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Clear Bottom Assay Plates

The unique Krystal 2000 microplate range from Porvair Sciences has been optimised for luminescence and fluorescence assays.

A patented manufacturing process, using a ‘two-shot’ mould, provides clear, individual wells in an opaque matrix. The special design of the plate totally eliminates the well-to-well optical crosstalk inherent with other clear bottomed microplate designs, giving unmatched accuracy, sensitivity and repeatability of photometric readings. Very high signal-to-noise ratio and low detection limits can be achieved with this superb plate. […]

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Selecting the Correct Assay Plate

Correct assay plate selection is vital for successful research, whether you are performing absorbance, fluorescence or luminescence assays. Porvair Sciences offers a wide range of assay plates which are recognized as industry-leading tools for Pharma drug discovery and screening.

A new guide, contained within an updated assay plates mini catalogue, has been produced by Porvair to provide information and guidance on how to choose the correct assay plate for your research.

By carefully selecting the correct plate […]

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