Flash Column Holder

As a saver and robust alternative to a manual setup when working with flash cartridges, we provide a generic hardware solution for all empty and pre-packed cartridges up to 1600g. The holder allows for easy and quick placement of the cartridge and firmly holds it during the run. The top and bottom have standard connectors for connecting your tubing.

Partnumber 32075. Interested in this setup? Simply Contact Us for more information. […]

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Next Generation UHPLC Fittings

MarvelX UHPLC fittings have been expertly designed for easy routing throughout your instrument, while providing consistent performance and superior re-usability. Built with convenient, removable stainless steel fittings and changeable, precision-cut flexible tubing, MarvelX can be used up to 200 times! This next generation of connection system technology is compatible with 10-32 coned receiving ports and is truly finger-tight — no tool required.

MarvelX utilizes our unique next-generation patent pending technology to auto-adjust to various port depths. This […]

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All About Fittings

The All About Fittings! guide helps you to grasp the fundamentals of equipment fittings and accessories, as well as some basics about liquid chromatography as an analytical technique.

Most researchers likely been introduced to some of the topics covered in this manual. However, a lot of the fundamental information about fittings and making good connections isn’t generally known… often because the information isn’t covered in most college-level classes. To make matters worse, most fittings and accessories-manufacturing […]

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