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Agilent/Seahorse High Density Reservoir

Following the success of our two column reservoir, Agilent/Seahorse has responded to customer requests for a higher density reservoir.

The result is the new Agilent Microplates 3-column reservoir (Catalog # 204249-100). Each section can accommodate a maximum volume of 95mL. The dead volume of reagent is reduced with a “V”-shaped pyramid bottom, while allowing 8-channel pipette access without distorting tip alignment. The deep-well, ANSI-SLAS footprint and rigid wall construction ensure safe and effective handling. In addition […]

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Optimize Pipette Operations with Reagent Reservoir Selection

Many customers have had occasion to employ a pipette tip box lid as a reagent reservoir. They are quick, easy and cheap! However, several serious limitations become immediately obvious—especially when automation equipment is involved in your process.


  • They are not sturdy enough to be picked up by most automated grippers
  • They are not ANSI/SLAS standard footprint; that means that they will not locate sufficiently for repeated access by automated pipettors
  • They are very light weight […]
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