SiliCycle delivers easier, cleaner, faster, more efficient purification processes using scavengers: those are silica gels functionalized with various molecules featuring scavenging properties toward different metals and / or organics. They have now added 4 novel scavengers to their portfolio, which was already one of the broadest on the market:

  • SiliaBond Guanidine for organic compounds scavenging, a silica-supported diisopropylguanidine ligand. It is a very powerful scavenger for the chelating of organic acids in general, especially boronic acids and phenolic acids [read more]
  • SiliaMetS DEAM for both metal and organic compounds scavenging, a versatile scavenger designed to remove trace metal or boronic acids from reaction intermediates or final APIs [read more]
  • SiliaMetS AMPA for metal scavenging, an aminomethylphosphonic acid ligand known for its excellent metal-bonding properties [read more]
  • SiliaMetS DOTA for metal scavenging, a silica-supported tetracarboxylic acid and its various conjugate bases.  [read more]

Read more on these products and their special launch promotion and on all other scavengers here.

Please also note their new Guide for Chemical Synthesis and Purification: