/F217 septa in 13-425 red clsd top screw cap, 100p
130-33631.3mm PTFE/F217 septa in 13-425 white clsd top screw cap, 100p
130-34241mm Natural PTFE/Natural hi-pur silicone in 8-425 black PP Cap
130-34251.5mm FEP/Red silicone in 10-425 black ribbed screw cap
130-35261,9mm Tan/White PTFE septa in black OT PP 15-425 screw cap, 100p
130-35303mm White/White septa in a 20mm aluminium silver crimp for MW, 100p
130-3531Microwave cap: 3mm natural Silicone, transparent blue PTFE septa in 20mm aluminium silver crimp, 1000 p
130-3531.100pMicrowave cap: 3mm natural Silicone, transparent blue PTFE septa in 20mm aluminium silver crimp, 100p
130-35611mm Red PTFE/White Silicone, royal blue 9 mm screw cap,1000p
130-35741.5mm FEP/Red silicone in 10-425 white ribbedScrew cap,1000p
130-358911mm snap cap,red PTFE/Ultra Clean White Silicone,1 mm 1000p
131003Reservoir 1cc LRC-2 Frits, 100p
131005Reservoir 3cc LRC-2 Frits, 100p
1320Upchurch s Tubing Kit, 1p
13200060SiliCycle MiniBlock Small Consumable Kit: 24-Positions, 1p
13200061SiliCycle MiniBlock Large Consumable Kit: 24-Positions, 1p
13200062Full Conversion Kit for SiliCycle MiniBlock 24-Positions, Green. PP reaction vesels, 1p
13200079Sealing Gasket, Ultra Pure Natural Rubber: 48-Positions, 5p For 13742182 and 13742183 5x13260633 = 13200079
13200080Inner/Piercing Septa for Purge/Evap Manifolds for 13742182 and 13742183 : 48-Positions 5p 5x13742181 =13200080
13200081Inert/Purge Manifold Multi-layered Sealing Gasket: 48-Positions 5p Advanced Sealing with Teflon Laye
13200187SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 24-Positions 10mL 115V: 2-Red, 1p
13200194SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 24-Positions 10ml 230V: 1-Blue 1-Red, 1p
13200195SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 24-Positions 10ml 230V: 2-Blue, 1p
13200240Insulation Wrap for SiliCycle MiniBlock and SiliCycle MiniBlock xT, 1p
13200688SiliCycle MiniBlock xT-Plus Reactor Frame: 6 and 12-Positions 150mm Reaction Vesel Height , 1p
13200869High Temperature Silicone Sealing Gasket, 24-Positions 1p Perforated Grey , 1p
13200870High Temperature Silicone Sealing Gasket, 12-Positions 1p Perforated Black , 1p
13200871High Temperature Silicone Sealing Gasket, 6-Positions 1p Perforated light Grey , 1p
13200872High Temperature Septum Silicone: For Manifold 6, 12 and 24-Positions 1p Not Perforated Red , 1p
13200950Purging /Evaporating Manifold: 24-Positions, 1p
13200951Purging /Evaporating Manifold: 12-Positions, 1p
13200957Purging /Evaporating Manifold: 6-Positions, 1p
13200976SiliCycle MiniBlock xT-Plus Complete Kit Reactor, RefluxLayer, Purge/Evap Manifold : 48-Positions, 1p
13200977SiliCycle MiniBlock xT-Plus Complete Kit Reactor, RefluxLayer, Purge/Evap Manifold : 24-Positions, 1p
13200978SiliCycle MiniBlock xT-Plus Complete Kit Reactor, RefluxLayer, Purge/Evap Manifold : 12-Positions, 1p
13200979SiliCycle MiniBlock xT-Plus Complete Kit Reactor, RefluxLayer, Purge/Evap Manifold : 6-Positions, 1p
13200980SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Plus Reactor Frame 24 and 48-Positions, 1p
13200991SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Complete Kit Reactor, RefluxLayer, Purge/Evap Manifold : 48-Positions, 1p
13200992Sealing Gasket, Ultra Pure Natural Rubber, for Purge/Evap Manifold : 6-Positions, 5p 5x13200838 For 13200957 and 16004228
13200993Sealing Gasket, Ultra Pure Natural Rubber, for Purge/Evap Manifold : 12-Positions, 5p 5x13200837 For 13200951 and 16004229 Big Holes
13200994Sealing Gasket, Ultra Pure Natural Rubber, for Purge/Evap Manifold: 24-Positions, 5p 5x13200836 for 13200950 and 16004230
13200995Inner/Piercing Septa for Purge/Evap Manifolds 13200950 , 24-Positions 5p
13201040Inert/Purge Manifold Multi-layered Sealing Gasket, 6-Positions 5p Advanced Sealing
13201041Inert/Purge Manifold Multi-layered Sealing Gasket, 12-Positions 5p Advanced Sealing
13201042Inert/Purge Manifold Multi-layered Sealing Gasket, 24-Positions 5p Advanced Sealing
13201499Power Cord-Generic Check Destination Country , 1p
1321Upchurch s Tubing Kit .010 ID, 1p
132121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 15cmx2.1mm
132121-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 100A 15cmx2.1mm
132151-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 3u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132151-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 3u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132151-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 3u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132151-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 3u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132151-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 3u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132151-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 3u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132151-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 3u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132151-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 3u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132151-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 3u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132151-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 3u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 15cmx2.1mm
132191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 15cmx2.1mm
1322Upchurch s Tubing Kit .007 ID, 1p
132221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 15cmx2.1mm
132221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 15cmx2.1mm
132221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 15cmx2.1mm
132251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132251-CCCChromegaChrial CCC 5u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 15cmx2.1mm
132291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 15cmx2.1mm
1323Upchurch s Tubing Kit .005 ID, 1p
132351-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 10u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132351-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 10u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132351-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 10u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132351-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 10u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132351-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 10u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132351-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 10u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132351-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 10u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132351-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 10u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
132351-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 10u 1000A 15cmx2.1mm
1324Upchurch s Tubing Kit .020 ID, 1p
13242087O-Ring Silicone replacement for washing station and Vacuum collection base, 1p
13242103O-Ring for Connectors 13424272 Quick-disconnect, Metal valved, 1/8in NPT , 1p
13245-81COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13247-61COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13249-41COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
1325Tefzel Tubing Kit, 1p
13250-01COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13251-91COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13252-81COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
13253-71COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 10mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
13254040SiliCycle MiniBlock Purge Tube for shaker plate, ¼’’ OD, 1/8’’ ID, 1p
13254-61COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 10mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13255-51COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 10mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13256-41COSMOSIL R PBr Guard Column 20mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
13257-31COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 20mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
13258-21COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 20mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13259-11COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 20mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
1326PEEK Tubing Kit, 1p
13260307Deep Well Plate Spacer, White for collection into Deep Well Plates and other racks , 1p
13260310Encapsulated Compresion Cord, For SiliCycle MiniBlock 8p , 8p
13260351Rack Spacer, Black for collection into 48-Positions test-tube racks , 1p
13260397Sealing Gasket for Positive Presure Manifold for 24 and 48-Positions 1p Punched for 13742018, 13742019, 13742109 and 13742110 , 1p
1326039848-Positions Rack, Red, UHMW polyethylene . Accepts 12x75mm and 12x100mm test tubes, 1p
1326039948-Positions Rack, Blue, UHMW polyethylene . Accepts 12x75mm and 12x100mm test tubes, 1p
1326042924-Positions Rack, Red, UHMW polyethylene Accepts 17x61mm and 17 x112mm vials, 1p
1326043024-Positions Rack, Blue, UHMW polyethylene Accepts 17x61mm and 17 x112mm vials, 1p
1326043112-Positions Rack, Red, UHMW polyethylene Accepts 21x70mm and 21x112mm test tubes, 1p
1326043212-Positions Rack, Blue, UHMW polyethylene Accepts 21x70mm and 21x112mm test tubes, 1p
132604396-Positions Rack, Red, UHMW polyethylene Accepts 28x95mm scintillation vials, 1p
132604406-Positions Rack, Blue, UHMW polyethylene Accepts 28x95mm scientillation vials, 1p
13260442Screws for Opening & Closing Valve for SiliCycle MiniBlock, 6/p
1326044324-Positions Rack, Red, UHMW polyethylene Accepts 15x45mm and 15x82mm vials, 1p
1326044424-Positions Rack, Blue, UHMW polyethylene Accepts 15x45mm and 15x82mm vials, 1p
1326045624-Positions Rack, Blue, UHMW polyethylene Accepts 16x100mm test tubes, 1p
1326045724-Positions Rack, Red, UHMW polyethylene Accepts 16x100mm test tubes, 1p
1326046012-Positions Rack, Blue, UHMW polyethylene Accepts 24x112mm test tubes and 24x150mm test tubes, 1p
1326046112-Positions Rack, Red, UHMW polyethylene Accepts 24x112mm and 24x150mm test tubes, 1p
1326047224-Positions Rack, Blue, Aluminium Accepts 15x45mm and 15x82mm vials, 1p
1326047324-Positions Rack, Red, Aluminium Accepts 15x45mm and 15x82mm vials, 1p
1326047424-Positions Rack, Blue, Aluminium Accepts 17x61mm and 17 x112mm vials, 1p
1326047524-Positions Rack, Red, Aluminium Accepts 17x61mm and 17 x112mm vials, 1p
1326047612-Positions Rack, Blue, Aluminium Accepts 21x70mm and 21x112mm test tubes, 1p
1326047712-Positions Rack, Red, Aluminium Accepts 21x70mm and 21x112mm test tubes, 1p
1326047812-Positions Rack, Blue, Aluminium, Accepts 24x112mm test tubes and 24x150mm test tubes, 1p
1326047912-Positions Rack, Red, Aluminium, Accepts 24x112mm test tubes and 24x150mm test tubes, 1p
132604806-Positions Rack, Blue, Aluminium Accepts 28x95mm and 28x140mm scintillation vials, 1p
132604816-Positions Rack, Red, Aluminium Accepts 28x95mm and 28x140mm scintillation vials, 1p
1326048448-Positions Rack, Blue, Aluminium Accepts 12x75mm and 12x100mm test tubes, 1p
1326048548-Positions Rack, Red, Aluminium Accepts 12x75mm and 12x100mm test tubes, 1p
1326048624-Positions Rack, Blue, Aluminium Accepts 16x100mm test tubes, 1p
1326048724-Positions Rack, Red, Aluminium Accepts 16x100mm test tubes, 1p
13260492PFA Teflon Pinch-Tube Insert 50p
13260515Collection Tube Height gauge, 1p
13260544Vesel Rack for SiliCycle Miniblock xT: 48-Positions, 1p
13260545Vesel Rack for SiliCycle Miniblock xT: 24-Positions, 1p
13260546Vesel Rack for SiliCycle Miniblock xT: 12-Positions, 1p
13260547Vesel Rack for SiliCycle Miniblock xT: 6-Positions, 1p
13260-71COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 28mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13261-61COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 28mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13262-51COSMOSIL R PBr ped Column 28mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13263-41COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
13264-31COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13265-21COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13266-11COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
13267-01COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13268-91COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13269-81COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13270-41COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
13271-31COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13272-21COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 10mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
13273-11COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 10mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13274-01COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 10mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13275-91COSMOSIL R 5PFP Guard Column 20mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
13276-81COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 20mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
13277-71COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 20mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13278-61COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 20mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13279-51COSMOSIL R 5PFP Guard Column 28mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
1328MicroTight PEEK Sleeve Kit, 1p
13280-11COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 28mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13281-01COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 28mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13282-91COSMOSIL R 5PFP ped Column 28mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
133121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 15cmx3.0mm
133121-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 100A 15cmx3.0mm
133151-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 3u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133151-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 3u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133151-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 3u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133151-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 3u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133151-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 3u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133151-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 3u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133151-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 3u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133151-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 3u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133151-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 3u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133151-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 3u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 15cmx3.0mm
133191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 15cmx3.0mm
133221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 15cmx3.0mm
133221-NC18PAHNucleosil C18 PAH 5u 100A 15cmx3.0mm
133221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 15cmx3.0mm
133221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 15cmx3.0mm
133251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133251-CCCChromegaChrial CCC 5u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 15cmx3.0mm
133291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 15cmx3.0mm
133351-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 10u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133351-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 10u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133351-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 10u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133351-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 10u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133351-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 10u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133351-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 10u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133351-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 10u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133351-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 10u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
133351-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 10u 1000A 15cmx3.0mm
13337-81COSMOSIL R 5Diol-1000-II Guard Column 7.5mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
13338-71COSMOSIL R 5Diol-1000-II ped Column 7.5mmI.D.x300mm, 1p
13362-41COSMOSIL R 3C18-AR-II ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
134121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 15cmx4.0mm
134121-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 100A 15cmx4.0mm
134191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 15cmx4.0mm
134191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 15cmx4.0mm
134221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 15cmx4.0mm
134221-NC18PAHNucleosil C18 PAH 5u 100A 15cmx4.0mm
134221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 15cmx4.0mm
134221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 15cmx4.0mm
134291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 15cmx4.0mm
134291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 15cmx4.0mm
135101-LSChromegabond LS 3u, 180A, 150x4.6mm
13511079Magnetic Stir Oval 15mm for 48-Positions Reaction Vesels, 50p
13511157Magnetic Stir Bars Cros Type 1in for 6-Positions Reaction Vesels, 8p
13511158Magnetic Stir Bars Cros Type 3/4in for 12-Positions Reaction Vesels, 1 5p
13511159Magnetic Stir Bars Cros Type 3/8in for 24-Positions Reaction Vesels, 30p
13511161Hotplate Stirrer, 115V/60 Hz, 1p
13511162IKA Feedback Control Kit, 1p
13511163IKA Feedback Control Upgrade Kit Extension Cable and RTD Probe , 1p
13511164Hotplate Stirrer, 230V/50 Hz, 1p
135111-AChromegabond Amine 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-C18-AIChromegabond C18 AI 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-C18-BDChromegabond C18 BD 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-C4Chromegabond C4 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-C6Chromegabond C6 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-C8-BDChromegabond C8 BD 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-CNChromegabond Cyano 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-CN/HSChromegabond Cyano HS 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-CN/HS/RPChromegabond Cyano HS RP 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-CN-BDChromegabond Cyano BD 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-DChromegabond Diol 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-FSPFluoroSep-RP Phenyl 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-FSP/HSFluoroSep-RP Phenyl / HS 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-MC18Chromegabond MC18 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-MC8Chromegabond MC8 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-MC-CC6Chromegabond MCC6 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-NPIChromegabond NPI 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-P-BDChromegabond Phenyl BD 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135111-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 3u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135121-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-AQSAquaSep 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-AVI-AQAviator AQ 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-AVI-C18Aviator C18 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-AVI-C18-HLAviator C18 HL 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-AVI-C4Aviator C4 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-AVI-C8Aviator C8 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-C18Sil C18 3u,100A,150x4.6mm
135121-C22Chromegabond C22 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-C8Sil C8 3u,100A,150x4.6mm
135121-CNChromegabond Cyano 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-DChromegabond Diol 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-DS-ODS3DeactiSil ODS3 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-EXC18Exsil C18 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-EXC8Exsil C8 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-EXODS-ABExsil ODS AB 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-EXODS-BExsil ODS B 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-EXSAXExsil SAx3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-EXSCXExsil SCx3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-HC-C18Chromegabond HC ODS 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-HRM-C18Harmony C18 3,5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-HRM-C8Harmony C8 3,5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-HRS-RP18HarmonySecure RP18 3,5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-HRS-RP8HarmonySecure RP8 3,5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-KC18Kromasil C18 3,5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-LS/HSChromegabond LS HS 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-MC18Chromegabond MC18 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-MC8Chromegabond MC8 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135121-NC18-HDNucleosil C18 HD 3u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135121-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135121-NPN-dC18Neptune dC18 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-NPN-SINeptune HILIC Silica 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-NPN-T3Neptune T3 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-ODS-ABSil ODS AB 3u,100A,150x4.6mm
135121-ODS-BSil ODS B 3u,100A,150x4.6mm
135121-PAHChromegabond PAH 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-PC18ProTec-RP C18 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-PC8ProTec-RP C8 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-PPhProTec-RP Phenyl 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-PSCChromegabond PSC 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-SAXSil SAx3u,100A,150x4.6mm
