5ml and 15ml ‘Pillenglas’ with LDPE Push Cap

New to our portfolio are the widely used clear storage/handling vials, also kown as ‘Pillenglas’. Both the 5 and 15 and their LDPE push caps are readily available from stock. Please Contact Us for samples or a quotation.

5ml Pillenglas:

PG 12 1488 – 40×18.8mm, 1 Hydrol. Klasse, 270p
ST 12 1489 – 12mm LDPE push cap for PG 12 1488, 270p

15ml Pillenglas:

PG 18 1486 […]

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Total Microliter Vials

Due to their inner geometry -without any separate insert-  the glass Total Microliter Vials come with a number of advantages.

  • high recovery due to the low dead volume  < 1 uL
  • working volume range 25 uL – 1.6mL
  • universal autosampler compatibility
  • solid glass for efficient heat transfer during sample concentration
  • available as a screw (ND9) or snap/crimp (ND11) vial

Product information:

KG 09 1122 0.9 mL Total Microliter screw ND9 vial, 32×11.9mm, clear glass, hydrolytic class 1, rest volume < 1 […]

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KX Microwave Reaction Vials

The KX Microwave Reaction Vials fit common microwave reactors in the market, are manufactured from Type I borosilicate glass and meet
the requirements of the powdered glass test according to the current editions of the US (USP), European (EP) and Japanese Pharmacopoeias (JP), along with other pharmacopoeias which are in accordance with USP, EP or JP definitions for Type I or hydrolytic glass.

Comprehensive sampling has been performed on all KX Microwave Reaction Vials glassware. This includes examination for critical […]

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96-well Plates with Glass Inserts Designed for High Throughput Chromatography

Our partner JG Finneran has released new certified 96-well Plates with Glass Inserts specially Designed for High Throughput Chromatography.

Glass inserts loaded in the 96-well plate performs similar to standard 12x32mm vials for Chromatography testing. 96-well pierceable Cap Mat is lined with the same PTFE/ Silicone septa used in closures for Chromatography.

  • Glass inserts provide an inert solvent resistant environment for samples
  • Assembled plate has excellent thermal stability
  • Pierceable Cap Mat is designed to seal crimp […]
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