Syringe filters are widely applied and are available in a large variety. The Yeti filter range offers solutions for the following ranges:

  • diameter 4 – 50mm
  • sample volume 0.1 – > 130ml
  • pH range 1 – 14
  • pore size 0.10 – 0.45 um
  • working pressure up to 6 bar

The membrane types covered include:

CA, CA GFPF, CA PPPFCellulose AcetateProteins in aqueous samples, aqueous samples, olygomeres, polymeres, biological macromolecules
GFGlass FiberHeavily contaminated samples
MCE, MCE GFPF, MCE PPPFMixed Cellulose Ester (CA/CN)Hydrophilic for aqeous and polar solutions
Nylon, Nylon GFPF, Nylon PPPFNylonLow extractables, mechanically strong up to 50°C
PES, PES GFPF, PES PPPFPolyethersulphoneHydrophilic, very low protein binding. Ion chromatography, high heat resistance
PPPolypropyleneHydrophilic, high chemical resistance, low protein binder for use in strong acids and bases
Hydrophobe (regular) PTFE, PTFE GFPF, PTFE PPPFPolytetrafluoroethyleneHydrophobic, very low extractables, very high chemical resistance, very high thermal stability, Gasfiltration
Hydrophile (special) PTFE Hydrophil, PTFE Hydrophil GFPF, PTFE Hydrophil PPPFSurface treated PTFE for hydrophile samplesHydrophilic, very low extractables, very high chemical resistance, very high thermal stability
(regular) PVDF, PVDF GFPF, PVDF PPPFPolyvinylidene difluorideLow hydrophilic, low protein binder, broad chemical compability
Hydrophile (special) PVDF Hydrophil , PVDF Hydrophil GFPF, PVDF Hydrophil PPPFSurface treated PVDF for hydrophile samplesHydrophilic, low protein binder, broad chemical compability
RC, RC GFPF, RC PPPFRegenerated CelluloseHydrophilic solvent resistant, very low protein binder

For any questions or advise on solvent and application compatibility, simply contact us. We are there to help you.