135121-SCXSil SCx3u,100A,150x4.6mm
135121-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-SI100/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-SMA-CNSonoma Cyano 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-SMA-NH2Sonoma NH2 Amino 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-SMA-PFP(2)Sonoma PFP(2) 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 3u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-SNR-C18starRise C18 3,5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135121-SNR-C8starRise C8 3,5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135131-AVI-C18Aviator C18 3u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-AVI-C4Aviator C4 3u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-AVI-C8Aviator C8 3u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 3u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 3u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-HRM-C18Harmony 300 C18 3,5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-HRM-C4Harmony 300 C4 3,5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-MDC-C18MacroDaC18 3u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-MSP-AQSMacroSep AQS 3u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-MSP-C18MacroSep C18 3u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-MSP-C4MacroSep C4 3u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-MSP-C8MacroSep C8 3u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-MSP-CNMacroSep Cyano 3u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135131-MSP-HPRMacroSep High Protein Recovery 3u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135151-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 3u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135151-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 3u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135151-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 3u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135151-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 3u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135151-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 3u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135151-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 3u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135151-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 3u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135151-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 3u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135151-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 3u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135151-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 3u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135171-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-HPC-ODS2HyperSelect ODS2 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-MC18Chromegabond MC18 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-MC8Chromegabond MC8 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-SI80Chromegasphere SI 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-SSP-C1Spherisep C1 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-SSP-C6Spherisep C6 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-SSP-C8Spherisep C8 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-SSP-CNSpherisep Cyano 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-SSP-CN/RPSpherisep Cyano Reverse Phase 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-SSP-NH2Spherisep NH2 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-SSP-ODS1Spherisep ODS1 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-SSP-ODS2Spherisep ODS2 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-SSP-PSpherisep Phenyl 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-SSP-SISpherisep Silica 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-ULC18Chromegabond Ultra C18 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-ULC8Chromegabond Ultra C8 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-ULCNChromegabond Ultra Cyano 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-ULSIChromegabond Ultra Silica 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-ZC18Chromega Z C18 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-ZC8Chromega Z C8 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135171-ZPChromega Z Phenyl 3u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135191-BAS-C18Chromegabond BAS C18 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-BAS-C8Chromegabond BAS C8 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-BAS-CNChromegabond BAS Cyano 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-BAS-PChromegabond BAS Phenyl 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EC18EpiC18 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EC18-MSEpiC18 MS 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EC18-SDEpiC18 SD 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EC4-SDEpiC4 SD 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EC8EpiC8 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EDEAPEpic DEAP 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EFDDEpic FDD 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EFO-LBEpic FO LB 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EHICEpic HILIC-HC 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EHRPEpic HILIC-RP 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EPHEpic Phenyl 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-EPOEpic Polar 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-ESIEpic Silica 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-BDSC18HyperSelect BDS C18 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-BDSC8HyperSelect BDS C8 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-BDSCNHyperSelect BDS Cyano 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-BDSPHHyperSelect BDS Phenyl 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-CPS1HyperSelect CPS1 Cyano-NonEndcapped 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-GL-AQHyperSelect Gold AQ 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-GL-C18HyperSelect Gold C18 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-GL-C8HyperSelect Gold C8 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-GL-CNHyperSelect Gold Cyano 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-GL-PFPHyperSelect Gold PFP 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-GL-PHHyperSelect Gold Phenyl 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-ODSHyperSelect ODS 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-PH1HyperSelect Phenyl 1 NonEndcapped 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-SASHyperSelect SAS C1 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-HPC-SIHyperSelect Silica 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-NC18Nucleosil C18 3u 120A 15cmx4.6mm
135191-NC8Nucleosil C8 3u 120A 15cmx4.6mm
135191-ODS-PIChromegabond ODS PI 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-SI120Chromegasphere SI120 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-WR-C18Chromegabond WR C18 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-WR-C4Chromegabond WR C4 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135191-WR-C8Chromegabond WR C8 3u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
1351A1-HPC-HIC18HyperSelect HiPurity C18 3u, 200A, 150x4.6mm
1351A1-SMA-HICSonoma HILIC 3u, 200A, 150x4.6mm
13520111Rack of Tall Minitubes-96-Positions microtiter plate array 2.5mL volume, 9mm Dx80mm H, 1p
13520112Rack of Minitubes, 96-Positions microtiter plate array 1.3mL colume, 9mm Dx47mm H, 1p
13520117Red Plug for Pinch-Tube Insert For sealing unused-Positions in SiliCycle MiniBlock : 50p
1352012096-Well Plate for Transfer Adapter, 1p
13520130Deep Well Plate, 2.4mL-96-Positions microtiter plate format 5p
13520131Deep Well Plate, 5mL-48-Positions microtiter plate format 5p
13520132Deep Well Plate, 10mL-24-Positions microtiter plate format 5p
135201-LSChromegabond LS 5u, 180A, 150x4.6mm
13521028Disposable Reaction Tubes for SiliCycle MiniBlock 4ml, PP 50p
13521058Glas Reaction Tubes for SiliCycle MiniBlock, 4mL 50p
13521062Glas Reaction Tubes for SiliCycle MiniBlock, 10ml, 25p
13521067Glas Reaction Tubes for SiliCycle MiniBlock 20mL, 12p
13521071Glas Reaction Tubes for SiliCycle MiniBlock 40mL, 6p
13521079Replacement Frits for Disposable 4.5mL Reaction Tubes for SiliCycle MiniBlock, 50p
13521100Glas, 6mL Tube 12x75mm 72p
13521101Polypropylene, 6mL Test Tube 12x75mm 250p
13521103Glas, 3.7ml 1 dram Vial 15x45mm 144/pk
13521105Glas, 7.5mL 2 Dram Vial 17x61mm 72p
13521107Glas, 15mL Test Tube 16x100mm 250p
13521107-LGlas, 15mL Test Tube 16x100mm 500p
13521108Glas, 16mL 4 dram Vial 21x70mm 144/pk
13521118Disposable Reaction Tubes for SiliCycle MiniBlock 10ml, PP- 25p
135211-AChromegabond Amine 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-A/CNChromegabond Amino / Cyano 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-AG/SIChromegabond Silver / Silica 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-C18-AIChromegabond C18 AI 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-C18-BDChromegabond C18 BD 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-C2Chromegabond C2 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-C3Chromegabond C3 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-C6Chromegabond C6 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-C8-BDChromegabond C8 BD 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-CNChromegabond Cyano 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-CN/HSChromegabond Cyano HS 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-CN/HS/RPChromegabond Cyano HS RP 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-CN-BDChromegabond Cyano BD 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-DChromegabond Diol 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-DAChromegabond Diamine 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-DA/RPChromegabond Diamine RP 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-DNAPChromegabond DNAP 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-FOFluoroSep-RP Octyl 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-FSPFluoroSep-RP Phenyl 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-FSP/HSFluoroSep-RP Phenyl / HS 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-MC18/HSChromegabond MC18/HS 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-MC-CC6Chromegabond MCC6 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-NCNucleosil Silica 5u 50A 12.5cmx4.0mm
135211-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 50A 15cmx4.6mm
135211-NPIChromegabond NPI 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-P-BDChromegabond Phenyl BD 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-RP-SAXChromegabond RP-Chromegabond SAx5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-RP-SCXChromegabond RP-Chromegabond SCx5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-RSRingSep 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-SAXChromegabond SAx5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-SCXChromegabond SCx5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-SI60/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-SI60/IChromegasorb SI60 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-TAChromegabond Triamine 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-TA/RPChromegabond Triamine RP 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135211-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 5u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135221-AChromegabond Amine 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-A/HXAminohexadecylsilyl 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-AQSAquaSep 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-AVI-AQAviator AQ 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-AVI-C18Aviator C18 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-AVI-C18-HLAviator C18 HL 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-AVI-C4Aviator C4 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-AVI-C8Aviator C8 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-C18Chromegabond C18 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-C22Chromegabond C22 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-C8Chromegabond C8 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-CNChromegabond Cyano 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-DChromegabond Diol 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-DNAP-IIChromegabond DNAP II 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-DS-ODSDeactiSil ODS 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-DS-ODS3DeactiSil ODS3 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-EXC18Exsil C18 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-EXC8Exsil C8 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-EXODS-ABExsil ODS AB 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-EXODS-BExsil ODS B 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-EXSAXExsil SAx5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-EXSCXExsil SCx5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-HC-C18Chromegabond HC ODS 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-HRM-C18Harmony C18 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-HRM-C8Harmony C8 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-HRS-RP18HarmonySecure RP18 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-HRS-RP8HarmonySecure RP8 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-KC18Kromasil C18 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-KC8Kromasil C8 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-LS/HSChromegabond LS HS 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-MVL-PH3Marvel Phenyl 3 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-MVL-SIMarvel Silica 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-NC18-ABNucleosil C18 AB 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-NC18-HDNucleosil C18 HD 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-NC8-HDNucleosil C8 HD 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-NC-DIMANucleosil Dimethylamino 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-NCNNucleosil Cyano 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-NC-NH2Nucleosil Amino 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-NC-NO2Nucleosil Nitro NO2 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-NO2Chromegabond Nitro 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-NPN-dC18Neptune dC18 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-NPN-SINeptune HILIC Silica 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-NPN-T3Neptune T3 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-NPT-INucleosil Protect I 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-NSANucleosil SA 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-NSBNucleosil SB 5u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135221-ODS-ABSil ODS AB 5u,100A,150x4.6mm
135221-ODS-BSil ODS B 5u,100A,150x4.6mm
135221-PAHChromegabond PAH 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-PC18ProTec-RP C18 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-PC8ProTec-RP C8 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-PPhProTec-RP Phenyl 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-PSCChromegabond PSC 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-RP18LiChrosorb RP18 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-RP18SLiChrospher RP18 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-RP18SELiChrospher RP18 Endcapped 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-RP8LiChrosorb RP8 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-RP8SLiChrospher RP8 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SAXSil SAx5u,100A,150x4.6mm
135221-SCXSil SCx5u,100A,150x4.6mm
135221-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SI100/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SI100/IChromegasorb SI100 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SMA-C5Sonoma C5 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SMA-C8Sonoma C8 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SMA-CNSonoma Cyano 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SMA-NH2Sonoma NH2 Amino 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SMA-PFP(2)Sonoma PFP(2) 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SMA-SCXSonoma SCx5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SNR-C18starRise C18 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SNR-C8starRise C8 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135221-SNR-SIstarRise Silica 5u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135231-AChromegabond Amine 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-AVI-C18Aviator C18 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-AVI-C4Aviator C4 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-AVI-C8Aviator C8 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-CNChromegabond Cyano 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-DChromegabond Diol 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-FPFluoroSep-RP Propyl 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-HRM-C18Harmony 300 C18 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-HRM-C4Harmony 300 C4 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-MDC-C18MacroDaC18 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-MSP-AQSMacroSep AQS 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-MSP-C18MacroSep C18 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-MSP-C4MacroSep C4 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-MSP-C8MacroSep C8 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-MSP-CNMacroSep Cyano 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-MSP-HPRMacroSep High Protein Recovery 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 300A 15cmx4.6mm
135231-NC4Nucleosil C4 5u 300A 15cmx4.6mm
135231-SI300Chromegasphere SI300 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135231-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 5u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135241-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 500A, 150x4.6mm
135241-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 500A, 150x4.6mm
135241-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 500A, 150x4.6mm
135241-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 500A, 150x4.6mm
135241-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 500A, 150x4.6mm
135241-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 500A, 150x4.6mm
135241-SI500Chromegasphere SI500 5u, 500A, 150x4.6mm
135241-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 5u, 500A, 150x4.6mm
135251-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 1000A, 150x4.6mm
135251-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 1000A, 150x4.6mm
135251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135251-CCCChromegaChrial CCC 5u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135251-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 1000A, 150x4.6mm
135251-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 1000A, 150x4.6mm
135251-SI1000Chromegasphere SI1000 5u, 1000A, 150x4.6mm
135261-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 4000A, 150x4.6mm
135261-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 4000A, 150x4.6mm
135261-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 4000A, 150x4.6mm
135261-SI4000Chromegasphere SI4000 5u, 4000A, 150x4.6mm
135271-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-ARP1GammaBond Alumina RP1 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-DS-ODSDeactiSil ODS 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-HPC-ODS2HyperSelect ODS2 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-PSP-C8Partisep C8 5u, 85A,150x4.6mm
135271-PSP-ODSPartisep ODS 5u, 85A,150x4.6mm
135271-PSP-ODS2Partisep ODS2 5u, 85A,150x4.6mm
135271-PSP-ODS3Partisep ODS3 5u, 85A,150x4.6mm
135271-PSP-PACPartisep PAC 5u, 85A,150x4.6mm
135271-PSP-SAXPartisep SAx5u, 85A,150x4.6mm
135271-PSP-SCXPartisep SCx5u, 85A,150x4.6mm
135271-PSP-SIPartisep Silica 5u, 85A,150x4.6mm
135271-SI80Chromegasphere SI80 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-C1Spherisep C1 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-C6Spherisep C6 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-C8Spherisep C8 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-CNSpherisep Cyano 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-CN/RPSpherisep Cyano Reverse Phase 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-NH2Spherisep NH2 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-ODS1Spherisep ODS1 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-ODS2Spherisep ODS2 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-ODSBSpherisep ODSB 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-PSpherisep Phenyl 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-SAXSpherisep SAx5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-SCXSpherisep SCx5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-SSP-SISpherisep Silica 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-ULC18Chromegabond Ultra C18 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-ULC18IPChromegabond Ultra C18IP 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-ULC8Chromegabond Ultra C8 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-ULCNChromegabond Ultra Cyano 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-ULSIChromegabond Ultra Silica 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-ZC18Chromega Z C18 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-ZC8Chromega Z C8 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135271-ZPChromega Z Phenyl 5u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135281-ALChromegasphere Alumina 5u, 130A, 150x4.6mm
135281-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 5u, 130A, 150x4.6mm
