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New 1mL Storage Plate

Agilent Microplates announces a new 1ml microplate designed to optimize performance on all popular liquid handling automated platforms and manual workstations with locators for incubation functionality and/or magnetic separations.

The bottom geometry of the plate easily fits over heating/cooling post arrays designed to fit between the well walls. The design also accommodates a variety of magnet arrays to support bead-based separation assays. This microplate is molded with high purity, medical grade, polypropylene homopolymer in a DNase/RNase […]

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Cryo Boxes for 5ml centrifuge tubes

The features of these ultra low-temperature-resistant cardboard boxes from ratiolab are:

  • Waterproof plastic coating
  • Grid for 5×5 vials included
  • Temperature resistant down to -80°C
  • Use of larger vials when grid is removed
  • Suitable for 5ml centrifuge tubes

Other sizes available on request. Contact Us for more information.

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