Micro Filtration Using Microporous Membranes

Microfiltration using microporous membranes is quick and easy and widely used in research and development. Typical filtration applications vary from sample preparation, clarification or fine particulate removal, fluid sterilization, protein binding/transfer, nucleic acid binding to environmental control.

The pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, food & beverage and environmental monitoring markets use products based on these filters like syringe filters, capsule filters, liquid sample microbiology products, microporous filtration membranes, protein transfer membranes, nucleic acid binding membranes and e.g. […]

Yeti Syringe Filters

Syringe filters are widely applied and are available in a large variety. The Yeti filter range offers solutions for the following ranges:

  • diameter 4 – 50mm
  • sample volume 0.1 – > 130ml
  • pH range 1 – 14
  • pore size 0.10 – 0.45 um
  • working pressure up to 6 bar

The membrane types covered include:

For any questions or advise on solvent and application compatibility, simply contact us. We are there to help you. […]