135291-BAS-C18Chromegabond BAS C18 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-BAS-C8Chromegabond BAS C8 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-BAS-CNChromegabond BAS Cyano 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-BAS-PChromegabond BAS Phenyl 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EC18EpiC18 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EC18-MSEpiC18 MS 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EC18-SDEpiC18 SD 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EC4-SDEpiC4 SD 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EC8EpiC8 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EDEAPEpic DEAP 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EFDDEpic FDD 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EFO-LBEpic FO LB 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EHICEpic HILIC-HC 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EHRPEpic HILIC-RP 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EPHEpic Phenyl 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-EPOEpic Polar 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-ESIEpic Silica 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-APS2HyperSelect APS2 Amino Propyl 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-BDSC18HyperSelect BDS C18 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-BDSC8HyperSelect BDS C8 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-BDSCNHyperSelect BDS Cyano 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-BDSPHHyperSelect BDS Phenyl 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-CPS1HyperSelect CPS1 Cyano-NonEndcapped 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-CPS2HyperSelect CPS2 Cyano-Endcapped 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-GL-AQHyperSelect Gold AQ 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-GL-C18HyperSelect Gold C18 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-GL-C8HyperSelect Gold C8 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-GL-CNHyperSelect Gold Cyano 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-GL-PFPHyperSelect Gold PFP 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-GL-PHHyperSelect Gold Phenyl 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-MOS1HyperSelect MOS1 C8-NonEndcapped 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-MOS2HyperSelect MOS2 C8-Endcapped 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-ODSHyperSelect ODS 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-PH1HyperSelect Phenyl 1 NonEndcapped 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-PH2HyperSelect Phenyl 2 Endcapped 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-SASHyperSelect SAS C1 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-SAXHyperSelect SAx5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-HPC-SIHyperSelect Silica 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-MPK-AMicropak Amino 5u, 125A,150x4.6mm
135291-MPK-C18Micropak C18 5u, 125A,150x4.6mm
135291-MPK-CNMicropak Cyano 5u, 125A,150x4.6mm
135291-MPK-PHMicropak Phenyl 5u, 125A,150x4.6mm
135291-MPK-SIMicropak Silica 5u, 125A,150x4.6mm
135291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 15cmx4.6mm
135291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 15cmx4.6mm
135291-NP-IChromega NP-I 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-ODS-PIChromegabond ODS PI 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-SI120Chromegasphere SI120 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-WR-C18Chromegabond WR C18 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-WR-C4Chromegabond WR C4 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135291-WR-C8Chromegabond WR C8 5u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
1352A1-HPC-HIC18HyperSelect HiPurity C18 5u, 200A, 150x4.6mm
1352A1-HPC-HIC4HyperSelect HiPurity C4 5u, 200A, 150x4.6mm
1352A1-HPC-HIC8HyperSelect HiPurity C8 5u, 200A, 150x4.6mm
1352A1-HPC-HICNHyperSelect HiPurity Cyano 5u, 200A, 150x4.6mm
1352A1-SMA-HICSonoma HILIC 5u, 200A, 150x4.6mm
1352D1-DS-C8DeactiSil C8 5u, 150A, 150x4.6mm
1352D1-DS-ODS2DeactiSil ODS2 5u, 150A, 150x4.6mm
1352D1-DS-PHDeactiSil Phenyl 5u, 150A, 150x4.6mm
1352D1-MVL-C8Marvel C8 5u, 150A, 150x4.6mm
1352D1-MVL-ODS2Marvel ODS2 5u, 150A, 150x4.6mm
1352D1-MVL-SIMarvel Silica 5u, 150A, 150x4.6mm
135311-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-A/CNChromegabond Amino / Cyano 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-C18-BDChromegabond C18 BD 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-C2Chromegabond C2 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-C4Chromegabond C4 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-C6Chromegabond C6 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-C8-BDChromegabond C8 BD 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-CN/HSChromegabond Cyano HS 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-CN-BDChromegabond Cyano BD 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-DAChromegabond Diamine 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-DA/RPChromegabond Diamine RP 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-FSPFluoroSep-RP Phenyl 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-MC-CC6Chromegabond MCC6 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-NPIChromegabond NPI 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-P-BDChromegabond Phenyl BD 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-SI60/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-SI60/IChromegasorb SI60 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-TAChromegabond Triamine 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-TA/RPChromegabond Triamine RP 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135311-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 10u, 60A, 150x4.6mm
135321-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-C18Chromegabond C18 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-C22Chromegabond C22 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-C8Chromegabond C8 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-EXC18Exsil C18 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-EXC8Exsil C8 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-EXODS-ABExsil ODS AB 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-EXODS-BExsil ODS B 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-EXSAXExsil SAx10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-EXSCXExsil SCx10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-MVL-SI3Marvel Silica 3 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-NC18Nucleosil C18 10u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135321-NO2Chromegabond Nitro 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-NSBNucleosil SB 10u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135321-ODS-ABSil ODS AB 10u,100A,150x4.6mm
135321-ODS-BSil ODS B 10u,100A,150x4.6mm
135321-PAHChromegabond PAH 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-RP18LiChrosorb RP18 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-RP8LiChrosorb RP8 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SAXSil SAx10u,100A,150x4.6mm
135321-SCXSil SCx10u,100A,150x4.6mm
135321-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SI100/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SI100/IChromegasorb SI100 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SMA-C18Sonoma C18 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SMA-C5Sonoma C5 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SMA-C8Sonoma C8 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SMA-CNSonoma Cyano 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SMA-NH2Sonoma NH2 Amino 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SMA-SCXSonoma SCx10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SNR-C18starRise C18 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SNR-C8starRise C8 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135321-SNR-SIstarRise Silica 10u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135331-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135331-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135331-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 10u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135331-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135331-MDC-C18MacroDaC18 10u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135331-SI300Chromegasphere SI300 10u, 300A, 150x4.6mm
135341-SI500Chromegasphere SI500 10u, 500A, 150x4.6mm
135351-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 10u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135351-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 10u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135351-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 10u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135351-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 10u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135351-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 10u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135351-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 10u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135351-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 10u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135351-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 10u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135351-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 10u 1000A 15cmx4.6mm
135351-SI1000Chromegasphere SI1000 10u, 1000A, 150x4.6mm
135361-SI4000Chromegasphere SI4000 10u, 4000A, 150x4.6mm
135371-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SC-HRPSync Hydro RP 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SC-MRPSync MaxRP 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SC-PRPSync Polar RP 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SI80Chromegasphere SI80 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SSP-C1Spherisep C1 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SSP-C6Spherisep C6 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SSP-C8Spherisep C8 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SSP-CNSpherisep Cyano 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SSP-CN/RPSpherisep Cyano Reverse Phase 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SSP-NH2Spherisep NH2 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SSP-ODS1Spherisep ODS1 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SSP-ODS2Spherisep ODS2 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SSP-PSpherisep Phenyl 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SSP-SAXSpherisep SAx10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SSP-SCXSpherisep SCx10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135371-SSP-SISpherisep Silica 10u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135381-ALChromegasphere Alumina 10u, 130A, 150x4.6mm
135391-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-EPHEpic Phenyl 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135391-MPK-AMicropak Amino 10u, 125A,150x4.6mm
135391-MPK-C18Micropak C18 10u, 125A,150x4.6mm
135391-MPK-CNMicropak Cyano 10u, 125A,150x4.6mm
135391-MPK-PHMicropak Phenyl 10u, 125A,150x4.6mm
135391-MPK-SIMicropak Silica 10u, 125A,150x4.6mm
135391-SI120Chromegasphere SI120 10u, 120A, 150x4.6mm
135421-NC18Nucleosil C18 7u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135421-NDINucleosil Diol 7u 100A 15cmx4.6mm
135491-NCNNucleosil Cyano 7u 120A 15cmx4.6mm
135491-NC-NH2Nucleosil Amino 7u 120A 15cmx4.6mm
135491-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 7u 120A 15cmx4.6mm
1356MicroTight Connector Kit-PEEK, 1p
135871-SC-HRPSync Hydro RP 4u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135871-SC-MRPSync MaxRP 4u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135871-SC-PRPSync Polar RP 4u, 80A, 150x4.6mm
135B21-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 15u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135B21-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 15u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
135B21-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 15u, 100A, 150x4.6mm
13692-21COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
13693-11COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
13694-01COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
13695-91COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13697-71COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 2.1mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13698-61COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
13699-51COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
13700-01COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
13701-91COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13703-71COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 3.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13705-51COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x30mm, 1p
13712-51COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x50mm, 1p
13714-31COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x75mm, 1p
13715-21COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13719-81COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13734-71COSMOCORE R 2.6PBr ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13742005SiliCycle MiniBlock RefluxLayer Heat Transfer Block : 48-Positions
13742008SiliCycle MiniBlock Vacuum Collection Base
13742010Tall Tube Extender: For collection vesels >50mm
13742012Counter Weight for Shaking Station
13742014SiliCycle MiniBlock Air Push Asist Device: 48-Positions
13742018SiliCycle MiniBlock Positive Presure Manifold Blue: 48-Positions
13742019SiliCycle MiniBlock Positive Presure Manifold Red: 48-Positions
13742043SiliCycle MiniBlock Reactor Red: 48-Positions vesels not included
13742044SiliCycle MiniBlock Reactor Blue: 48-Positions vesels not included
13742045SiliCycle MiniBlock Recirculator Manifolds, 2-Positions, Includes 4 Disconnect Hoses
13742059SiliCycle MiniBlock RefluxLayer Heat Transfer Block : 24-Positions
13742060SiliCycle MiniBlock RefluxLayer Heat Transfer Block : 12-Positions
13742061SiliCycle MiniBlock RefluxLayer Heat Transfer Block : 6-Positions
13742067Tall Tube Extender: For collection vesels >80mm
13742080High Temperature Silicone Multi-Layer Septa for Top Plate xT 13742158, 13742159, 13742160 and 13742187 , 1p
13742086SiliCycle MiniBlock 24-Positions Resin Dispenser with Sliding Plates 10mg, 20mg, 50mg, 100mg and 200mg
13742093Molded Compresion Cord, for SiliCycle MiniBlock 8p
13742104SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Reactor Frame only : 24 and 48-Positions 110mm Reaction Vesel Height
13742105SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Reactor Frame only : 6 and 12-Positions 150mm Reaction Vesel Height
13742106Heat Dispersion Adapter for SiliCycle MiniBlock xT 135mm for 13511161
13742107SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Set Reactor with Hotplate Stirrer , 6-Positions, 115V
13742108SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Set Reactor with Hotplate Stirrer , 12-Positions, 115V
13742109SiliCycle MiniBlock Positive Presure Manifold Blue 24-Positions
13742110SiliCycle MiniBlock Positive Presure Manifold Red 24-Positions
13742115SiliCycle MiniBlock Air Push Asist Device: 12-Positions
13742116SiliCycle MiniBlock Air Push Asist Device: 6-Positions
13742117SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page Two Complete Reactors with one Hotplate Stirrer - 2x12-Positions, 115V
13742118SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Set Reactor with Hotplate Stirrer , 24-Positions, 115V
13742119SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Set Reactor with Hotplate Stirrer , 6-Positions, 230V
13742120SiliCycle MiniBlock Air Push Asist Device: 24-Positions
13742121SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Set Reactor with Hotplate Stirrer , 12-Positions, 230V, 1p
13742122SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Set Reactor with Hotplate Stirrer , 24-Positions, 230V, 1p
13742123SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Complete Kit Reactor, RefluxLayer, Purge/Evap Manifold : 6-Positions, 1p
13742124SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Complete Kit Reactor, RefluxLayer, Purge/Evap Manifold : 12-Positions, 1p
13742125SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Complete Kit Reactor, RefluxLayer, Purge/Evap Manifold : 24-Positions, 1p
13742126SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page Two Complete Reactors with one Hotplate Stirrer : 2x6-Positions, 115V, 1p
13742127SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page Two Complete Reactors with one Hotplate Stirrer : 1x6-Positions, 1x12-Positions, 115V, 1p
13742128SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page Two Complete Reactors with one Hotplate Stirrer : 1x6-Positions, 1x24-Positions, 115V, 1p
13742129SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page Two Complete Reactors with one Hotplate Stirrer : 1x12-Positions, 1x24-Positions, 115V, 1p
13742135SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page Two Complete Reactors with one Hotplate Stirrer : 2x24-Positions, 115V, 1p
137421456-Positions Borosilicate Glas Reaction Vesels for SiliCycle MiniBlockxT: 34x150mm 110mL 96p
137421466-Positions Borosilicate Glas Reaction Vesels for SiliCycle MiniBlockxT: 34x150mm 110mL 24p
1374214712-Positions Borosilicate Glas Reaction Vesels for SiliCycle MiniBlockxT: 24x150mm 55mL 500p
1374214812-Positions Borosilicate Glas Reaction Vesels for SiliCycle MiniBlockxT: 24x150mm 55ml 100p
1374214924-Positions Borosilicate Glas Reaction Vesels for SiliCycle MiniBlockxT: 17x110mm 18mL 100p
1374215024-Positions Borosilicate Glas Reaction Vesels for SiliCycle MiniBlockxT: 17x110mm 18mL 1000p
13742151Vesel Rack Removal Tool, All SiliCycle MiniblockxT Rack
13742152Inner/Piercing Septa for Purge/Evap Manifolds for 13200957 , 6-Positions 5p
13742158SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Top Plate: 6-Positions
13742159SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Top Plate: 12-Positions
13742160SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Top Plate: 24-Positions
13742162SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page Two Complete Reactors with one Hotplate Stirrer : 2x6-Positions, 230V, 1p
13742163SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page Two Complete Reactors with one Hotplate Stirrer : 1x6-Positions, 1x12-Positions, 230V, 1p
13742164SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page Two Complete Reactors with one Hotplate Stirrer : 1x6-Positions, 1x24-Positions, 230V, 1p
13742165SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page Two Complete Reactors with one Hotplate Stirrer : 2x12-Positions, 230V, 1p
13742166SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page Two Complete Reactors with one Hotplate Stirrer : 1x12-Positions, 1x24-Positions, 230V, 1p
13742167SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page Two Complete Reactors with one Hotplate Stirrer : 2x24-Positions, 230V, 1p
13742169Inner/Piercing Septa for Purge/Evap Manifolds for 13200951 , 12-Positions 5p 5x13742172 =13742169
13742170Inner/Piercing Septa for Purge/Evap Manifolds for 13200950 : 24-Positions 5p
13742180SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Low Temperature Bath
13742182Purging /Evaporating Manifold: 48-Positions Red
13742183Purging /Evaporating Manifold: 48-Positions Blue
13742187SiliCycle MiniBlock xT Top Plate: 48-Positions
13742195SiliCycle Solvent Dispenser
13742198Hose, Replacement for Manifold Asembly 2-Positions 4 hoses/pk
13742199SiliCycle MiniBlockxT Recirculating Base for Heat/Cool Liquid
13742200SiliCycle MiniBlock Reactor Blue: 24-Positions vesels not included
13742201SiliCycle MiniBlock Reactor Red: 24-Positions vesels not included
13742210SiliCycle MiniBlock Reactor Blue: 12-Positions vesels not included
13742211SiliCycle MiniBlock Reactor Red: 12-Positions vesels not included
13742220SiliCycle MiniBlock Reactor Blue: 6-Positions vesels not included
13742221SiliCycle MiniBlock Reactor Red: 6-Positions vesels not included
13742231SiliCycle MiniBlockxT Basic Reaction Block: 6-Positions, 1p
13742232SiliCycle MiniBlockxT Basic Reaction Block: 12-Positions, 1p
13742233SiliCycle MiniBlockxT Basic Reaction Block: 24-Positions, 1p
13742234SiliCycle MiniBlockxT Basic Reaction Block: 48-Positions, 1p
13742235SiliCycle MiniBlockxT-Plus Heating and Cooling Reaction Block: 6-Positions, 1p
13742236SiliCycle MiniBlockxT-Plus Heating and Cooling Reaction Block: 12-Positions, 1p
13742237SiliCycle MiniBlockxT-Plus Heating and Cooling Reaction Block: 24-Positions, 1p
13742238SiliCycle MiniBlockxT-Plus Heating and Cooling Reaction Block: 48-Positions, 1p
13787-91COSMOSIL R 5HP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13788-81COSMOSIL R 5HP ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13789-71COSMOSIL R 5HP ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13790-31COSMOSIL R 5HP ped Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13791-21COSMOSIL R 5HP Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
13792-11COSMOSIL R 3HP ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13793-01COSMOSIL R 3HP ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13818-81COSMOSIL R 5PY ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13820004SiliCycle MiniBlock Small Consumable Kit: 12-Positions
13820005SiliCycle MiniBlock Small Consumable Kit: 6-Positions
13820011SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 48-Positions 4mL 115V: 2-Blue, 1p
13820012SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 48-Positions 4mL 115V: 2-Red, 1p
13820013SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 48-Positions 4mL 115V: 1-Blue 1-Red, 1p
13820048SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 24-Positions 10mL 115V: 1-Blue 1-Red, 1p
13820049SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 24-Positions 10mL 115V: 2-Blue, 1p
13820053SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 24-Positions 10mL 230V: 2-Red, 1p
13820081SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 12-Positions 20mL 230V: 2-Red, 1p
13820082SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 12-Positions 20mL 230V: 2-Blue, 1p
13820083SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 12-Positions 20mL 230V: 1-Blue 1-Red, 1p
13820084SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 12-Positions 20mL 115V: 2-Blue, 1p
13820085SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 12-Positions 20mL 115V: 2-Red, 1p
13820086SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 12-Positions 20mL 115V: 1-Blue 1-Red, 1p
