SiliCycle is the leader in the development of functionalized silica gels, gathered under the name SiliaBond, for use in organic synthesis. The backbone of all SiliaBond products is SiliCycle SiliaFlash® F60 which provides superior performance for all types of applications due to the narrow particle size distribution and high purity. All the products in this section are made of standard flash silica gel, namely 40-63µm, 60A. We are able to provide all functionalized products on any silica of this catalog (SiliaFlash, IMPAQ™, SiliaSphere™ and SiliaSphere™ PC) in any format (SiliaPrep™ SPE and SiliaSep™, SiliaSep, etc.) on a custom basis. 


The use of solid supported reagents and scavengers is an excellent way to expedite organic synthesis by simplifying the purification process. Standard purification procedures including chromatography, liquid-liquid extraction, and crystallization can be time-consuming and difficult to scale up. In many cases, supported reagents have distinct advantages over their solution-phase counterparts, the biggest one being the ability to do multiple transformations in a single pot, the immobilization of toxic reagents, and increased selectivity. They are suitable for use in batch reactions and in flow through applications.


Advantages of Functionalized Silica over Polymers

  • Fast Kinetics: since the silica is surface functionalized, the rate of reaction is not controlled by the diffusion in and out of the polymer. Most of our scavengers work under an hour.
  • Solvent Independent: silica neither shrinks nor swells in any solvent and because it is endcapped, it will not dissolve in any solvent. The SiliaBond does not dictate the solvent of your reaction
  • Easy to Use: Easy to weigh and handle since silica does not carry a static charge and is always free flowing. Its high density makes it suitable for small volume work. It does not require extensive -washing for high recoveries and will not stick to glassware. It is amenable to automation
  • Mechanically Stable: works well with overhead stirring and can be used with a bottom coupled spin bar for up to four hours
  • Thermally Stable: most SiliaBond can withstand temperatures of over 200°C and are suitable for use in microwave synthesizers
  • Easily Scalable: Works on the microgram to the multi-ton scale
  • Flexible Formats: Because it does not swell, silica gel can be packed into a variety of flow through formats such as HPLC columns, flash and SPE cartridges, and 96 well plates.
  • Controlled Loading: Consistent and accurate loading (lot-to-lot)


The Application Domains

The SiliaBond family of products are mainly divided in two application domains: separation of mixtures in their individual components (Chromatography) or as tool in Organic Synthesis. The scavengers are available as kits targeted to electrophiles, nucleophiles, acids, bases, ion exchange, oxidations and reversed phases - as powders on bulk scale, as chromatogrpahic phases and ready-to-use SPE cartrdige format. 


  • SiliaBond Chromatographic Stationary Phases
  • SiliaBond Fluorous Phases
  • SiliaBond Ion Exchangers 

b-Tools in Organic Synthesis

  • SiliaBond Acids
  • SiliaBond Bases
  • SiliaBond Oxidants
  • SiliaBond Reagents
  • SiliaBond Scavengers
  1. SiliaBond Electrophile Scavengers
  2. SiliaBond Metal Scavengers
  3. SiliaBond Nucleophile Scavengers 


Scavenger ApplicationTypeClass
Chlorides, Sulfonyl Chlorides Electrophile    SiliaBond Amine, SiliaMets Diamine, SiliaMets Triamine, SiliaBond Tosylhydrazine, SiliaBond Piperazine
Aldehydes, Carbonyls Electrophile Siliabond Amine, SiliaBond Tosylhydrazine
Isocyanates Electrophile SiliaBond Amine, SiliaMets Diamine, SiliaMets Triamine
Anhydrides Electrophile Siliabond Amine, SiliaMets Diamine, SiliaMets Triamine
Chloroformates Electrophile SiliaBond Amine, SiliaMets Diamine, SiliaMets Triamine
Alylating agents Electrophile SiliaMets Thiol, SiliaMets DMT
Epoxides Electrophile SiliaMets Thiol, SiliaMets DMT
Alcohols Nucleophilic Siliabond Tosylchloride
Alkoxides Nucleophilic SiliaBond TosylChloride, SiliaBond Isocyanate
Amines, Anlines Nucloephilic SiliaBond TosylChloride, SiliaBond Isocyanate, SiliaBond Tosic Acid
Boronic Acids Nucleophilic Siliabond Carbonate, SiliaBond Diol, SiliaBond TBD, Siliabond DEAM
Hydrazines Nucleophilic SiliaBond Tosylchloride
Organometallics Nucleophilic SiliaBond Tosylchloride
Thiol, Tiolates Nucleophilic SiliaBond Isocyanate, SiliaBond Maleimide