pre-Labeled Barcoded Vials

In need of barcoded (autosampler) vials? Our labeling service might just be what you are looking for.

Share with us your needs: number and type of vials, the specification of the barcode (1D, 2D) and the required identifier (sequence and number of characters). We will quote you for the delivery of your pre-labeled vials with optional caps.

The minimum order quantity is 2500 vials.

Simply Contact Us so we can prepare for a quotation. […]

SiliaMetS E-PAK: Rapid and Reliable Adsorption Processing

Adsorbent Cartridges versus Loose Media

Until recently the use of activated carbon and silica-based Metal Scavengers was largely try to be avoided in API manufacturing due to handling and safety issues. Filtration and chromatography products converted to incorporate activated carbon or silica gel have provided handling and safety improvements for pilot scale use but done little to address the practical requirements of large-scale processing. Graver Technologies, producer of Ecosorb® Products, and SiliCycle, producer of SiliaMetS Metal […]

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96-well Plates with Glass Inserts Designed for High Throughput Chromatography

Our partner JG Finneran has released new certified 96-well Plates with Glass Inserts specially Designed for High Throughput Chromatography.

Glass inserts loaded in the 96-well plate performs similar to standard 12x32mm vials for Chromatography testing. 96-well pierceable Cap Mat is lined with the same PTFE/ Silicone septa used in closures for Chromatography.

  • Glass inserts provide an inert solvent resistant environment for samples
  • Assembled plate has excellent thermal stability
  • Pierceable Cap Mat is designed to seal crimp […]
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