13820087SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 6-Positions 40mL 230V: 2-Red, 1p
13820088SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 6-Positions 40mL 230V: 2-Blue, 1p
13820089SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 6-Positions 40mL 230V: 1-Blue 1-Red, 1p
13820090SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 6-Positions 40mL 115V: 2-Blue, 1p
13820091SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 6-Positions 40mL 115V: 2-Red, 1p
13820092SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 6-Positions 40mL 115V: 1-Blue 1-Red, 1p
13820093SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 48-Positions 4ml 230V: 2-Red, 1p
13820094SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 48-Positions 4ml 230V: 2-Blue, 1p
13820095SiliCycle MiniBlock Compact Synthesis Set 48-Positions 4ml 230V: 1-Blue 1-Red, 1p
13820104SiliCycle MiniBlock Small Consumable Kit: 48-Positions
13820114SiliCycle MiniBlock Large Consumable Kit: 48-Positions
13820118Multi-Layer Septa for SiliCycle Miniblock Top Plate all-Positions incl. Mat 13260513 5p
13820122Tool Kit 1 Valve Key, 1 Spare Hex-key, 1 Reaction Tube Removal Tool, 1pair Pliers
13820408BasiConversion Kit for SiliCycle MiniBlock 48-Positions, Blue
13820409BasiConversion Kit for SiliCycle MiniBlock 48-Positions, Red
13820410BasiConversion Kit for SiliCycle MiniBlock 24-Positions, Green
13820430BasiConversion Kit for SiliCycle MiniBlock 12-Positions, Silver
13820450BasiConversion Kit for SiliCycle MiniBlock 6-Positions, Gold
13820488Full Conversion Kit for SiliCycle MiniBlock 48-Positions, Blue. PP reaction vesels
13820489Full Conversion Kit for SiliCycle MiniBlock 48-Positions, Red. PP reaction vesels
13820490Full Conversion Kit for SiliCycle MiniBlock 12-Positions, Silver. Glas reaction vesels
13820510Full Conversion Kit for SiliCycle MiniBlock 6-Positions, Gold. Glas reaction vesels
13822001SiliCycle MiniBlock 48-Positions Resin Dispenser with Sliding Plates 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 50mg
138251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 15cmx20mm
138251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 15cmx20mm
138251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 15cmx20mm
138251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 15cmx20mm
138251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 15cmx20mm
138251-CCCChromegaChrial CCC 5u 1000A 15cmx20mm
138251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 15cmx20mm
138251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 15cmx20mm
138251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 15cmx20mm
138251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 15cmx20mm
138251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 15cmx20mm
13827-61COSMOSIL R 5PY ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13828-51COSMOSIL R 5PY ped Column 10mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13829-41COSMOSIL R 5PY ped Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13830-01COSMOSIL R 5PY Guard Column 10mmI.D.x20mm, 1p
13831-91COSMOSIL R 3PY ped Column 2.0mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13832-81COSMOSIL R 3PY ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x250mm, 1p
13855-91COSMOSIL R 5HP ped Column 20mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13971-61COSMOSIL R 5HP ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13972-51COSMOSIL R 5HP ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13973-41COSMOSIL R 5HP ped Column 10mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13974-31COSMOSIL R 5PY ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x100mm, 1p
13975-21COSMOSIL R 5PY ped Column 4.6mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13976-11COSMOSIL R 5PY ped Column 10mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13977-01COSMOSIL R 5PY ped Column 20mmI.D.x150mm, 1p
13d221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 15cmx3.2mm
13d221-NSBNucleosil SB 5u 100A 15cmx3.2mm
13d321-NCNNucleosil Cyano 10u 100A 15cmx3.2mm
13e221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 15cmx3.9mm
13G321-NSBNucleosil SB 10u 100A 15cmx4.1mm
1400Upch Fittings Kit/Beckman, 1p
1400-3166Ring stand mounting bracket
1404Ftgs Kit/Hewlett-pard Type, 1p
14102001HF Bond Elut-C18, 100mg 1mL, 100p
14102002HF Bond Elut-C8, 100Mg 1ml, 100p
14102003HF Bond Elut-C2, 100Mg 1ml, 100p
14102005HF Bond Elut-PH, 100mg 1mL, 100p
14102008HF Bond Elut-CN-U, 100Mg 1ml, 100p
14102010HF Bond Elut-SI, 100mg 1mL, 100p
14102011HF Bond Elut-CBA, 100Mg 1ml, 100p
14102013HF Bond Elut-SCX, 100mg 1mL, 100p
14102016HF Bond Elut-DEA, 100mg 1mL, 100p
14102017HF Bond Elut-SAX, 100mg 1mL, 100p
14102020HF Bond Elut-C18 OH, 100Mg 1ml, 100p
14102021HF Bond Elut-SCX, 100Mg 3ml, 50p
14102025HF Bond Elut-C18, 200mg 3mL, 50p
14102026HF Bond Elut-C8, 200Mg 3ml, 50p
14102027HF Bond Elut-C2, 200Mg 3ml, 50p
14102028HF Bond Elut-C18, 500mg 3ml, 50p
14102028BHF Bond Elut-C18, 500mg 3ml, 500p
14102029HF Bond Elut-C8, 500Mg 3ml, 50p
14102032HF Bond Elut-PH, 500mg 3mL, 50p
14102037HF Bond Elut-SI, 500mg 3mL, 50p
14102040HF Bond Elut-SCX, 500mg 3ml, 50p
14102042HF Bond Elut-PSA, 500Mg 3ml, 50p
14102043HF Bond Elut-DEA, 500mg 3mL, 50p
14102044HF Bond Elut-SAX, 500mg 3mL, 50p
14102046HF Bond Elut-C18 OH, 500Mg 3ml, 50p
14102051HF Bond Elut-Certify, 130mg 3mL, 50p
14102052HF Bond Elut-C18, 500mg 6ml,30p
14102053HF Bond Elut-C8, 500Mg 6ml,30p
14102058HF Bond Elut-C18, 50mg 1mL, 100p
14102059HF Bond Elut-C8, 50Mg 1ml, 100p
14102060HF Bond Elut-C2, 50Mg 1ml, 100p
14102062HF Bond Elut-PH, 50mg 1mL, 100p
14102065HF Bond Elut-C18 OH, 50Mg 1ml, 100p
14102068HF Bond Elut-SI, 50mg 1mL, 100p
14102073HF Bond Elut-CBA, 50Mg 1ml, 100p
14102075HF Bond Elut-SCX, 50mg 1mL, 100p
14102076HF Bond Elut-NH2, 50mg 1mL, 100p
14102077HF Bond Elut-PSA, 50Mg 1ml, 100p
14102078HF Bond Elut-DEA, 50mg 1mL, 100p
14102079HF Bond Elut-SAX, 50mg 1mL, 100p
14102080HF Bond Elut-Certify II, 200mg 3mL,50p
14102081HF Bond Elut-Certify, 300Mg 3ml, 50p
14102081THF BE-Certify, 300Mg 3ml, Tabless 50p
14102082HF Bond Elut-Certify, 300Mg 6ml,30p
14102083HF Bond Elut-Certify, 130Mg 1ml, 100p
14102084HF Bond Elut-Certify II, 500mg 6mL,30/P
14102085HF Bond Elut-Certify, 1gm 6mL,30p
14102088HF Bond Elut-Certify II, 1gm 6mL,30p
14102093HF Bond Elut-Certify, 500mg 6mL,30p
14102094HF Bond Elut-SCX, 500Mg 6ml,30p
14103002HF Bond Elut-Certify, 180Mg 3ml, 50p
14113001HF Bond Elut 1cc LRC-C18, 100mg, 50p
14113005HF Bond Elut 1cc LRC-PH, 100mg, 50p
14113010HF Bond Elut 1cc LRC-SI, 100mg, 50p
14113024HF Bond Elut LRC-C18, 200mg, 50p
14113027HF Bond Elut LRC-C18, 500mg, 50p
14113039HF Bond Elut LRC-SCX, 500mg, 50p
14113040HF Bond Elut LRC-NH2, 500mg, 50p
14113041HF Bond Elut LRC-PSA, 500Mg, 50p
14113042HF Bond Elut LRC-DEA, 500mg, 50p
14113043HF Bond Elut LRC-SAX, 500mg, 50p
14113045HF Bond Elut LRC-C18 OH, 500Mg, 50p
14113050HF Bond Elut LRC-Certify, 130mg, 50p
14113051HF Bond Elut LRC-Certify II, 200mg,50p
14113052HF Bond Elut LRC-Certify, 300mg, 50p
14113054HF Bond Elut LRC-Certify, 200mg, 50p
14113055HF Bond Elut LRC-Certify, 130Mg, 500p
1412UpTight Ftgs Kit/Varian Type, 1p
1413Upchurch Fittings Kit/Waters Type, 1p
1415Upch Fittings Kit/Gilson Type, 1p
1418Upch Fittings Kit/Bio-Rad Type, 1p
1420Upch Fittings Kit/Hitachi Type, 1p
1421Shimadzu Type Kit, 1p
14213012HF BONDESIL-C18, 100GM
14213013HF BONDESIL-C18, 1KG
14213024HF BONDESIL-PSA, 100GM
14213039HF BONDESIL-SCX, 100GM
14251922Mega Bond Elut LMS, 1.5G 20ml, 20p
14256001HF Mega Bond Elut C18, 1gm 6mL,30p
14256002HF Mega BE-C8, 1gm 6ml,30p
14256003HF Mega BE-C2, 1gm 6ml,30p
14256004HF Mega BE-PH, 1gm 6mL,30p
14256008HF Mega BE-SI, 1gm 6mL,30p
14256009HF Mega BE-CBA, 1gm 6ml,30p
14256011HF Mega BE-SCX, 1gm 6mL,30p
14256012HF Mega BE-NH2, 1gm 6mL,30p
14256013HF Mega BE-SAX, 1gm 6mL,30p
14256015HF Mega BE-C18, 2gm 12mL, 20p
14256016HF Mega BE-C8, 2gm 12ml, 20p
14256018HF Mega BE-SI, 2gm 12mL, 20p
14256019HF Mega BE-SCX, 2gm 12mL, 20p
14256020HF Mega BE-NH2, 2gm 12ml, 20p
14256021HF Mega BE-SAX, 2gm 12mL, 20p
14256023HF Mega BE-C18, 5gm 20mL, 20p
14256024HF Mega BE-C8, 5gm 20ml, 20p
14256026HF Mega BE-SI, 5gm 20mL, 20p
14256027HF Mega BE-SCX, 5gm 20mL, 20p
14256029HF Mega BE-SAX, 5gm 20mL, 20p
14256031HF Mega BE-C18, 10gm 60mL, 16p
14256032HF Mega BE-C8, 10gm 60ml, 16p
14256034HF Mega BE-SI, 10gm 60mL, 16p
14256035HF Mega BE-SCX, 10gm 60mL, 16p
14256036HF Mega BE-NH2, 10gm 60ml, 16p
14256040HF Mega BE-C18 OH, 1gm 6ml,30p
143352Tubing, silicone rubber int.dia. 2,0mm out.dia. 4,0mm w 1,0mm, 25 meter
143355Tubing, silicone rubber, ID 3,0mm, OD. 5,0mm, 25 meter
14-4007-224Sparger, 25ml frit w/side-arm, Velocity
144221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 20cmx4.0mm
144321-NC18Nucleosil C18 10u 100A 20cmx4.0mm
144323-NC18Nucleosil C18 10u 100A 20cmx4.0mm
1451Flangeles Fittings Kit, 1p
1452FingerTight II Fittings Kit, 1p
145221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 20cmx4.6mm
145221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 20cmx4.6mm
145221-RP18LiChrosorb RP18 5u, 100A, 200x4.6mm
145221-RP18SLiChrospher RP18 5u, 100A, 200x4.6mm
145221-RP18SELiChrospher RP18 Endcapped 5u, 100A, 200x4.6mm
145221-RP8LiChrosorb RP8 5u, 100A, 200x4.6mm
145221-RP8SLiChrospher RP8 5u, 100A, 200x4.6mm
1453Flanged Fittings Kit, 1p
145321-NC18Nucleosil C18 10u 100A 20cmx4.6mm
145321-RP18LiChrosorb RP18 10u, 100A, 200x4.6mm
145321-RP8LiChrosorb RP8 10u, 100A, 200x4.6mm
1454Tefzel Fittings Kit, 1p
1456PEEK Fittings Kit-Low Pres, 1p
1457Upchurch PEEK Fittings Kit, 1p
1458FIA Kit, 1p
1460-1160Spring Compression for FPD
1460-1914Column Hanger for 68/78XX Series GC
1460-2571Canted coil spring
14-8911-003Dry Flow Moisture Trap, Gas Filter
1499822800WASHER, BLU 0.317
1500Tubing PFA Nat 1/16x.020, 5ft
1500334701Detector Crunch Washer, 25 1p
150-10793mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber Flat Well Plate Mat, 1p
150-10803mm Tan PTFE/White Silicone Rubber Flat Well Plate Mat with 96 croses, 1p
1502Tub PFA Nat 1/16x.030x5ft, 5ft
15-0285-016Vespel Ferrule for top of trap
1503Tub PFA Nat 1/16x.040x5ft, 5ft
1507LTubing PFA, 1/16inod, 0.04inid, 50ft
1507MTub PFA Nat 1/16x.040x1000ft, 1000ft
1509-5Tub PFA Nat 1/8x.062x5ft, 1p
1509LTubing PFA Nat 1/8x.062, 50ft
15-1004Column Tube 1/4x2.1mmx150mm, 1p
1510146800Screw Knurled M4, Retaining Block, 1p
15-1015Clmn Tube 5/16x4.6x150mm, 1p
1510220200Finger nut-cone
1510225000Screw Bead Adjuster, Grey PEEK, 1p
1510226000Screw Locking M8, bead adjuster, 1p
1510226500Impact bead securing screw M6 X 6LG,1p
1510226600Spray chamber mounting screw, 1p
1510226700Lock nut for nebulizer adjr M12X0.5,1p
1510226800Screw, nebulizer capillary adjuster,1p
1510249400Probe retaining nut M10x1.25 knurled1p
1512LTubing PFA, 1/16inodx0.02in 0.5mm id, 50ft
1512MTub PFA Nat 1/16x.020x1000ft, 1000ft
1514LTubing PFA 1/16inodx0.030in 0.75mm id, 50ft
1514MTub PFA Nat 1/16x.030x1000ft, 1000ft
1516Tubing Tefzel Nat 1/16x.020, 5ft
1516LTubing Tefzel Nat 1/16x.020, 50ft
1516MTub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.020x1000ft, 1000ft
1516XLTubing Tefzel Nat 1/16x.020, 100ft
1517Tubing Tefzel Nat 1/16x.040, 5ft
1517LTubing Tefzel Nat 1/16x.040, 50ft
1517MTub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.040x1000ft, 1000ft
1517XLTubing Tefzel Nat 1/16x.040, 100ft
1520-0401Shock Mount M4X0.7 7.9mm-OD 11.4mm-LG
1520-5Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.030x5ft, 1p
1520LTub FEP Nat 1/16x.030x50ft, 50ft
1520MTub FEP Nat 1/16x.030x1000ft, 1000ft
1520XLTubing FEP Nat 1/16x.030, 100ft
1521-5Tub FEP Nat 1/8x.062x5ft, 5ft
152151-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 3u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152151-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 3u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152151-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 3u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152151-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 3u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152151-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 3u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152151-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 3u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152151-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 3u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152151-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 3u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
1521LTubing FEP Teflon 1/8inod, 0.062inid, 50ft
1521XLTubing FEP Teflon 1/8inod, 0.062inid, 100ft
152221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 25cmx2.1mm
152221-NC18PAHNucleosil C18 PAH 5u 100A 25cmx2.1mm
152221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 25cmx2.1mm
152221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 25cmx2.1mm
152251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152251-CCCChromegaChrial CCC 5u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152291-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 120A 25cmx2.1mm
152291-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 120A 25cmx2.1mm
152351-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 10u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152351-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 10u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152351-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 10u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152351-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 10u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152351-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 10u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152351-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 10u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152351-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 10u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152351-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 10u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
152351-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 10u 1000A 25cmx2.1mm
1524LTubing FEP Teflon 3/16inod, 0.125in 3.2mm id, 50ft
1524XLTubing FEP Teflon 3/16inod, 0.125in 3.2mm id, 100ft
152605Tubing adapter, PP f. tub.inner dia. 3- 5/ 6-10mm l. 55mm 1p
152610Tubing adapter, PP f. tub.inner dia. 3- 5/ 9-13mm l. 54mm 1p
152615Tubing adapter, PP f. tub.inner dia. 6-10/ 9-13mm l. 59mm 1p
1527-5Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.010x5ft, 1p
1527LTubing Teflon FEP 1/16inodx0.010in 0.25mm id, 50ft
1527MTub FEP Nat 1/16x.010x1000ft, 1000ft
1527XLTub FEP Nat 1/16x.010x100ft, 100ft
1528Tubing Tefzel Nat 1/16x.030, 5ft
1528LTubing Tefzel Nat 1/16x.030, 50ft
1528MTub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.030x1000ft, 1000ft
1528XLTubing Tefzel Nat 1/16x.030, 100ft
1529Tubing Tefzel Natural, 1/16inx0.010in, 5ft
1529LTubing Tefzel Natutal, 1/16inx0.010in, 50ft
1529MTub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.010x1000ft, 1000ft
1529XLTubing Tefzel Natutal, 1/16inx0.010in, 100ft
1530Tubing Tefzel Natural, 1/8inx0.062in, 5ft
1530-2163Tubing, SS 14.17in long
1530-2167Tube, 520MM
1530LTubing Tefzel Natural, 1/8inx0.062in, 50ft
1530XLTubing Tefzel Natural, 1/8inx0.062in, 100ft
1531Tubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.010in 0.25mm id, 5ft
153151-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 3u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153151-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 3u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153151-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 3u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153151-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 3u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153151-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 3u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153151-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 3u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153151-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 3u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153151-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 3u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
1531BTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.010in 0.25mm id, Blue, 5ft
1531BLTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.010in 0.25mm id, Blue, 50ft
1531BMTub PEEK Blu 1/16x.010x1000ft, 1000ft
1531BXLTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.010in 0.25mm id, Blue, 100ft
1531LTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.010in 0.25mm id, Natural, 50ft
1531MTub PEEK Nat 1/16x.010x1000ft, 1000ft
1531XLTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.010in 0.25mm id, Natural, 100ft
1532Tubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.020in 0.50mm id Orange, 5ft
153221-NC18Nucleosil C18 5u 100A 25cmx3.0mm
153221-NC18-ABNucleosil C18 AB 5u 100A 25cmx3.0mm
153221-NC18PAHNucleosil C18 PAH 5u 100A 25cmx3.0mm
153221-NC8Nucleosil C8 5u 100A 25cmx3.0mm
153221-NCPNucleosil Phenyl 5u 100A 25cmx3.0mm
153251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153251-CCCChromegaChrial CCC 5u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
1532LTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.020in 0.50mm id Orange, 50ft
1532MTub PEEK Ora 1/16x.020x1000ft, 1000ft
1532XLTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.020in 0.50mm id Orange, 100ft
1533Tubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.030in 0.75mm id Green, 5ft
153351-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 10u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153351-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 10u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153351-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 10u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153351-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 10u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153351-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 10u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153351-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 10u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153351-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 10u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153351-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 10u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
153351-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 10u 1000A 25cmx3.0mm
1533LTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.030in 0.75mm id Green, 50ft
1533MTub PEEK Grn 1/16x.030x1000ft, 1000ft
1533XLTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.030in 0.75mm id Green, 100ft
1534Tubing PEEK 1/8inodx0.062in 1.6mm id, 5ft
1535Tubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.005in 0.125mm id Red, 5ft
1535-4045Bearing Ring
1535-4048Rotor seal Vespel
1535-4860Loop, 5 ul 7020
1535-4863Frit, scal spredder 7.5mm PK
1535-49526-port rotor W series max temp 350C
1535-4954ROTOR, 10 PORT
1535-4970Oil Element for EMF20 Outlet Mist Filter
1535-5215Rebuild Kit for Flow Modulator
1535LTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.005in 0.125mm id Red, 50ft
1535MTub PEEK Red 1/16x.005x1000ft, 1000ft
1535XLTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.005in 0.125mm id Red, 100ft
1536Tubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.007in 0.175mm id, Yellow, 5ft
1536LTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.007in 0.175mm id, Yellow, 50ft
1536MTub PEEK Yel 1/16x.007x1000ft, 1000ft
1536XLTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.007in 0.175mm id, Yellow, 100ft
1538Tubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.040in 1mm id, Natural, 5ft
1538LTubing PEEK 1/16inodx0.040in 1mm id, Natural, 50ft
1538MTub PEEK Nat 1/16x.040x1000ft, 1000ft
1538XLTub Peek Nat1/16x.040x100ft, 1p
1544Tubing PEEK, 1/8inodx0.080in 2mm id, 5ft
1548-5Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.020x5ft, 5ft
1548LTubing FEP 1/16in odx0.020in 0.5mm id, 50ft
1548MTub FEP Nat 1/16x.020x1000ft, 1000ft
1548XLTub FEP Nat 1/16x.020x100ft, 1p
155111-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 3u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155131-MDC-C18MacroDaC18 3u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155151-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 3u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155151-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 3u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155151-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 3u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155151-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 3u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155151-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 3u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155151-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 3u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155151-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 3u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155151-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 3u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155171-HPC-ODS2HyperSelect ODS2 3u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-BDSC18HyperSelect BDS C18 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-BDSC8HyperSelect BDS C8 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-BDSCNHyperSelect BDS Cyano 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-BDSPHHyperSelect BDS Phenyl 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-CPS1HyperSelect CPS1 Cyano-NonEndcapped 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-GL-AQHyperSelect Gold AQ 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-GL-C18HyperSelect Gold C18 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-GL-C8HyperSelect Gold C8 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-GL-CNHyperSelect Gold Cyano 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-GL-PFPHyperSelect Gold PFP 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-GL-PHHyperSelect Gold Phenyl 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-ODSHyperSelect ODS 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-PH1HyperSelect Phenyl 1 NonEndcapped 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-SASHyperSelect SAS C1 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155191-HPC-SIHyperSelect Silica 3u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
