Microlute Phospholipid Removal

The Microlute PLR method of phospholipid removal is specifically designed to enhance the flow of samples through the filter to maximise the recovery of analytes with unrivaled reproducibility. Efficiently remove a wide range of phospholipids from plasma and serum samples with Microlute™ PLR and increase the sensitivity and integrity of your UHPLC/HPLC methods.

Unlike traditional loose-filled methods, the Microlute PLR hybrid technology is composed of a solid interconnected network of evenly distributed pores that allow biological […]

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Microlute CP Solid Phase Extraction

Microlute CP takes SPE to a new level of performance by enhancing the reproducibility of analyte extraction and recovery from biological, environmental and chemical samples.

Unlike traditional loose-filled SPE methods, Microlute CP uses a hybrid structure, a solid interconnected network of evenly distributed pores combined with the retentive media. This design enhances the flow-through of samples to maximise interactions between analytes and the solid phase to deliver a reproducible SPE method that excels in performance, cleanliness […]

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SPE Development Protocols

When you are still a bit new to Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), some assistance makes your life easlier to get results. SiliCycle has prepared a nice general method development procedure. You will find below the link to a step-by-step procedure to help you develop your SPE method depending on the sorbent you’re using, your matrix and your analyte properties. When you have remaining questions – simply contact us!

Please note that our cartridges packed with SPE material […]

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