Deep Well Microplates for KingFisher Systems

Fully compatible 2.2 ml, 96 well microplate for automated protein and nucleic acid purification.

Designed for a perfect fit, the Porvair Sciences 2.2ml 96 deep well plate is specifically made to be fully compatible with the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ range of purification systems.

Our expertise in clean room plate manufacturing and use of virgin polypropylene ensures plates are produced with low binding affinities for biomolecules and low leachables. This maximises the yield and quality of isolated proteins […]

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Agilent Microplates Brochure

Agilent has released a new brochure covering all microplates and a convenient selection tool.

Choosing the right microplates helps you avoid sample rerun and meet project deadlines. You can count on Agilent, a worldwide leader in design and manufacturing, for high-quality microplates that fit your workflow.

The microplates series includes:

  • Stock products, just a few clicks away. Choose from filter plates, storage/assay plates, reservoirs, and more.
  • Custom solutions for your workflow. Our extensive design, engineering, and fabrication […]
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Agilent/Seahorse High Density Reservoir

Following the success of our two column reservoir, Agilent/Seahorse has responded to customer requests for a higher density reservoir.

The result is the new Agilent Microplates 3-column reservoir (Catalog # 204249-100). Each section can accommodate a maximum volume of 95mL. The dead volume of reagent is reduced with a “V”-shaped pyramid bottom, while allowing 8-channel pipette access without distorting tip alignment. The deep-well, ANSI-SLAS footprint and rigid wall construction ensure safe and effective handling. In addition […]

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Optimize Pipette Operations with Reagent Reservoir Selection

Many customers have had occasion to employ a pipette tip box lid as a reagent reservoir. They are quick, easy and cheap! However, several serious limitations become immediately obvious—especially when automation equipment is involved in your process.


  • They are not sturdy enough to be picked up by most automated grippers
  • They are not ANSI/SLAS standard footprint; that means that they will not locate sufficiently for repeated access by automated pipettors
  • They are very light weight […]
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