1551A1-HPC-HIC18HyperSelect HiPurity C18 3u, 200A, 250x4.6mm
155201-LSChromegabond LS 5u, 180A, 250x4.6mm
155211-AChromegabond Amine 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-A/CNChromegabond Amino / Cyano 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-AG/SIChromegabond Silver / Silica 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-C18-AIChromegabond C18 AI 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-C18-BDChromegabond C18 BD 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-C2Chromegabond C2 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-C3Chromegabond C3 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-C6Chromegabond C6 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-C8-BDChromegabond C8 BD 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-CNChromegabond Cyano 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-CN/HSChromegabond Cyano HS 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-CN/HS/RPChromegabond Cyano HS RP 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-CN-BDChromegabond Cyano BD 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-DChromegabond Diol 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-DAChromegabond Diamine 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-DA/RPChromegabond Diamine RP 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-DNAPChromegabond DNAP 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-FOFluoroSep-RP Octyl 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-FSPFluoroSep-RP Phenyl 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-FSP/HSFluoroSep-RP Phenyl / HS 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-MC18/HSChromegabond MC18/HS 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-MC-CC6Chromegabond MCC6 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-NPIChromegabond NPI 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-P-BDChromegabond Phenyl BD 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-PFP/TPerfluorophenyl PFP / Taxol 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-RP-SAXChromegabond RP-Chromegabond SAx5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-RP-SCXChromegabond RP-Chromegabond SCx5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-RSRingSep 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-SAXChromegabond SAx5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-SCXChromegabond SCx5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-SI60/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-SI60/IChromegasorb SI60 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-TAChromegabond Triamine 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-TA/RPChromegabond Triamine RP 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155211-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 5u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155221-AChromegabond Amine 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-A/HXAminohexadecylsilyl 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-AQSAquaSep 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-AVI-AQAviator AQ 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-AVI-C18Aviator C18 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-AVI-C18-HLAviator C18 HL 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-AVI-C4Aviator C4 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-AVI-C8Aviator C8 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-C18Chromegabond C18 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-C22Chromegabond C22 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-C8Chromegabond C8 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-CNChromegabond Cyano 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-DChromegabond Diol 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-DNAP-IIChromegabond DNAP II 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-DS-ODSDeactiSil ODS 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-DS-ODS3DeactiSil ODS3 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-EXC18Exsil C18 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-EXC8Exsil C8 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-EXODS-ABExsil ODS AB 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-EXODS-BExsil ODS B 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-EXSAXExsil SAx5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-EXSCXExsil SCx5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-HC-C18Chromegabond HC ODS 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-HRM-C18Harmony C18 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-HRM-C8Harmony C8 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-HRS-RP18HarmonySecure RP18 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-HRS-RP8HarmonySecure RP8 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-KC18Kromasil C18 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-KC8Kromasil C8 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-LS/HSChromegabond LS HS 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-MVL-PH3Marvel Phenyl 3 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-MVL-SIMarvel Silica 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-NO2Chromegabond Nitro 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-NPN-dC18Neptune dC18 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-NPN-SINeptune HILIC Silica 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-NPN-T3Neptune T3 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-ODS-ABSil ODS AB 5u,100A,250x4.6mm
155221-ODS-BSil ODS B 5u,100A,250x4.6mm
155221-PAHChromegabond PAH 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-PC18ProTec-RP C18 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-PC8ProTec-RP C8 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-PPhProTec-RP Phenyl 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-PSCChromegabond PSC 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-RP18LiChrosorb RP18 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-RP18SLiChrospher RP18 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-RP18SELiChrospher RP18 Endcapped 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-RP8LiChrosorb RP8 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-RP8SLiChrospher RP8 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SAXSil SAx5u,100A,250x4.6mm
155221-SCXSil SCx5u,100A,250x4.6mm
155221-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SI100/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SI100/IChromegasorb SI100 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SMA-C5Sonoma C5 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SMA-C8Sonoma C8 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SMA-CNSonoma Cyano 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SMA-NH2Sonoma NH2 Amino 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SMA-PFP(2)Sonoma PFP(2) 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SMA-SCXSonoma SCx5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SNR-C18starRise C18 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SNR-C8starRise C8 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155221-SNR-SIstarRise Silica 5u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155231-AChromegabond Amine 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-AVI-C18Aviator C18 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-AVI-C4Aviator C4 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-AVI-C8Aviator C8 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-CNChromegabond Cyano 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-DChromegabond Diol 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-FPFluoroSep-RP Propyl 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-HRM-C18Harmony 300 C18 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-HRM-C4Harmony 300 C4 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-MDC-C18MacroDaC18 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-MSP-AQSMacroSep AQS 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-MSP-C18MacroSep C18 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-MSP-C4MacroSep C4 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-MSP-C8MacroSep C8 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-MSP-CNMacroSep Cyano 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-MSP-HPRMacroSep High Protein Recovery 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-SI300Chromegasphere SI300 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155231-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 5u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155241-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 500A, 250x4.6mm
155241-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 500A, 250x4.6mm
155241-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 500A, 250x4.6mm
155241-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 500A, 250x4.6mm
155241-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 500A, 250x4.6mm
155241-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 500A, 250x4.6mm
155241-SI500Chromegasphere SI500 5u, 500A, 250x4.6mm
155241-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 5u, 500A, 250x4.6mm
155251-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 5u, 1000A, 250x4.6mm
155251-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 1000A, 250x4.6mm
155251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155251-CCCChromegaChrial CCC 5u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155251-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 1000A, 250x4.6mm
155251-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 1000A, 250x4.6mm
155251-SI1000Chromegasphere SI1000 5u, 1000A, 250x4.6mm
155261-C4Chromegabond C4 5u, 4000A, 250x4.6mm
155261-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 5u, 4000A, 250x4.6mm
155261-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 4000A, 250x4.6mm
155261-SI4000Chromegasphere SI4000 5u, 4000A, 250x4.6mm
155271-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-ARP1GammaBond Alumina RP1 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-DS-ODSDeactiSil ODS 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-HPC-ODS2HyperSelect ODS2 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-MC18Chromegabond MC18 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-MC8Chromegabond MC8 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-PSP-C8Partisep C8 5u, 85A,250x4.6mm
155271-PSP-ODSPartisep ODS 5u, 85A,250x4.6mm
155271-PSP-ODS2Partisep ODS2 5u, 85A,250x4.6mm
155271-PSP-ODS3Partisep ODS3 5u, 85A,250x4.6mm
155271-PSP-PACPartisep PAC 5u, 85A,250x4.6mm
155271-PSP-SAXPartisep SAx5u, 85A,250x4.6mm
155271-PSP-SCXPartisep SCx5u, 85A,250x4.6mm
155271-PSP-SIPartisep Silica 5u, 85A,250x4.6mm
155271-SI80Chromegasphere SI80 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-C1Spherisep C1 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-C6Spherisep C6 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-C8Spherisep C8 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-CNSpherisep Cyano 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-CN/RPSpherisep Cyano Reverse Phase 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-NH2Spherisep NH2 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-ODS1Spherisep ODS1 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-ODS2Spherisep ODS2 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-ODSBSpherisep ODSB 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-PSpherisep Phenyl 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-SAXSpherisep SAx5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-SCXSpherisep SCx5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-SSP-SISpherisep Silica 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-ULC18Chromegabond Ultra C18 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-ULC18IPChromegabond Ultra C18IP 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-ULC8Chromegabond Ultra C8 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-ULCNChromegabond Ultra Cyano 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-ULSIChromegabond Ultra Silica 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-ZC18Chromega Z C18 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-ZC8Chromega Z C8 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155271-ZPChromega Z Phenyl 5u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155281-ALChromegasphere Alumina 5u, 130A, 250x4.6mm
155281-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 5u, 130A, 250x4.6mm
155291-BAS-C18Chromegabond BAS C18 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-BAS-C8Chromegabond BAS C8 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-BAS-CNChromegabond BAS Cyano 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-BAS-PChromegabond BAS Phenyl 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EC18EpiC18 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EC18-MSEpiC18 MS 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EC18-SDEpiC18 SD 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EC4-SDEpiC4 SD 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EC8EpiC8 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EDEAPEpic DEAP 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EFDDEpic FDD 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EFO-LBEpic FO LB 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EHICEpic HILIC-HC 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EHRPEpic HILIC-RP 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EPHEpic Phenyl 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-EPOEpic Polar 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-ESIEpic Silica 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-APS2HyperSelect APS2 Amino Propyl 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-BDSC18HyperSelect BDS C18 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-BDSC8HyperSelect BDS C8 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-BDSCNHyperSelect BDS Cyano 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-BDSPHHyperSelect BDS Phenyl 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-CPS1HyperSelect CPS1 Cyano-NonEndcapped 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-CPS2HyperSelect CPS2 Cyano-Endcapped 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-GL-AQHyperSelect Gold AQ 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-GL-C18HyperSelect Gold C18 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-GL-C8HyperSelect Gold C8 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-GL-CNHyperSelect Gold Cyano 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-GL-PFPHyperSelect Gold PFP 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-GL-PHHyperSelect Gold Phenyl 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-MOS1HyperSelect MOS1 C8-NonEndcapped 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-MOS2HyperSelect MOS2 C8-Endcapped 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-ODSHyperSelect ODS 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-PH1HyperSelect Phenyl 1 NonEndcapped 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-PH2HyperSelect Phenyl 2 Endcapped 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-SASHyperSelect SAS C1 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-SAXHyperSelect SAx5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-HPC-SIHyperSelect Silica 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-MPK-AMicropak Amino 5u, 125A,250x4.6mm
155291-MPK-C18Micropak C18 5u, 125A,250x4.6mm
155291-MPK-CNMicropak Cyano 5u, 125A,250x4.6mm
155291-MPK-PHMicropak Phenyl 5u, 125A,250x4.6mm
155291-MPK-SIMicropak Silica 5u, 125A,250x4.6mm
155291-NP-IChromega NP-I 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-ODS-PIChromegabond ODS PI 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-SI120Chromegasphere SI120 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-WR-C18Chromegabond WR C18 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-WR-C4Chromegabond WR C4 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155291-WR-C8Chromegabond WR C8 5u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
1552A1-HPC-HIC18HyperSelect HiPurity C18 5u, 200A, 250x4.6mm
1552A1-HPC-HIC4HyperSelect HiPurity C4 5u, 200A, 250x4.6mm
1552A1-HPC-HIC8HyperSelect HiPurity C8 5u, 200A, 250x4.6mm
1552A1-HPC-HICNHyperSelect HiPurity Cyano 5u, 200A, 250x4.6mm
1552A1-SMA-HICSonoma HILIC 5u, 200A, 250x4.6mm
1552D1-DS-C8DeactiSil C8 5u, 150A, 250x4.6mm
1552D1-DS-ODS2DeactiSil ODS2 5u, 150A, 250x4.6mm
1552D1-MVL-C8Marvel C8 5u, 150A, 250x4.6mm
1552D1-MVL-ODS2Marvel ODS2 5u, 150A, 250x4.6mm
1552D1-MVL-SIMarvel Silica 5u, 150A, 250x4.6mm
155311-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-A/CNChromegabond Amino / Cyano 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-C18-BDChromegabond C18 BD 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-C2Chromegabond C2 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-C4Chromegabond C4 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-C6Chromegabond C6 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-C8-BDChromegabond C8 BD 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-CN/HSChromegabond Cyano HS 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-CN-BDChromegabond Cyano BD 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-DAChromegabond Diamine 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-DA/RPChromegabond Diamine RP 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-FSPFluoroSep-RP Phenyl 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-MC-CC6Chromegabond MCC6 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-NPIChromegabond NPI 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-P-BDChromegabond Phenyl BD 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-SI60/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-SI60/IChromegasorb SI60 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-TAChromegabond Triamine 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-TA/RPChromegabond Triamine RP 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155311-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
155321-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-C18Chromegabond C18 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-C22Chromegabond C22 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-C8Chromegabond C8 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-EXC18Exsil C18 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-EXC8Exsil C8 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-EXODS-ABExsil ODS AB 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-EXODS-BExsil ODS B 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-EXSAXExsil SAx10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-EXSCXExsil SCx10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-MVL-SI3Marvel Silica 3 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-NO2Chromegabond Nitro 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-ODS-ABSil ODS AB 10u,100A,250x4.6mm
155321-ODS-BSil ODS B 10u,100A,250x4.6mm
155321-PAHChromegabond PAH 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-RP18LiChrosorb RP18 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-RP8LiChrosorb RP8 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SAXSil SAx10u,100A,250x4.6mm
155321-SCXSil SCx10u,100A,250x4.6mm
155321-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SI100/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SI100/IChromegasorb SI100 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SMA-C18Sonoma C18 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SMA-C5Sonoma C5 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SMA-C8Sonoma C8 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SMA-CNSonoma Cyano 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SMA-NH2Sonoma NH2 Amino 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SMA-SCXSonoma SCx10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SNR-C18starRise C18 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SNR-C8starRise C8 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155321-SNR-SIstarRise Silica 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155331-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155331-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155331-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 10u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155331-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155331-MDC-C18MacroDaC18 10u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155331-SI300Chromegasphere SI300 10u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
155341-SI500Chromegasphere SI500 10u, 500A, 250x4.6mm
155351-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 10u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155351-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 10u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155351-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 10u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155351-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 10u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155351-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 10u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155351-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 10u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155351-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 10u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155351-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 10u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155351-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 10u 1000A 25cmx4.6mm
155351-SI1000Chromegasphere SI1000 10u, 1000A, 250x4.6mm
155361-SI4000Chromegasphere SI4000 10u, 4000A, 250x4.6mm
