Metal Scavengers: Typical Conditions

In need of scavenging metals? The SiliaBond® Metal Scavenger range will suit your needs. We recommend performing some screening (on small scale) using the SiliaBond Metal Scavenger Kit (e.g product # K30730B) to quickly determine which scavenger presents the highest efficiency and make experiment optimization from there.

Upon completion of the screening procedure, the scavenging is not completed and you are not satisfied with the scavenging efficiency or you wish to reduce the number of equivalents and […]

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Heavy Metals and Regulations

In recent years, the presence of metal impurities has become a major issue in the drug-making industry, and thus, the need for its effective removal. The time pressure associated for drug candidates to quickly reach the market has greatly increased the number of metal-catalysed reactions progressing from lead optimization to early scale-up.

For almost two years now, the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) has been working on its Q3D guidelines for metal elemental impurities in new […]

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