Syringe filters are available with the following membranes: Nylon, MCE, Polyethersulfone, Polypropylene, PTFE, PVDF and Regenerated Cellulose. Porosities range from 0.1 µm - 10 µm, available filter diameters range from 4 mm (up to 2 ml sample volume) up to 30 mm (up to approx. 200 ml sample volume). Adapted with luer-lock in order to prevent filter blow-off. The membrane & porosity is imprinted on filter housing for certain identification.


  • Selection of Filter Diameter

Depending on your sample volume, the table below shows the recommendations.

   Sample Volume    Sample Loss    Filter Diameter
up to 2 ml < 7.5 ul 4 mm
up to 10 ml < 25 ul 13 mm
up to 100 ml < 50 ul 25 mm
up to 200 ml < 137 ul 33 mm


  • Selection of Pore Size and Membrane Type

The guideline below supports the initial choices to be made. 

yeti sf pore memebrane guide

  • Solvent Compatibility Table

The table below illustrated the compability of the filter membranes with different solvents. 

(Y = compatible, L = limited compatible, X = not compatible)

yeti table1


yeti table2


yeti table3


table table4