155371-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SC-HRPSync Hydro RP 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SC-MRPSync MaxRP 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SC-PRPSync Polar RP 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SI80Chromegasphere SI80 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SSP-C1Spherisep C1 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SSP-C6Spherisep C6 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SSP-C8Spherisep C8 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SSP-CNSpherisep Cyano 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SSP-CN/RPSpherisep Cyano Reverse Phase 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SSP-NH2Spherisep NH2 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SSP-ODS1Spherisep ODS1 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SSP-ODS2Spherisep ODS2 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SSP-PSpherisep Phenyl 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SSP-SAXSpherisep SAx10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SSP-SCXSpherisep SCx10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155371-SSP-SISpherisep Silica 10u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155381-ALChromegasphere Alumina 10u, 130A, 250x4.6mm
155391-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-EPHEpic Phenyl 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155391-MPK-AMicropak Amino 10u, 125A,250x4.6mm
155391-MPK-C18Micropak C18 10u, 125A,250x4.6mm
155391-MPK-CNMicropak Cyano 10u, 125A,250x4.6mm
155391-MPK-PHMicropak Phenyl 10u, 125A,250x4.6mm
155391-MPK-SIMicropak Silica 10u, 125A,250x4.6mm
155391-SI120Chromegasphere SI120 10u, 120A, 250x4.6mm
155871-SC-HRPSync Hydro RP 4u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155871-SC-MRPSync MaxRP 4u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
155871-SC-PRPSync Polar RP 4u, 80A, 250x4.6mm
1559Tubing PEEK 1/16in odx0.001in 0.025mm id, 5ft
155B21-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 15u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155B21-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 15u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
155B21-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 15u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
1560stand off 3
1560LTubing PEEK 1/16in odx0.0025in 0.065mm id, 50ft
1560MTub PEEK Nat 1/16x.0025x1000ft, 1000ft
1560XLTubing PEEK 1/16in odx0.0025in 0.065mm id, 100ft
1561Stand off 2
1561LTubing PEEK 1/16in odx0.004in 0.1mm id Black, 50ft
1561MTub PEEK Blk 1/16x.004x1000ft, 1000ft
1561XLTubing PEEK 1/16in odx0.004in 0.1mm id Black, 100ft
1568Tubing PEEK 1/32inodx0.015in 0.4mm id Natural, 5ft
1568LTub PEEK Nat 1/32x.015x50ft, 1p
1568MTub PEEK Nat 1/32x.015x1000ft, 1000ft
1568XLTUB PEEK NAT 1/32x.015x100FT, 1p
1569Tubing PEEK 1/32inodx0.020in 0.5mm id Orange, 5ft
1569LTubing PEEK 1/32inodx0.020in 0.5mm id Orange, 50ft
1569MTub PEEK Ora 1/32x.020x1000ft, 1000ft
1569XLTub PEEK Ora 1/32x.020x100ft, 100FT
1570Tubing PEEK 360umx50um Natural, 5ft
1571Tubing PEEK 360um od, 100um id Red, 5ft
1572Tubing PEEK 360um od, 150um id Yellow, 5ft
157251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 25cmx10mm
157251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 25cmx10mm
157251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 25cmx10mm
157251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 25cmx10mm
157251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 25cmx10mm
157251-CCCChromegaChrial CCC 5u 1000A 25cmx10mm
157251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 25cmx10mm
157251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 25cmx10mm
157251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 25cmx10mm
157251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 25cmx10mm
157251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 25cmx10mm
157351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 25cmx10.0mm
1574Tubing PEEK Nat 360um 0.0145in x25um 0.001in , 5ft
1576Tubing PEEK 1/32inx0.005in Red, 5ft
1576LTubing PEEK 1/32inx0.005in Red, 50ft
1576MTub PEEK Red 1/32x.005x1000ft, 1000ft
1576XLTub PEEK Red 1/32x.005x100ft, 1p
1577Tubing PEEK 1/32inx0.007in Yellow, 5ft
1577LTub PEEK Yel 1/32x.007x50ft, 1p
1577MTub PEEK Yel 1/32x007x1000ft, 1000ft
1577XLTub PEEK Yel 1/32x.007x100ft, 1p
1581Tubing PEEK 1/32inx0.010in Blue, 5ft
1581LTubing PEEK 1/32inx0.010in Blue, 50ft
1581MTub PEEK Blu 1/32x.010x1000ft, 1000ft
1581XLTub PEEK Blu 1/32x.010x100ft, 1p
1582Adapt 10-32 Malex1/4-28 Fem, 1p
158251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158251-CCCChromegaChrial CCC 5u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 25cmx20mm
1583Adapter s, 10.32 to 1/4.28, 1p
1583-01Adapt Body 1583, 1p
158351-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 10u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158351-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 10u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158351-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 10u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 25cmx20mm
158351-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 10u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158351-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 10u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158351-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 10u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158351-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 10u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158351-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 10u 1000A 25cmx20mm
158351-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 10u 1000A 25cmx20mm
1586Adaptor-10-32 Malex1/4-28 Male Minimum Order Qty is 5 , 1p
1587Adaptor-10-32 FemxM6 Fem, 1p
1587-01Adapt Body 1587 Minimum Order Qty is 5 , 1p
1588Adapt Waters Type FemxM6 Fem, 1p
1591Adapter s 10.32 Female to 1/4-28 Male, 1p
1591-01Adapt Body 1591, 1p
1592Adaptor Asembly 1/16in Femx1/8in Fem, 1p
1593Union s ZDV 1/4-28, 0.050in Thru-hole, 1p
1593-01Union Body-1/8in Prep Minimum Order Qty is 5 , 1p
15F251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 25cmx50mm
15F251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 25cmx50mm
15F351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 25cmx50mm
15F351-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 10u 1000A 25cmx50mm
15N251-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 5u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N251-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 5u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N251-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 5u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N251-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 5u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N251-CCA-F4ChromegaChiral CCA F4 5u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N251-CCCChromegaChrial CCC 5u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N251-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 5u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N251-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 5u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N251-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 5u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N251-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 5u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N251-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 5u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N351-CC2ChromegaChiral CC2 10u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N351-CC3ChromegaChiral CC3 10u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N351-CC4ChromegaChiral CC4 10u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N351-CCAChromegaChiral CCA 10u 25cmx30mm
15N351-CCCChromegaChiral CCC 10u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N351-CCJChromegaChiral CCJ 10u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N351-CCOChromegaChiral CCO 10u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N351-CCO-F2ChromegaChiral CCO F2 10u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N351-CCO-F4ChromegaChiral CCO F4 10u 1000A 25cmx30mm
15N351-CCSChromegaChiral CCS 10u 1000A 25cmx30mm
16004000Borosilicate Glas Reaction Vesels for SiliCycle MiniBlockxT, 48-Positions : 11.5x110mm 7.5mL 1000p
16004001Borosilicate Glas Reaction Vesels for SiliCycle MiniBlockxT, 48-Positions : 11.5x110mm 7.5mL 100p
16004228Purge Evap. Manifold Upgrade: 6-Positions
16004229Purge Evap. Manifold Upgrade: 12-Positions
16004230Purge Evap. Manifold Upgrade: 24-Positions
16004567SiliCycle MiniBlock Red Transfer Adapter
16004569SiliCycle MiniBlock Blue Transfer Adapter
16004645SiliCycle MiniBlockxT Set Reactor with Hotplate Stirrer , 48-Positions, 115V, 1p
16004646SiliCycle MiniBlockxT Set Reactor with Hotplate Stirrer , 48-Positions, 230V, 1p
1610085300Connector, ICP-OES neb. gas flow, 1/8 in
1610085600Connector, ICP-OES aux. gas flow, 1/4 in
1610088400Compression Adaptor 1/4in NPT-5/16in OD
1610089100Baffle for Sturman-Masters s/c, polyprop
1610093000Barb connector 1/16in ID to 1/16in ID
1610114500S/chamber top, Sturman-Masters, Ertalyte
1610114600Baffle for Sturman Masters s/c, Ertalyte
1610114700S/chamber base Sturman-Masters, Ertalyte
1610114800Outlet bung Ertalyte Sturman-Masters s/c
1610117390Venturi for nebulizer, Mark 7, PEEK 1p
1610118400Blanking plug for neb. block, PEEK, 1p
1610126500Fitting, tube,nut+ferrule,1/16in.,10p
1610132400Fitting y barb 1/16, 1p
1610136400Neb. EzyFit sample inlet 1.6mm od, 10p
1610136500Flangeless fitting SVS 1/4-28 P218, 1p
1610136600Flangeless ferrule SVS 1/16 in tube 1p
1610146100SVS-2 Nebulizer EzyFit connector. 10p
16-1VAsy End Ftg 1in, 1p
162022BOND ELUT C18-OH, 200MG 3ML, 50p
1622-5Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/16x.020x5ft, 1p
1622LTubing PFA High Purity 1/16inx0.020in, 50ft
1622MTubPFA Hi Pur 1/16x.020x1000ft, 1000ft
1632-5Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/16x.030x5ft, 1p
1632LTubing PFA High Purity 1/16inx0.030in, 50ft
1632MTubPFA Hi Pur 1/16x.030x1000ft, 1000ft
1641-5Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/8x.062x5ft, 1p
1641LTub PFA Hi Pur 1/8x.062x50ft, 50ft
1642LTubing PFA High Purity 3/16inx0.125in, 50ft
1642XLTub PFA Hi Pur 3/16x.125x100ft, 1p
1645LTubing PFA High Purity 1/4inx0.188in 4.80mm , 50ft
1645XLTubing PFA High Purity 1/4inx0.188in 4.80mm , 100ft
1648Tubing Tefzel 1/8inx0.093in 2.40mm , Natural, 5ft
1648LTubing Tefzel 1/8inx0.093in 2.40mm , Natural, 50ft
1648XLTubing Tefzel 1/8inx0.093in 2.40mm , Natural, 100ft
1650LTub FEP Nat 1/4x.188x50ft, 50ft
1650XLTubing FEP 1/4inod, 0.188in 4.8mm id, 100ft
165201-LSChromegabond LS 5u, 180A, 300x4.6mm
165211-MSE60Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion Silica 5u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165211-MSED60Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion Diol 5u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165211-MSET60Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion TMS 5u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165211-RP-SCXChromegabond RP-Chromegabond SCx5u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165221-LS/HSChromegabond LS HS 5u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165221-MSE100Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion Silica 5u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165221-MSED100Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion Diol 5u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165221-MSET100Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion TMS 5u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165221-RP18LiChrosorb RP18 5u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165221-RP18SLiChrospher RP18 5u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165221-RP18SELiChrospher RP18 Endcapped 5u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165221-RP8LiChrosorb RP8 5u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165221-RP8SLiChrospher RP8 5u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165221-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 5u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165231-MSE300Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion Silica 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165231-MSED300Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion Diol 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165231-MSET300Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion TMS 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165231-MSP-AQSMacroSep AQS 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165231-MSP-C18MacroSep C18 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165231-MSP-C4MacroSep C4 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165231-MSP-C8MacroSep C8 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165231-MSP-CNMacroSep Cyano 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165231-MSP-HPRMacroSep High Protein Recovery 5u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165241-MSE500Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion Silica 5u, 500A, 300x4.6mm
165241-MSED500Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion Diol 5u, 500A, 300x4.6mm
165241-MSET500Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion TMS 5u, 500A, 300x4.6mm
165251-MSE1000Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion Silica 5u, 1000A, 300x4.6mm
165251-MSED1000Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion Diol 5u, 1000A, 300x4.6mm
165251-MSET1000Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion TMS 5u, 1000A, 300x4.6mm
165261-MSE4000Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion Silica 5u, 4000A, 300x4.6mm
165261-MSED4000Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion Diol 5u, 4000A, 300x4.6mm
165261-MSET4000Chromegapore Molecular Size Exclusion TMS 5u, 4000A, 300x4.6mm
165291-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-EC18EpiC18 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-EC18-MSEpiC18 MS 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-EC18-SDEpiC18 SD 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-EC8EpiC8 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-EPHEpic Phenyl 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-EPOEpic Polar 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-MPK-AMicropak Amino 5u, 125A,300x4.6mm
165291-MPK-C18Micropak C18 5u, 125A,300x4.6mm
165291-MPK-CNMicropak Cyano 5u, 125A,300x4.6mm
165291-MPK-PHMicropak Phenyl 5u, 125A,300x4.6mm
165291-MPK-SIMicropak Silica 5u, 125A,300x4.6mm
165291-ODS-PIChromegabond ODS PI 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-WR-C18Chromegabond WR C18 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-WR-C4Chromegabond WR C4 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165291-WR-C8Chromegabond WR C8 5u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165311-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-A/CNChromegabond Amino / Cyano 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
165311-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-C18-BDChromegabond C18 BD 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
165311-C2Chromegabond C2 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-C4Chromegabond C4 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-C8-BDChromegabond C8 BD 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
165311-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-CN/HSChromegabond Cyano HS 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
165311-CN-BDChromegabond Cyano BD 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
165311-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
165311-DAChromegabond Diamine 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-DA/RPChromegabond Diamine RP 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
165311-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-MC-CC6Chromegabond MCC6 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-NPIChromegabond NPI 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
165311-P-BDChromegabond Phenyl BD 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
165311-RP-SCXChromegabond RP-Chromegabond SCx10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-SI/ALChromegasphere Silica / Alumina 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-SI60Chromegasphere SI60 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-SI60/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-SI60/IChromegasorb SI60 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-TAChromegabond Triamine 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165311-TA/RPChromegabond Triamine RP 10u, 60A, 250x4.6mm
165311-TMSChromegabond TMS C1 10u, 60A, 300x4.6mm
165321-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-A/RPChromegabond Amine RP 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
165321-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-C18Chromegabond C18 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-C22Chromegabond C22 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-C8Chromegabond C8 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-D/RPChromegabond Diol RP 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
165321-EXC18Exsil C18 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-EXC8Exsil C8 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-EXODS-ABExsil ODS AB 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-EXODS-BExsil ODS B 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-EXSAXExsil SAx10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-EXSCXExsil SCx10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-MVL-SI3Marvel Silica 3 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-NO2Chromegabond Nitro 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-ODS-ABSil ODS AB 10u,100A,300x4.6mm
165321-ODS-BSil ODS B 10u,100A,300x4.6mm
165321-PAHChromegabond PAH 10u, 100A, 250x4.6mm
165321-RP18LiChrosorb RP18 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-RP8LiChrosorb RP8 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SAXSil SAx10u,100A,300x4.6mm
165321-SCXSil SCx10u,100A,300x4.6mm
165321-SI100Chromegasphere SI100 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SI100/HSChromegasphere SI60 HS 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SI100/IChromegasorb SI100 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SMA-C18Sonoma C18 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SMA-C5Sonoma C5 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SMA-C8Sonoma C8 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SMA-C8(2)Sonoma C8(2) 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SMA-CNSonoma Cyano 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SMA-NH2Sonoma NH2 Amino 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SMA-SCXSonoma SCx10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165321-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 10u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165331-AChromegabond Amine 10u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165331-CNChromegabond Cyano 10u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165331-CN/RPChromegabond Cyano RP 10u, 300A, 250x4.6mm
165331-DChromegabond Diol 10u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165331-SI300Chromegasphere SI300 10u, 300A, 300x4.6mm
165341-SI500Chromegasphere SI500 10u, 500A, 500x4.6mm
165351-SI1000Chromegasphere SI1000 10u, 1000A, 1000x4.6mm
165361-SI4000Chromegasphere SI4000 10u, 4000A, 4000x4.6mm
165371-APChromegabond Alkyl Phenyl 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-MC18Chromegabond MC18 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-MC8Chromegabond MC8 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SI80Chromegasphere SI80 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SSP-C1Spherisep C1 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SSP-C6Spherisep C6 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SSP-C8Spherisep C8 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SSP-CNSpherisep Cyano 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SSP-CN/RPSpherisep Cyano Reverse Phase 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SSP-NH2Spherisep NH2 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SSP-ODS1Spherisep ODS1 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SSP-ODS2Spherisep ODS2 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SSP-PSpherisep Phenyl 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SSP-SAXSpherisep SAx10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SSP-SCXSpherisep SCx10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165371-SSP-SISpherisep Silica 10u, 80A, 300x4.6mm
165381-ALChromegasphere Alumina 10u, 130A, 300x4.6mm
165391-EBPHEpic Biphenyl 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-EDPHEpic Diphenyl 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-ENAPEpic Naphthyl 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-EPFP-LBEpic PFP LB 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-EPHEpic Phenyl 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-EPHXEpic Phenyl Hexyl 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165391-MPK-AMicropak Amino 10u, 125A,300x4.6mm
165391-MPK-C18Micropak C18 10u, 125A,300x4.6mm
165391-MPK-CNMicropak Cyano 10u, 125A,300x4.6mm
165391-MPK-PHMicropak Phenyl 10u, 125A,300x4.6mm
165391-MPK-SIMicropak Silica 10u, 125A,300x4.6mm
165391-SI120Chromegasphere SI120 10u, 120A, 300x4.6mm
165B21-SMA-C18(2)Sonoma C18(2) 15u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165B21-SMA-PHXSonoma Phenyl Hexyl 15u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
165B21-SMA-SI(2)Sonoma Silica(2) 15u, 100A, 300x4.6mm
166622Bond Elut-PSA, 200Mg 3ml, 50p
1671LTubing FEP 1mm odx0.5mm id, 15m
1673LTubing FEP 2mm odx1mm id
1677LTubing FEP 3mm odx2mm id, 50ft
168012DASBBond Elut Plexa DASB 30MG, 3ML 500p
168012DAUBond Elut Plexa Dau, 30Mg, 3ml 50p
168726Bond Elut-Cellulose, 300Mg 3ml, 50p
17000006SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Consumable Kit: 6-Positions
17000012SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Consumable Kit: 12-Positions
17000024SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Consumable Kit: 24-Positions
17000048SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Consumable Kit: 48-Positions
17001120SiliCycle MiniBlock New Compact Shaking Station, 115V
17001240SiliCycle MiniBlock New Compact Shaking Station, 230V
17002000Kit Spare Parts for SiliCycle MiniBlock
17002120SiliCycle MiniBlock New Micro Shaking Station, 115V
17002240SiliCycle MiniBlock New Micro Shaking Station, 230V
