Adsorbent Cartridges versus Loose Media

Until recently the use of activated carbon and silica-based Metal Scavengers was largely try to be avoided in API manufacturing due to handling and safety issues. Filtration and chromatography products converted to incorporate activated carbon or silica gel have provided handling and safety improvements for pilot scale use but done little to address the practical requirements of large-scale processing. Graver Technologies, producer of Ecosorb® Products, and SiliCycle, producer of SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers, both recognized the need for a better way to use activated carbon and silica gel products at the bench, in pilot & kilo labs and commercial operations. The result is a new family of cartridge adsorbent products we believe will improve and expand the use of adsorption processing.

Product Description

  • E-PAK are radial flow adsorption cartridges developed specifically for pharmaceutical processing. Created with proprietary technology
  • E-PAK cartridge products provide rapid adsorption kinetics at flow rates and processing capacities suitable for laboratory, pilot and commercial operations.
  • E-PAK cartridges are designed for use with organic and aqueous solvents and incorporate design features useful for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) manufactured in explosion proof environments.
  • E-PAK cartridges are available in a range of sizes and formulas (Ecosorb C-Series carbon formulas & custom, and SiliaMetS Metal Scavenger) to accommodate the broad range of processing requirements encountered over the API development cycle.

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