Major Expansion of Gamma-Irradiated Products Line Microplates

As an extension of services, Agilent is making an additional 16 of their most frequently requested microplates individually packaged and irradiated for immediate shipment, available.

The enhanced availability of these popular microplate products translates to:

  • Lower pricing
  • Faster delivery
  • Greatly reduced storage requirements in your laboratory

Check out the full list of new products that are ready for shipment:

  1. Storage Plates
  2. Reservoirs
  3. Lids

If […]

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Sterilization Methods for Microplates

Typical molding temperatures for polypropylene microplates are 450°F or greater and most post-molding and packaging operations occur under ISO quality standards in certified clean rooms. Nevertheless, if you are doing everything known to man to support biological growth or replication in your experiments, you would want to start out with sterile materials. sterlng-seahorse-156-web

Valid Sterilization

Sterile labeling indicates that the final packaged products have been surveyed and validated to be below 10-6 chance of contamination. Lot to […]

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