17012006Optional SiliCycle MiniBlock RefluxLayer 2 Heat Transfer Block + Recirculator Manifold : 6-Positions
17012012Optional SiliCycle MiniBlock RefluxLayer 2 Heat Transfer Block + Recirculator Manifold : 12-Positions
17012024Optional SiliCycle MiniBlock RefluxLayer 2 Heat Transfer Block + Recirculator Manifold : 24-Positions
17012048Optional SiliCycle MiniBlock RefluxLayer 2 Heat Transfer Block + Recirculator Manifold : 48-Positions
17012448SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page: 1x24-Positions, 1x48-Positions, 115V, 1p
17022448SiliCycle MiniBlock xT page: 1x24-Positions, 1x48-Positions, 230V, 1p
17120106SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 6-Positions 40ml : Red 120V , 1p
17120112SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 12-Positions 20ml : Red 120V , 1p
17120124SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 24-Positions 10ml : Red 120V , 1p
17120148SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 48-Positions 4ml : Red 120V , 1p
17120206SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 6-Positions 40ml : Blue 120V , 1p
17120212SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 12-Positions 20ml : Blue 120V , 1p
17120224SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 24-Positions 10ml : Blue 120V , 1p
17120248SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 48-Positions 4ml : Blue 120V , 1p
17240106SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 6-Positions 40ml : Red 240V , 1p
17240112SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 12-Positions 20ml : Red 240V , 1p
17240124SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 24-Positions 10ml : Red 240V , 1p
17240148SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 48-Positions 4ml : Red 240V , 1p
17240206SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 6-Positions 40ml : Blue 240V , 1p
17240212SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 12-Positions 20ml : Blue 240V , 1p
17240224SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 24-Positions 10ml : Blue 240V , 1p
17240248SiliCycle MiniBlock Micro Synthesis Set 48-Positions 4ml : Blue 240V , 1p
1770010Aeroject ultra tips, 10 ul xl, Sterilized, 960p
1770020Aeroject ultra tips, 20 ul,sterilized, 960p
1770100Aeroject ultra tips, 100 ul,sterilized, 960p
1770200Aeroject ultra tips, 200 ul,sterilized, 960p
1771000Aeroject ultra tips, 1000 ul,sterilized, 600p
1771000XLAeroject ultra tips, 1000 ul xL, Sterilized, 960p
17P557Advantage Clear-Vu 1mL PP Plate, Round Top, Round Wells, 24p
17P557BAdvantage Blue Clear-Vu 1mL PP Plate, Round Top, Round Wells, 24p
17P557GAdvantage Green Clear-Vu 1mL PP Plate, Round Top, Round Wells, 24p
17P557GCAdvantage SiliGuard Non-Binding Coated Clear-Vu 1mL PP Plate, Round Top, Round Wells, 24p
17P557RAdvantage Red Clear-Vu 1mL PP Plate, Round Top, Round Wells, 24p
17P557YAdvantage Yellow Clear-Vu 1mL PP Plate, Round Top, Round Wells, 24p
17P687Advantage 1mL 96-Well PP Plate, CLEAR, Round Top, Round Wells, 20p
17P687GCAdvantage SiliGuard Non-Binding Coated 1mL 96-Well PP Plate, CLEAR, Round Top, Round Wells, 20p
17P687ZRound Well/Round Bottom PP 1mL, 20 p
1800Sample Loop PEEK 2uL, 1p
1805-1Sample Loop PEEK 50ul Tube, 5
1810Sample Loop PEEK, 100ul, 1p
18-1029-35GE AKTA UV-900 xe Lamp Module Monochromator cpl OEM Lamp, 1p
1826Sample Loop PEEK 20mL, 1p
185121-AVI-AQAviator AQ 3u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185121-AVI-C18Aviator C18 3u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185121-AVI-C18-HLAviator C18 HL 3u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185121-AVI-C4Aviator C4 3u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185121-AVI-C8Aviator C8 3u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185121-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 3u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185121-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 3u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185121-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 3u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185131-AVI-C18Aviator C18 3u, 300A, 30x4.6mm
185131-AVI-C4Aviator C4 3u, 300A, 30x4.6mm
185131-AVI-C8Aviator C8 3u, 300A, 30x4.6mm
185131-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 3u, 300A, 30x4.6mm
185131-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 3u, 300A, 30x4.6mm
185191-HPC-GL-AQHyperSelect Gold AQ 3u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185191-HPC-GL-C18HyperSelect Gold C18 3u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185191-HPC-GL-C8HyperSelect Gold C8 3u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185191-HPC-GL-CNHyperSelect Gold Cyano 3u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185191-HPC-GL-PFPHyperSelect Gold PFP 3u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185191-HPC-GL-PHHyperSelect Gold Phenyl 3u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
1851A1-HPC-HIC18HyperSelect HiPurity C18 3u, 200A, 30x4.6mm
185221-AVI-AQAviator AQ 5u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185221-AVI-C18Aviator C18 5u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185221-AVI-C18-HLAviator C18 HL 5u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185221-AVI-C4Aviator C4 5u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185221-AVI-C8Aviator C8 5u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185221-AVI-CNAviator Cyano 5u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185221-AVI-PHAviator Phenyl 5u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185221-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 5u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185221-MVL-PH3Marvel Phenyl 3 5u, 100A, 30x4.6mm
185291-GS-APHGreenSep Amino Phenyl 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-GS-BCGreenSep Basic 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-GS-DEAPGreenSep DEAP 3u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-GS-NO2GreenSep Nitro 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-GS-PFPGreenSep PFP 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-GS-PYAGreenSep Pyridyl Amide 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-GS-PYEGreenSep Ethyl Pyridine 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-GS-SIGreenSep Silica 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-HPC-GL-AQHyperSelect Gold AQ 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-HPC-GL-C18HyperSelect Gold C18 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-HPC-GL-C8HyperSelect Gold C8 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-HPC-GL-CNHyperSelect Gold Cyano 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-HPC-GL-PFPHyperSelect Gold PFP 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
185291-HPC-GL-PHHyperSelect Gold Phenyl 5u, 120A, 30x4.6mm
1852A1-HPC-HIC18HyperSelect HiPurity C18 5u, 200A, 30x4.6mm
1852A1-HPC-HIC4HyperSelect HiPurity C4 5u, 200A, 30x4.6mm
1852A1-HPC-HIC8HyperSelect HiPurity C8 5u, 200A, 30x4.6mm
1852A1-HPC-HICNHyperSelect HiPurity Cyano 5u, 200A, 30x4.6mm
1852D1-MVL-C8Marvel C8 5u, 150A, 30x4.6mm
1852D1-MVL-ODS2Marvel ODS2 5u, 150A, 30x4.6mm
18596-40015Quadrant tray 4/PK
1862868Frt Asy s/Pk 250x4.6 10 Pk, 1p
1863233Frit Asy s/Pk 250x2.1 10 Pk, 1p
1863598Frit Asy s/Pk 250x3 10 Pk, 1p
1865790Frit Asy s/Pk 250x1.5mm 10 Pk, 1p
1870173Frit Asy s/Pk 250x4.6 10 Pk, 1p
1870538Frit Asy s/Pk 250x2.1 10 Pk, 1p
1870903Frit Asy s/Pk 250x3 10 Pk, 1p
18710-20119Jet, Adaptable, 1ped, 0.47mm ID
18710-60170FID/TCD performance evaluat. sample kit
18711-60060Sample, performance evaluation 3p
18713-60040ECD sample
18713-60050Wipe test kit
18740-20800Reducing nut for SSL
18740-20880Seal, stainless steel
18740-20950SEAL, DETECTOR
18740-20960Adapter seal for 1/8in FID
18740-60830Septum retainer nut for Headspace
18740-60835Septum retainer nut
18740-60840Liner,split,with cup,glasswool + 1ping
18740-80190Liner, split, with cup, no glasswool
18740-80200liner,direct,1.5mm ID, non-deactivated
18740-80220Liner,direct,2mm ID, non-deactivated
1876Sample Loop s 10mL, 1p
18789-60060NPD sample
18789-80070Jet, Adapt, wide bore 1ped, 0.76mm ID
18801-60700FID sample kit
18900-20250Tube, 11 IN
18900-202801/16inch stainless steel tube 400mm long
18900-20281Tube, 1/16in, SS 304, 375mm long
18900-203001/16inch tube SS 560 mm
18900-20850Tube, assembly tool PTFE
18900-2100010-port Actuator limiter
18900-80255Tube Nickel 1/16in 460mm
190010903Frit splitter,4mmID,6.3mmOD,72mm,5p
190-0131CE,BARE uSIL-FS,.050mm X 1m
190017500Rotor seal, SS inject vlv,Valcon H,1p
190018207Valco loop 200 uL with fittings
190-0231CE,BARE uSIL-FS,.075mm X 1m
190024800Operating supplies kit Mark VI s/chamber
190024900GTA-110 Deuterium GFAA Supplies Kit
190025000GTA-110 Zeeman GFAA supplies kit
190025200VGA 77 operating supplies kit
190025400SIPS 10/20 operating supplies kit,1p
190029200Quartz Block Insert 9 x 5
190029201Quartz Block Insert 9 x 8
190029202Quartz Block Insert 9 X 9.5mm
190029203Quartz Block Insert 9. x 9.95mm
190032100Neutral Density Filter set, Cert. UV Std
190-0331CE,BARE uSIL-FS,.100mm X 1m
190034100Mark 7 Atomization system supplies kit
190034200Cert Ref Std for UV Certification to USP
190037200Watch glass, ribbed polyprop. 1000p
190-0431CE,BARE uSIL-FS,.020mm X 1m
190045900Nafion dryer replacement cartridge
190047900Digestion tubes polyprop. 50 mL, 500p
190048000Filtermate 2 micron PTFE, 100p
190048100Filtermate 0.45 micron PTFE, 100p
190049700Polyprop. tubes 16mm od x 125mm, 1000p
190055900Probe tips Versi, 10mm p/length, 2p
190064200Barbed Y Connectors 1/16in Pk 10
190064300Nebulizer MicroMist 0.2mL/min inc EzyFit
190065200Centrifuge tubes polyprop. 50 mL, 500p
190065400SPS 3 Autosampler Operating Supplies Kit
190067900GTA 120 Deuterium GFAA supplies kit
190068000Kit GTA 120 Zeeman GFAA Supplies 1p
1902-5Tub HPFA+ 1/16x.010x5ft, 1p
1902LTubing HPFA+ 1/16in ODx0.010in ID, 50ft
1902MTub HPFA+ 1/16x.010x1000ft, 1000ft
1907-5Tub HPFA+ 1/16x.020x5ft, 1p
1907LTubing HPFA+ 1/16inx0.020in, 50ft
1907MTub HPFA+ 1/16x.020x1000ft, 1000ft
19091-63000Needles, Fused Silica 6p
19091-8006013cm/5.5inBasket for 6850 Capillary Cols
1-9102-00-0012Clmn Sys Pk 2.1mmx3cm 5um, 1p
1-9102-00-0016Clmn Sys Pk 2.1x10cm 5um, 1p
1-9102-00-0044Clmn Sys Pk 10mmx5cm 5um, 1p
1-9102-00-0046Clmn Sys Pk 10mmx10cm 5um, 1p
1912-5Tub HPFA+ 1/16x.030x5ft, 1p
1912LTubing HPFA+ 1/16inx0.030in, 50ft
1912MTub HPFA+ 1/16x.030x1000ft, 1000ft
19199CGC Installation kit with gas purifier
19199MInstall Kit for GCs w/out Gas Purifiers
19199NInstall Kit for GCs w/Gas Purifiers
19199TGC Installation Tool Kit for 7820
19199TFGC Installation Tubing Kit for 7820
19199UIntuvo Install Kit
1921-5Tub HPFA+ 1/8x.062x5ft, 1p
1921LTubing HPFA+ 1/8inx0.062in, 50ft
19231-20910Ignitor castle for FID
19231-20940Nut, collector
19231-20950Insulator, lower collector
19231-20960Collector Body
19231-20970Insulator, upper collector
19231-21050PTFE chimney, flame ionization detector
19231-21060Hastelloy FID Igniter Castle
19231-21080Col body-Hastalloy
19231-60680Ignitor Glow Plug Assembly
19231-60690Collector, assembly kit
19231-805201/8in FID/NPD 1ped Column Adapter
19231-80530Det ins liner 1/4in
19232-60676TCD replacement cartridge
19232-80550Adapter, weldment
19233-20625ECD adapter fused silica liner repl.
19233-20755ECD adapter end cap
19233-80565RP-ECD make-up gas adapter
19234-60720Insulation cup
19243-00070Cover, Lower Insulation
19243-60500Septum nut, nonpurging
19243-805101/8in PP 1ped Column Adapter
19243-80520Column adapter 1/4`` mtl
19243-805301/8in Col. adapter,FOR USE W/GLASS LINER
19243-805401/4in Col adapter, FOR USE W/GLASS LINER
19243-80550Jumper, weldment
19243-80570Weldment, PPIP insert
19244-805400.53mm Col adapter use w/glass liner
19244-80560Jet, Adaptable, capillary, 0.29mm ID
19244-80610FID/NPD adapter for capillary column
19244-80620Jet, Adapt, high temp capil, 0.47mm ID
19245-20510200 um Narrow bore insert, 1-ring
19245-20515Insert,COC for 250 um column,6 rings
19245-20525COC insert 320um col. 5 silver rings
19245-20580Inserts, COC for 530um columns, no rings
19245-20780530um Insert-aluminum clad, 4-rings
19245-40050Duck bill 10p
19245-60760Cool On-Column insert spring
19245-80520PCOC septum nut, 5890 for 250/320um cols
19245-80521PCOC septum nut, 7890 for 250/320um cols
19246-60550Pressure regulator 0-100 psi
19246-60560Regulator, 0-15 back pressure
19246-60570Backpressure regulator 0-30 psi 100kPa
19246-606900-100 pressure regulator
19251-00100Wrench for SSL inlet, nut angled
19251-20620Capillary injection rtn nut
19251-60575Split/splitless insert weldment w/tubing
19251-80680Ferrule install tool
19251CSplit vent trap 5890 GC internal
19256-20690Collet - Glow Plug
19256-20910Filter Spacer, used only w PN 1000-1437
19256-60590Liner/ferrule kit for FPD
19256-60700FPD Exit Tube Assembly
19256-60750Ignitor for FPD, cleaned
19256-60800FPD Ignitor Replacement Kit
19256-80010FPD/FPD+ Phosphorus Filter
19256-80030Window, first
19256-80045Heat Shield Gasket, Perfuoroelastomer
19256-80060Window, second
19256-80570Weldment, cap adapter
19258-20830Transfer line nut
19298-60500Microb analyzer sample kit
19301-60660FID flow measuring insert
19301-80530Column, adapter
19302-80020Adapter, column
19305-60580FPD sample
19320-80625Cooling tower assembly
19325-60660Actuator Assembly
19354-60510Sample, NI catalist test
19361-60566100 PSI replacement gauge
19361-80120Jumper tube 360mm
19362-60525Mass flow cntrlr restrictor 0-60cc/min
19362-60535Mass flow cntrlr restrictor 0-110cc/min
19362-60545Mass flow cntrlr restrictor 0-400cc/min
19362-60555Mass flow cntrlr restrictor 0-750cc/min
19362-60565Mass flow cntrlr with 20cc/min restrictr
19362-60575Mass flow cntrllr, 400ml/min restrictor
19363-6050660 PSI gauge kit
194-8111CE,uSilFC-80cm-.05mm-.075um 3
195121-MVL-ODS3Marvel ODS3 3u, 100A, 75x4.6mm
195171-ULC18Chromegabond Ultra C18 3u, 80A, 750x4.6mm
195171-ULC8Chromegabond Ultra C8 3u, 80A, 750x4.6mm
195171-ULCNChromegabond Ultra Cyano 3u, 80A, 750x4.6mm
195171-ULSIChromegabond Ultra Silica 3u, 80A, 750x4.6mm
1958-0110-32 F to M4 F, 1p
1959-01Union Body, s, M4 1/32in OD Tubing Minimum Order Qty is 25 , 1p
196-1002CE, uSIL-DB1, 65cm, 0.05mm, 0.05um, 3p
196-7003CE,uSIL-DBWAX-1m-.05mm-.1um 2
196-7203CE,uSIL-WAX-.05mm-1m-.10um 2
1970-0201Photomultiplier, 1046A
197-7202CE,uSIL-WAX-.10mm-1m-.10um 2
198003Chem Tube-Hydromatrix, 1kg
198004Chem Tube-Hydromatrix, 4kg
199-2602CE,uSIL-DNA-65cm.075mm.075um 2
1EW2.S2546Fluofix-II 120E, 5um, 250x4.6mm
1IPM1204603005pBC mp Sys Prk 4.6x30cmx0.5um, pk
200-0010Test Std, DB-1/DB-5 Microbore/HiTemp
200-0032Test Std, DB-FFAP/OV-351 Capillary
200-0070Test Std, DB-WAX Microbore/Megabore
200-0110Test Std, DB-1/DB-5 Megabore
200-0113Test Std, DB-624 Cap/Mega , 13 peaks
200-0185Test Std, DB-5ms Capillary/Megabore
200-0310Test Standard for DB-1/DB-5 columns
200-0370Test Standard, DB-WAX Capillary
2001-04010-003Accel-xClmn Tube, 1p
2001-04010-0033Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-04010-005Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-04010-0075Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-04010-010Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-04010-015Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-04010-025Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001040210025EPAccel-xClmn Tube 2001-04021-0025EP , 1p
2001-04021-002EPAccel-xClmn Tube, 1p
2001040210033EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-04021-0033EP , 1p
2001040210035EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-04021-0035EP , 1p
2001-04021-003EPAccel-xClmn Tube, 1p
2001-04021-005EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001040210075EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-04021-0075EP , 1p
2001-04021-010EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001040210125EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-04021-0125EP , 1p
2001-04021-015EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
200104021015EPQQsa Clmn Tube 2001-04021-015EPQ , 1p
2001-04021-020EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-04021-025EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-04021-030EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-0405-01Bushing Clmn Tube 1/4To5/16-40, 1p
2001-05030-002EPAccel-xMod Clmn, 1p
2001050300033EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05030-0033EP , 1p
2001-05030-003EPAccel-xMod Clmn, 1p
2001-05030-005EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001050300075EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05030-0075EP , 1p
2001-05030-010EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001050300125EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05030-0125EP , 1p
2001-05030-015EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05030-020EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05030-025EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05030-030EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05040-002EPAccel-xMod Clmn, 1p
2001050400033EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05040-0033EP , 1p
2001050400035EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05040-0035EP , 1p
2001-05040-003EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05040-005EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05040-006EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001050400075EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05040-0075EP , 1p
2001-05040-008EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05040-010EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001050400125EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05040-0125EP , 1p
2001-05040-012EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05040-015EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05040-020EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05040-025EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05040-030EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001050410033EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05041-0033EP , 1p
2001-05041-005EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05041-010EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05041-015EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05041-025EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001050460025EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05046-0025EP , 1p
2001-05046-002EPAccel-xMod Clmn, 1p
2001050460033EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05046-0033EP , 1p
2001050460035EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05046-0035EP , 1p
2001-05046-003EPAccel-xMod Clmn, 1p
2001-05046-005EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05046-006EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001050460075EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05046-0075EP , 1p
2001-05046-007EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05046-010EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001050460125EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-05046-0125EP , 1p
2001-05046-012EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05046-015EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05046-020EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05046-025EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05046-030EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-05046-050EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-08078-003EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-08078-004EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-08078-005EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001080780075EPMod Clmn Tube 2001-08078-0075EP , 1p
2001-08078-010EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-08078-015EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-08078-025EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-08078-030EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-08078-050EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-10100-003EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-10100-005EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-10100-010EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-10100-015EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-10100-025EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-10100-030EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-10100-050EPMod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-003Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-005Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-006Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-0075Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-010Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-015Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-020Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-025Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-030Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-045Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-050Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-060Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-19212-100Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-24300-005Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-24300-010Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-24300-015Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-24300-020Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-24300-025Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-24300-030Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2001-24300-050Mod Clmn Tube, 1p
2003-05046-125EPA.V.C Tube 5/16 inx12.5cm, 1p
2003-05046-250EPA.V.C Tube 5/16 inx25cm, 1p
2003-05046-265EPA.V.C Tube 5/16 inx26.5cm, 1p
200-39053Shimadzu UV-120,UV-150, UV150-2,100-01,100-02,CS-930, Tungsten Lamp, 1p
200686-100Single cavity reservoir, polypropylene, 170 mL, 12 column base geometry, 30.6 mm height, 25/pk
2007-05046-020EPClmn Tube 4.6mmx20cm, 1p
200856-100Microplate lids, universal, clear, polystyrene, 100/pk
200858-100Microplate lids, universal, black, polystyrene, 100/pk
2009-04010-005Clmn Tube 10mmx5cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-04010-010Clmn Tube 1mmx10cm Isobar, 1p
2009-04010-015Clmn Tube 1mm 15cm, 1p
2009-040210025EPClmn Tube 2.1x2.5cm Isobar Sys 2009-04021-0025EP , 1p
2009-04021-002EPClmn Tube 2.1x2cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-040210035EPClmn Tube 2.1mmx3.5 cm Ibar 2009-04021-0035EP , 1p
2009-04021-003EPClmn Tube 2.1x3cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-04021-005EPClmn Tube 2.1x5cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-040210075EPClmn Tube 2.1x7.5cm Isobar Sys 2009-04021-0075EP , 1p
2009-04021-010EPClmn Tube 2.1x10cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-04021-015EPClmn Tube 2.1x15cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-04021-025EPClmn Tube 2.1x25cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-050300025EPClmn Tube 3x2.5cm Isobar Sys 2009-05030-0025EP , 1p
2009-05030-002EPClmn Tube 3x2cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-05030-003EPClmn Tube 3x3cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-05030-005EPClmn Tube 3x5cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-050300075EPClmn Tube 3x7.5cm Isobar Sys 2009-05030-0075EP , 1p
2009-05030-010EPClmn Tube 3x10cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-050300125EPClmn Tube 3x12.5cm Isobar Sys 2009-05030-0125EP , 1p
2009-05030-015EPClmn Tube 3x15cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-05030-025EPClmn Tube 3x25cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-050460025EPClmn Tube 4.6x2.5cm Isobar Sys 2009-05046-0025EP , 1p
2009-05046-002EPClmn Tube 4.6x2cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-05046-003EPClmn Tube 4.6x3cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-05046-005EPClmn Tube 4.6x5cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-050460075EPClmn Tube 4.6x7.5cm Isobar Sys 2009-05046-0075EP , 1p
2009-05046-010EPClmn Tube 4.6x10cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-05046-015EPClmn Tube 4.6x15cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-05046-020EPClmn Tube 4.6x20cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-05046-025EPClmn Tube 4.6x25cm Isobar Sys, 1p
2009-05046-030EPClmn Tube 4.6x30cm Isobar, 1p
200919-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 25 um polyethylene frit, 2 mL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201240-101
200921-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 25 um polyethylene frit, 2 mL/well, extra long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201240-100
200923-100Filter microplate, 48-well, polypropylene, with 25 um polyethylene frit, 5 mL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201238-100
200925-100Filter microplate, 48-well, polypropylene, with 25 um polyethylene frit, 5 mL/well, extra long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201238-100
200927-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 25 um high molecular weight polyethylene membrane, 800 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201236-100
200929-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 1.2 um glass fiber membrane, 800 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200931-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polyvinylidene fluoride membrane, 800 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200933-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polypropylene membrane, 800 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200935-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 1.0 um glass fiber membrane, 800 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200937-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.7 um glass fiber membrane, 800 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200939-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 25 um high molecular weight polyethylene membrane, 400 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200941-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 1.2 um glass fiber membrane, 400 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200943-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polyvinylidene fluoride membrane, 400 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200945-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polypropylene membrane, 400 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200949-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 1.2 um glass fiber membrane, 400 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200951-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.7 um glass fiber membrane, 400 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200953-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 25 um polyethylene frit, 800 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200955-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 25 um high molecular weight polyethylene membrane, 800 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200957-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 1.2 um glass fiber membrane, 800 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200959-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polyvinylidene fluoride membrane, 800 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200961-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polypropylene membrane, 800 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200963-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 1.0 um glass fiber membrane, 800 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200965-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.7 um glass fiber membrane, 800 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200967-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 25 um high molecular weight polyethylene membrane, 400 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200969-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 1.2 um glass fiber membrane, 400 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200971-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polyvinylidene fluoride membrane, 400 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200973-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polypropylene membrane, 400 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200975-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 1.0 um glass fiber membrane, 400 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200977-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.7 um glass fiber membrane, 400 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200979-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 25 um polyethylene membrane, 400 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200981-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polyvinylidene fluoride membrane, 300 uL/well, long drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200983-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polypropylene membrane, 300 uL/well, long drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200985-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 1.0 um glass fiber membrane, 300 uL/well, long drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200987-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.7 um glass fiber membrane, 300 uL/well, long drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200989-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 25 um high molecular weight polyethylene membrane, 300 uL/well, long drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200991-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 25 um high molecular weight polyethylene membrane, 300 uL/well, short drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200993-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 1.2 um glass fiber membrane, 300 uL/well, short drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200995-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polyvinylidene fluoride membrane, 300 uL/well, short drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200997-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polypropylene membrane, 300 uL/well, short drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
200999-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 1.0 um glass fiber membrane, 300 uL/well, short drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
201000131Waters 2475 xenon Lamp, 1p
201000281Waters Acquity Longlife D2 Lamp, 1p
201001-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.7 um glass fiber membrane, 300 uL/well, short drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
2010017900Emission filter kit, set of 9
201003-100Filter microplate, 48-well, polypropylene, with 25 um polyethylene frit, 7.5 mL/well, long drip, 15/pk, recommended receiver plate 201236-100
2010041990Round silica window, 12 mm, 5p
201005-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 25 um ultra high molecular weight polyethylene membrane, 2 mL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201240-100
2010062590Flat mirror coated 24 x 32 mm, 1p
2010069690Torch one piece, radial 1.4mm id inject
2010070790Torch bonnet, quartz, radial ICP,1p
201007-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.7 um glass fiber membrane, 2 mL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201240-100
2010072900Torch body semi-demount, radial ICP,1p
2010076500Concentric glass nebulizer C-style 1p
2010077500Quartz injector 0.8 mm Semi-demount 1p
2010081200Torch one piece, Liberty axial ICP, 1p
2010081600Concentric glass nebulizer K-style 1p
2010081700ICP s/chamber single pass glass cyclonic
2010083400Torch body semi-demount, axial ICP,1p
2010090400Torch one piece, axial 2.4mm id injector
201009-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polypropylene membrane, 2 mL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201240-100
2010094300Filter certified, holmium glass, 1p
2010094400Filter certified didymium glass, 1p
2010094800Torch Hi-solids axial, 2.4mm id injector
2010095000Torch Hi-solids radial 1.8mm id injector
2010095200Outer tube, quartz, axial torch, 1p
2010095300Intermediate tube quartz, demount torch
2010095400Quartz injector 2.4mm axial torch 1p
2010095500Outer tube, quartz, radial torch, 1p
2010095600Quartz injector 1.5mm radial torch 1p
2010095900Alumina injector 1.8mm Demount torch1p
2010096000Quartz injector 1.0mm radial torch 1p
2010096400Concentric glass nebulizer, SeaSpray1p
2010097600Concentric glass nebulizer, Slurry,1p
2010097700Concentric glass nebulizer, Slurry, Lib
2010101700Ceramic injector 2.4mm Demount torch1p
2010101800Quartz injector 1.8mm Demount torch 1p
2010104600Torch Hi-solids+Ext, axial, 2.4mm id inj
2010104700Torch one piece, axial 0.8mm id injector
2010104800Torch one piece, axial 1.4mm id injector
2010106800Concentric glass nebulizer, Conikal,1p
201011-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um polyethersulfone membrane, 2 mL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201240-100
2010117400Torch annealed, radial 0.8mm id injector
2010117500Torch annealed, radial 1.4mm id injector
2010120300Outer tube, quartz, axial hi solid, 1p
2010122400Torch sheath gas hi-TDS axial 2.4mm inj
201013-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 10 KDa polyethersulfone membrane, 400 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
201015-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 30 KDa polyethersulfone membrane, 400 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
201017-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 3 um glass fiber and 10 um polypropylene membranes, 2 mL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201240-100
201019-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 65 um polyethylene frit and 0.7 um glass fiber membrane, 800 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
201021-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 3 um glass fiber membrane, 300 uL/well, long drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
201023-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 1 um hydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride membrane on a polypropylene support, 300 uL/well, short drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
201025-100Filter microplate, 384-well, polypropylene, with 1.2 um glass fiber membrane, 140 uL/well, long drip, 10/pk
201027-100Filter microplate, 384-well, polypropylene, with 0.7 um glass fiber membrane, 140 uL/well, long drip, 10/pk
201031-100Filter microplate, 384-well, polypropylene, with no filter, 140 uL/well, long drip, 10/pk
201033-100Filter microplate, 384-well, polypropylene, with 5 um glass fiber membrane, 140 uL/well, long drip, 10/pk
201035-100Filter microplate, 384-well, polypropylene, with 25um polyethylene frit, 140 uL/well, long drip, 10/pk
201156-100Plate seal/mat, solid, 48-well, Santoprene, for 7 mL and 5 mL well storage plate volumes, 100/pk
201158-100Plate seal/mat, pierceable, 96-well, Santoprene, for 2 mL well storage plate volumes, 100/pk
201160-100Plate seal/mat, solid, 96-well, Santoprene seal/mat for, 2 mL well storage plate volumes, 100/pk
201162-100Plate seal/mat, top and bottom, 96-well, Santoprene, for 2 mL fritted filter plate, 100/pk
201164-100Plate seal/mat, pierceable, 24-well, Santoprene, for 10 mL well storage plate volumes, 100/pk
201236-100Storage/reaction microplate, 48-well 8 rows x 6 columns , polypropylene, 7.5 mL/rectangle well, pyramid bottoms, 68 mm height, 30/pk
201238-100Storage/reaction microplate, 48-well 8 rows x 6 columns , polypropylene, 5 mL/rectangle well, pyramid bottoms, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201240-100Storage/reaction microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, 2 mL/square well, pyramid bottoms, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201242-100Storage/reaction microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, 0.7 mL/square well, flat bottoms, 19 mm height, 50/pk
201244-100Reservoir, single cavity, polypropylene, 300 mL, 96 pyramids base geometry, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201246-100Reservoir, single cavity, black, polypropylene, 300 mL, 96 pyramids base geometry, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201250-100Reservoir, single cavity polypropylene, 290 mL, 12 column base geometry, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201252-100Reservoir, single cavity, polypropylene, 290 mL, 8 row base geometry, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201254-100Reservoir, single cavity, polypropylene, 86 mL, 96 pyramids base geometry, 19 mm height, 25/pk
201256-100Reservoir, 12 column, polypropylene, 21 mL/column, 252 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201260-100Reservoir, 8 row, polypropylene, 32 mL/row, 256 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201264-100Reservoir, single cavity, polypropylene, 282 mL, 384 pyramid base geometry, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201266-100Reservoir, single cavity, polypropylene, 92 mL, 384 pyramid base geometry, 19 mm height, 25/pk
201270-100Reservoir, single cavity, polypropylene, 90 mL, flat base geometry, 19 mm height, 25/pk
201272-100Storage/reaction microplate, 24-well, polypropylene, 10 mL/square well, pyramid bottoms, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201276-100Storage/reaction microplate, 96-well, ultra-high purity polypropylene, 1 mL/square well, conical bottoms, 31 mm height, 25/pk
201278-100Reservoir, unique 5 cavity, polypropylene, 4 control wells columns 1,2,11, and 12 3.25 mL each, main wells 86.3 mL, 24 pyramid base geometries, 19 mm height, 25/pk
201280-100Reservoir, 12 column, polypropylene, 7 mL/column, 84 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 19 mm height, 25/pk
201282-100Reservoir, 8 row, polypropylene, 10.6 mL/row, 85 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 19 mm height, 25/pk
201284-100Reservoir, 6 column, polypropylene, 47 mL/column, 282 mL maximum, 24 pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201286-100Reservoir, unique 3 cavity, polypropylene, 2 control wells column 24 rows A-L, and 2 mL column 24 rows M-P 7 mL each, and 273 mL main well, 384 pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201288-100Storage/reaction microplate, 384-well, polypropylene, 58 uL/square well, spherical bottoms, 14.5 mm height, 60/pk
201290-100Storage/reaction microplate, 384-well, black, polypropylene, 58 uL/square well, spherical bottoms, 14.5 mm height, 60/pk
201294-100Reservoir, 16 row, polypropylene, 4.9 mL/row, 54 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 19 mm height, 25/pk
201296-100Reservoir, 24 column, polypropylene, 3.25 mL/column, 78 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 19 mm height, 25/pk
201298-100Reservoir, unique 24 cavity, polypropylene, 2 rows x 12 columns, 3.5 mL/cavity, 84 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 19 mm height, 25/pk
201300-100Reservoir, unique 5 cavity, polypropylene, 4 control wells columns 23-24 rows A-H, I-P 2.6 mL each, and 145 mL main well, 384 pyramid base geometries, 30.6 mm height, 25/pk
201302-100Reservoir, single cavity, polypropylene, 170 mL, 384 pyramid base geometry, 30.6 mm height, 25/pk
201306-100Storage/reaction microplate, 48-well 8 rows x 6 columns , polypropylene, 4.8 mL/rectangle well, pyramid bottoms, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201308-100Reservoir, 4 column, polypropylene, 73 mL/column, 292 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201312-100Reservoir, 4 row, polypropylene, 73 mL/row, 292 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201379-100Storage/reaction microplate, 96-well, ultrahigh purity polypropylene, 2 mL/square well, pyramid bottoms, 44 mm height, 25/pk
201415-100Filter microplate, 24-well, polypropylene, with 25 um polyethylene frit, 15 mL/well, long drip, 15/pk, recommended receiver plate 202061-100
201596-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 100 KDa polyethersulfone membrane, 400 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
201598-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 300 KDa polyethersulfone membrane, 400 uL/well, short drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
201702-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 5 um glass fiber membrane, 2 mL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201240-100
201718-100Filter microplate, 96-well, half skirt, polypropylene, with 25 um polyethylene frit, 1 mL/well, long drip with turbine, 35/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
201719-100Filter microplate, 96-well, half skirt, polypropylene, with 4 layers of 0.7 um glass fiber membrane, 1 mL/well, long drip with turbine, 35/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
201720-100Filter microplate, 96-well, half skirt, polypropylene, with 25 um polyethylene frit and 2 layers of 0.7 um glass fiber membrane, 1 mL/well, long drip with turbine, 35/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
201731-100Filterplate 96 well, 2 ml.well, PVDF 0,45um, LGD, 25P
201733-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.2 um polyvinylidene fluoride membrane, 2 mL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201240-100
201738-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.45 um nylon membrane, 300 uL/well, short drip, 50/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
202061-100Storage/reaction microplate, 24-well, polypropylene, 10 mL/square well, round bottoms, 44 mm height, 25/pk
202061-300Storage/reaction microplate, 24-well, irradiated polypropylene 10 mL/square well, round bottoms, 44 mm height, 25/pk
20240Fer Blank Vespel Graphite 1/16, 1p
202497-100Microplate lids, irradiated, universal, clear, polystyrene, Irr 100/pk
202501-100PP 96-well filter microplate with 7um polyethylene frit, 800ul/well, short drip, 25p, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
202951-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with no filter, extra long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201240-100
203426-100Storage/reaction microplate, 96-well polypropylene, 1ml/round well, round bottoms, 32mm height, 25/pk
203845-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, for protein precipitation, 1.8 mL/well, long drip, 5/pk, recommended receiver plate 201240-100
203846-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, for protein precipitation, 1.8 mL/well, long drip, includes a receiver plate 201240-100 and lid 200856-100
203847-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, for protein precipitation, 1.8 mL/well, long drip, recommended receiver plate 201240-100
203852-100Reservoir, 2 column, polypropylene, 146 mL/column, 292 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, 25/pk
203903-100Storage/reaction microplate, 48-well 8 rows x 6 columns , high purity polypropylene, 4.8 mL/rectangle well, pyramid bottoms, 44 mm height, 25/pk
203940-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.2 um polyethersulfone membrane, 400 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
203942-100Storage/reaction microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, 0.5 mL/round well, round bottom, 14.3 mm height, 50/pk
203980-100Filter microplate, 96-well, polypropylene, with 0.2 um polyvinylidene fluoride membrane, 400 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
203982-100Filter microplate, 96-well,polypropylene, with 0.2 um polyvinylidene fluoride membrane, 800 uL/well, long drip, 25/pk, recommended receiver plate 201276-100
20400396 well 350uL Polystyrene, White, 100p
20401296 well 350uL Polystyrene, White, Tisue Culture Treated, With Lid. Individually ped, 100p
204017-100Reservoir, single cavity, irradiated polypropylene, 300 mL, 96 pyramids base geometry, 44 mm height, individually bagged, 25/pk
204019-100Reservoir, 8 row, irradiated polypropylene, 32 mL/row, 256 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, individually bagged, 25/pk
204023-100Storage/reaction microplate, 24-well, irradiated polypropylene, 10 mL/square well, pyramid bottoms, 44 mm height, individually bagged, 25/pk
204093-100Reservoir, single cavity, irradiated polypropylene, 290 mL, 12 column base geometry, 44 mm height, individually bagged, 25/pk
204095-100Reservoir, 12 column, irradiated polypropylene, 21 mL/column, 252 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, individually bagged, 25/pk
204249-100Reservoir, 3 column, polypropylene, 95 mL/column, 285 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, 25/pk
204280-100Reservoir, 4 row, irradiated polypropylene, 73 mL/row, 292 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, irradiated, 25/pk
204282-100Reservoir, 4 row, irradiated polypropylene, 73 mL/row, 292 mL maximum, pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, irradiated, 25/pk
204284-100Reservoir, 6 column, irradiated polypropylene, 47 mL/column, 282 mL maximum, 24 pyramid base geometries, 44 mm height, 25/pk